Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dallas Mavericks Lose Game 1 To The Heat :(

Well, that was painful.

The game was close...until the second half.

I have a couple of observations that I'm not afraid to make and I really could care less if people disagree with me (sorry, I'm cranky):

1. Dear refs:  please get glasses and stop checking your ethics at the door. There were some seriously piss poor phantom calls on the Mavs...and the Heat, for that matter. ***I'M NOT SAYING THE REFS GAVE THIS GAME TO MIAMI, SO PLEASE DON'T JUMP ALL OVER ME*** I'm well aware who had more FT.  All I'm saying is this: Questionable officiating was one of our downfalls in 2006 and I really don't want to see another series, whichever way it goes, tainted by the refs.  Just sayin'.

2. Anyone I know who is a Mavs fan quite literally had to mute the game due to certain announcers constantly slobbering over their opponent. It was like this against Portland, Lakers, OKC, and now the Heat.  Only when the Mavs win do they actually get the recognition and respect they deserve and this fan is damn sick of it.  The Mavs would not be where they are, in the Finals, if they were not a damn good team. If you saw (and heard) how people down the Mavs, even though they have had a masterful playoff run...well, you'd be damn mad, too! (I'm sayin' damn too much.  Oh well.  I'm cranky!  And I'm gonna defend my team!)

I'm not trying to take anything away from the Heat--they played a helluva game tonight. The Heat's bench was flawless, they hit more 3 pointers, their defense was sound, etc.

The Mavs need to rebound better, we MUST hit more 3s, our bench needs to bring it, and we need to go back to lights out basketball--that high intensity, non-stop, aggressive, GRRRR, ya know?

Bottom Line: It's a long series. Make some adjustments and take it to 'em. 

GO GRRRRR and we'll be just fine.  I know they don't want second place--none of us want that for them.  BUT, making it all the way to the finals is quite an achievement. So, yeah, I'm doing the Pollyanna bit here, looking on the bright side and all. 

My belief: THEY CAN DO THIS!!!! COME ON MAVS!!!! TAKE IT TO 'EM GAME 2!!!!!!!! I don't give up easily, and neither will they. The Mavs were the underdogs from the start.  I've always liked being the underdog...makes you less noticed and better poised for attack.  Perhaps the loss tonight will actually work to our advantage...hmmm.  There's a thought.  Underdogs UNITE!!!!!!!

This ain't over...it's only just beginning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOTE: Sorry about the big blank space...for whatever reason, I can't delete it. Ugh. :/

Come One & All To The Overlord Award!

Disclaimer: Um, I got carried away with this one! So, I give you a fairytale of sorts, albeit a little twisted. I hope you enjoy it. *blushes*

“Hear ye, hear ye! Welcome one and all to the annual hunky blokes jousting…oops…wrong scroll.”  The shaky little man, with his bushy white mustache nervously twitching, looked at me concernedly. I simply smiled and urged him to carry on.   Dear, sweet Stumbles.  He is a devoted subject and friend, but he can be a bit scatterbrained. 

Straightening his velvet blue cape emblazoned in gold with the letters TFV, Stumbles cleared his throat and began reading the next scroll.  “Hear ye, hear ye! You are cordially invited to the royal wedding…oh dear…my mistake, your majesty.  If I may, ruling without needing a King is highly respectable today in a world so consumed with…”

“Thank you, Stumbles, now kindly proceed…with the appropriate scroll,” I said gently while adjusting my sapphire and pink diamond crown.

“Of course, my Queen, right away,” said Stumbles, rummaging through his collection of scrolls.  With a worried little whimper, he started yet again.  “Hear ye, hear ye! Our fair Queen has been granted the power of Overlord by the beloved Queen Jewels of Precious Gemland.  I now give you, our Queen,” he said, bowing so low the tip of his round red nose brushed the plush pink carpeting. 

“Thank you Stumbles.  As with any power, there are certain responsibilities I must address," I began, working to keep my voice from getting that nervous wobbly sound. 

“I must first thank my dear friend, Queen Jewels, for bestowing this power upon me. I hope to make her proud in my choices.  Second, three changes must be made to our lives.  And third, I shall bestow this power upon ten friends worthy of world domination.”

I slowly stood, glowing scepter in hand, and did what any public speaker does—I pictured everyone in the immaculately dressed crowd stark naked.  And my, my, Sir Lifts-A-Lot is looking mighty buff.  Ooh, and just look at Baroness Boobaledge trying to catch Prince Charming’s eye! Baroness, my foot—more like Temptress Trampy Trollop!

“Your Majesty,” muttered Stumbles, hiding his words in a cough.  “The changes to be made…”

“Oh!” Darn it. My first act as an Overlordess and I allow a set of muscles and a skanky alley cat to throw me off course.  Composure.  “The three changes to be made are as follows,” I said, steadying my voice into a firm, yet gentle tone. 

First, the term celebrity shall no longer be defined by the following: fifteen minutes, falling over drunk, having a limited vocabulary of swear words, lifting one’s skirt, sleeping with a married athlete or public figure, screaming, breaking things, or otherwise act in a way that makes people want to gouge out their eyes and pull off their ears. 

