Tuesday, June 26, 2012

True Blood Tuesday: Whatever I Am, You Made Me

Season Five, Episode Three.

I know this is a bit late! I’m so sorry—it’s been one of those weeks so far.

Tara: We start with Tara, wandering alone in the woods after being sprayed by Sookie’s new silver mister. Initially, she can’t see anything, but she heals super fast, thanks to her new vamp-y self. Now, she literally sees/senses everything (like more details in the stars…hears every snap, crackle, and beat…as in a human heartbeat). Oh, she’s following the heartbeat, which leads to a girl trying to fix her tire. Out pop the fangs. Soon, she can hear nothing but the heartbeat. In she swoops, pinning the girl to the hood of her car. After seeing her reflection in the window, Tara lets her go and apologizes.

Note: Aww, there’s TARA! It was nice to get a glimpse of the old Tara here.

Bill, Eric, & Authority: The Authority Council debates the issue of Russell and the fates of our two sexy vamps. In pretty short order, all but Salome and Roman leave the room. Looks like Bill’s offer worked—Bill and Eric must bring Russell in. Once Eric and Bill are removed from the room, Roman says, “Send in the new Nan Flannigan.”

OH HOLY DRACULA! It’s Newlin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sookie & Pam at Fangtasia: Damn, I wish I could text like a vampire—we’re talking mega fast. Anyway, as Pam texts, Sookie begs her to help with Tara. Pam’s not interested in Tinkerbell’s demands and proves as much when she shoves Sook into a table. Sook, ever the temperamental fairy, blasts her clear across Fangtasia. Pretty sure this greatly humiliated Pam.

Sam: Emptying the trash, Sam shifter-sniffs something around him. Awww, it’s Tara, hiding in a bush. She’s crying and tells Sam she’s hungry.

Note: I’m loving seeing more of the human Tara we’ve known for four seasons come through her vampire exterior.

Authority & Newlin: Ah, nice reference to Bubba (Elvis, if you’ve read the books). A fairly overconfident Newlin insists he can make the humans believe whatever it is Roman tells him to sell. Roman is clearly ticked by Newlin’s cavalier attitude towards humans. It’s clear Roman is wary of Stevie boy and goes on to soundly school him, reminding the Rev that humans are their ancestors, not talking meat. He says if vampires don’t evolve, humans will rise up and retaliate. Roman needs a friendly mainstreamer who knows how to work a crowd and keep the peace with humans.

Note: Noticed some interesting looks between Salome and Newlin. Anyone else catch those looks?

Bill & Eric: Before they can go after Russell, Bill and Eric are harnessed with indestructible devices shaped like crosses which will stake them in an instant should they disobey orders or do anything the Authority perceives as a betrayal.

Sookie & Lafayette: While cleaning up after Tara’s tirade, they agree to formulate a story to tell police regarding Debbie.

Tara & Sam: Sam feeds her True Blood…a lot of it. He offers to call Lafayette or Sookie, but Tara wants none of it, breaks a bottle, cuts her hand, and passes out.

Andy: Andy finds out he’s a local sex symbol…Holly’s sons posted naked pics of the Sheriff (taken when they found him with their mom). Oh, and in walk Debbie’s parents. Uh-oh.

Jason & Former Teacher: It looks like we have a teacher-student affair thing from years ago about to come to light.

Arlene & Terry: Terry tells Arlene he’s leaving with Patrick, but reveals nothing else. Arlene is clearly heartbroken.

Sookie & Sam: Despite trying to think about Sook’s boobs, telepathic Tinkerbell is able to “hear” that Sam hid Tara in the walk-in freezer. She’s happy he kept her safe and they hug, but not without Sam thinking about her boobs. Lol

Note: Loved seeing Sookie and Sam together like old times.

Pam: Pam’s in her coffin, dreaming away…and so we go with her, back to San Fran, 1905. Eric shows up at the brothel to see Pam. She flashes back to finding Claire’s dead body. Soon, we see Eric discovering Lorena and Bill feeding on Pam’s girls. Bill, who is a relative newborn, and Lorena are no match for Eric. Eric, though, admires Bill’s potential. Pam, meanwhile, closely observes everything. Eric insists they apologize to Pam…but she wants a bit more: Pam adds a $500 payment for every girl they drained. Eric likes her savvy. Pam tells Eric, “We have a debt to settle.” They kiss. Back to present day: They show Pam, crying in her coffin.

Note: For me, the Pam and Eric back story has been the highlight of the season thus far. I love seeing how their bond developed. Seeing Pam crying in her coffin was so sad.

Jason & Teacher: Jason spills his personal relationship issues to Teacher. Oh, yep, they had a fling when Jason was young—gross, not mention completely illegal!!! She apologizes, but Jason doesn’t regret it. Apparently, she taught him everything. Oh, Jason—you really need to think outside of your pants.

Debbie’s Parents & Alcide: Al tells them he kicked her out and ended it for good. He makes it very clear that she was on V again and sleeping with the pack master. Still, they want his help to find her.

Andy & Sookie: Andy shows Debbie’s picture to Sook and starts asking questions. Sook handles the questions pretty well. Still, Andy sniffs around Debbie’s jealousy over Sook’s relationship with Alcide and let’s them know Deb’s parents are in town searching for their daughter.

Holly & Andy: Make it a real relationship. :)

Jason & Teacher: Um, they do the deed. Once over, Jason realizes that what they did back then was very, very wrong. Teacher, however, seemed more than happy to keep it going. Yuck.

