Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Double Award Wednesday with Randomness!

I’m thinking we need some awards. :)

Apparently, I’m versatile and sweet, according to two awards I received from the amazing KLo.  She's sweet, funny, and a profoundly talented writer. If you haven't stopped by her blog, please do so when you get a chance--you won't be disappointed. 

So, here are the rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award (see above)
  2. Reveal 7 random facts about yourself:

--Dishes ritual: Okay, I know I’ve told you about my peculiar enjoyment of washing dishes.  Yeah, I can’t explain it either.  Anyway, I have this football (well, sports in general) ritual…or habit….whatever.  When my teams are tickin’ me off, I’ll head to the kitchen, turn on the game (yes, there is a t.v. in the kitchen—missing any part of the game is not an option), and start washing.  I do this for two main reasons: 1. I’m ticked and need to keep busy, and 2. for some bizarre reason, I find if I do the dishes when they’re sucking it up, they seem to come to life and start scoring. Go figure.

--The only way I can stop hiccupping is if I drink water backwards (bend over, drink from opposite side o’the glass).  And the only way this is not a disaster is if I use a short, squat glass, which I learned when a tall plastic cup splashed water up my nose upon random hiccup while bent over trying to stop said hideous hiccups. 

--I absolutely loathe when my feet get wet, apart from showering, of course. If I’m wearing sandals, step in a puddle, and my feet get wet, it’s all I can do to keep from grabbing a Kleenex and start drying them off in front of everybody. Ewy. And if I’m wearing socks around the house and step in something wet (like a melted ice cube in the kitchen, thanks to my fridge’s overactive ice maker)…double ewy. 

--Fruit snacks are the best.  I love ’em and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I have no shame grabbing boxes of Disney princess fruit snacks, Scooby, Alvin and the Chipmunks, you name it, and tossing them in my grocery cart.

--I’m not much of a bread eater.  If I do eat bread, I like it on the side.  I don’t like how some places plop it smack dab on top of the food on my plate.  I mean, it gets soaked in the food juices or gravy and goes all soggy and the flavor is completely different—it turns to blah, wet bread. Then, I find little bits of soggy bread in my meal. Not appealing.

--Confession: I love Ice Road Truckers and Top Shot (hosted by Colby Donaldson, one of my very favorite Survivor contestants).

--I have a tendency to get lost in Home Depot.  It’s not like finding the handbag section in some air-conditioned department store (can do that in under 60 seconds).  Home Depot is hot, big, a little intimidating, and it mocks me. I usually end up weaving in and out of those freakishly tall shelves crammed with spooky-looking gadgets that make absolutely zero sense to me until I manage to find my way out or someone asks if they can help me find the exit.

  1. Give the award to 7 fellow bloggers (because there are two awards, I'm doubling that number and adding an extra...because I'm rubbish at singling people out--everybody deserves them).



  1. hahaha. I adore your confessions. I am absolutely addicted to Top Shot! I love fruit snacks but never indulge...I gag when the trash bag drips on my foot...eww and ick. I have no dish washing ritual...not really a fan. Still love ya though! :)

  2. I hate getting my feet wet when I have socks on. I will immediately put dry socks on if I'm at home, or freak out and take my socks off. Hate it!

  3. Jewels: :) Yay! Another Top Shot fan--I was a little embarrassed admitting that. lol

    See, I knew it was peculiar to like doing the dishes! lol

    ms. caboo: I can't stay in socks that are wet either. Dry socks are a must. It's such an ewy feeling to have wet-sock-feet.

  4. Ummm, excuse me, but it says Lola at the top of your awards list. You, uh, don't mean me, do you? There are some other Lolas around and I don't want to take it for granted that it's me. If you mean me, then thank you very much, and please tell me how to claim my very first award.

    As for your true confessions: If I washed dishes instead of only using things that can go in the dishwasher, then would my life not have gone to hell? What if I kept my feet dry? Would I get a job? I stop hiccuping by holding my breath. I don't think I've ever eaten a fruit snack, so apparently I'm missing out on a special experience. Wet bread should be against the law. I've never seen those TV shows. Home Depot? I get lost everywhere. I can get lost crossing my own street. Congratulations on your awards.