Second, Lady Luck and I shall duel, wherein I will win.  You see my friends, Lady Luck, believed to be a generous mystical bringer of positive energy, is really a subjective evil shrew, descending from the depths of she-devil hell. No more will she shower undeserving ghouls and wenches with copious amounts of good fortune! No more will you good people suffer from rotten luck! Lady Luck will, henceforth, cast good luck upon everyone equally.”

“In an effort to promote truth and acceptance, my third change involves a series of enchantments designed to protect the innocent and teach the wrongdoers a memorable lesson:

-The Spew & Sniff: From now on, all women will know when a man is b.s.’ing them, for they will smell it from a mile away. To all men who relish in feeding women b.s.—for every utterance of b.s., you will smell like the rear end of a cow after eating too much chili chow.  And to the teasing ladies who do the same to men…same goes for you. 

-The Bully Backfire: No one will bully, tease, or demean someone for their life’s choices.  Should you attempt physical violence upon another, your fists will swell to five times their size and turn upon you.  You will, in effect, bully yourself, and hopefully knock some sense into your otherwise puny little brain.  Should you verbally attack another…your mouth will betray you.  It will yell at you, ridicule you, and spill your darkest, most humiliating secrets for the world to hear. 

“Lastly, my friends, I am to bestow this power upon ten of you.  Please know how terribly difficult this task was for me. In fact, I added a few extra deserving friends.

“I know each of you will use this power wisely. Thank you all,” I said, breathing a sigh of relief.  

Now, I really must pick up my glass slippers, retrieve my talking clock from the clockmaker, and plan a ball, where all eligible bachelors are to attend. 

The End. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Award Time: Pay It Forward Award

What’s better than an award to kick off a long weekend? How about two?! Technically, one was from a while ago. *blushes*  Bad me.  Not to worry, I will do it justice in its very own post (I baby these awards, huh?).  

For today, we have the Good Bloggers Pay It Forward Award. 

Somnia recently stumbled upon my little corner of bloggersville and I’m so very glad she did.  Not only is she a talented writer, but she is strong, honest, funny, and amazingly supportive of her fellow bloggers.  And let me tell you, she loves her country music...and loves cheering on the Mavs!  I’m incredibly honored to receive this award from her.

You know how awards come with rules?  I kinda don’t like calling them rules, so I’m going the pirate route and renaming them guidelines.

So, the guidelines for this award are as follows:

1. Name the blogger who gave me this award. (See Above)
2. Post a link to their blog.  (See Above, and please visit when you have a chance--she's a sweetheart!)
3. Pay it forward to five more bloggers--very difficult task, but I'd like to pay it forward to some new blogging friends. 

Chanel at Fabulously Neurotic

Mrs. B at Go Ahead, Take a Bite

Carole at Carole Reid Artist 

Anna at Artist's Charm

Beliza at A Series of Random Thoughts

Like I have said before, I am awful at selecting only a few bloggers when everyone is so deserving (I always feel so dang guilty).  I just think the world of all of you...so...I formally pay it forward to EVERYONE. I'm such a dang softy!

*Note: No idea why the font and size changed. :/ Apologies.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Pardon me for a moment. I'm about to lose my composure and act like an absolute idiot.

Excited! So excited! Ridiculously excited! Must bounce! 

*Jump! Bounce! Higher! Bounce! Higher!*

Time to work the bum in lights out fashion! 

*Shakin' the bum! Shake it! Shake it! Doin' the Beyonce booty dance! Yeah! Yeah!*

Ah, feel better now.

(Don't think I didn't do exactly that immediately following the game, either...um...'cause I did.).

With my hands shaking and my pacing growing more extreme, I watched my Mavs, yet again, be the comeback kids and suck the wind right out of the Thunder, winning 100-96.

Much credit to the Thunder--there is no doubt they will be one heck of a force in years to come. I expect to see them back in the playoffs next year.

But, for now...

The Dallas Mavericks are heading to the NBA Finals.  Whoop! Whoop! Aw, yeah, I'm bringin' out the whoop!

Dirk, Marion, JJ, Kidd, Terry, and the whole blessed team played not only with talent--that's a given--but with heart.  SO PROUD OF THEM!!!!

So, who will Dallas meet in the Finals? Well, it will either be the Bulls or the Heat.  Right now, it looks like the Miami Heat, which means it will be a 2006 Finals rematch (the Heat won, but we won't talk about that).

I know it's going to be tough, whoever we face, but right now...I want to bask in this feeling...


Let's go get 'em!

GO MAVS!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

American Idol: The Final 2: Scotty & Lauren, Country Showdown

Here we are! It's finale night and our two country crooners are ready to twang it up!

Before the contest even started, we learn that Lauren blew out one of her vocal chords while rehearsing.  The doctor gave her a ton of medication and said she should be just fine to sing. 

Round One: Contestant choice--Favorite song of the season.

Scotty: Gone, by Montgomery Gentry. Once again, he rocked it, country style.  FUN!

Lauren: Flat On The Floor by Carrie Underwood. She brought it.  Her voice was a little scratchy, but she muscled through like a champion.

Round Two: Contestant's Idols pick.

George Strait picks for Scotty: Check Yes or No by George Strait.  Goose bumps.  This guy is a natural old school country singer. It's wonderful to see a country star born.