Salome & Bill: The tales made her into a villain—a dangerous female who is in tune with her sexuality. She claims she was just a girl with a screwed up family and tells Bill not to believe everything you read. Apparently, her mother traded her body for revenge—traded her to someone who wanted virgins. Salome has the power to send men to their deaths, but she is moved by Bill—she trusts that feeling after over 2000 years on this planet. She wants to trust him. Bill asks how he can prove it when she already has his life in her hands. Well…with sex, apparently. And so they do…

Jess: While trying on clothes in a boutique, Jess doesn’t take the salesgirl’s smack talk about Jason too well. She tells the salesgirl what she wants and sends her away. Hottie guy steps in to pick up a bunch of items…and he smells good, according to Jessica’s rather intense reaction to his scent. She steps out from the dressing room and tells him he smells awesome. Looking a bit frightened, Hottie runs away, hops in his car, and races off. Jess brings out the super-vamp-speed and chases after him. She finds his car abandoned. But she smells him everywhere.

Note: Anyone else think Hottie guy may be a fairy?  

Pam & Hoyt: Ah, Hoyt’s going to the dark side—eye liner, leather, and Fangtasia. Pam warns him that with the eyeliner and desperation, they’ll eat him alive. This then makes her think of Eric…

Pam & Eric, past: After the sex, Pam asks Eric to turn her. He muses a bit about her profession, saying it may not be glamorous, but it’s honest. She confesses that women like her die alone when they get old. Pam tells him he can change her and leave—that she can handle the vamp stuff on her own. He compares leaving to throwing a baby away—being a Maker is deeper than marriage…it’s a tremendous responsibility. As Eric dresses, Pam, crying, slits her wrists, forcing him to choose: watch her die or change her. Well, he changes her.

Note: I’m thinking this Maker discussion is setting the groundwork for Pam’s relationship with Tara. I don’t know why, but I just think their bond will develop.

Salome & Eric: Looks like Miss Salome is still the seductress. Salome knows Nora is Eric’s sister, saying Godric loved him most. Turning on her charms, she talks about trust—how friends you can trust are a rare commodity. She mentored Nora, thus her betrayal makes Salome look bad. She says Eric is cold because he’s been hurt, and the wound is still fresh (I’m assuming Sookie is the source of the wound). And she undresses. First Bill, and now Eric. She’s a busy bee.

Nora & Rosalyn: Nora’s getting the silver injection treatment. Roselyn thinks she did the betrayal thing for love. Nora won’t break…until Roselyn threatens Bill and Eric’s lives. Nora screams that she believes vampires were created in the image of God; that Lilith will rise up and rip their throats out. Another shot.

Jason & Jess: After smelling the cotton-candy-blood boy, Jess is a little fang-y and wants to get it on with Jason. Jason, however, doesn’t want to do it—he tells her he’s not a mechanical bull that she can just come over and ride, and he has a hole in his heart that he’s been filling with sex. Jess says they could just talk, but Jason can’t be friends with a girl because of his Jason Junior. Jess says they’re already friends—she tells him to grab a beer while she puts on some sweats, and they can talk.

Note: So proud of Jason! And I love how Jess was determined to be there for him. I like the direction their relationship is moving—true friendship.

Tara: Oh crap. Arlene heads into the walk-in freezer and Tara bites her! Wait! It’s a dream. Phew. Lafayette is standing over her when she wakes up. He tries to give her some True Blood, but she tells him not to touch her and digs her claws into his arm.

Alcide & Sookie: Alcide warns Sookie about Deb, but he suspects something is up with Sook. She just keeps saying everything’s fine. It’s at this moment when Lafayette screams, and Al, Sam, Sook, and Arlene head back to see what’s going on. Tara reveals her fangs to them all, warning them to stay away from her for their own good.

Alcide: “Nuthin’s going on, huh?”

Bill & Eric: While on an elevator ride, they compare notes and realize Salome is up to something. The doors open and they find a squad awaiting them.

Roman & Salome: Salome informs Roman that Bill and Eric can be trusted—they are not Sanguinista (vamps opposed to mainstreaming). She says Bill wants something to believe in, while Eric only believes in himself. Roman informs Salome of Nora’s confession—she’s Sanguinista. Salome suggests that it might be time for a change. He says no.  She fears for his safety—that the rebels are gaining in numbers. He believes he’ll be fine, so long as he has his secret weapon: Salome. And, they do it. So, that’s Bill, Eric, and Roman, all in one day. She’s certainly living up to her reputation.

Note: Anyone else get the feeling Salome may be a secret agent for the Sanguinista Movement?  Could she have released Russell?

Arlene & Lafayette: Arlene shames him for having Tara turned. Um, whoa!? He grabs a bottle of bleach and pours it in the gumbo he’s cooking. When he does this, he sees his reflection in the mirror above the stove and realizes he is now Jesus’ monster-demon thing. He comes to his senses and pours out the gumbo. WTH?!

Sookie & Alcide: Sook reveals the truth about Debbie to Alcide. Al is visibly distraught—said he’s had her back from the beginning and can’t believe she wouldn’t trust him enough to tell him. He walks away from her. :(

Tara: Breaks into a salon and closes herself into a tanning bed. Oh no! She’s trying to kill herself. Pam, however, can sense what’s going on. She rolls her eyes and says, “You stupid bitch.”

