Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dallas Mavericks Lose Game 1 To The Heat :(

Well, that was painful.

The game was close...until the second half.

I have a couple of observations that I'm not afraid to make and I really could care less if people disagree with me (sorry, I'm cranky):

1. Dear refs:  please get glasses and stop checking your ethics at the door. There were some seriously piss poor phantom calls on the Mavs...and the Heat, for that matter. ***I'M NOT SAYING THE REFS GAVE THIS GAME TO MIAMI, SO PLEASE DON'T JUMP ALL OVER ME*** I'm well aware who had more FT.  All I'm saying is this: Questionable officiating was one of our downfalls in 2006 and I really don't want to see another series, whichever way it goes, tainted by the refs.  Just sayin'.

2. Anyone I know who is a Mavs fan quite literally had to mute the game due to certain announcers constantly slobbering over their opponent. It was like this against Portland, Lakers, OKC, and now the Heat.  Only when the Mavs win do they actually get the recognition and respect they deserve and this fan is damn sick of it.  The Mavs would not be where they are, in the Finals, if they were not a damn good team. If you saw (and heard) how people down the Mavs, even though they have had a masterful playoff run...well, you'd be damn mad, too! (I'm sayin' damn too much.  Oh well.  I'm cranky!  And I'm gonna defend my team!)

I'm not trying to take anything away from the Heat--they played a helluva game tonight. The Heat's bench was flawless, they hit more 3 pointers, their defense was sound, etc.

The Mavs need to rebound better, we MUST hit more 3s, our bench needs to bring it, and we need to go back to lights out basketball--that high intensity, non-stop, aggressive, GRRRR, ya know?

Bottom Line: It's a long series. Make some adjustments and take it to 'em. 

GO GRRRRR and we'll be just fine.  I know they don't want second place--none of us want that for them.  BUT, making it all the way to the finals is quite an achievement. So, yeah, I'm doing the Pollyanna bit here, looking on the bright side and all. 

My belief: THEY CAN DO THIS!!!! COME ON MAVS!!!! TAKE IT TO 'EM GAME 2!!!!!!!! I don't give up easily, and neither will they. The Mavs were the underdogs from the start.  I've always liked being the underdog...makes you less noticed and better poised for attack.  Perhaps the loss tonight will actually work to our advantage...hmmm.  There's a thought.  Underdogs UNITE!!!!!!!

This ain't over...it's only just beginning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOTE: Sorry about the big blank space...for whatever reason, I can't delete it. Ugh. :/


  1. It was a really good game. And I agree...there were a few bad calls that favored the Heat. And yes, the announcers were annoying. I'm rooting for the Mavs. They could win this...they almost won last night, and that was with Dirk playing so-so, compared to what he's been doing. Go Mavs!

  2. Sorry about the game. It was still a good game even though they lost.

  3. I heard, and I'm sorry they lost. But they'll come back next time. Everybody has an off night.

  4. I think you should change the title of your blog from "The Frisky Virgin" to "Talks Way Too Much About Sports."

  5. ahhhh, it was such a good game! I do agree about the refs though and the Mavs rebounding was horrible giving the Heat another shot is one thing but when they started getting two or three offessive rebounds in a row that was torture. i will add that they did turn over the ball quite often too, need to work on that along with the bench. If they put the grrr into it for the game 2 from start to finish I think they will put out a win :D positivity goes a long way!!

  6. Eva: I really think they can still take this thing as well. I just can't stand bad calls and annoying announcers! lol

    OT: Yep, it was. I think they'll come back next game with force!

    Chanel: You know, I was thinking they were due an off night--I mean, they've been rolling so strong, so long. They'll come back!

    Anon: LOL--I do love my sports...it's part of who I am. I'm not just a virgin--I'm a sports-lovin' virgin! ;)

    Somnia: They've had issues with rebounding before and they've always been able to adjust and come back. We definitely need to insert the Grrrrr! LOL They can do this!!! I believe in them!

  7. Too bad they lost the game but there is always the next game and they will be hungry for another win. Get ready to bounce! My Canucks beat the Bruins with only 19 seconds left on the clock!

  8. Carole: Oh, yeah, we'll *bounce* back! LOL I saw that!!! I bet you were bouncing up a storm!!!!

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