Thursday, September 29, 2011

Truth Is Thursday!

Truth is: I still like to sing the Toys R Us song. You know, “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R Us Kid…” I heard it on the radio (commercial for Toys R Us) the other day and it just brought me back to being a little girl in Texas, walking through these monstrous aisles jam-packed with toys, singing the Toys R Us song.  I haven’t lost my inner child, apparently. Reckon I never will.

Truth is: I can’t stand crab meat. It makes me gag.  Literally.  Anything that shares its name with an STD just doesn’t seem right. Leave ’em in the sea.

Truth is: Lord help me, I love t-shirts.  I just bought two more. 

Of course, while doing so, I managed to be an idiot.

I spotted a Mountain Dew shirt, which I didn’t have.  It was so random, much like how I found my AMP shirt.  Well, I had to have it.

Me: “Ooh, a Mountain Dew shirt!”

Mom, who was shopping with me: “Is there anything Dale on it?”
Me: “No, nothing…just Mountain Dew, so no chance of a jinx. I have to have it. Now, I’ll have AMP and Mountain Dew. This is bizarre luck, here.”

At this point, I half-notice a guy kind-of hanging around, grinning.  And then my eyes and mouth get together and blow the whole NASCAR-88-girl-fan image.

Me: “Oooh, a Popeye shirt!! How cute is that?! I’m strong to the finish ‘cause I eats me spinach! Aw, and, Mom, remember when I used to sing the Olive Oyl song when I was just a little girl?”
Yes, my eye was all squinty.  And, yes, I sang.  The guy disappeared.  Yeah.

Me: “I really never cease to amaze myself sometimes.”

Mom: “Honey, if a guy can’t appreciate a girl who is full of life and fun, then he can go shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.”

Gotta love moms. :)

Oh, and, um, I bought the Popeye shirt...and the Mountain Dew shirt.

Monday, September 26, 2011

DALLAS COWBOYS WIN Against the Redskins!!!!!!!

Oh. My. Mother.

I'm exhausted.

Could that game have gotten ANY crazier?! If you didn't see it, you missed an early battle of field goals, Dallas WRs not knowing which way to go, one Dallas center who snapped the ball early MULTIPLE times, and the Cowboys not getting a single touchdown, yet winning. See? Crazy.

How we made that many critical mistakes and won, I have no idea. Frankly, it shows we've got what it takes if we can overcome all that happened and still pull out a win, 18-16. 

Tony Romo was stellar. Fighting the injuries while having to basically guide his wide receivers and make plays is impressive as heck. 

Our defense is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Seriously. I *knew* when Dallas hired Ryan that we would return to that mighty defense of the day, but I had no idea it would start happening this soon.

I'm sorry that Dale Jr. is probably upset tonight, but it was a good game...crazy, but good and it really could have gone either way. I'm just happy it fell the Cowboys way. *blushes* You know, it's tough being a fan of a driver who is a fan of my football team's arch rival! ;)

6 field goals, no touchdowns, and we walk with a win. Wow. Just wow.

Oh, and a little NOTE to the Redskins: You are an awesome, fearsome team, but it might not be such a great idea to gather around the iconic midfield star at Cowboys Stadium and essentially disrespect a fellow organization, their stadium, and their fans.  That kind of thing messes with karma something awful. Just play football.

I have Advil, an ice bag, soda, and a Cowboys win.

Think I'm good.

GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday Awards!

Many thanks and hugs to Alittlesprite who named me for two awards that I absolutely love! How can awards not make you grin from ear to ear?! They’re just such an honor.  Please visit her blog when you have time: Alittlesprite is sweet, funny, endearing, and just a joy to read. 

The 7 x 7 Link Award is really cool.  This award asks you to go back through your blog posts and select ones for each of the following categories.

Most Beautiful: I’m not sure I’ve really written anything that classifies as beautiful. I guess I’d pick one that’s not really beautiful, but maybe just nice: The Good Old Crush.

Most Helpful:  Share Mail: Prom Pressure

Most Controversial: Wow, I don’t know.  I don’t think I have one for this.

Most Surprisingly Successful: Make Believe Marriage

Most Underrated: Why Wednesday #1 because it was my very first Why post.

Most Pride Worthy: It would have to be a tie between my very first post, My Independence Day, and Bittersweet

Now, I’m passing this award to 7 deserving bloggers (very tough for me):

Okay, the next award is really special. It’s for anyone who has less than 200 followers. The main function of this award is to give big blogging hugs to our fellow bloggers.   

Following Alittlesprite’s lead, everyone listed above gets this award.

I’m also going to add 4 newer bloggers that I hope everyone will take some time to visit and welcome to Blogging Land.

Monday Night Football--Dallas Cowboys.  Washington Redskins.  Can you guess what my heart rate is going to be like? Let's go 'Boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, feeling slightly hurl-ish. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

That Win Is Coming

Today was another solid day for Dale Jr.  Had it not been for two flat tires, he would’ve finished top ten or better, no question. 

Stupid tires.  

After the race, he said he was frustrated—he wants a win and felt they had a chance at it today. 

I really feel he will win—he’s so dang close.  I like to think it will happen when and where it’s meant to happen. Maybe it will be at Texas or maybe at a restrictor plate race where he’s Yoda Dale.

Wherever, whenever it will be, it will happen, I really have no doubt, none.

Although NASCAR has him 8th in points, he’s tied with 6th ranked Kyle Busch and 7th ranked Matt Kenseth, so it’s basically a three-way tie for 6th in my book.

Now, a Redskins win would totally start his week off on a good note. The problem? They’re playing the Dallas Cowboys. Sigh. Well, Monday night will be one of those times where I will have to look on the bright side if the Cowboys lose.

Any given race can drastically change the course of this chase. That’s the thing about racing, you just never know.

Next week is the Monster Mile. Let’s take ’em out and knock ’em down.

GO DALE!!!!!!!! 

Friday, September 23, 2011

What A Ride

You know my love of NASCAR.

And you know how those revving engines get me going.

Well, take a little look at Dale Jr.'s new 2012 paint scheme:


It's always fun to see new paint schemes and this one doesn't disappoint. From the green peaks on the sides to the sleek silver color, this car is one of a kind. This will probably sound ridiculous, but it kind-of gives off a superhero vibe--a watch out, 'cause I'm coming through sort-of thing.

I'm a dork, huh? Oh well. :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Flu Shots Suck

Morning: Failing Flat Iron.

