Monday, May 16, 2011

Calling All Brain Cells

I'm tiredExhausted.  Aw, hell, I'm a zombie.  Hey, that would make for an interesting character--a virgin zombie. Actually, no, that would be seriously lame.

Don't mind me...I'm just rambling because I have hardly slept in three days, with last night producing zip, zilch, nada for slumber land.  I can't even get the dang sandman these days. Very distressing. 

So, since my brain cells have gone on strike, I'll be randomly rambling about nothingness.  Fun.

* Serious respect to Chad Ochocinco for attempting to RIDE A BULL.  For real.  And not just any bull--a PBR big boy named Deja Blu.  Though he only stayed on for 1.5 seconds, you have to give him serious credit for trying something so dangerous. Did I mention I love bull riding? Been watching for years.  My favorite bull is Big Tex...back in the day it was Reindeer Dippin.  You wouldn't know I'm a Texan, would you?

* Red Sox swept the Yankees this weekend. Sigh. Yankees, what's goin' on? 

* V and No Ordinary Family were canceled. I don't know why I even bother to watch t.v. dramas anymore, considering they always get canceled before anything is resolved.  Instead of trying to recreate another LOST, failing, and canceling in the middle of a story, maybe they should order a set amount of episodes on the condition that the storyline wrap up. I suppose it would be like a 6-13 episode miniseries.  If they want to order more at a later date, fine, but at least we would have a beginning, middle, and end to fall back on when they do, in all likelihood, cancel it at some point.  Or what about a 2-hour t.v. movie to wrap everything up for loyal viewers? To just drop them in the middle of the story is just plain mean. >:( Yeah, I'm a little cranky about it. I really liked those shows.  What power will George have? We'll never know.  How will humans beat Anna after she got her bliss on? We can only guess.

* Last night's Game Of, lots to see.  Could have done without the horse's head moment, though (My reaction: "What's he gonna do with that sword? What's he gonna to do to the horsey? What's he...noooooo! My eyes!").  

* Every time I see the trailer for the final Harry Potter film, I get really sad.  Is anyone else going to miss this series?  Do I have to ask?

* It's doughnut, not donut.  Thanks Dunkin' Donuts for creating a spelling complex in today's youth. Good doughnuts, though.

* Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts are little pieces of heaven on earth.  Try and have just one...dare you. ;)

* I was told I "need to be" the next Bachelorette.  Wonder how many men would sign up to meet a virgin?  Don't answer that.


  1. i am going to miss harry potter sooo much i grew up with that series! but i still can't wait to see the final movie.

    and i absolutely hate when shows i watch get canceled :( i feel cheated!

  2. About fifty million men, Miss Virgin. They'd be attracted to you like flies around a honeypot. (Couldn't resist answering even though you told us not to.)

  3. I actually saw Chad try to ride the bull. 1.5 seconds though aint gonna pay the bills.

  4. As a mega Harry Potter fan.... I have to say that I don't really care much for the movies... So, personally, I'm glad they are over!

  5. That guy was huge, he almost cleaved that horse's head right off!

    I hope J. Day wasn't watching, she would be in tears. :P

  6. You would get about a billion bachelors for sure! The only bull riding was done in a New Orleans bar and I fell flat on my arse in 5 seconds! ha! That cleaving reminded me of the horse head scene in The Godfather!

  7. That horse head moment was insane! What man can almost behead a horse in one stroke!? Insanity I tell you. Love that show though...was a tad shocked at the full frontal man dick...but hey whatever gets them ratings I suppose.

    As for HP I cannot wait for the last movie in the same way I couldn't wait for the last book. I want to see what they do with it but I know I'll be incredibly depressed when all is said and done. It's been years and years of attachment to these characters to finally have them "finished". :(

  8. I actually just saw a HP preview on TV for the first time. It made me depressed-I'm really dreading it. I just know that when I see it, I'll be a wreck. I was even going to write a post about that.

    I completely agree about the shows being cancelled too. I hate getting into a show and then finding out that I'll never see the plot unfold and finish!

  9. I'm a Dunkin' Junkie. I can't even eat the doughnuts anymore but I love the Cocoa. But back in the day (before Gluten Free)... Boston Cream were my favs, topped only by (Don't tell anyone I said this) Krispy Kreme at 4am... right out of the oven.