Note: Thinking Miss Pam is becoming a mommy…and I can’t wait to see how she handles it.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Truth Is Thursday: Soda Strong

Truth Is: I didn’t write this in my post about Dale’s win on Sunday, but did y’all notice he not only won on Father’s Day, but he did it in a mostly black and white car (the colors of his dad’s iconic car)? Goosebumps.

Truth Is: Soda update! I’m still in the Soda Free Zone, and I’ve FINALLY shaken the headaches! Yay! For a while, I didn’t think they would ever go away.

Truth Is: All my exes live in Texas. It’s a song…by George Strait…it’s in my head…can’t shake it. Think it’s because of that cute commercial where the couple drives across a bunch of different states.

Truth Is: Dallas quotes of the week come from the one and only, J.R. Ewing.

“My friends are in the Statehouse. My enemies are gonna be harder to find.”

Truth Is: And let’s not forget this one…

“Bullets don’t seem to have much of an effect on me, darlin’”

For those who didn’t watch Dallas back in the day, J.R. was referencing the wildly successful, “Who Shot J.R.?” episode.


...so unlike this week’s Truth Is post—so sorry for the boredom factor. I’m hoping things will be picking up very soon now. ;)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

True Blood Tuesday--Authority Always Wins

Photo Credit: HBO Publicity

Season Five, Episode Two

Okay, before we get started, I thought it might be good to have a little meet-and-greet with the Authority members. With them playing such a big role this season, I figured it might be nice to know a little bit about this new group of characters.

Members of the Authority Council:

Roman Zimojic—Known as the guardian, Roman is the leader and founder of the Authority. As such, he is essentially the supreme ruler of all vampires.

Dieter Braun—An Authority Chancellor. Dieter seems to enjoy torture-style interrogation.

Alexander Drew—He may have the face of an innocent nine-year-old child, but don’t let his appearances fool you—he’s a tough one. Alexander is a Chancellor with the Authority.

Salome—This Authority member is known as a world-class seductress and is quite formidable.

Rosalyn Harris—Originally from Prague, Rosalyn eventually settled in Texas. She is also a Chancellor and has a deep love of humanity.

Kibwe Akinjide—Chancellor, gentleman, and peaceful, are words to describe Kibwe. He is a fan of rehabilitation for rule-breakers, not punishment.

Now that we have our Authority members all straightened out, let’s jump into episode two.

Tara, Sookie, Lafayette, & Pam: Holy cow, Tara is freaking wild! She’s slamming Sook around and…oh, she just bit Sookie! Pam, finding it all very amusing, had no choice but to pull Tara off of Sookie and, as her maker, command that she not harm Lafayette or Sookie. Pam had to head back to Fangtasia, leaving one seriously out of control Tara with Lafayette and Sookie. Oh, I am so seeing Sookie’s house getting destroyed…again.

Eric, Bill, Nora, & Authority: Once inside a large, empty warehouse, Eric, Bill, and Nora are greeted by Salome, an ancient vampire and member of the Authority. Nora attempted to spin a story, but Salome wasn’t buying it. A quick elevator ride later, and they were in Authority headquarters. The atmosphere is fairly serious and imposing. We see vamps having to use their blood as proof of identity to gain entrance. After a brief walk-through, Eric, Bill, and Nora were thrown into individual cells.

Note: In a way, Authority headquarters reminded me of the Ministry of Magic when Voldemort’s gang took over. Don’t ask why; it’s just the first thing that popped into my head.

Alcide & the Pack: Ah, well, they’re still chomping down on Marcus. Ick. Martha recognizes Alcide as the new pack master and insists he, um, take a nibble out of Marcus, but Alcide has no interest, nor does he wish to abide by pack laws and join in on the let’s snack on Marcus festival. This doesn’t sit well with other pack members. Luna, meanwhile, takes Sam home.

Arlene & Terry: Um, it looks like Terry is possessed. Arlene wakes up to him looking at her, very zombie-like. He said, “We’re all gonna die. It’s coming for us.” Then, he flashbacked to his days in Iraq--none of the scenes made much sense, apart from a quick glimpse of a lighter.

Tara, Sookie, & Lafayette: Yep, Tara’s ripping the place up. She finally takes a break from the crazy and perches on the edge of the sink/counter to stare at Lafayette and Sookie. At Sookie’s suggestion, Lafayette gets Tara some True Blood, but she doesn’t appear interested. She seems more interested in staring at them—it’s rather unnerving. Oh! Yeah, she just attacked Lafayette! Hello, fangs! Pinning Lafayette to the floor, you could see she wanted to drink, but she knew she couldn’t do anything to him by order of her maker. She slapped her head, pulled her hair, and took off to tear up another part of the house.

Pam: Upon returning to Fangtasia, Pam starts to freshen up and begins thinking back on her early life. We see her in a brothel. It appears she was a Madame. When she goes to check on one of her girls, Claire, she finds her dead, slaughtered in one of the rooms. Pam, teary-eyed, swears at “them.” Back to present, Pam calls Eric, desperate to hear from him.

Note: SO glad to see some background on Pam. She is one of the best characters on the show—about time we see more of her story.

Eric, Bill, & Nora: While locked up, you hear a voice begin to interrogate the prisoners. Bill implores them to release Eric and Nora, taking the blame himself. The voice knows he’s lying and treats them to a heavy dose of ultra-violet light, which burned them just as the sun would.