Carrie Underwood picks for Lauren: Maybe It Was Memphis By Pam Tillis.  Beautifully done. Lauren is showing the most confidence we've seen all season. She really is coming into her own. 

Judges give their opinions:

Randy--Round one, slight edge to Scotty; Round two, slight edge to Lauren

Jennifer--Round one, Scotty; Round two Lauren.

Steven--Lauren, only 'cause she's prettier than Scotty.

Final Round: First Single, should they win.

Scotty: I Love You This Big.  I actually really loved this song. It's sweet, innocent, and right on target for Scotty's voice and age. He just brings smiles.

Lauren: Like My Mother Does.  Lauren dedicated this song to her mom, even singing while hugging her, and moved everyone to tears in the process.  You know me--I love my mama with all of my heart...and I was in tears. Beautiful vocals, beautiful song. No matter how old we get, we will always be our mama's baby girl.

Judge's give their final opinions:

Randy: Slight Edge to Lauren

Jennifer: Tight Race. Won't commit.

Steven: Lauren gets it, hands down.

My take: Both are All-American. Both are adorable.  Both are sweet and down to earth.  Both will have careers in country music.  Basically, you have two American Idols. If I have to pick...I would say Scotty gets the edge in this race, but it could go either way.

What do y'all think? Scotty or Lauren?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Amazing, Thy Name Is Dallas...The Mavericks Win Game 4.

Oh. I. Love. My. Mavs.

There is no question OKC had control of this game from the start.  They literally pounded us all over the damn court. All Mavs' fans could hope was for the young Thunder to wear themselves out early and for the veteran Dallas team to close it out and show them how it's done.  

OKC didn't tire.  Neither did the Mavs.  In fact, they found another cylinder.

Can we say:  Dirk.  Dirk.  Dirk. The man is humble magic (the very best kind). 40 points. The shots he made...unreal.  If you saw the game, I don't need to say a thing. If you didn't...you missed something special--something that words simply could not do justice.  I'll just say this: MVP.

The Thunder led by 15 points with just over 4 minutes to play.  What happened next is something of basketball urban legend.  Mavericks came back.  Mavericks forced OT.  Mavericks won 112-105 and lead the series 3-1 as they head back to Dallas. 

How did I handle this game? Ha, well, pretty much as I do every other game--I pace while my heart rate reaches the danger zone.

However, there was one slight difference tonight. When Dirk was at the line to tie this thing up, I began saying the following: "Ooooh! Oh my! Ooooh, come on! There it is! Yes!"

So, I unwittingly made pleasure sounds while watching the Mavs.  That's new.  Perhaps sports (well, wins by my teams) act as my aphrodisiac and I turn into Aphrodite! Ooh, I like that.

ONE MORE WIN...and the Mavs are in the Finals!!! GO MAVS!!!!!!!

What's Up With Mother Nature?

Is anyone else a little boggled by Mother Nature's recent mood swings?

Japan--destroyed by a massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake.

Deep South--destroyed by F4-F5 tornadoes.

Midwest--Tornadoes swept through the Midwest; Joplin destroyed by a reported F4 tornado.

An Icelandic Volcano erupted on Saturday.

Mother Nature is showing some serious attitude these days.

Events like these put things into rather harsh perspective. Everyone and everything we count on to be there day in and day out can be gone *poof* in less than a second. Life is just so delicate. 

Thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by these horrific storms.

To help, please visit: 



Saturday, May 21, 2011


Lord, give me strength! I tell y'all, this series is going to test my very last nerve. While up by more than 20, that pesky (translation: super talented) Thunder group clawed to within single digits.  Thought I was gonna hurl. 

Thankfully, the Mavs held them off and won 93-87.

Dirk had an off night (he's human, folks), but he still came through in the clutch to help hold off the Thunder. 

We won't talk about the refs.

Overall, our defense played much better, setting the tone of the game in the first half.  Though the second half was tough, the Mavs pushed through, made some big plays, and earned the win.

Next need for furious back and forth pacing: Monday, 9 p.m. EST. 

Big sports day overall:

Horse Racing--Animal Kingdom came up just short in the Preakness, losing to Shackleford. No chance for a Triple Crown this year. Still, it was a beautiful stretch run by Animal Kingdom, considering how far he had to come.

NASCAR: Carl Edwards won the Sprint All-Star race tonight, earning a cool million dollars in the process.

Well, I've worn a groove in the floor, made my throat hoarse, and had a soda (very bad).  Time to remove myself from the ceiling and relax...with water.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dallas Mavericks Lose Game 2. :(

I knew it.

How did I know it?  Because had they won, it would have been a perfect evening. 

First: We have an all country American Idol finale (I know some people don't like country, but I'm elated to see a country music showdown for the first time on Idol).  Scotty and Lauren will battle it out, southern style.

Second: The Bones season finale was beyond perfect. I won't give away any spoilers, but if you love Booth and Bones together, you loved this finale. And yes, I cried. Couldn't help it. It was so very sweet. The look on Booth's face. Sigh.

The last thing that would have made this night absolutely perfect would have been my Dallas Mavericks winning, which is why I feared they wouldn't.  Murphy's Law.  I hate Murphy! *stomps foot*

Yeah, okay, I'm a little whiny. I told y'all I take my sports seriously!