Um, why is my flat iron getting too hot on setting 1? 

"I only use you for bangs! You can't be breaking!"

If it gets too hot, the bangs get all flat and springy, as in they stick out. It's like they're waving at people when I walk. So not good. 

Lunch: Flu Shot Fun

I'm not sure what's worse: the actual shot or the the part where the nurse rubs the area with a cotton pad. Just the feeling of the cold, wet, cotton pad on my arm is enough to bring the chills.

The area where they give the shot is open to passersby, so there is no privacy (i.e. I can't make faces, white knuckle the chair, or otherwise act like a big baby). 

When my mom got her shot, there was no one there. Me? Oh, well, I had a mini audience. Two little boys stopped, pointed, and laughed. Little buggers. And just when the nurse started wiping my arm with that slimy little cotton pad, an older woman quite literally STOPPED IN HER TRACKS and proceeded to smile at me. It was...odd--almost like she wanted to ask me a question or something.

Now, I'm all for smiling, but at that moment, smiles are the last thing on my mind. I managed to urge the corners of my mouth into a weak smile.

Luckily, she left, or so I thought.  She walked around me and began asking the nurse all these questions about the flu shot!!! WTH!!!!

"How does this work? Do we need an appointment? Do we need to bring anything?"

The questions just kept coming and I wanted to grab the big plastic pumpkin thing across from me and throw it at her.

The nurse finally had to end the question/answer portion of today's flu shot demonstration because the woman clearly didn't care that she was about to give a shot.

What happened next is predictable: I braced, she stuck, and I bought myself a bag of candy corn.

Night: Post Flu Shot Fun

My arm hurts and I'm achy.

They say flu shots can't make you feel icky. What a crock!

Well, I don't give a flying fart what they say--flu shots make me feel cruddy. 

I'm going to grab a few candy corns and watch Harry Potter.

The Cowboys play the Redskins Monday. I will likely need more candy corn...and Harry Potter

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eight Little Revelations

Here’s a little tongue-in-cheek for your Tuesday.  If you haven’t watched the show True Blood, don’t worry, it’s not necessary for this.

Eight things True Blood taught me:

  1. In small town Louisiana, you can’t flip your hair without hitting some ridiculously hot supernatural man.  Note to self: Move to Louisiana or any small town where weird, unexplainable things happen.

  1. Said ridiculously hot supernatural men think nothing of putting their lives on the line for the woman they love, whether they’re getting any or not. Note to self: Seriously, buy a map, do research, move.

  1. For Halloween, dress up as Little Red Riding Hood. If you saw the finale, no note needed; if you did not, said costume makes for a Halloween full of, um, treats.

  1. Fairy blood is like having beer running through your veins. Note to self: Hmm, maybe try to create the illusion that virgin blood has the same effect??? Maybe not. 
  1. Fairy blood attracts loyal, sexy, brave men who will always protect you. Note to self: Really, it couldn’t hurt to beg the nonexistent parallel world of Fairyland for a blood transfusion.

  1. One very single, very sexy, very loyal werewolf needs a nice girlfriend with no drama. Um, yeah, hiya.  If the writers don’t intend to move Sookie in that direction and they just happen to need a girl for Alcide…um, yeah, hiya, again. Note to readers and that tricky little subconscious of mine: Hey, don’t judge—that role would be the most action I’ve had, well, ever.

  1. Virgins are sexy, desirable, cute, and funny: Sookie, who was a virgin in season one, and Jessica, who is an immortal virgin—see #8.  Finally, a popular show that doesn’t stereotype virgins!!! Yay! Of course, they’re also a little different: Sookie is telepathic…and a fairy…with fairy blood…that makes men drool.  Hmm, yes, best to stop this train of thought since I’m not a telepath…or a fairy…or have damn fairy blood that makes men drool.  Note to self: Scratch #7 entirely.     
  1. Immortal virgins are sexy, desirable, cute, and funny.  Jessica left her mortal life a virgin before being reborn a vampire.  Vampires have self-healing abilities.  Every time Jessica has sex, her body, for lack of a better word, reconnects itself.  Thus, she is a forever virgin and every time is like the first time.  Doesn’t seem to bother the men of Bon Temps…well, unless the guy you dumped rants and raves and says mean things, like not wanting to spend his life with a forever virgin. Yeah, um, best not to focus on him.

So, in summation: I need to relocate to a weird little town dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, beg for admittance into Fairyland, get a fairy-blood transfusion, and wait for the vampires, shifters, werewolves—oh my!—to find me.  Or, I could plead the writers of True Blood to create a little virgin character for Alcide, which, of course, would magically fall to me.  Both options seem so likely.  *note the whimsical sarcasm* Decisions, decisions. *note the unspoken decision to remain in dreamland…for the moment, anyway*

Monday, September 19, 2011

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Post.... bring you this important announcement.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. finished 3rd in the first race of the chase for the championship!!!!!!! He's now up to 5th in points and closing in!!!!!!!  

Postponement due to rain and a green track? No worries for the 88 team! They were like a well-oiled machine--smooth pit stops, top-notch communication, great adjustments, and, of course, awesome driving.   

Best. Sports. Weekend. Ever.

GO DALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dallas Cowboys WIN, Thanks to Tony Romo

I was so frustrated with Tony Romo last week, but I didn't give up hope, though I was weary as all get out.

I said I'd eat my words if he played like a wizard under pressure...

Hello, Dumbledore! 

So, this is me, eating my words. 

Not only did he play under pressure--having to rally from behind in a hostile environment--he played with a fractured rib. 

Gutsy, heartfelt performance today from Romo. 

Amazing win on the road. This team has gone from Dallas to New York, back to Dallas, and then out to California.  Talk about a travel-heavy schedule!!!

They finally get a home game next week against the gritty 2-0 Redskins, my favorite NASCAR driver's favorite team.  Um, yeah.

GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Double Award Wednesday with Randomness!

I’m thinking we need some awards. :)

Apparently, I’m versatile and sweet, according to two awards I received from the amazing KLo.  She's sweet, funny, and a profoundly talented writer. If you haven't stopped by her blog, please do so when you get a chance--you won't be disappointed. 

