Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Defining Insanity

These things are completely insane in different ways:

  • Staying up all night and well into the next morning to watch the men’s tennis final at the Australian Open.  (in an epic way)

  • Two men playing tennis for nearly six solid hours…and both are still able to stand when it’s over. (in a superhero way)

  • Um, even without sleep, I was still totally able to cheer on my Mavs with gusto.  I inherited my mom’s night owl gene big time. (in an awesome way)

  • Shaun White. (in a really good way)  

  • Sinus attacks. (in a really bad way)

  • Wind that sounds like it’s coming through the windows. (in a freaky way)

  • How my mom can totally read my mind. (in a groovy-Sookie Stackhouse way)

  • The man who wants happily ever after, but doesn’t want to put the effort into finding it and expects it to just fall in his lap. (in a sad way)

  • The woman who believes sex will lure a husband away from his wife.  No joke. (in a completely pathetic way)

  • Mother Nature. (in a scary way)

Unexpected Insanity: While watching the marathon tennis showdown, I began noticing things that I never noticed during the average length match.  Thus, I had some unusual observations, due in large part to sleep deprivation. 

  • Nadal’s butt-hugger shorts gave him loads of wedgies. 

  • The ball chasers had to maintain a specific crouching position which might have been unfortunate if they had developed gas.

  • The towel holders had to have felt ewy.  After nearly six hours of wiping sweat, spit, and possibly nose drips, imagine how germy and stinky those towels must have been…and they had to touch them.  Maybe they changed towels, but they looked the same.  Either way…ick.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Truth Is Thursday--Skin, Single, and Harry Potter

Truth Is: Could someone please tell my skin that you can't decide to be dry and yet still have the nerve to require blot powder by late afternoon?

Truth Is: It seems like everyone is getting married or having babies. A fellow 30-something singleton said everyone around her is getting engaged, married, or pregnant except for her.  I might shouldn't have replied with, "Soon we'll be the only singles in the world."  I meant it as a joke.  By her reaction, I'm not thinking she got the joke part. 

Truth Is: I have to concur with fellow singleton--everyone is getting married and/or pregnant, including one of the most vile excuses for a human being I have ever known, and I don't say that lightly. Seriously, how do women like that get a man to fall in love with them? Because when I say vile, I mean VILE.

Truth Is: I really need to start dating again.  I've been kind-of hibernating this winter.  I blame sports (I mean, really, am I supposed to give up a Saturday night LSU game for a date that has a 50/50 chance of being good? Not on your life.  See, I'm so loyal!). Truth is, I really just don't like dating.  From what I hear, most people don't care for it.  It's just that nine times out of ten, dates are more like bad dreams disguised as hope.

Truth Is:  Really, really sad that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II did not get nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture, particularly since they could have included another film on the list.  The Harry Potter series has made history; what the series achieved is truly phenomenal, so maybe it doesn't really need an award (but I sure wanted to see them get nominated for the big one--of course, I'm a fan, so...lol). 

Still, I do think it's kind-of a travesty that Alan Rickman did not receive a supporting actor nod for his role as Severus Snape.  He. Brought. Snape. To. Life.  No one could have been Snape, no one.  And his final stand as Snape was exquisite, true perfection (cried my eyes out).  Granted, I have always loved Alan Rickman, but this is one omission I just don't understand.

Deathly Hallows, Part II was nominated for Art Direction, Makeup, and Visual Effects. I hope, hope, hope they walk away with one of these.  It would be the perfect way to close a truly spectacular series.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Diamonds Are A Man's Best Friend

Who said diamonds are only a girl's best friend?

Tonight, prior to the game against Minnesota (where J.J. Barea now plays), the Dallas Mavericks will receive their championship rings. 

How's this for a championship ring?

Credit: Dallas Mavericks/ESPN

Now THAT'S a ring!!! Wow! How gorgeous is that?  I knew Mark Cuban would go all out for the team's first championship! 

Each player's diamond encrusted ring will feature their name above the team logo and their jersey number. 

You can read the whole article and watch the teaser video of the ring's making on ESPN

FOREVER PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!! GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Channel Your Inner Bookworm!

This super fun book survey comes from Jay, who always finds the most interesting questionnaires. Thank you, Jay, for tagging us!