This may very well be a close series, given how these teams have played each other these first two games...and I may physically gag myself into oblivion.

It's okay. *breathing into brown paper sack* We have a long series to go. *GAG*  It's only one game.  *slightly calmer* We'll get 'em next time.  *tiny gag, followed by grrrr*

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

American Idol: Final 3-Scotty, Lauren, Haley Battle It Out

Tonight, the contestants have three rounds to this knock-out battle for a place in the finale: 

Round One: Contestant's choice
Round Two: Mentor Jimmy's choice
Round Three: Judge's choice

Tonight's Mentor: The irreplaceable Beyonce. 


Round One: Amazed, by Lonestar.  Beyonce clearly adores Scotty.  There's nothing Scotty can't sing in that deep country boy voice. Amazed is a beautiful song, albeit a little overplayed. Here's the thing: Scotty's deep, deep voice on this song made it brand new to my ears. 

Round TwoAre You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not, by Thompson Square.  LOVE this song! If you haven't heard it, go listen...seriously. Y'all will love it. Fantastic pick for Scotty, and, playing his guitar, Mr. Country delivered. Absolutely loved his performance, vocals, everything.  Note: Would love to see him playing his guitar more--it really lifts his performances to another level. Dare I say it? He looks like he's already a country star.

Round Three: She Believes In Me, by Kenny Rogers.  One word: Beautiful.


Round One: Wild One, by Faith Hill. Beyonce prefers Lauren singing fun songs because they "...really open her [Lauren] up."  She also tried to impart the Sasha Fierce mentality on Lauren--as Beyonce said, she needs to believe in herself. Throughout the competition, Lauren has really shined with an upbeat tempo. On tonight's first song, she did just that, although I felt she might have been a little nervous, maybe even getting a little ahead of the music in a couple of spots.

Round TwoIf I Die Young, by The Band Perry. In the middle of the performance, she was thrown off the song, missing a key change.  The judges thought she simply got caught up in the moment and lost her way. I mean, she's only 16 years old, y'all! Prior to that moment, it was flawless and she recovered beautifully.  

Round Three: I Hope You Dance, by Lee Ann Womack.  One of my favorite songs...and she was absolutely flawless.


Round One: What Is And What Should Never Be, by Led Zeppelin.  Beyonce said Haley is a risk taker and a rocker...and she is.  With her dad ripping it on guitar, Haley rocked it out. Apart from wiping out on the stairs in the middle of the song--she got up and kept going, bless her--she turned in a solid performance.  Honestly, I think she'd do really well in a rock band.

Round TwoRhiannon, by Stevie Nicks. She was very hard to hear over the background vocalists at times.  She sang in a softer voice, minus the growl. Nicely done. 

Round ThreeYou Oughta Know, by Alanis Morissette.  Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. There is only one person, one voice who can ROCK this song: Alanis.  It's a tough, tough song to sing and Haley's voice just couldn't cut it in my book.  If they had given her, maybe, Ironic or You Learn...I don't know. It just didn't work for me...I'm a bit partial to Alanis, though.  I felt like she was trying to sing it too much like Alanis and it took away from the Haley-style.

My rundown:

Scotty: Sincere country boy with a classic, throwback country voice. If you're looking for consistency, Scotty has delivered week after week after week. Like I said, he has a contract waiting for him in Nashville and a looooooong career in country music ahead of him.

Lauren: She's an absolute humble sweetie-pie with a powerful voice.  She just needs to find that inner confidence...once she does, she will soar. 

Haley: The girl can belt a song, but my major concern with Haley is her attitude.  According to reports--and personal observations from watching the show--her reactions to criticism haven't been good. I know it's hard to hear negativity, but how you respond is key.  The judges are simply trying to help guide her, as they are with all of the contestants.  Hopefully she was just having some off moments.

Who would my ears like to hear in the finale? Well, now that James isn't here (still shocked at that one)...let's make it all country with Lauren and Scotty. I just think both of them are darling with such amazing country voices.  It would be great to see a country showdown in the finale...at least to this Texan. ;)

What about y'all?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Phew! Good game...a little too good at times, according to my nervy tummy.

The Mavericks rusty? Nah. The Thunder simply would not go away--they kept coming and coming--but the Mavs kicked into another gear. 

JJ Barea. Did you see those shots? Unreal!  He's so much fun to watch! JJ put up 21 points tonight.  Jason Terry made a big three towards the end, scoring 24 on the night.

Shawn Marion is a soldier.  After taking an elbow to the nose, Marion writhed in pain on the court, yet marched right back out there once the trainer cleaned (and plugged) him up. 

The highlight of the night had to be Dirk: 24 of 24 free throws; 48 total points; 4 blocks.  Tonight, Dirk set an NBA playoff record for free throws made without a miss (24).  Tonight, Dirk showed, yet again, why he is one of the best players in the history of the game.  For me, he's an absolute joy to watch play...wish I could shake his hand.

What could this feeling be? Might it be...satisfied? Yes, I do believe it is...but I want more. I'm being a little saucy tonight, huh? Hormones and sports--interesting combo.

Game 2 will be Thursday at 9 EST.

GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

True Blood Tuesday: Season 4 Trailers!!