Sam & Luna: While treating Sam’s wounds at her house, Martha shows up to see Emma, her granddaughter and only living relative. Martha just wants to know her granddaughter—it was actually rather sad. Luna, however, was royally p’od and didn’t want this woman anywhere near her daughter. Martha hypothesizes about what will happen when Emma turns wolf. Luna reminds her that she could be a shifter, not a wolf, but Martha just smiles and says Emma is wolf; she senses it. Over this whole thing, Luna kicks Martha out. On her way to the door, Martha apologizes to Sam for his injuries. Luna starts railing on Martha to Sam. However, Sam feels some compassion for the woman. Luna doesn’t take too kindly to Sam for this and kicks him out.

“She just lost her son,” he said.

“She just ate her son,” Luna countered.

This just might be the best exchange of the night.

Tara, Sookie, & Lafayette: Tara is STILL channeling the Tasmanian Devil and trashing the inside of the house. Amidst all of the bumping, crashing, and banging, Sookie and Lafayette know they have to get her in Eric’s hideaway before sunrise. Lafayette finds Tara hiding behind a door—she actually looked a bit frightened. He proceeds to cut his arm and offer her his blood, which she anxiously took. His blood was the perfect distraction: Sookie stormed in, wrapped silver chains around Tara’s neck, and helped carry her to Eric’s cubby.

Note: I thought it was interesting that Tara actually looked frightened when Lafayette found her—didn’t expect such fear in her eyes. Why would she be afraid? She’s a vampire now, and that should mean very little fear, if any.

Jason & Andy: Andy has a little one-on-one with Jason about sex. Pretty funny. Andy is a bit confused by Holly’s aloofness, and Jason assures him that it’s the perfect situation: get the goods without the obligation. Of course when Andy tries to relate his situation to what Jason has with Jess, it’s pretty obvious Jason isn’t buying into his own words.

Soon, they find Debbie’s abandoned car. While searching the automobile, Andy finds a vile of V and thinks about keeping it, but ultimately hands it over to Jason. Hurray! Good for you, Andy.

Sookie: Most girls like to shop for shoes, clothes, or handbags. Not Sook. No, she goes shopping at a stake shop. Yep, she went looking for something extra-anti-vampire to help protect her house when the uber vamp, Russell, comes fanging around. While contemplating what to purchase, Sook hears the salesman think about inviting her along on a vampire hunt, hoping he would get lucky. She very tactfully informs him that staking anyone—human or vampire—is illegal. She bought the silver mist machine and installed it just opposite her front door on the porch.

Note: Two things. First, the sales dude is watching Newlin talk about his new vampire life in a televised interview, so Sookie now knows all about Newlin…well, minus his love for her brother. Second, for such a simple scene, I absolutely loved the stake shop. These are the little things that, for me, really standout—a shop full of merchandise to ward off, combat, or kill vampires. It was like Home Depot for anti-vampire folks.

Arlene & Terry: While cooking at Merlotte’s, the flames rose up and Terry had more flashbacks. Still, none of them really told us anything, apart from being in some sort of shooting situation. When Arlene sweetly approached him, he spun around and shoved her clear across the kitchen. Terry feels bad for about a second before he flips out and screams at her.

Tara, Sookie, & Lafayette: After installing her new silver mist mechanism, Sookie “overhears” Lafayette thinking about staking Tara. Sook runs to Eric’s cubby and finds Lafayette standing over Tara’s body, holding a stake. He feels terribly guilty for turning his cousin into a monster. Sookie talks him out of staking her, reassuring him that it will get easier…that Tara is in there somewhere.

Jason& Andy: While at the station, Jason snacks and watches Newlin’s television interview, where he claims to have someone special in his life…a woman. Some kid shows up and punches Jason, blaming him for breaking up his parent’s marriage. Apparently, Jason slept with his mom. Naturally, Jason has no clue who this kid is talking about until he is shown a picture. The kid lunges at Jason, and Andy steps in to stop him. Andy then exasperatedly asks Jason if he’s slept with every woman in town. Jason, with that wide-eyed look, says, “I don’t know…I’m close, I guess.”

Note: I’m not sure what that was all about. It seemed a little out of place in the episode, but I’m guessing it’s setting something up for later in the season. And, um, while Jason watched the television, I couldn’t take my eyes of the Krispy Kreme doughnut box sitting behind him. Yum.

Pam: We immediately flashback with Pam. While in a darkened alley, Pam is taunted and then attacked by some Jack the Ripper type character.  Eric zooms in and slashes the guy’s throat, saving Pam’s life. He seemed to like that she wasn’t afraid of him. He told her that it’s not safe for a lady to be walking alone at night. In true Pam form, she replies, “If I meet a lady, I’ll let her know.” Eric was clearly intrigued by her energy. He zipped off after giving her some money to have her dress cleaned of the blood splatter.

Note: Anyone else loving the history of these two?  

Eric, Bill, & Authority: So, torture-happy Dieter, a smooth talking Authority member, is brought in to interrogate Bill, privately. Bill is hooked up to an IV filled with liquid silver.  

Dieter shows Bill the vampire “bible.” Here, we learn about Lilith. She predates Adam and Eve and was created in the likeness of God, who, in their bible, was also a vampire. Adam and Eve, as with all humans, were created as food for the vampires. This sacred text views humans as nothing more than vampire food. When asked, Bill says he doesn’t believe in the literal sense of the vampire bible. It seems old Dieter won’t take Bill’s word for it and wants to make certain his philosophy is one of coexistence with humans. So, even though Bill doesn’t believe in the literal meaning, Dieter injects him with liquid silver. Ouch.