So, here are the rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award (see above)
  2. Reveal 7 random facts about yourself:

--Dishes ritual: Okay, I know I’ve told you about my peculiar enjoyment of washing dishes.  Yeah, I can’t explain it either.  Anyway, I have this football (well, sports in general) ritual…or habit….whatever.  When my teams are tickin’ me off, I’ll head to the kitchen, turn on the game (yes, there is a t.v. in the kitchen—missing any part of the game is not an option), and start washing.  I do this for two main reasons: 1. I’m ticked and need to keep busy, and 2. for some bizarre reason, I find if I do the dishes when they’re sucking it up, they seem to come to life and start scoring. Go figure.

--The only way I can stop hiccupping is if I drink water backwards (bend over, drink from opposite side o’the glass).  And the only way this is not a disaster is if I use a short, squat glass, which I learned when a tall plastic cup splashed water up my nose upon random hiccup while bent over trying to stop said hideous hiccups. 

--I absolutely loathe when my feet get wet, apart from showering, of course. If I’m wearing sandals, step in a puddle, and my feet get wet, it’s all I can do to keep from grabbing a Kleenex and start drying them off in front of everybody. Ewy. And if I’m wearing socks around the house and step in something wet (like a melted ice cube in the kitchen, thanks to my fridge’s overactive ice maker)…double ewy. 

--Fruit snacks are the best.  I love ’em and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I have no shame grabbing boxes of Disney princess fruit snacks, Scooby, Alvin and the Chipmunks, you name it, and tossing them in my grocery cart.

--I’m not much of a bread eater.  If I do eat bread, I like it on the side.  I don’t like how some places plop it smack dab on top of the food on my plate.  I mean, it gets soaked in the food juices or gravy and goes all soggy and the flavor is completely different—it turns to blah, wet bread. Then, I find little bits of soggy bread in my meal. Not appealing.

--Confession: I love Ice Road Truckers and Top Shot (hosted by Colby Donaldson, one of my very favorite Survivor contestants).

--I have a tendency to get lost in Home Depot.  It’s not like finding the handbag section in some air-conditioned department store (can do that in under 60 seconds).  Home Depot is hot, big, a little intimidating, and it mocks me. I usually end up weaving in and out of those freakishly tall shelves crammed with spooky-looking gadgets that make absolutely zero sense to me until I manage to find my way out or someone asks if they can help me find the exit.

  1. Give the award to 7 fellow bloggers (because there are two awards, I'm doubling that number and adding an extra...because I'm rubbish at singling people out--everybody deserves them).


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

True Blood Tuesday: And When I Die *SPOILERS*

Season four, episode 12, Season Finale
Vampires, witches, werewolves, fairies, and Halloween in Bon Temps—bring it on!

Lafarnie & Jesus, Part I: Marnie is now possessing Lafayette (a.k.a. Lafarnie).  Jesus (looks so cute, btw) apologizes for trying to push Lafayette into magic and is cool with leading a magic-free life.  Lafarnie is reserved and slightly standoffish.  Oh, that fork in Lafarnie’s hand looks ominous.  Jesus kisses Lafarnie…eh, yeah, he suspects. Jesus worriedly mutters, “Lafayette?” But Lafarnie simply shakes his head, makes a tisk-tisk sound, and, ouch, stabs Jesus in the hand with the ominous fork.

Sookie & Tara: Sookie gets a vision of her Gran’s murdered body while fixing some coffee.  Tara walks into the kitchen and the two begin talking about Gran.  Sookie can’t shake the feeling that Gran is there, around her.  Aw, Sook and Tara are having a heart-to-heart about growing old together. See, this is the bff stuff I love between those two. 

Sam & Maxine Fortenberry:  Maxine joins Sam beside Tommy’s grave.  She’s clearly upset he’s gone.  She says to Sam, “You call me mama from now on.  We’re all the family we’ve got left.” Well, just make me cry! Soon after Maxine leaves, Luna and Emma join Sam.

Jason & Hoyt: Uh-oh.  Jason just pulled up to where Hoyt’s working and gave himself a pep talk in the rearview mirror.  Why do I have a feeling this isn’t going to go well?  Jason confesses he had sex with Jessica.  At first, Hoyt laughs it off, thinking he’s joking, but Jason assures him it’s true. Hoyt’s first question is, “How?” Oh my gravy, Jason…he just started rattling off a list of positions he and Jess explored, finishing with this little gem: “It was nothing too kinky.” WHAM! His soon-to-be former best friend just socked him.  Hoyt just wanted to know how he could get with Jess when he could have anyone.  WHAM! Yep, Hoyt’s putting a good beating on Jason.  Hoyt: “What Jess and I had, it was real and you ain’t never gonna have that, not with her, not with anybody.  ‘Cause there’s something inside you…it’s just missin’.”

Lafarnie & Jesus, Part II: Jesus, tied to a chair, his hand bleeding, tries to reach Lafayette, telling him to fight Marnie.  Lafarnie laughs him off, though admits the magic in Lafayette is clumsy, but potent.  Jesus then tries to work on Lafarnie’s emotions, much like Sookie did last episode.  Ooh, Lafayette’s fighting Marnie! Lafayette: “Jesus, this bitch is strong and seriously homicidal.” Marnie threatens Lafayette, swearing to cut his eye out if he calls her a bitch one more time. So what does Marnie want now? The magic within Jesus. 

Note: Nelsan Ellis deserves an Emmy, Golden Globe, whatever.  How good is he?!

Sookie & Sam:  Sook stops by Merlotte’s and gets a little surprised by Arlene, who is all dressed up as a zombie for Halloween (according to her, zombies are the new vampires).  Presumably Sookie listened in on Arlene’s thoughts and learned about Tommy. Sook heads back to greet Sam, gives him a hug, and when he says he hasn’t seen her in a while, Sookie reminds him he fired her.  Of course, that was really Tommy at the time, which Sam realizes pretty quickly and rehires Sookie.  He has her start back up right then, but only if she wears a pair of bunny ears. 

Note: “Zombies are the new vampires.” Was this a humorous little jab at The Walking Dead?  Or could it be a hint for season 5?

Lafarnie & Jesus, Part III: She starts going off on how people have made a joke of Halloween, a sacred witch-y holiday.  Jesus agrees, but continues begging for Lafayette’s life.  “You can’t trade magic like effin Pokemon cards,” pleads Jesus. (Great line). Lafarnie takes a knife to Lafayette’s chest, telling Jesus if he doesn’t give her his magic, she will take the life from his body.  Jesus, distraught, begins chanting and brings out the demon-face. 