After successfully defeating the absentee sandman and getting some sleep last night, I am ready for the Mavs.

But, first...

True Blood fans, are you ready for TWO brand new fangtastic trailers?

Now, if y'all will excuse me, I really must go shake my bum to some booty-movin' music...it's part of my pre-game warm-up routine.  I count it as exercise.  I'm so very disciplined. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Calling All Brain Cells

I'm tiredExhausted.  Aw, hell, I'm a zombie.  Hey, that would make for an interesting character--a virgin zombie. Actually, no, that would be seriously lame.

Don't mind me...I'm just rambling because I have hardly slept in three days, with last night producing zip, zilch, nada for slumber land.  I can't even get the dang sandman these days. Very distressing. 

So, since my brain cells have gone on strike, I'll be randomly rambling about nothingness.  Fun.

* Serious respect to Chad Ochocinco for attempting to RIDE A BULL.  For real.  And not just any bull--a PBR big boy named Deja Blu.  Though he only stayed on for 1.5 seconds, you have to give him serious credit for trying something so dangerous. Did I mention I love bull riding? Been watching for years.  My favorite bull is Big Tex...back in the day it was Reindeer Dippin.  You wouldn't know I'm a Texan, would you?

* Red Sox swept the Yankees this weekend. Sigh. Yankees, what's goin' on? 

* V and No Ordinary Family were canceled. I don't know why I even bother to watch t.v. dramas anymore, considering they always get canceled before anything is resolved.  Instead of trying to recreate another LOST, failing, and canceling in the middle of a story, maybe they should order a set amount of episodes on the condition that the storyline wrap up. I suppose it would be like a 6-13 episode miniseries.  If they want to order more at a later date, fine, but at least we would have a beginning, middle, and end to fall back on when they do, in all likelihood, cancel it at some point.  Or what about a 2-hour t.v. movie to wrap everything up for loyal viewers? To just drop them in the middle of the story is just plain mean. >:( Yeah, I'm a little cranky about it. I really liked those shows.  What power will George have? We'll never know.  How will humans beat Anna after she got her bliss on? We can only guess.

* Last night's Game Of Thrones...um, lots to see.  Could have done without the horse's head moment, though (My reaction: "What's he gonna do with that sword? What's he gonna to do to the horsey? What's he...noooooo! My eyes!").  

* Every time I see the trailer for the final Harry Potter film, I get really sad.  Is anyone else going to miss this series?  Do I have to ask?

* It's doughnut, not donut.  Thanks Dunkin' Donuts for creating a spelling complex in today's youth. Good doughnuts, though.

* Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts are little pieces of heaven on earth.  Try and have just one...dare you. ;)

* I was told I "need to be" the next Bachelorette.  Wonder how many men would sign up to meet a virgin?  Don't answer that.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dallas Mavericks, Dale Earnhardt Jr., & Boston Rob

Dallas Mavericks: The Dallas Mavericks will face the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Finals. The Mavs will have home court advantage in the series.  The winner of this series will play for the championship.  *oooh, slight stomach churn*  Game One will be Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Today was another top 15 run for Dale (finishing 12th)...almost a top ten.  He ran well the entire race.  Though I know he would rather get those wins--and fans would LOVE to see him get those wins--racing consistently well is key, and the whole 88 team is doing that beautifully.  He's still 4th in points.  The wins are coming...I know it.

Survivor: Whether you like Boston Rob or not, the guy is undeniably the best to ever play this game. 

A couple of my favorite players were coined heroes in the game of Survivor: Colby Donaldson and Rupert Boneham (who I always called Hagrid).  They were labeled heroes because of their good-guy game play and amazing likability. 

Boston Rob, however, has been permanently placed in the villain vat of Survivor players.  And you know what? I like the guy. There have been some despicable players in the history of survivor, but Boston Rob simply isn't one of them.  Why?  I dunno.  Maybe it's how he talks--he is who he is, whether in the game or in real life (an example of which occurred on Survivor: All Stars when he proposed to fellow contestant, and Survivor winner, Amber).  I truly believe he can separate the game from real life, whereas I question the same of other contestants.

Normally, I don't like the it's just a game philosophy to excuse deplorable, deceitful game strategy.  Personally, I could never play this game.  Aside from the whole lack of soap, shampoo, razor, toothpaste, floss, and, well, a toilet, I absolutely could not play the game backstabbing others for money.  Still, I like Rob. What's up with that?

You may not agree with his tactics, but you have to admit, the man is absolutely unique...not to mention entertaining and funny as heck. 

10 years, 4 games, 117 days, and Boston Rob finally wins the game of Survivor.  Congratulations to Boston Rob, a true game-player, the sole survivor, and the best to really play this game. 

One thing is certain, Survivor won't be the same without Boston Rob.

Friday, May 13, 2011

After School Special: After The Prom

Dude, Where's My Post?

My last post, Prom Pressure, is GONE. It's nowhere to be found. Anyone else have this problem since Blogger went into maintenance mode yesterday?

I did read where they are working to restore the ghost-posts, so that's good.

***Looks like they are trying to bring it back now*** :)

It's Friday the 13th.  Need I say more?