Meanwhile, Salome is interrogating Eric in much the same way. She tells Eric Nora is dead!!! Okay, I’m hoping this is a scare tactic. Eric handles the news calmly, yet you can plainly see he wants to rip the throat of the Authority b*!ch. She then asks which of them murdered Nan—Eric plays dumb and gets a shot of silver. More ouch.

Now, Dieter tries to convince Bill that Eric and Nora have been freed—this still doesn’t shake the former king…and he gets more silver juice.

Salome, on the other hand, attempts gain information by telling Eric that Bill has been freed, and, for his cooperation, he will be reinstated as King. Eric simply responds with a, “Long live the King.” Oh, so loving the solidarity, here…however, am not loving Eric getting another shot of silver.

Jessica & Newlin: Jess is throwing another college party at Bill’s mansion. Before some girl can spew chunks all over the floor, she throws her outside, and waiting at the door is Newlin. Upon seeing it’s party time, he scoots by Jess, dancing, smiling, and grooving. He mingles a bit, smiling that goofy grin, but Jess wants him to get to the point of his visit. She asks him what he wants. Apparently, he just wants to talk. Okay, this guy’s smile is hilarious—he’s such a little worm, but in a funny way. Jess takes him to Bill’s office, and Newlin proceeds to offer her $10,000 for Jason. LOL Jess, not missing a beat, wants twenty grand. Newlin laughs it off, reiterating his offer. Jess then does a little fang teasing—you know, things like how a vamp can chip a fang on Jason’s butt. This leads to a worked up Newlin and a new offer of fifteen grand. Jess continues with a little rock hard talk. Newlin is getting the picture…and out pop the fangs. LOL He gives in to her demand for twenty grand, but Jess was just playing with him. She makes it very clear that Jason is her friend and not for sale. Newlin, a wee bit frustrated, tries to attack her—she pins him, he pulls her hair (“Hair pullin’? Really?), and she yanks his hair in return, reminding him that her daddy is the king. Newlin smiles and says, “Not anymore.” This pisses Jess off. She kicks a cackling Newlin out of her house, along with everyone else.

Note: I love this new, powerful, take charge Jessica. Love the way the writers have evolved her character over the series.

Arlene, Terry, & Patrick: Arlene seeks answers from Patrick, but he won’t give anything up to her. Terry apparently followed Arlene to Patrick’s hotel room. He’s not thrilled, but asks to talk to Patrick alone. Arlene gives both of them a stern warning: Whatever is going on, fix it. Once she’s gone, Terry tells Partick that their missing Army buddy is alive, just off grid. Patrick is convinced that he’s the one hurting them. Terry and Patrick agree to pay him a visit.

Note: Okay, I have no clue what is going on here. What supernatural thing could they be bringing into the mix this time? One thing I’m absolutely clear on, however: Scott Foley is just as handsome as he was on Felicity.

Hoyt, Jason, and Maxine Fortenberry: Jason tries to extend an olive branch to Hoyt, but his former BFF isn’t interested. In front of Hoyt, Maxine shouts at Jason, saying she will never forgive him for what he did to her son. As she shoves him out the door, she quietly thanks him for splitting up Hoyt and “that redheaded slut.” Oh, and she adds, “I’m gonna bake you a pie.”

Luna & Emma: Luna’s little girl was making a lot of noise in her room. Luna tries calling to her, telling her to go to bed, but the odd noises continue. Luna opens the door and finds a baby wolf in a pair of pajamas. Awwwwwww! Okay, way too cute!

Tara, Sookie & Lafayette: Tara woke up, walked to Sookie and Lafayette, and said, “I will never forgive either of you.” She flew out of the house and…oh no…got sprayed by the silver mister Sookie installed. Oh, that’s going to tick her off even more.

Note: I really hope this doesn’t last long. I know there are a lot of fans who don’t like Tara, and her new vampire attitude isn’t going to help. I’ve always liked her character, but I’m ready for her to be a strong force on team Sookie and company. I guess she still needs to adjust.

Eric, Bill, Nora, & Authority: It looks like we’re now seeing the main office for the Auhtority—it’s dark, yet ornate. The main Authority members (listed above) are sitting at a table, and Bill and Eric are handcuffed and kneeling in front of them. Nora is alive, standing under the control of two Authority guards.

Roman walks in, cuts his wrist, and begins some ritual to Lilith. He feeds each member a drop of his blood.

He goes on a little ego trip-lecture about his role with the Authority and what they stand for. Afterwards, the council debates a little on whether or not Bill and Eric should get the true death. Here’s how it stands amongst council members: Rosalyn votes true death; Kibwe says no, since they saved them from the witches; Alexander votes true death.

Roman acknowledges that they’ve been at odds over what to do with Bill and Eric. He reiterates that the coexistence with humans is necessity.

Bill offers an exchange: “Our lives in return for Russell Edgington.” They inform Roman that Russell was never killed…and he has escaped. Russell is totally against coexistence, so he’s an enemy of the Authrotiy; he wants anarchy.

Bill tells them if they want their administration to be obliterated, ignore what he says. Roman wants to know why they didn’t kill Russell when they had the chance. Bill and Eric said they wanted Russell to suffer, believing the truth death was too good for him.

Guardian Roman goes a little wacky and feigns staking Bill. But he holds off, placing his wants on the back burner. Russell will be seeking Bill and Eric, a fact our brotherly duo makes clear to the Authority. And in one final gesture of solidarity, Bill vows to stop Russell, understanding he may meet the true death either way.