OH NO!!! NO! NO! NO! Lafarnie just stabbed Jesus, licked his blood off the knife, and sprouted the demon-face.  Jesus whimpers an apology to Lafayette while Lafarnie basks in her new demon self.

Sam, Arlene, her kids, Emma, Terry,& Patrick: Sam brings little Emma to Merlotte’s and introduces her to Arlene’s kiddos.  Arlene’s daughter, Lisa, is sporting a pregnant belly—yeah, she’s dressed up as Janelle from Teen Mom 2. *shakes head* When Arlene asks what little Emma is, she responds with a literal answer: “I’m either going to be a shape-shifter like my mommy or a werewolf like my daddy.  He’s dead.” With a simple, “All righty,” Arlene trots off to greet a new face:  Scott Foley (of Felicity fame).  He’s one of Terry’s old military buddies. Patrick is charming, handsome, and is seriously going to cause trouble for Terry and Arlene. Why? See the note.

Note: Okay, what was that look Patrick made when Terry mentioned having a wife?  Was it surprise?  Disappointment?  Terry started staring into space when Patrick and Arlene were talking.  What’s going on here? Any ideas?

Alcide & Sookie at Merlotte’s: Awwwww, Al wants to be with Sookie.  He’s seeing clearly, wants no more drama, and wants Sook to give up the drama, too.  She says she can’t help who she loves, even though she has tried.  He tells her to try harder before his phone jingles—he has to go.  He simply wants her to think about what he said and try not to get herself killed. Sookie, you’d be crazy not to give Alcide a chance. 

Tara: :( She just found Jesus’ body.

Holly, Sookie, & Tara: Holly startles Sookie when she approaches her dressed as a fairy.  Sook is still a little wary of fairies.  Faux-fairy Holly finds Halloween unnerving and has had a really bad feeling in her gut all day—the same feeling Sookie has been feeling. Tara pulls up, hops out of her car, and tells them Marnie is possessing Lafayette.  They take off to find Lafarnie, knowing Bill and Eric are in trouble. 

Bill, Eric, Lafarnie, Sookie, Holly, and Tara: Both shirtless, Bill and Eric are chained to a post, bonfire style.  Eric asks if Bill has any idea how to get out of this one.  Bill suggests summoning Pam, to which Eric replies with, “You could summon Jessica.” Eric surmises correctly that Bill would sacrifice Pam, but not his own progeny.  Eric: “That’s not very Kingly of you.” Bill: “I liked you better when you were brain-damaged.” Great exchange between them. 

Sookie, Tara, and Holly rush up, but Lafarnie meets them with a “What goes around comes around, bitches.” She purposely wanted to mock Lafayette, thus the “bitches” comment.  While Bill, Eric, Sookie, and Tara try to reason with her, Holly walks around the parameter sprinkling powder.  Lafarnie has had enough—she magically fires up the bonfire.  Sookie blasts Lafarnie with her fairy power, knocking her backwards, but it brings out the demon-face at the same time.  Holly, Tara, and Sook join hands and begin chanting.  They create a protective boundary around themselves, Eric, and Bill. That’s not the only thing the spell does: It also brings back all the spirits who watch over and love them. 

Antonia steps forward, calls for Marnie, and puts out the flames.  Lafarnie ditches the demon-face to talk to Antonia, but insists she’s not done here. 

“Oh yes you are!” cries a voice.  It’s Sookie’s Gran!!!! She reaches into Lafayette’s mouth and pulls Marnie’s spirit out. 

Marnie doesn’t want to leave, for now she has real power; she doesn’t want the vampires to win.  Antonia explains that life is pain, and soon she will be at peace—the vampires will be stuck in life forever and there’s no victory in that.  Marnie accepts her fate with a wail and a “This effin sucks.” She walks with Antonia to the afterlife. 

Sookie calls to her Gran, begging her not to go.  Sook says she is lost and doesn’t know what to do.  Gran tells her the answer is where it always is: in her heart.  Gran: “Being alone ain’t nothing to be afraid of, my Sookie.  We’re all alone at the end.” She and the spirits disappear into the distance while Sookie sobs.

Tara rushes to Lafayette, crying for him to wake up.  As he starts to awaken, you hear, “Excuse me! We’re feeling a little crispy up here.” Eric.  Hilarious.

Note: I loved seeing Gran again!!! The return of the spirits was a really nice touch, I thought.

Arlene & Renee: Arlene’s emptying the trash in the back of Merlotte’s.  OH Holy.  That spell must have given Renee the chance to visit Arlene.  She freaks when she sees him.  Renee says he’s there to warn her about Terry!!!! He says he’s met the ghosts of Terry’s past and they’re not going to rest forever.  Renee whispers, “Run”… then shouts, “RUN!” Terry comes out, takes her in his arms, and tells her nothing is going to hurt her.  Uh-oh. 

Note: Terry?! Bad?! WHAT?! Could Terry really be a Big Bad? Honestly, would you really trust what your murdering lunatic ex has to say?
Jessica & Jason, Part I: Jessica is the perfect Little Red Riding Hood, her costume of choice this Halloween.  Mind you, it’s a very sexy LRRH costume.  Jason, holding a Popsicle to his busted eye, answers the door…and invites her in…where they commence with some intense sexy fun.  She tells him she doesn’t want to be his girlfriend because she doesn’t want to hurt him they she hurt Hoyt.  Jess asks him if this could be enough for now; Jason tells her she’s dangerous and Jess says, “Yes, I am.” Ah, yes, carry on, lovers.

Pam & Ginger: Pam’s over Sookie big time.  After verbally bashing Sookie’s fairy bits and her stupid name, she cries, “How can someone named Sookie take him [Eric] away from me?!” Ginger, appropriately dressed as a nurse, hugs a tearful Pam…and Pam actually lets her. 

Sookie, Bill, & Eric: Sookie provides them with her fairy blood to heal their wounds.  Sookie asks them to stop and says she can’t do this any longer.  Bill, wanting Sookie to be happy, gives Sook and Eric his blessing.  Eric caresses her cheek, happy they can be together.  When he reminds her of Bill’s lies, Sook scolds him slightly.  Sookie moves to Bill and forgives him for his lies.  Bill also caresses her cheek hopefully, telling her she’s the love of his life.  Eric looks sad, believing he has lost Sookie to Bill.  She says, “I know…that’s what makes this so much harder.”