In light of the Prom Pressure post (whenever it decides to reappear), I thought it might be helpful to share a little post-prom story to further highlight the advice in said (ghost) post.

Written in see-spot-run fashion, I give you, Pseudo Perfect Prom.

Sporty asked Friend to the prom.

Friend was beyond excited and shared her feelings with me.  Sporty was a dream date to her--she was quite literally walking on air.

Sporty and I had a class together. *Thank goodness for this little factoid*

In the days leading up to the prom, Sporty was very attentive, caring, sweet, blah, blah, blah.  (i.e. he said everything Friend wanted to hear).


Monday after the prom:  Friend was glowing.  She had the "perfect" prom.  Friend was a good girl--she didn't do anything sexual with Sporty and was elated when he respected her choices. 

I was eager to talk with Sporty about the prom--and Friend anxiously awaited every single syllable--so I headed to our class a bit early.  While digging through my bottomless backpack for my seemingly invisible pen, I heard Sporty come in with his friend, Boink.

Boink: "What the hell?  So, you didn't get anything?"

Sporty: "Dude, I got nothing.  It was a complete waste.  I didn't even get a BJ." 

The way the room was set up--and because I was bent over, digging around in my bag--Sporty couldn't see me.  When I straightened up, he turned sickly pale. 

I immediately did what any friend would do: I told her what I heard.  I hated to see her so upset, especially after what she thought was a fairytale-like weekend.

Ultimately, she had her say, ended things with Sporty, and was grateful to know his true motives before things went any further.

Moral of the story:  Take your time to get to know someone.  Keep your eyes wide open, not wide shut. Guys (and I'm sure some girls are guilty of this as well) will lie to get what they want; they will try every angle. Friend was lucky I heard what I did, otherwise she may have continued blissfully believing in something that wasn't real. Though it seems impossible to know someone's true intentions, believe me, there are warning signs--however slight, those little red flags are there, and your gut will react.  Listen and trust your instincts--don't ignore what you feel.  Talk to someone if you feel confused.

Being alone is always better than being lied to and used. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dating & Post-Game Reactions

Dating: I haven't been in the dating game for a while now.  Really not wanting another Mr. Bo Tangles or past-life werewolf.  I know I need to get back into the cesspool that is dating, but, honestly, I really don't know how to meet a *cough* normal man who is actually looking for something more extraordinary than a one-night-stand or temporary love. Sigh. There has to be another soul somewhere out there looking for something special in this big old world. 

New music favorites: Have you heard the song Without You, by Keith Urban? It's about his wife, Nicole Kidman--it's a beautiful song...makes the single heart hurt a little, but still...it's beautiful. :)

Post-Game Reaction: The day after euphoria lingers, but there are some bubble-bursting folks all primed and ready for the next round. So, I thought it might be kind-of fun to share some feedback with y'all.

Happy/Funny Feedback: (please keep in mind, some are Lakers-haters--I'm sorry to any Lakers' fans in advance for their comments).

"Yay! Ding-dong, Lakers are done!"
"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!" (sing-song voice)
"Mavs, all the way!"
"Damn, not a Mavs' fan, but they were monsters out there."
"Might have been wrong about those Mavericks after all."

Bubble-Bursting Feedback: (some are Lakers' fans; some are Mavericks-haters).

"Yeah, they'll get swept next round.  Sorry."
"Mavs will self-destruct before it's over."
"Enjoy it now. They're going to choke."
"You do know they didn't just win a title, right? They are going down."
"Big deal.  They beat the Lakers.  It's not like they've won the whole thing."

So, did the bubble-bursting folks actually burst my euphoric bubble? Nope, not in the least. See, we fans know it's a long road to the championship, but this series win was huge. They were the underdog.  No one gave them a chance against the Lakers.  This is a big deal. To me, the Mavs looked like one hungry team. They want it, and I hope for all it's worth they can bring this thing on home. I know they'll give it their all.

How did I respond to the sourpusses? I simply smiled.  It's amazing how a simple little smile can unnerve (and effectively quiet) a sourpuss.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

DALLAS MAVERICKS SWEEP LAKERS 4-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dallas, 122
Lakers, 86

With raucous cheers and even a happy tear in my eye (I know, I know, I couldn't help it), my mom (who got a little teary-eyed as well...see, it runs in the family), dad, and I watched our Dallas Mavericks sweep the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers in spectacular fashion. I couldn't imagine a better time to watch our Mavs advance to the Western Conference Finals than on Mother's Day.

From the start, this game felt different...magical, even. The long-range shooting was something to behold. Jason Terry had a mind-numbing nine 3-pointers. The Mavs were 20 of 32, tying an NBA record for the most 3-pointers in a playoff game. Beautiful stuff.

I'm proud of how the Mavs maintained their cool when Odom took a cheap shot at Dirk and, again, after Bynum speared an airborne Barea, sending him hard to the floor. Really? Absolutely ridiculous to tarnish the game in that way. I believe it was Tirico who called the hit on Barea "disgusting."  It was a scary few moments, watching him motionless on the court, but, thankfully, he's okay.

Odom and Bynum were ejected from the game for their dirty play.  Kobe Bryant, both during and after the game, was a class act--maybe Odom and Bynum need to take a page from his playbook.