Russell: Okay, now we’re looking at a dank, dungeon-like room with dead bodies and body part all over the floor. The camera pans to a really messed up looking vamp resting on a cot. Russell.

So, what did you think of this week’s episode? For me, it wasn’t as strong as episode one, but it served the purpose of introducing us to the Authority. I did love being introduced to Pam’s history with Eric. The Terry/Patrick thing is a bit confusing, but I suppose that’s how they want us to feel…for the time being. I’m still all for Tara being a vampire…but I really want to see her embrace her new power for the better and realize she can help protect her friends and family.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


What an amazing, amazing win! Dale Jr. literally blew the field away today. Driving his Batman themed 88, Dale Jr. cruised to victory lane…and the crowd went wild, literally.

The last laps were the longest in history, I swear it. I haven’t paced that much since football season ended. I may never know love, but I Thank God I know what it’s like to feel passion, pride, and loyalty for a man/team who works and tries and never gives up.

One day, I hope to see that 88 race in person.

Anyway, Mom and I fought back the tears, and Dad clapped and said, “Attaboy, Dale!”

Dale Jr. won on Father’s Day. Need I say more? There’s something really poetic and beautiful about getting his win today.

And, um, to the “sports journalist” who just this past week said Dale would never win another race…ha and kindly [fill in the blank]. Truthfully—and I do mean this in the most sincere sense imaginable—if someone can watch what the 88 team has done all season long and still write an article listing reasons why Dale would never again see the sunny side of victory lane for the remainder of his career, then perhaps a better understanding of NASCAR is needed before said someone puts forth material that makes him look rather ridiculous. And one more teeny, tiny little thing…why—so—serious? (Couldn’t help myself…had to go with the Batman theme today)

Consistently solid finishes leads to wins. Simple as that.

Many will undoubtedly focus on Dale breaking that dang winless streak that has been magnified into Godzilla over the years. Or perhaps they’ll discuss his many close, but no cigar moments. Not me, though. No, this Dale fan thinks it’s all about this moment forward.

Today, Batman and his batmobile grabbed that checkered flag…and it’s just the beginning. Stay tuned, Gotham…

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Truth Is Thursday: Dallas Returns

Dallas, Then: Photo Credit, CBS Archives, Getty Images

You know I love my hometown. You know I’m a rabid Dallas Cowboys fan. Pretty sure you’ve seen me go ballistic over the Dallas Mavericks.

So it probably won’t shock you to know I’m a huge fan of the television show, Dallas. And today, it’s all about the return of the Ewings, Southfork, the Cattle Baron’s Ball, backstabbing, double secret backstabbing, and that iconic theme…it’s Dallas, in full force.

Last night, Dallas returned on TNT with a new generation, but don’t fret, J.R., Bobby, and Sue Ellen were all very much present. Oh, I was in 8th heaven, Texas style (and who wore #8? Aikman. Yeah, I went there).

I watched the original when I was a little girl with my mama, so to see it return with so many of its original qualities was as awesome as a Thanksgiving Day win in Cowboys Stadium.

If you enjoyed the original Dallas, you will enjoy its return—it’s got everything. The cast is pitch-perfect, the plot is as twisted, deliciously juicy, and unpredictable as its predecessor, and the familiar Texas landmarks hug us like a big blanket of bluebonnets.

This Dallas Texan gives it two very enthusiastic Yee-haw’s!

What exactly is my truth this Thursday?

Truth Is: I love Dallas! Welcome back! And I must not be the only one…Dallas won the night in ratings!

“Bettin' against J.R.’s son would be like bettin' against the Dallas Cowboys…downright unpatriotic.”~Dallas, 2012, Episode One. 

Dallas comes on every Wednesday at 9 EST.

Dallas, Now: Photo Credit, TNT Publicity

 Dallas 2012 Trailer, TNT (there may be an ad you can skip at the beginning):

Updated Dallas Theme, 2012--I LOVE that they have the shot of Cowboy's stadium, just like the original did with Texas Stadium, and ended on that zooming shot of Southfork! Awesome! (THANK YOU, TNT, for keeping to the original theme...Dallas just wouldn't be Dallas without it).

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

True Blood Tuesday: Turn! Turn! Turn!

Credit: HBO

 Season Five, Episode One.

After a phenomenal Game of Thrones season finale, I had my expectations pretty darn high for the start of True Blood. How was it? Well…it didn’t disappoint. We had emotion, action (of all kinds), humor, and a mega GASP moment. Can’t ask for much more than that.

So, let’s jump in the coffin and head back to Bon Temps!

Sookie, Tara, Lafayette, Pam, Bill, & Eric: We ended last season with dumb Debbie shooting a chunk out of Tara’s head when she jumped in front of the bullet to save Sookie. Sook, crying for help, held her best friend’s lifeless body on the floor of her kitchen.

The season starts at the point when Debbie attempts to shoot Sookie. Here, instead of re-watching what happened, we flash to Bill and Eric, sensing the dangerous situation facing Sookie. Eric, still feeling the sting of Sookie dumping him, continues cleaning up the mess Bill made when he delivered the true death to Nan. Despite sensing Sookie’s trouble, Eric remained steadfast about getting the mess cleaned and getting out of there before the Authority could catch them. Bill, however, couldn’t sit idly by while his favorite fairy was in danger. He took off to help her, but was trapped by the Authority just outside his mansion, along with Eric.