Okay, now she’s back to Eric.  Bill is now wearing the gloomy face.  Sookie reveals to Eric that a part of her has always wanted him, long before sweet-Eric came about.  Happy, Eric promises she won’t be sorry.  Um…Sookie backs away, dumps them both (telling them it’s the hardest decision she’s ever had to make), goes outside, and cries on Bill’s porch.

Note: The whole scene, I kept thinking, “Why, Sookie, you’re teasing those poor vampires!” She kind-of led them down a primrose path and then dumped them.  

Lafayette & Jesus: Jesus appears to Lafayette (I’m assuming they are in Sookie’s house).  Lafayette feels so guilty, but Jesus is serene.  He tells Lafayette the secret to carrying on is simple: just keep breathing.  Jesus leans in and kisses Lafayette.  When Lafayette can’t bear for him to leave, Jesus reminds him he’s a medium—“I’ll always be with you.” He leaves and Lafayette breaks down. There’s a lot of crying tonight.

Holly & Andy: Andy brings Holly some flowers outside of Merlotte’s and admits he was on V when they had their first disastrous date.  It’s all too much for Holly to handle.  Andy understands, but says, “I’m sober and I’m lonely and I could be good to someone if they let me.” So sweet. As he walks away, Holly asks him for a hug.  Andy holds his arms out for her and they embrace. Cute.

Sam & Luna: Outside Sam’s place, my new very favorite couple is all kissy-face.  He wants to invite her in, but she’s not ready to expose Emma to sleeping over at Sam’s just yet.  He wants to tell her something cute, but Luna is afraid he will jinx things.  Sam believes life is violent and cruel and when good things come along, they need to celebrate. Luna grins and agrees.  Sam watches her drive away.  Very sweet.  UM. WHAT?! There’s a growl!!! Sam turned around and…there’s a werewolf!!!!

Jason & Jess: Ha! Jason is naked as the day is long with a Miller Lite pillow covering his manhood. Only Jason! Jason wonders if Jess thinks there’s a part of him that’s missing and that’s why she doesn’t want to stay the night. Jess immediately said no and told him he’s funny and has the sexiest hip bones she’s ever seen.  Truth is, their romp made her hungry and she’s not ready to feed from Jason yet (too intimate).  He’s cool with that, comparing it to a hooker with kissing.  He tells her she is not like any other woman he’s ever been with (and he’s been with a lot of women).  Jess finds this very sweet, leans in to kiss him, and her fangs pop out.  She apologizes, blaming it on low blood sugar. He gently touches one of her fangs before she takes off.

There’s a knock on his door. OH! It’s reverend Steve Newlin!!!!! AND he’s a VAMPIRE!!!!! WOW.

Alcide & Random Worker Dude: Random Worker Dude called Alcide to come take a look at a hole in some concrete.  Random Worker Dude can’t remember anything.  Random Worker Dude was glamoured.  Al studies the hole and finds some silver chains. 
Note: I think Russell Edgington is baaack!!!

Bill, Eric, & Nan: Back at Bill’s house, Nan angrily informs Eric and Bill that she quit (fired from) the Authority and there’s an order issued on their heads.  Nan was supposed to deliver the True Death to Eric and Bill, but realized she would be next.  Basically, Nan is mutinying against the American Vampire League and the Authority and wants our two sexy vampires to join her.  Nan says they won’t be alone, saying Eric knows what she’s talking about—this revelation seemed to surprise Bill. 

Uh-oh, Nan knows Sookie is a fairy.  Eric sizes up her guards. They tell her to go ahead and take a drink from Sookie, but it’s hardly worth dying for. Nan doesn’t buy it, comparing them to hungry puppy dogs slobbering over the same juicy bone. Whoa.  Eric just beheaded her guards and Bill stabbed Nan!!!!  Bill: “We are not effin puppy dogs!” Eric, looking at her guts on the floor: “What a bitch.”

Note: I like this new camaraderie between Bill and Eric.

Sookie: Sook comes home, calling for Tara.  She hears someone with a shotgun behind her and turns to find Debbie, aiming to kill.  Debbie says she should have done this a long time ago. 

OMG! OMG! OMG! Tara rounded the corner, saw Sookie about to be shot, jumped in front of her and…OMG…Debbie shot Tara in the back of the head!!!!! NO!!!!

Sookie penned Debbie down, grabbed the gun, and blew her face off. 

Sookie ran to her best friend; blood is pouring from Tara’s head; Sookie cradled Tara in her arms, sobbing and crying for somebody to help them.

End of season.

OMG. I’m literally crying right now.  I need a minute. 

Note: Back now.  Well, that was sad.  I know Tara has gotten on my nerves at times, but she has always come around and returned to her bff.  I didn’t want to see her die.  IS there any way she might live? Here’s why I’m hopeful she’ll survive:

  • It struck her in the back of the head, right? But the bullet also blew out the window behind Tara
  • Maybe she’s near death, but Eric and Bill could answer Sookie’s cries for help and save Tara?  They could feed her their blood or turn her into a vampire!  I know her fate in the books, but we can’t necessarily go by that. 
  • Why kill Tara and turn her into another ghost for Lafayette to channel when he gets lonely.  He just lost Jesus for cryin’ out loud! 
  • Would they have Sookie’s bff die in the kitchen where her Gran already died?!

Overall, I really enjoyed the finale. There was a nice mix of humor, sorrow, passion, and action/mystery.  This season went by so fast! :(

Monday, September 12, 2011

Bullet Points

Awards will be on Wednesday. The need to rant has officially taken over.

There were some seriously great things from this weekend: My college teams put on a show and, the thing that absolutely made the weekend, Dale Jr. will drive for the Championship! I'm so happy for him!

 Here are a few of the other highlights from my weekend of fun:

* Apparently, I'm in my 60s. One of those junk mail letters listed the members of my family along with their approximate ages.  I'm listed in my 60s and single.  Awesome.  Didn't screw up my single status, did they? Nah. Now, my mom says it's just a typo.  Probably true.  Really should focus on the typo theory...

...So, along with those random Howler-type letters subconsciously screaming, You're single! Join today to meet your true love, I can now look forward to the Sign up today for your free pair of therapeutic shoes, sure to help with those bone spurs of yours, you old fart. See, I'm not focusing on the typo theory.

* I tripped over my mom's weather radio, set off its ridiculously loud alarm thingy, and freaked. You know how you want something to shut the heck up, but at the same time you're too alarmed (pun intended) to focus on what needs shutting up? Yeah, that.