  1. Favorite childhood book?

I loved the Boxcar Children, Charlotte’s Web, Anne of Green Gables, The Babysitter’s Club, and the Nancy Drew books.  The bookstore rivaled the toy store when I was little.
2. What are you reading right now?

On recommendation from a friend, I’m reading The House of Night series. It’s a vampire series, but it’s pretty different from the others. 
3. What books do you have on request at the library?

Oh, it’s awful, but I haven’t been to the library in years.  I do love library books, though—the crinkly covers, the mysterious musty smell.

4. What do you currently have checked out at the library?

*hides head* Nothing.

5. Do you have an e-reader?

Nope, not interested. I mean, they’re cool little gadgets, but I’m a total traditionalist—I like holding a book in my hands and actually turning the pages.  I even like seeing a book sitting on my nightstand.  Plus, I love bookmarks—seriously, I kind-of collect them.

6. Do you prefer to read one book at a time, or several at once?

I’ve read two at one time before, but I really prefer to read one book at a time. I enjoy getting lost in the world for as long as possible.    

7. Can you read on the bus?

Oh, sure. I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on a drive across country.  It was so much fun—I actually got annoyed when the sun had the nerve to set.

8. Favorite place to read?

My bed.

9. Do you ever dog-ear books?

No! Never! lol Bookmarks, people! Bookmarks! Lol
10. Do you ever write in the margins of your books?

If I need to make notes, I use pink/blue/yellow post-it notes and stick them on the pages. 

11. What makes you love a book?

Characters.  It’s so important to have a main character who “speaks” to the reader, someone the reader can connect with.  I hate it if by the end of a novel, I feel like I never fully “knew” the main character.  Voice goes hand-in-hand with characters that jump off the page.  If the characters/voice are interesting, then I look for a world/story that will let me escape reality.

12. What will inspire you to recommend a book?

If it’s something I can’t put down or want to read again, I’ll absolutely recommend it.
13. Favorite genre?

What can I say, I love the fantasy worlds.

14. How do you feel about giving bad/negative reviews?

Ugh, awful.  People who write take such pride in what they do; their works become as precious to them as their loved ones.  Maybe the best review is one that is constructive.

15. Favorite Poet?

I don’t really have one.  I love reading poetry, including poems by fellow bloggers.
16. How many books do you usually have checked out of the library at any given time?

Since I don’t really check out books anymore, I can’t really answer this one. Um, I’m feeling so guilty over these library questions that I think I’ll make a trip to my library this spring and check out a book, any book.

17. How often have you returned books to the library unread?

Oh, well, I never did that.

18. Favorite fictional character?

So many.  Elizabeth Bennett, Marianne Dashwood, Mr. Darcy, Colonel Brandon, Dracula, Sookie Stackhouse, Nancy Drew, Harry Potter (and all HP characters, really, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Tonks, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Dumbledore, McGonagall, etc.).

19. Favorite fictional villain?


20. Books I’m most likely to bring on vacation?

Probably something new and an old reliable, like Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or True Blood.

21. The longest I’ve gone without reading.

Um, I don’t think I’ve ever gone any appreciable amount of time without reading.

22. Name a book that you could/would not finish.

I don’t think there is a book I didn’t push through, but there is one I had to skip through.  I hate to say this, but I skipped over large chunks of New Moon in the Twilight Saga, particularly the times Bella kept talking about the large, gaping hole in her stomach.  I loved the end of the book, though, when the Volturi came into play and wished more of the novel had taken place in Volterra, Italy.

23. What distracts you easily when you’re reading?

Nothing.  When I’m in the world, I’m in the world to stay.

24. Favorite film adaptation of a novel?

Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Gone With the Wind.

25. Most disappointing film adaptation?

Honestly, none can compare to the original novels.  Some try very hard to capture the aura of the original works, and they do a phenomenal job.  Still, if you’ve read the original work, it’s nearly impossible not to compare. But, I just enjoy the films and know they’ve done the best they can to bring the written word to life.

26. What would cause you to stop reading a book half-way through?
I usually read from beginning to end, although it might take me longer to finish if I’m not enjoying it.  Even if I want to stop reading, I try not to.  Not getting a good read on the main character and a very specific type of redundancy can be distracting.

27. Do you like to keep your books organized?

Usually by series.  If it’s a stand alone novel, I’ll organize by theme/genre. 

28. Do you prefer to keep books or give them away once you’ve read them?

Oh, I’m so a keeper of books.