Note: For me, the fact that Bill hurried off to help Sookie highlighted the difference between his love and Eric’s love [for Sookie]. Eric was busy thinking about saving their hides, while Bill put Sookie’s safety first.

Meanwhile, Pam shows up at Sookie’s looking for Eric. Instead, she finds Sookie and Lafayette crying over Tara’s body. Though Pam couldn’t give two fangs for Tara, Lafayette begs her to change his cousin. Pam, however, won’t sire Tara without payment—Sookie has to fix things between Pam and Eric AND still “owe her [Pam] one.” This could get interesting.

Even if Pam successfully changes Tara, there is a chance she will “…rise up out of the ground fu*&tarded,” since half her head’s been blown off.

Pam, wearing a yellow Wal-Mart sweat-suit —much to her displeasure—agrees to be buried with Tara…even though she smells. And so, Sookie and Lafayette bury Tara with Pam.

Jason, Steve Newlin, & Jessica: So, vampire-hating Newlin is now a vampire himself. That, we knew. The next big shocker? He’s gay, y’all, AND in love with Jason!!! Poor, unsuspecting Jason fell for the “abandoned,” newborn vampire act, which allowed Newlin to glamour our beloved Stackhouse.  Once inside casa Stackhouse, Newlin reveals his love for Jason…but he’s climbing the leg of a man that doesn’t “bark” that way. The Rev apparently doesn’t take rejection well—he goes all angry fang-y and attempts to force Jason into loving him.

Enter Jessica.

Jess bursts through the door, claims Jason as hers, and informs the little newbie vamp that she’s older and the progeny of the king of Louisiana.  Oh, and King Daddy is out of town, which means she’s basically the queen. Talk about putting Newlin in his place! With her hand clasped around his neck, she gives him a choice: leave or get the true death. Seriously. Awesome. Scene. Go Jess! Jason rescinds Newlin’s invitation, and the slimy, manipulative little worm is forced to leave.

Sam, Luna, & the pack: Looks like the pack knows their master is dead. They confront Sam, but he manages to shift and fly away. Now at Luna’s, Sam tells her he won’t give up Alcide to the pack—Alcide saved his life, and he refuses to return the favor by telling the pack that their resident sexy were was the one who actually killed Marcus. Just as Luna begins to protest his refusal, the pack shows up and says they won’t hurt Luna or Emma if Sam leaves with them. Being the upstanding guy he is…Sam goes with them.

Note: Very nice bum, Sir Sam. What? It’s a valid observation. *blushes*

Bill, Eric, & Nora: With Bill and Eric locked in the trunk of an Authority car, the two vamps work together to blow the thing up, figuring they’d survive it. It worked. Eric hurried to check on a slightly injured Bill, refusing to leave him behind. The driver, unfortunately, survived the explosion and threatened to kill both of them. Before he could decide who to kill first, Nora, the girl who was traveling in the passenger seat of the car, killed the driver, saving Eric and Bill.

Eric whispered her name, walked towards her, and laid one heckuva kiss on her.

Note: Great kiss, Eric. Great kiss. Seriously hot. So jealous of Nora right now.

Turns out, Nora is Eric’s “sister.” They share the same maker, Godric. Nora is a chancellor with the Authority, but isn’t working to their agenda. Eric, Bill, and Nora head into a storage unit thingy before sunrise. The next night, Eric and Bill will be forced to assume new identities and leave Louisiana forever.

Sookie & Lafayette: Sookie heads to Lafayette’s house to help bury Jesus…except his body is gone. Sookie thinks Eric or Bill might have helped dispose of the body. She heads to the car to give Lafayette some time to say goodbye. Poor Lafayette is falling apart—he doesn’t know how to keep on breathing.

Andy & Holly: Well, it looks like Andy and Holly had a fun Halloween—they found their tricks and treats on the couch of her house. Holly’s sons come home early from their hunting trip to find them, um, you know.

Arlene, Terry, and Patrick: Terry is extra touchy and clearly does not want to revisit the past. While having breakfast at the Bellefleur mansion, Patrick learns that Terry, Arlene, and the kids are only staying with Andy and company because of a house fire. At this little reveal, Patrick started acting weird, like a light bulb switched on over his head or something. Later, he confronted Terry in back of Merlotte’s. Terry just wants his old friend to go back home, but Patrick says he doesn’t have a home…he lost it in a fire…and he wasn’t the only one. Fires have destroyed the homes of several other men in their squad. Patrick said these fires have something to with what happened in Iraq. Apparently, he thought Terry was the one responsible for the fires. When Patrick realized Terry wasn’t to blame, he figured his old war buddy might want to help, which he doesn’t—Terry just wants everything to go away.

Note: How good is it to see Scott Foley? Still, he’ll always be Noel to me. :)

Sookie: Here, Sookie thinks back on some childhood moments with Tara. Looks like Sookie was bullied as a child because of her telepathy, and Tara was the one to save her. Could be foreshadowing if Tara becomes a vampire???

Note: I actually loved the flashback of Sookie and Tara. Is it just me, or was the actress that played young Sookie seriously perfect? She looked so much like Anna, it was uncanny.