Mark Cuban--he looked so happy and proud of his team! Love how he loves the Mavs.

The whole team played with such heart...I gotta say it...I'm gonna say it...sorry in advance...

I love you, Mavs--always will, win or lose.

Um, I kinda want to hug 'em all. *hides ever-blushing cheeks*

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there! Much love and respect for all you do!

WAY TO GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011


*insert embarrassingly girly squeal* Sorry about that. 

Dallas is up 3-0 in the series.  You know what this means? One more and we move to the next round. One more. ONE MORE. *seriously, breathe*

The Lakers had the momentum in the 4th.  No question.  I kept thinking, the sleeping giant is awake, followed by dig, Mavs, dig deep, you can do this.  Of course I was saying all of this while guzzling sweet iced tea (not as bad as soda, though, right?).

No chocolate tonight. Literally could not chew. Far too anxious.

So, what do the Mavs do? They dig...deep.  Three-pointers, free-throw shooting, Dirk, our bench, our coach, and just the whole darn team--playing with so much guts and heart and...and...and I LOVE THEM!!!

Sorry, again, for the girly show of emotion. 

As a fan, I desperately want to see my Mavs win a championship, it's true, but more than that...I want this team to win a championship...I want Dirk to win a championship (this man--this humble legend--deserves to win so badly)...I want Mark Cuban to win a championship (he's more than an owner--he has such passion for this team, for Dallas, for the fans--you can't help but want to see him hoisting that trophy).

If the Mavs can keep this level of intensity going...

GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Dallas Mavericks beat the Lakers, 93-81--again, on their turf--and are now up 2 games to 0.  As the series progresses, I am finding my game-time behavior increasingly disturbing. 

-I did not sit back in my chair the entire game. Literally, my tush was on the edge of my seat the WHOLE game.

-Soda mysteriously found its way into my cup. (really, how can anyone drink prissy-good-for-you water during a game?)

-I'm finding my nervous belly demands chocolate consumption.

-The post-game jumping up and down is getting higher and higher. I may achieve flying if this keeps going. (On the plus side, I'm confident the bouncing burned off the delicious fat-in-a-can soda, as well as the chocolate).

I swear to you, if I ever have the good fortune to somehow get a second chance at seeing my Mavs play, you'll be able to spot me in two shakes of a lamb's tail--just look for the bouncing girl breathing into the brown paper bag stuck to her face. 


The Mavs came out with the same intensity they had in game one, only more so, if you can believe it. They looked polished, sharp, and determined. They are shocking the basketball world right now...but not me and not devoted Mavs' fans. I said it before, and I'll say it again, they have heart. They CAN do this!

The Lakers still concern me--they are like a sleeping giant, and you never know when they are going to wake up and stomp you down.  Dallas has to play every game just as they did the first two--it's all about heart and intensity. Now, we go home to Dallas.

Ron Artest. Were you trying to behead our J.J. Barea? At the end of the game, Artest smacked J.J. hard in the face. NOT COOL. I was livid. Absolutely inexcusable. He was immediately ejected from the game.  For me, his actions warrant a suspension.  It was beyond foolish--it was uncalled for and needs to be addressed.

I'm so very proud of my Mavs!!! They have earned these wins.

I may NEVER sleep tonight. Far too wired to sleep!!!!! *bounce, bounce, bounce*

American Idol: Songs From Yesterday and Today Week

With songs from yesterday and today to work with, the Idol contestants had two chances to show America why they should be the next American Idol.  Some really brought it, while others had a misstep or two. 

This week's mentor is none other than Sheryl Crow.

James: Song from Today-Closer to the Edge, by 30 Seconds to Mars. First, I really like Jared Leto's band, 30 Seconds to Mars, so I was excited to hear James taking this on. Was it a good performance? Yes, absolutely, but it wasn't my favorite. Maybe I'm spoiled to Jared Leto's voice on this song. Still, he's clearly in the zone to win this thing.

Song from Yesterday--Without You, by Harry Nilsson. In the video, James broke down in tears when he heard the lyrics. He wants to give his family a better life. The love for his family is something very dear to me.  I love his emotion--it made my eyes burn, I can tell you that. During his performance, tears poured from his eyes...and he got me again.  It wasn't technically perfect, but it was emotional brilliance. Now, I need a Kleenex.

Jacob: Song from Today--No Air, by Jordin Sparks. This song was originally a duet, so Jacob tackled singing two parts to one song. Credit him there. However, I hate to say this, but it was rough. It sounded a little shaky, very sharp, and perhaps a bit off, all the way through the song. Agh, I hate saying it, but he needs to knock his next song out of the park.

Song from Yesterday--Love Hurts by Nazareth. Seriously, way better than his first song. There was a shaky moment in the middle of the song, but, overall, THIS was Jacob.

Lauren: Song from Today--Flat on the Floor, by Carrie Underwood.  This song is full of attitude...it's a HUGE song for a HUGE voice...and Miss Lauren BROUGHT IT.  Look who's growing in the competition! Sing it, sweetie! That's how to own the stage! She's coming to life, folks, and the timing couldn't be better.

Song from Yesterday--Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers. Big song--needs big emotion. Is she too young to really relate to these lyrics? I was concerned. First, she looked absolutely stunning--loving her hair! Second...she sang it beautifully. Was it the best rendition? Probably not, no, but she did a good job with a tough, tough song.

