Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Pardon me for a moment. I'm about to lose my composure and act like an absolute idiot.

Excited! So excited! Ridiculously excited! Must bounce! 

*Jump! Bounce! Higher! Bounce! Higher!*

Time to work the bum in lights out fashion! 

*Shakin' the bum! Shake it! Shake it! Doin' the Beyonce booty dance! Yeah! Yeah!*

Ah, feel better now.

(Don't think I didn't do exactly that immediately following the game,'cause I did.).

With my hands shaking and my pacing growing more extreme, I watched my Mavs, yet again, be the comeback kids and suck the wind right out of the Thunder, winning 100-96.

Much credit to the Thunder--there is no doubt they will be one heck of a force in years to come. I expect to see them back in the playoffs next year.

But, for now...

The Dallas Mavericks are heading to the NBA Finals.  Whoop! Whoop! Aw, yeah, I'm bringin' out the whoop!

Dirk, Marion, JJ, Kidd, Terry, and the whole blessed team played not only with talent--that's a given--but with heart.  SO PROUD OF THEM!!!!

So, who will Dallas meet in the Finals? Well, it will either be the Bulls or the Heat.  Right now, it looks like the Miami Heat, which means it will be a 2006 Finals rematch (the Heat won, but we won't talk about that).

I know it's going to be tough, whoever we face, but right now...I want to bask in this feeling...


Let's go get 'em!

GO MAVS!!!!!!!!


  1. YAY!!!!

    And on a side note, the Houston Aeros are playing to the Calder Cup in hockey.

  2. OT: I'm so excited!

    That's fantastic!!!!! YAY Houston!!!

  3. Yay Mavs! Your team is in! woo hoo!
    AND my Vancouver Canucks are in the Stanley Cup finals!!
    There's a lot of bouncing going on!

  4. Congrats to the Mavs! I hope they go all the way.
    Eva at Wrestling with Retirement

  5. I'm glad it's the Mavs, doesn't look like the Bulls are going to make it though.

  6. Congrats, as much as it pains me to say so. Actually, no it doesn't. I wasn't a Thunder fan anyway. And to be honest, I thought they were in this a bit early in their young careers. Give them a half decade.

    As for your opponent next up, I think for your sake you should root for the Bulls. If the Mavs face the Heat, I'm afraid it might just be a repeat of 2006 again. Except, the Heat are even better this time.

    And, no, I'm not a Heat fan for the record. :)

  7. Dirk N desreves a title, they must run the Heat dead. I am with ya!

  8. I was so happy when I was able to catch this entire game! It was nothing but pure excitment the entire game. I had my arms in the air and fists pumping when they finally pulled out the win in the end! The Thunder did play really well. I will say Dirk's three pointer had me jumping off the couch :D Hopefully they will survive the finals.

  9. Carole: Huge Congratulations!!! Oh, yeah, tons of bouncing! I think I reached new heights last night. lol

    Eva: Thank you! The really do deserve it!!!!

    George: Thank you!! You never know, though! The Bulls are playing tough right now.

    David: The Thunder will be a force in no time. They were persistent as all get out this series! lol

    No matter who we play, it will be tough. The Dallas Mavericks are hungry. As for the Heat, well, yeah, they are scary lol...but every team is beatable. We've surpassed the vast majority of expectations in this postseason, and I have no doubt we will once again be the underdog in the Finals. No matter. They'll give it everything they've got and then some. :)

    getyourselfconnected: Absolutely agree!! GO MAVS!!!

    Somnia: I'm so glad you got to see this game!!! It was crazy good!! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. OH-when Dirk hit the three, I yelled so loud, I probably woke up the neighborhood! lol FINALS, here we come!