Alcide, Sookie, & Lafayette: There he is! Been waiting for Mr. Alcide to make an appearance! Alcide shows up at Sookie’s to warn her about Russell Edgington. This, of course, comes as a shock to Sookie, who thought the nutcase was dead. Worried about Sookie’s safety, Alcide asks her to stay with him. (Oh, just go, Sook. Seriously.) However, Sookie’s guilty conscience over Debbie won’t allow her to stay with Alcide. So, she starts to confess, but Lafayette storms into the kitchen and puts a stop to it.

Note: Sookie, obviously nervous about Alcide being there, spotted Debbie’s tooth/tooth tissue on the floor. She kicked it under something so he wouldn’t see it. My question is this: How could he not smell the tissue attached to the tooth? I get that she cleaned massively well, but wouldn’t that tissue/tooth hold enough of a scent?

Note: Quite liked the growl Alcide gave Lafayette. This show is just so good for my hormones.

Andy & Judge: New big wig alert—it seems this Judge Clements has Andy in his back pocket. Judge got Andy to toss out his son’s speeding ticket. That’s really all we had, but I’m guessing he was introduced for a reason.

Jason & Hoyt: We had a brief encounter at Merlotte’s between the former best friends. Unfortunately, it didn’t go so well. Hoyt’s hurting and has no use for Jason.

Eric, Nora, & Bill: My, my. What a nice bum you have, Eric. Yep, Eric and Nora are having some quality time against the wall of the storage unit, while Bill waits outside. Halfway through their, um, exercise, Eric’s phone rings. Naturally, he’s not supposed to have a phone being on the lamb and all, which Nora reminds him. They spat, and Eric exits the unit, saying to Bill, “We fight like siblings, but we [blank] like champions.”  So, who’s on the phone? It’s Alcide, presumably with the news of Russell’s escape. Pretty sure the next scene confirms this—we see someone dragging a barely conscious human to a cell, toss him halfway inside, and whatever’s in there eats him alive. Yeah, sounds like a Russell thing to do.

Jessica & Jason: Jess is really toying with Jason. He shows up at Bill’s mansion while Jess is having a little college-esque party. He doesn’t like the idea of her partying without him, so he throws off the cop clothes and joins in. During the party, Jess flirts it up with some guy and even kisses him. Jason is obviously hurt. One of the sorority girls hits on him, and he decides to go all old Jason and leave with her. But, when push comes to shove, he can’t sleep with the sorority chick. It seems Jason is too much the smitten kitten with Miss Jessica. Aww.

Eric, Bill, & Nora: On the docks, Eric, Bill, and Nora meet up with some vamps who give our boys new identities and provide the get-out-of-town transportation. Before they can leave, the Authority vamps show up and kill all the fanged ones, except for Eric, Bill, and Nora. I’m thinking they’re in trouble.

Sam, the pack, Luna, & Alcide: In exchange for Luna and Emma’s safety, Sam leads the pack to their former leader’s burial site. They dig him up, and Marcus’ mama, Martha, transforms and, well, eats her son’s flesh. Ew. Alcide shows up with Luna and tells the pack the truth—that he killed Marcus, not Sam. Some of the pack members bow to Alcide, recognizing him as their new master. Others aren’t so forgiving, which doesn’t bother Alcide either way. He’s so man…and wolf.

Note: Did anyone else hear Luna say, “Don’t do it, Martha,” just before the mama wolf transformed and ate her son’s dead body? If she did, I wonder what she meant. Was it just an ew thing, or is Luna aware of something that might happen if the flesh is consumed?

Sookie, Lafayette, Pam, & Tara: Waiting to see if Pam was in time to save Tara, Sookie and Lafayette wait by her grave. Eventually, Pam crawls out, complains about dirt in her bra, grabs a bottle of True Blood (yeah, she doesn’t like it so much), and points Sookie in the direction of Tara’s head. Sookie starts digging, but Tara is still as stone. It didn’t work. Staring at her best friend’s peaceful face, she sobs. Sookie and Lafayette cry over their loss.

HOLY CRUD! GOOSEBUMP ALERT! Tara EXPLODED from the grave, completely out of her mind, and headed straight for Sookie!!! END OF EPISODE.

Seriously, I have goosebumps!!! AWESOME start to the season.

Quick thoughts: Pam stole the episode; Eric and Bill’s brotherly love thing is seriously adorable; Tara…wicked!  It looks like Tara is kind of 100% vampire right now, completely out of touch with her former human self. I’m looking forward to seeing her strong, and, hopefully in time, she will be able to join Sookie in this fight against any big bad that comes upon them.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Truth Is Thursday: True Blood, Sweat, & Soda

Truth Is: I've stopped soda cold turkey. 3 days and counting. It doesn't sound like much, I know, but for me, it's an achievement. lol I'm sure the twitching will stop eventually. ;) And the headaches...

Truth Is: True Blood returns this weekend! Vampires, weres, and shifters, oh my!

Truth Is: Dale Jr. is having a seriously awesome season. Consistency is absolutely key, and he's just cruising right along. The wins are around the corner. Patience and consistency will lead to winner's circle.

Truth Is: Congrats to the Thunder! After the way they played the Mavs last year, I knew they would be a huge force in no time.

Truth Is: Okay, Celtics...win it. Win it for Eva and BFF! GO BOSTON!

Truth Is: My mom loves her Kindle...you know, the thing you read on...except she uses it to play games. LOL

Truth Is: I'm just going to leave y'all with a little True Blood preview...and a pic to, well, wet your appetite (all puns totally intended).

Trailer One

Trailer Two

"Must be Thursday!"

Joe Manganiello; Photo Credit: Men's Health UK