Scotty: Song from Today--Gone, by Montgomery Gentry. If you know country, you know how tough this song is. He started it perfectly in his deep, deep country voice. When it kicked in, I was like: "Whoa, where did this come from?!" He had ATTITUDE! That laid back country boy came out of his shell.  The judges were overwhelmed, with Jennifer Lopez saying she nearly lost it and Randy telling him he felt like he was at a concert.  Like I said, whether he wins this or loses Idol, he's going to be a country star.

Song from Yesterday--Always on My Mind, by Elvis Presley. I dearly love his PERFECT country voice. Honestly, country needs his voice. Jennifer Lopez said exactly what I couldn't get over--Scotty looks so incredibly comfortable for someone so young. Amazing. Sheryl Crow said it best--she looks forward to him moving to Nashville and having a big career that she can find a way to horn in on. lol

Haley: Song of Today--You and I, by Lady Gaga. Bit of a twist: Unreleased Gaga song for Haley. Sadly, I'm not familiar with the song, so I really can't give a fair review. I liked the ending. The beginning didn't work for me.  Randy mentioned a little Joss Stone for Haley, which would have been a fantastic fit for her voice. She took a huge risk tonight. Did it pay off?

Song of Yesterday--The House of the Rising Sun by The Animals. Fantastic rendition. I loved when she softened her voice in the middle of the song--if she did that more often...wow.  I'm just not a big fan of the growling. Still, she had her idol moment with this song.

We're getting towards the end here! Who do you think has the "it" factor and who do you think has to go home?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Royal Dresses

Class, grace, elegance. These are the words I would use to describe Catherine Middleton's royal wedding gown, which was designed by Sarah Burton.  The Alexandar McQueen designer created a classically regal look with a modern neckline. 

Credit: AP Photo/Martin Meissner

Personally, I absolutely loved her gown. When jeans aren't an option, I tend towards elegance and grace over anything else, and Catherine's wedding gown absolutely screamed Grace Kelly.

Another one of my favorite gowns from the wedding was Pippa Middleton's ivory cowl front gown, also designed by Sarah Burton. This is one exquisite gown. I adore the cowl neck front, the delicate button back, and little cap sleeves. Honestly, I would own this dress in every color imaginable. 

Credit: Getty Images

Finally, Catherine's wedding reception gown: Can we say stunning? I love the cut, the way the skirt falls, the little shrug sweater, and the beading at the waist. Yet again, this gown oozes elegance.

Credit: John Stillwell/Getty Images

Women don't have to show it all to look and feel sexy. The gowns Catherine and her sister wore clearly showed their svelte figures, but they did so in a beautiful, graceful, elegant fashion.  It's what I like to call graceful sexiness. What's that old saying? Less is more? Or how about my mom and dad's favorite: "Leave a little to the imagination."

Elegance is timeless. 

Monday, May 2, 2011


My legs are weak, my voice is crackly, I'm sweatin' like a stuck pig...and I love it!

The Dallas Mavericks did what so many thought they couldn't: beat the Lakers on their turf.  They worried me a bit with some fouls that had me slapping my head, as well as a series of "Oh, Mother of God, I'm gonna hurl if they keep coughing up the ball!"  But, we've got a great bench, Dirk is just phenomenal (as a basketball fan, I feel privileged to watch him play; as a Mavericks' fan, I'm grateful he's playin' for us), and we know how to play tough. 

When the Mavs were down, they clawed their way back against one helluva good team in the Lakers. My Mavs played undeniably HARD--gritty, gritty play!

It's called heart--this team has it.  If the Mavs can keep this going--play THIS hard in every single game--look out! 

Long, tough road.  Fantastic start.

Mavs, Dale Jr., Operation Southern Comfort, and Evil-Be-Gone

Mavericks: After all the devastation suffered by the deep south late last week, I felt far too guilty to celebrate with a Whoo-Hoo post after my Mavs defeated Portland to move into the next round of the playoffs. I'm so darn proud of them, though!

Now, we have to face the Lakers.  Tonight.  Yeah.  C'mon Mavs, y'all can do this!!! I KNOW it! Grrrrr!

Oh, and Mr. Lakers Guy, David, who was cheering the Mavs, but will now be booing them...bring it! ;)

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Richmond didn't produce the results we wanted, but that's life, right? After running in the top ten, and even up to second late in the race, Dale was forced to pit for fuel, which left him with a nineteenth place finish. Bit frustrating. BUT, he's 4th in points and, apart from fuel strategy, he had a strong night, in my opinion. For those getting all riled up: he's doing just fine, folks. Relax.

Operation Southern Comfort: If you have extra clothing or can pick up a few things at your local store (especially t-shirts in XL, 2X, and 3X), socks, flip flops, or the like--pack 'em up and ship them on down south. Check your local churches, grocery stores, businesses, Red Cross, and Salvation Army for drop off locations.

Evil-Be-Gone: Much love to our brave men and women for ridding the world of a supreme evil. If you see a man or woman in uniform, for heaven's sake, shake their hand and thank them for all they do to keep our country safe and free. God Bless America and God Bless Our Troops!