    Lola, who would love to win many, many awards, especially the Oscar

  5. Congrats! and I love your disclosures!

  6. LOLA: Yep, I absolutely meant these awards for you! :) All you have to do is follow the same three steps I posted above (pretty much every award comes with the same three--thank the blogger who gave you the award(s); reveal random facts about yourself; and pass the award(s) to fellow bloggers). Really, I just want you to enjoy the awards. :) *Hugs*

    Eva: :) Thank you so much! *Hugs*

  7. Awesome! Thanks for the award! I watch Top Shot all the time too, but only because my husband makes me! :o)

    - Minxy

  8. Yay for true confessions. I confess to having a great time reading your blog!

  9. Why thank you for passing awards on to me! You're too kind.

    Wet bread is one of the grossest things on this plant. Period. I despise doing dishes. No matter how careful I am I always wind up with a nice big wet spot on the front of my shirt. LOL I don't mind getting my feet wet, but STEPPING in something gross, like say one of my cats hairballs in the dark . . . OMG. N.A.S.T.Y. lol

    Have I mentioned I love your confessions? lool

  10. Thanks doll!!! And congratulations to you for your awards! I can't stand wet socks!!! And I understand your dish washing ritual because I have one of my own when the Astros are playing at home. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to find a new one since it doesn't seem to be working on them anymore! lol

  11. Minxy: You're very welcome! Top Shot is one of those shows you would not expect to love. lol

    Carole: Aww, you are super sweet! Thank you! I confess the same about your blog! :)

    J.Day: Aw, thank you!!! *Hugs* Thank goodness my aversion to wet bread is understood! Bread isn't meant to be, well, all drippy and stuff. Okay, if I stepped on a fur ball in the dark I'd probably wig, thinking it was some big 'ole fuzzy spider. *chills* Literally, just got chills over the thought. ICK ICK ICK! lol

    Yvonne: Someone else who has a sports-dish washing ritual!!!!! TOO awesome!!! Oh, well, I know what you're saying--I guess I should have cleaned the whole dang kitchen for the entire Cowboys game and maybe they would've won. Sigh. lol

  12. Aww thank you so much!! I love Ice Road Truckers too - it's awesome!

    And I'm sure my mum will happily let you wash her dishes for her lol!

  13. Thanks so much :) You picked interesting facts. I have to change my sock immediately if I step in water at home. If I'm out I just bear it. The water for hiccuping is hilarious. I watch Ice Road Truckers too. Is it just me or is Dave being a real #$*! this season? And I get lost in Wal-Mart.

  14. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


  15. Hazel: LOL--she should send her dishes over for me to wash; I'll gladly do them if it will help my teams score. lol

    Jay: I wish I could just hold my breath to stop hiccuping, but it has never worked. Ever since I was a little girl I've had to do the backwards water drinking thing. OH! Dave is totally being a jerk on IRT. I keep waiting for the next shoe to drop with him. Wal Mart is huge! Somehow, I find my way through those, but Home Depot? Forget it. lol

    Lola: You are very welcome! *Hugs*

  16. What if you just bend over without drinking? That is still putting pressure on your diaphragm without risking the up the nose bath. Dave seemed to be a good guy when they were in India, I don't know what changed. And I just love Lisa's can do attitude.

  17. your confessions are always so quirky. you can totally come wash my dishes for me! seriously. i burned some cheese on a pan earier. it's waiting for yooooou.

  18. Jay: I don't think I've tried that. Next time, I'll give it a go. :) Lisa is awesome--I can't get over how she maneuvers those big rigs; the girl has no fear. I have no idea what's up with Dave.:/

    That 20 Something Virgin: And you know I'd totally wash that pan! lol Lord help me, I sound like Monica from Friends. lol

  19. I get lost in IKEA...
    Something for you on my blog :)

  20. I've never been to IKEA, but I really want to...although I'd probably get lost. :/

    Ooh, I'll hop on over! Thank you!! :)

  21. I freakin' love Top Shot too! Interesting confession btw. :)

  22. LOL, your confessions are the best! Specially the hiccups one, I never thought of that :P
    I watch Top Shot too!
    Congratulations on the award, you deserve it!
    And thank you so much for passing it on to me :)

  23. I’m not much of a bread eater too. But for different reason. Our people here eat rice for meal.

  24. with cherry on the freakin' top: Thanks! :) Top Shot is such a good show!!!

    PurpleMist: *blushes* Thank you! lol I was kinda of embarrassed admitting my love for Top Shot, but I'm finding there are a lot of fans of that show! Yay! :) And you're very welcome--you absolutely deserve them!

    Indonesiatooverseas: Rice is delicious. I much prefer rice to bread. :)

  25. You enjoy washing dishes, I guess we all have our vices..haha. I have to wash them or my cat runs off with them...haha

    Not overly fond of getting my feet wet either.