* On a weekend when my sinuses were beastly, I really didn't need to cry...which I the end of True Blood.  (We'll get into that tomorrow).

*  Cowboys.  Sigh.  My Cowboys dominated the game.  My Cowboys had it won.  My Cowboys looked impressive on defense. My Cowboys lost. 

Tony "No-no" Romo made a couple of big no-nos. Sure, we had a blocked punt (unfortunate, but it happens) and Dez was shut down late in the game (um, we have a plethora of talented receivers Romo can throw to).  Romo's fumble on the Jets one-yard line started the free-fall. The interception at the end was just sour icing on a hard cake.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: As a fan, I do not feel confident with Tony at QB.  I just don’t.  Lord knows I’ve tried, but I know what it’s like to have a QB you have 100% faith in (Troy Aikman).  That feeling simply isn’t there with Romo no matter how hard I try to find it.  
Pressure + Romo = Mistakes.  If this equation changes in the near future, I will be the first to eat my words.  

Bright Side:

  • Dallas was the underdog and many thought the Jets would annihilate them. That didn't happen.
  • We outplayed a tough opponent on their turf.
  • Our defense is, for me, exceeding early expectations.  I knew Rob Ryan would bring back the Dallas defense--I look for them to only get bigger and better.
  • It’s only the first game.
  • We have backup QBs.  Just sayin’.  If Romo can’t get it done, put Kitna in—he did one helluva job last year when Romo broke his collarbone. And, no, I’m not giving up on Romo…yet. I am wary, though, and very weary.

Overall: We are on the brink of something really great. I see it. I just wish I had more faith in our QB. 

And, yes, I took a Dramamine after the game.  

***The changing-font-thing is at it again.  NO idea why it happens.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

DALE JR. IS IN THE CHASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh. My. AMP. Shirt. That was one of the most stressful races E-V-E-R. 

Dale had to finish 20th or better to lock into the race. 

Can you guess what happened early in the race? Wreck--and it collected Dale in the process.

The rest of the night consisted of watching him fight to stay on the lead lap, get back on the lead lap, gain spots, lose spots, and crawl his way to that top 20. (During this time, there is a very strong possibility I fussed at my AMP shirt to start working its magic, drank far too much soda, and, on a couple of occasions, felt the urge to gag).

After all of the setbacks, he finished 16th!!! Let me tell y'all, only a team destined for great things can overcome everything they had to face tonight and finish 16th. 

Without Steve's calm, steady support, Dale's  talent & determination, and the team's hard work fixing the car, this could very well have been a 30+ place finish.  

His ear-to-ear smile during post-race interviews said it all. I'm so happy for him, Steve, and just the whole team! I knew they could do it! I knew it!

It's Chase time and Dale and the 88 team will give it everything they've got!!!

Remember what they said about the Mavericks this year.  Believe.  


Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh, So That's Exhaling...

You ever have one of those weeks where the days seem like your worst enemy and the nights are somehow way too short?  This was one of those weeks.  I am ridiculously behind on reading, posting...breathing.  I'm so sorry--many promises I'll catch up on everything. 

Now that I'm actually exhaling:

*  Last weekend was phenomenally good for my college football teams.  Quirky Alert: You might wonder why I never really talk about my college teams, but will go all blog-ape for my's a jinx thing. Stupid, I know, but I always think I'll jinx my college teams.  I dunno.  Don't ask. 

*  Keeping with that jinx trend--Because I don't want to jinx my driver, I'll simply say this: Dale can lock into the chase this weekend.  Whatever the outcome, he's had a great season and it's only bound to get better.  Last weekend's weather delay threw off my AMP shirt's ability to, you know, work its magic.  It'll be ready to go this weekend. Go get 'em, Dale!

* So, this weekend is America's Team, The Dallas Cowboys, v. The New York Jets, in New York, on 9/11. Emotions will be running high in this game. This is going to be a tough game for my Boys.  I'm going to need a gallon of soda...and Captain Crunch...then a Dramamine. 

* The Horny Mosquito:  A mosquito apparently decided to get quite amorous while I was showering the other night.  The horny little bugger left me with two bites in two rather blush-worthy areas.  Perhaps he was mocking me.  Sarcastic little hornball. 

We'll have some awards to hand out on Monday! And don't forget we have the True Blood finale this weekend. My Cowboys come first, so I'll have to catch it after the game, but I can't wait to see how they will wrap everything up.  Halloween in Bon Temps.  I can only imagine.

***While we all cheer on our teams with loved ones, let us take time and remember the lives lost on September 11th.  

They tried to take our freedom on that day, break our faith, and rip our nation apart.  And while we stood with tears pouring down our cheeks, we did so together, hand-in-hand, as one Nation under God.  Never will we fall.  Never will we fold.  Never will we forget. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

True Blood Tuesday: Soul of Fire

Season 4, episode 11

Moon Goddess Emporium Showdown:

Sookie tries to appeal to Marnie, telling her Bill and the vampires will blow the place up. Marnie, however, refuses to fold, much to the discontentment of her fellow witches. When the red-headed-Willow-wannabe witch tried to leave, Marnie sent an ancient dagger-thing flying into her stomach.  Friendly.

This little maneuver didn’t sit well with Antonia, who came out to play, or, in the words of Lafayette, “Marnie just puked the bitch out.” Unfortunately, Marnie decides to bind Antonia to herself, sucking her back in like a vacuum.

Okay, the vamps are taking aim…they’re about to fire…and in runs Jason.  He’s so the super-savior-man this season.  Effing Sookie,” seems to be the quote of the day with Bill, Eric, and Pam upon finding out she is in the building with the witches. Jason so does not appreciate their frustration towards Sookie and reminds them of how much his sister has sacrificed for each of them. 

Guilt-ridden, Bill aborts the blow-’em-up plan.  Pam: “Holy sh*^, gentlemen.  Do not tell me you’d put our entire species at risk for a gash in a sundress.  Bill tells her they have to find another way.  Jason tosses his pocket knife at the barrier to reveal Marnie’s protection spell. 

After shooting some “I hate you” looks Jason’s way, Jess walks off with Jason right on her heels.  Jason admits feeling guilty…again.  Jess weakly tries to convince him he’s the furthest thing from her mind and Jason weakly tries to convince her that’s a good thing.