Okay, now it’s your turn to reveal your inner bookworm! If you want to be tagged, then…TAG, you’re it!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Truth Is Thursday On Friday: People Shock Me.

Truth Is: Sleepy now...yet not. My eyes must have invisible toothpicks holding them up, while my brain must have found another gear.

Truth Is: The Sandman is clearly playing favorites these days.  I'm not one of them. 

Truth Is:  Couples only parties should be against the law--discrimination against singles or something.

Truth Is: My Mavs won last night.  Very glad about this, since they've lost some serious heart-breakers lately...like at the buzzer. Still, the more games they play, the more formidable they will become.

Truth Is: Dirk Nowitzki became only the 23rd player in NBA history to reach 23,000 career points. I think most people would agree he's one of the best to ever play the game.  Yet, he is likely not going to get his first start in the upcoming All Star Game.  He's currently 3rd behind Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant.  It's a shame because if anyone deserves to start an All Star Game, it's an all star player like Dirk Nowitzki. 

Truth Is: Okay, on behalf of a friend of mine: People, if you don't work hard, you can't expect to have things handed to you simply because you think you deserve it.  There are no shortcuts.  It's called earning it.

Truth Is:  I'm disgusted.  Truly, deeply disgusted.  I get being a fan. I get celebrating a win.  I get friendly competitive conversation--operative word being friendly.  What I don't get is how one fan can treat another fan so appallingly.

After the LSU-Bama Championship game, a 32-year old Bama fan performed lewd acts upon an unconscious LSU fan.  If you really want to know the details, simply visit ESPN or google it, but be prepared for a stomach-turning story.  Oh, and apparently someone caught it all on video, which went viral following the game.  I haven't watched it and will never watch it.  The man has since been arrested. 

There is so much I'd like to say to this guy (sooooo much), but I think I'll just leave it at this: Mike's waiting for you--good luck with that. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!

Credit: LSU Sports, Steve Franz.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bridget Jones, You Disappoint Me.

Bridget Jones, friend and mascot to all single, thirty-something women around the globe, has just made me want to chuck eggs at my television.

On a particularly drab Sunday, boredom struck at approximately 2:17 a.m. When boredom hits a sometimes insomniac, certain things that one would find exceedingly dull become the most interesting things in the world, like infomercials or, in this case, special features on The Edge of Reason DVD.  

Under the special features, there was a "Who's Your Man" quiz.  All I have to do is answer a series of questions and it will choose a man that is right for me.  At the end of the quiz, it will evaluate my answers and show me who my perfect partner is: Mark Darcy or Daniel Cleaver.

If I get Daniel, I should just hang up underwear and call it a day, I thought to myself.

Here is a sampling of the questions and answers I selected:

What is your idea of a perfect kissSo, it's going to be either sweet, tender, with a bit of tongue or passionate, purposeful, all tongue.  Well, ideally you want the sweet to end up at the passionate, so both...but I can't choose both.  Dilemma.  I guess if we're talking for starters, I'd go with the sweet, tender, bit o' tongue.

You've just seen an unfaithful ex after a long time.  How do you reactEasy, I remember how miserable he made me feel

How do men in tuxedos make you feel? Um, hot under the collar, for sure. James Bond, anyone?

After more questions like the above, it was finally time to find out who my perfect man will be! Terribly exciting for a boring night!

Daniel ding-dong, but v. bad:

Credit: Universal Studios Publicity Photos

Or Mark, double ding-dong and v. good:

Credit: Universal Studios Publicity Photos

Mark or Daniel...Mark or Daniel...who will it be?

Ah, here comes my ideal mate!!!

*Screen Flash*

Neither Mark nor Daniel is right for you.


You are too carefree and cool to let any man tie you down.  You are enjoying being single on your terms.  The chase and being in control are what turn you on. You're not ready to fall in love, settle down, and have babies--there are just too many men and not enough time.

HUH?! Apart from being single on my terms, I must wholly disagree with its entire evaluation.

This is where boredom turned into determination: I retook the quiz...several times...until I got an actual man. Pathetic, I know, but I suddenly thought I might jinx myself if I accepted "neither" as my answer.