  10. I am hating ABC right now between Brothers & Sisters, V, No Ordinary Family, and Off the Map being canceled I might just stop watching TV all together. I'm not really sure what's going on with the Yankees but they need to up their game.

  11. "I can't even get the dang sandman these days" had me laughing so hard that tears were rolling. It was a much-needed laugh, so thanks : )

    I would have an I.V. drip of Dunkin' Donuts coffee, if I could (although I share your pain regarding the spelling debacle)

  12. Hey Krispy Kreme went out of business here, not that I'm a big doughnut fan, used to work at Winchell's donuts yuk. At least, I met my hubby there. Better get some sleep girl, there's nothing good on tv anyway :)

  13. I got so mad when that nutcase killed his horse because he lost a fight! First, it was gross and unnecessary. Second, violence on animals is wrong! It certainly wasn't that horse's fault he couldn't stay up in a joust! I also wasn't a fan of the whole "Lanacaster Imp beating the man to death with the pointy end of a shield" bit. Violence to that degree disturbs me. Padawan also says the chest shaving scene wasn't in the book and that there was no hint of those two character being gay. I haven't read the series, though I suppose I should give it another try.

  14. Ohhhh, bless you! I am SO disapointed with the Yanks right now! What WAS that????!

  15. I totally agree on the TV series comment. What's up with leaving the viewers like that in the middle of the story? Seriously disrespectful and demotivating! It's all about the money, as Meja sings... :(
    I'll miss the Harry Potter movies, but not as much as I have missed the books...

  16. They cancelled "Off the Map" too, the bastards.

  17. Aubree: I feel cheated, too. They leave you with all of these questions that you will never know the answer to. Really bugs me.

    GB: You're a sweetheart. Thank you. *Hugs*

    OT: I watched him give it a go as well. 1.5 won't pay the bills, but it sure does deserve major props. Still can't believe he tried that!

    estefanny: It's true--nothing can come close to the books, but I have enjoyed the films. I'm going to miss Harry Potter across the board. :(

    Drake: I know! I felt like my eyes were burning--not one for watching animals hurt or dying, even if it is pretend. Awww, I hope she didn't see it!

    Yvonne: You're sweet, thank you! *Hugs* I was totally thinking the Godfather during that scene...after I got over the shock and horror of it. :/ Hey, 5 seconds is good, even on a mechanical bull!!!

    Jewels: The show is great...the full frontal moment was...yeah...unexpected. lol I feel the same about Harry Potter--on the one hand, I can't wait to see how they adapt the ending to film, while at the same time I'm totally and completely dreading "no more Harry." :(

    Anna: I got tears in my eyes when the final trailer premiered. :( We've had Harry for so long--I just don't want to see it end. I still haven't gotten over not having a new book to look forward to. :(

    Julianna: Right out of the oven...oh, Lord help me that sounds like heaven. Yum!

    Somnia: I can't believe how many shows were canceled. I'm so sad. Yankees need to figure out what's going on. The drama going on with them right now doesn't help things. :/

    KLo: :) I'm glad it made you laugh. I swear Mr. Sandman purposely bypasses my bedroom...typical. Should be used to it by now. ;) LOL--IV drip of their coffee...that had me laughing! I feel the same about doughnuts. :)

    Alessandra: Awww, you met your hubby like that! Okay, that is really sweet! I'm trying to catch up on sleep! :)

    Chanel: Totally agree. I found the scene unnecessary as well. I have a tough time watching animals getting hurt, even if it's only pretend. I just don't think it was really needed. We can all figure out that the guy is ruthless...he didn't have to kill his horse to prove it. :(

    Jenner: I have NO idea. Ugh.

    Beliza: It really is demotivating--makes me not want to get invested in another new show. Oh, I agree--I miss the books most of all. :(

    Suzanne: Hey you! Good to see you! True Blood is almost here!!!! I know! That show had barely gotten started! :(

  18. I'll miss harrypotter so much! j.k rowlings is a genius :)

  19. I didn't know you're watching Game Of Thrones. Did you read books?