Ooh—in flies Antonia’s bewitched vampires to attack our vamps!!!

Alcide, Sam, & Luna: Al and Sam try to force the werewolf they’ve been beating up on to tell them where Marcus is hiding.  Luna storms in, demanding to know where Marcus is because he has apparently taken Emma. Sam tries to calm her down and tells her they’ll find him.  It’s then Luna learns about Sam’s brother, much to her horror.

Marcus, Debbie, & Emma: Marcus is working his smarmy charm on Debbie, but she is resisting, proclaiming her love for Al.  In walks Emma, wanting to talk to her mommy.  Marcus sends her off to color and continues his not-so-seductive moves.  Ugh. Debbie’s letting him hold her in his arms…ON Al’s bed.
Jesus, Lafayette, Marnie, Sookie, Tara, & witches, Part I: Jesus claims to find a pulse on Willow-wannabe and insists on trying to save her.  Marnie tells him to take what he needs from the shelves--she appears somewhat remorseful for her actions, insisting it was self-defense.  When Lafayette and Jesus carry her back, we learn she’s really dead.  Jesus wants to perform some seriously ugly magic to force Antonia out of Marnie’s body. 

Meanwhile, Holly and Sookie try to work on Marnie’s emotions, telling her how kind and loving she really is.  Marnie gets fussy and says she was a doormat.  Time to shift gears, girls. So, Sookie tries to relate to being a misunderstood outsider.  It seems to work.  They implore her to end this war—she has all the power. 

Andy & Random Fairy, Part I: Okay, so Andy’s walking home, talking to himself. He seems a little lost. Um, incoming! It’s a big ball of light flying in and then floating in front of Andy.  And it’s a fairy.  Random.  She warns him to stay away, but Andy goes all protective-cop-man and inches closer.  Yep, she shot him with her fairy power.

Note: Where did this come from? Really feels out of place.

Alcide, Sam, & Luna: Emma wisely calls her mom from Al’s home phone and Al immediately recognizes the number. Looks like Marcus has a storm of shifter and big, sexy werewolf coming for him.

Bill, Eric, Jessica, & Pam: Bewitched vamps? All handled, but one.  Bill tries to get through to the female Louisiana sheriff, but she’s under Marnie’s complete control.  Before dealing with her, Pam moves in and takes the vintage Cartier choker off her neck. Bill then whips the vamp around, pins her face-down to the ground, and calls for Antonia. 

Note: Totally would have done the same thing as Pam.  Even in the heat of battle, the girl doesn’t let a fashion accessory go to waste.
Marnie, Sookie, Bill, Eric, Jessica, & Pam: Marnie agrees with Sookie and Holly—it’s time to negotiate.  Way to go, girls!!! She asks Sookie to join her, since “the vampires seem to like” her.  They go outside and Marnie calls on the bewitched vamp to attack Bill, causing him to toss her into the protective barrier.  She burns and explodes.  The barrier is the sun harnessed, fatal to any vampire who attempts to pass through. 

Bill and Eric demand Sookie’s release, to which Marnie agrees…in exchange for their lives. With no hesitation, Bill and Eric agree.  As they prepare to die by wooden bullets, Sookie cries for her two loves. 

But Pam won’t lose Eric again.  She speeds to the van, grabs a rocket launcher-thing, and shoots it at the barrier, directly defying her maker, who forbad her just before she pulled the trigger.  Holy. The thing backfired on Bill, Eric, Pam, Jason, and Jessica!!!

Note: Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised by Eric and Bill agreeing to basically commit vampire suicide for Sookie, but I am.  It seemed…odd.  Anyone agree?

Sam, Alcide, Luna, Debbie, & Emma: Luna takes Emma outside while Al and Sam slip upstairs.  Al and Sam storm in: Debbie in lingerie, while in Al's bedroom with Marcus, should mean an automatic trip to Dumpedville.  Sam gets ready to beat the crap out of Marcus and when Debbie tries to help her pack-leader, Al pushes her backwards onto the bed with ease.  Dump her, Al!

Sookie, Holly, Tara, Jesus, Lafayette, Marnie, & witches, Part II:  Well, Pam’s act of loyalty has made Marnie resolute in never negotiating with vampires.  Meanwhile, Jesus is working his dark magic with Lafayette, using the dead Willow-wannabe as a vessel for Antonia.  He warns Lafayette that it’s about to get very, very spooky.  Demon-face-Jesus is on deck!  Jesus pulls the dagger from her body and uses her blood to mark his skin…ew…and he just licked the blood off his finger. 

Pam & Eric: Eric is not happy.  Even though Pam’s actions came from the heart—well, her non-beating heart—Eric was more concerned with the fact that she could have killed Sookie. 
Jessica & Jason: Bill is okay, but Jason is in bad shape.  His face is severely burned and he can’t see.  No worries, though, since Jess is right there to feed him her blood. Aww, she looks terribly distraught.

Andy & Random Fairy, Part II:  Well, she’s sitting on top of him and apologizing for hurting him—he smelled like a vampire.  She knows he has vampire blood in him.  My, this is one amorous fairy.  Before they can make love, she must know she can trust him. So, she asks him to protect her and needs him to swear to the light (i.e. her light-up, E.T. finger).  He swears to keep her safe and they touch fingers…before they touch other parts. 

Note: One thing that has bothered me all season has been the sudden drop of the evil fairy storyline.  I can’t think it was simply a way to fast-forward time in Bon Temps.  Surely they wouldn’t have introduced us to fairyland if it didn’t mean something to the series.  Perhaps now we have our answer. Could next year be a vampire-fairy bloodbath?  And what will this little mating ritual mean for Andy? Will a fairy sleeping with a human who has vampire blood in his veins mean something?

Alcide, Sam, Marcus, & Debbie: I was right, Sam could take Marcus.  Oh, shut up Debbie! She’s busy yelling for Sam to get off of him (Al’s holding her back). Where Sam could have killed him, he instead let him go, telling him he’s small and weak.  Sam, you’re such a good guy. Oh! Watch out, Sam!!! Marcus just went all glow-eyed, jumped, grabbed the gun, and…oooh, Alcide takes him down and breaks his neck with one swift punch, saving Sam’s life. 

Alcide, you are so hot, even when angry.  “I’ll share flesh with you no longer.” Those would be the parting words for his now hysterical ex-girlfriend.