Finally, I got a man:

Credit: Universal Studios Publicity Photos

Mark Darcy: You are a Mark girl.  You're looking for a man who accepts you for what you are and loves your wobbly bits.  Mark is that sort of man: kind, considerate, coy, stable, and sweet. Men like Mark are gentlemen through and through and beneath that conservative exterior beats a heart of gold, which needs a woman like you to keep it pumping.

Ah, much better. Perfectly on point. I approve. See, it got me absolutely right! *we won't mention its initially incorrect assessment or the subsequent tries it took for the dang thing to finally give me a man*

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Announcement:The Doll on the Shelf

Today, I'm featured over at Lex's adorable, funny, smart, and overall awesome blog, The Lexical Gap.

Please stop by, say "hi," and check out just how Alice in Wonderland my mind was for this guest post. lol

Here's the post: The Doll on the Shelf

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Truth Is Thursday: Utter Confusion & Clarification

Truth Is: I’m still bummed about LSU.

Truth Is: I shouldn’t be bummed—the only game they lost was to Bama (who they already defeated once during the season) in the National Championship.  Otherwise, they had an undefeated regular season and won the SEC Championship.  Clearly, I’m being selfish. 

Truth Is: A** Football Dude was convinced I “wanted” him and now he’s got his boxers in a wad.  Um, I was talking football, and ONLY football.  Please, someone, tell me how football talk translates to “I want you?”

Is there some secret sports code guy talk I’m unaware of? Do words like offense, defense, option, pass, screen, trick play, and quarterback have double secret meanings?

How do things like “Bama is b*&$@-slapping us!” “Lee can throw downfield—put him in, take some shots!” and "That's freaking holding!!!" translate to “Please, take me, I’m yours?!”

And just to clarify, I did not put any spin on how I said anything. I didn’t emphasize certain words or give some stupid sexy wink-eye.  Like I’ve said, when I’m in the game, I’m in the game—flirting is the last thing on my mind…I’m there for my team and that’s it. 

BFF finds me totally hilarious when I watch football, but, then, he’s a fellow football fanatic, so he gets it.  

So, what is it?  Is it so rare to hear a girl talk sports that certain guys think we’re just doing that to impress them, ergo it must be flirting-sex-talk couched in football terms?  I just don’t get it. 

Clarification: The following commercial aired a while back—when my Mom, Dad, and friends first saw it, they laughed and pointed to me saying, “That’s you!”  When you first get to know me, you might think I’m a lot like the first part of the video (the clueless girl).  Then, you learn I’m much more like the second part of the commercial (the, um, sports fan girl).

So, just to clarify, here's an ad that gives you a pretty good idea of how I am when I watch sports. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lessons Learned

First of all, has anyone had trouble signing into Blogger? Dang!

I have so much blog reading and writing to catch up on--having trouble signing in doesn't help. :(

Lessons Learned:

1. Stress, migraine, and cramps really don't mix well.

2. I'm thinking I should not be so emotionally involved in sports.  I really do get "into" the game. Last night, the LSU Tigers ended an absolutely phenomenal season (undefeated, SEC Champs) with one of the most bizarre offensive performances I've ever seen in football.  

MUCH love to the LSU Defense--y'all played to win. But the offensive strategy was like they were hoping to win, not playing to win. Why else would you keep an ineffective QB in the game with a Championship on the line? Would you not try something different?! How about putting the QB that got you where you are in the game?!

See, I get a wee bit emotional.  I'm going to try to calm it down and not get so involved. Why? Because maybe then I won't take losses so hard, won't get all stressed, and won't get queasy stomach. 

3. When a guy who can't get what he wants from you offers his support prior to said game, don't blindly believe he will actually end the evening being a good-sports-guy-friend. No, because so long as his perky controls his thinking, he will turn into an absolute a**. 

Um, and just for the record, LSU finished #2...where, Mr. A**, did your team finish? Oh, right, sorry about that. (Dang, I wish I had said that to him, but I'm a better sport).

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Double Award Time!

I received two incredible awards from the wonderful Hazel just before Christmas.  Thank you so much, Hazel!

The first award is the Versatile Blogger Award. With this, the rules (or guidelines) are as follows:

1. Thank the blogger who awarded you (see above)
2. Reveal 5 facts about yourself.
3. Pass this award to 7 fellow bloggers.

Five Facts About Me:

* Tony Little scares me.  No joke.  He’s the guy with the long curly hair and does all those infomercials for elliptical machines and stuff.  I’m sure he’s a nice man and all, but…he scares me.  If they cast him in The Walking Dead as a zombie, I may never recover.