Note: I’m so glad Al sent her straight to Dumpedville. I can think of nothing more appropriate.  Still, I have a feeling she’s going to be trouble for Al next season--she’s annoying like that.

Marnie, Jesus, Lafayette, Tara, Holly, Sookie, & witches, Part III: Marnie leans over the puddle of blood from killing Willow-wannabe.  She asks it to show her the present—it shows her the angry vampires and one hurt Jason.  Marnie smiles triumphantly.  She then asks for it to show her the future—it shows her herself, shot in the head.  Marnie quickly tries to gather the unwilling witches into a circle, thinking the vampires are going to kill them all.  One by one, they join the circle, including Sookie. 

Jessica & Jason: Jason is quickly healing and he’s speaking all sweetly to Jess…they might kiss…NO! Something’s happening.  Jessica, Eric, Bill, and Pam have sprouted fangs and are walking like they’re being pulled towards the sun-harnessed barrier!!!!!!! NO!!!!!  Jason’s trying to pull Jess back.

Moon Goddess Madness:

Sookie can hear Jason’s thoughts and knows what’s happening. Jason begs Sookie to stop this.  Insert fairy power!!!! Yes! She broke the spell—our vampires are fine! Though Sookie is safe, Eric banishes an apologetic Pam from the scene.  She leaves, visibly upset. 

Marnie is ticked at Sookie.  She magically pushes the other witches away and traps Sookie within a ring of fire.  Meanwhile, Jesus is working as fast as he can, but Sookie is in some kind of mental torment.  Bill and Eric hear her screams and know she is afraid—they are desperate to get to her. 

Jesus starts speaking in his demon-voice, trying to force Antonia out.  Here’s the demon face-Jesus! Once his hands and arms burst into flames, Antonia is able to break free from Marnie.  The ring of fire around Sookie disappears and the protective barrier melts away. 

Oh, yeah, it’s vampire time!!!  In they go!!! The stupid witch-dude shields Marnie, telling Eric and Bill that they’ll have to go through him.  Yeah, like that’s a threat.  Eric stormed forward, ripped out his heart, and started sucking on it in front of Marnie.  Our vamps are cocky now, folks. 

Marnie shouts, “No one lives forever! Not even you!” Maybe not, but Bill sure as hell made sure your days are done—he pelted her with bullets, the last going straight between her eyes.

Sam, Luna, & Emma: Sam emerges from Al’s house and has to tell Luna and Emma that Marcus didn’t make it.  Emma runs and hugs Sam, then asks about her daddy.  We don’t see him tell them, but Luna understood as she held her daughter close. 

Andy & Arlene: Finally making it home, Andy begins to tell Arlene about the woman who “jumped out of a ball of light.” He proceeded to tell her about Random Fairy’s light-up finger and their sexual romp; apparently, Maurella (Random Fairy’s name) jumped back in the ball of light and left after making love.  Arlene thinks the V has poisoned Andy’s mind.  In other words, she doesn’t believe a word he’s telling her.

Back at Moon Goddess:

Jesus is sad for having caused Marnie’s death, but knew he had no choice.  Meanwhile, Sookie is busy exchanging looks, first with Bill, then Eric, once again highlighting her love for them both. 

Jessica and Jason also share a tender moment.  He thanked her for saving his life.  Awww, he just said “Even without your blood in me, you are all I think about. What the hell am I supposed to do now?” Jess simply said, “Wish I knew.”

Lafayette’s house:

Lafayette & Jesus: In bed after one soul-stirring day, Jesus is conflicted about causing Marnie’s death.  Lafayette reassures him she had it coming and what he did tonight was save lives.  With his eyes red-rimmed, maybe feeling slightly better, Jesus falls asleep.  Lafayette rolls onto his back to visit slumber land.  All is well…or not…oh holy no!!! Marnie’s spirit is hovering over Lafayette’s body!!! Damn. She just took a dive into his mouth.  Guess who’s Marnie, now? 

The season finale takes place next week. And guess what? It’s Halloween in Bon Temp. Oh, this is gonna be good.

Monday, September 5, 2011

My Take On Inspiration

I hope everyone is having a wonderful (and hopefully lazy) Labor Day! I wanted to check in and let y'all know I'm a guest blogger over at Starlight's blog.

It was such an honor to be asked to write a post on inspiration for her. It's a simple post, really, but I hope it inspires you, even if it's just a little bit.

If you get a chance, please visit her blog--she is a wonderfully kind person.

The Frisky Virgin's Inspirational Guest Post at Starlight's.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Routine Begins Again

*Last year, I posted a little rundown of how I am when I watch football and since the college season has officially started, with pro to follow next week, I thought I'd post it again. :)

When I Watch Football

1.  I don't talk, unless it's football related. I'm completely IN the game. I don't mind random, SHORT little exchanges off the topic of football, but don't expect long conversations--ain't gonna happen. This is especially true when my team is on the field...I'm there to support my team, so kindly shut it.

2.  Sometimes, I will coach from the couch...and I don't suck at it, either...of course, I've had some darn good "coaches"  (my mama, daddy, and papaw). 

3.  I occasionally swear.  Because I don't make it a habit, people usually laugh, even though I'm soooo not joking...I'm in the zone, y'all.

4.  From time to time, I will unleash on the refs.  Who hasn't, right? Those little zebras get on my last nerve sometimes.

5.  I can cheer with the best of them...expect cheering, clapping, etc. I'm not a sit-there-look-pretty female football fan.

6.  If you are not a fan of my team, it's all good--I don't have a problem with healthy competition...just respect that we are all football fans here.  IF you decide to take a walk down poor loser/snarky a** road, I will, in an extremely polite, swear-free manner, verbally go toe-to-toe with you...and I will win (playing around here)--Done the sparring thing before...with football players that were waaaaaaay bigger than me (this is true and it was a blast--we had a great time!). Sparring can actually be pretty fun. (Again, I'm playing around here, just in case you didn't realize...grrr...just havin' fun).

7.  When the outcome of a game comes down to the last minute or so, I will pace.  Don't stop me; it is something I must do. I must pace.

8.  If my team loses, I need a mourning period...unless they play horrible, pathetic football, in which case, I will rant.  If my team wins, I will revel in victory, but not to the point of being obnoxious. 

I love this game. I love my team. This is me. If you don't like it...I'll meet you on the football field.  Meow...

...and a little Grr.

***I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend! I'll just be cheering on my teams and rooting for Dale to kick some fender in Atlanta.