* I have forlorn eyebrows.  I swear I do.  It’s not so noticeable in person, but in pictures, when my bangs are pulled back or off to the side, they totally look forlorn.  Bangs are my best friends.

* Sometimes, I really love to listen to oldies—The Beach Boys, Smokey Robinson, The Doors, etc.  I love Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, James Taylor, and Carole King.  For me, their lyrics speak to life and love so profoundly.

I mean, how incredibly moving are these lyrics:

Rows and flows of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air and feather canyons everywhere
I’ve looked at clouds that way
But now they only block the sun, they rain and they snow on everyone
So many things I would have done, but clouds got in my way

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down and still somehow it’s cloud illusions I recall
I really don’t know clouds at all.

~Both Sides Now, Joni Mitchell

* Animal based books and films are not such a good idea for me. Where the Red Fern Grows…yeah, I cried for days after that one.  Old Yeller?  Never. Again.  

* I feel abandoned…by my empty Christmas cookie tin.  

I'd like to give this award to my brand new blogging friends, who recently stumbled upon my tiny corner of the blogging world.  Some of them are brand new to blogging, so please stop by and say "hi" when you get a chance. :)  

* Ginger at Quirks-and-irks
* Kate at Kick Mii Kate
* Barfly at SSS Porch Party
* Battle Born Brainiac at free stuff and cheap stuff

Now, the second award is the I Love Your Blog Award. 

This award goes to EVERYONE because I really do love all of your blogs. :)


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Checking In...With An Award Announcement!

So, it's still holiday time until the last bowl game is over (a bowl game that may very well make me sick to my stomach by game's end--I really don't know how I'm going to get through it. Geaux). 

Dallas Cowboys: However, my Dallas Cowboys failed to make the playoffs.  They lost to the Giants.  Bad.  It wasn't a huge surprise, to be honest.  Frankly, until the Cowboys go back to the formula that worked in the 1990s, I'm not confident we will ever see another playoff run or Super Bowl.  What is shocking (and, yet, not so much) is how our owner/GM can't see what's wrong with this team. 

The formula that worked in the 1990s is the same formula that the last 15 Super Bowl Champions have had and continue to have. Just look at the Packers, Patriots, and Saints! It's not rocket science.

I miss my Cowboys of old.  

Dallas Mavericks: However, I am ELATED to report my Dallas Mavericks are coming together! I tell you, I'm seeing some major growth in a very short period of time. The Mavs are going to be just fine.  I knew they would--it takes time for a team with new players to create a chemistry that turns into something magical.  Um, they beat the Thunder (almost twice--dang that buzzer shot in the first meeting)!

Never count out the Mavs...actually, I kind-of hope the talking heads count 'em out because they sure as heck did last year and we all saw how that turned out. ;)

Award Announcement: Tomorrow will be an award day! Hurray! I'd like to give one award to the wonderful new bloggers who found my blog--thank you so much and I can't wait to get to know y'all! 

Yeah, this was a boring post, I know.  I'm sorry. 

Um, here are some fun-facts to cut down the bore factor:

1. Mom keeps singing Write This Down by George Strait, only she totally butchers the lyrics: "Write this down, send me a little letter, put it on the fridge..."

2. BFF is so pissed at the Cowboys that he's pulling for the Saints. WHO DAT? WHO DAT? WHO DAT SAY DEY GONNA BEAT DEM SAINTS? Yep, he's all in. Saints are doing it right--from management down, they've got the formula.

3. Dad has been adding Worcestershire sauce to his tomato juice--very bad and against doctor's orders.  He's in big trouble with Mom.

4.  Did you know that it's good luck to keep your Christmas tree up until February 2nd? I heard this the other day and was pretty floored. I guess some believe if you take it down beforehand, you put a hex on your family and if you keep it up past this date, it could be bring back luck.  If you have a real tree, you can just break off a branch and keep it until February 2nd.  Interesting, huh?

5. Oh! I saw a couple of Christmas facts that I had to share!!

* In 1930, Minnie and Mickey Mouse handkerchiefs were the number one Christmas present. How simple and sweet is that?!

* In Hungary, the Christmas Eve feast cannot be served until they see a twinkling star in the sky. Now I'm singing When You Wish Upon A Star.