Tuesday, July 31, 2012

True Blood Tuesday: Somebody That I Used to Know

Season five, Episode eight

Sam, Luna, & Andy: Luna is a bit cranky. She wants out of the hospital, so she can get her revenge on the haters. Sam, believing Luna had calmed down, headed for the station. Meanwhile, Luna has a bit of a breakdown…and in the process, she shifts into Sam. Remember her family history? The shock of seeing herself as Sam brought on the faints. Lol

Eric, Bill, & The Authority: They return from their massacre all high and happy…apart from Eric. Bill appears to be enjoying the whole ‘Lilith appeared to us’ thing, but Eric seems to talk some sense into him (“We were high as an effin’ kite.”).

Sookie & Jason: Jason stops Sookie from becoming normal. He tells her that had she not been what she is, she never would have known true love with Bill and she never would have been able to talk to Gran on the other side. Jason tells her that her gift may be the one thing they have to finding the vampire who murdered their parents.

Luna/Sam: Luna/Sam sneaks out of the hospital. Though taking the look of a man, she maintains her sassy talk and walk. Lol

Jess & Fangtasia guy: Well, dude convinces Jess to leave with him for his super-tasting blood. My gut tells me this is a hater-moron…

Eric, Bill, & The Authority: While Russell, Steve, Salome, Nora, and the others revel in their ‘amazing’ night, Eric and Bill appear disgusted. Salome orders Steve to have a group of humans gathered and held in the cells. Eric says he’s had enough fun for one night and asks if Bill will leave with him…but Bill stays. Shame on Bill.

Alcide & Were-Woman (whose name is apparently Rikki): My. My. My. Um. Alcide, all growl-y and, well, naked, is having some adult play time with his were-gal. Uh, he asks her to be his girlfriend. Her answer? Maybe. Riiight. I’m thinking her ‘maybe’ translates to ‘Hell, yes.’

Bill & Salome: Salome presents Bill with the mother of a four-month-old child to feed upon. Bill cannot feed on the young mother, having been a father himself in his lifetime. FLASHBACK: Bill flashes back to when he visited his ill daughter. Once she realized he was immortal, she begged for him to turn her…he refused. BACK TO PRESENT: Salome says to refuse to feed is blasphemy. Yep, Bill sinks his fangs into the poor woman.

Note: I want to smack Salome. Honestly, her peer pressure-Lilith crap is getting on my nerves. And Bill…shame on you!

Hoyt & the hater-morons: Just as I suspected, Jessica is silvered and locked in some isolated house. The hater-morons lock Hoyt in a room with Jess until he shoots her with a silver & wooden bullet.  

Sookie, Jason, Claude, & Fairies: Sookie and Jason head to the fairy club to find out about these extra powers she holds. Claude thinks he knows a way they can help her…they’ll meet near the bridge where her parents died.

Lafayette: Driving back from his ordeal with Jesus’ grandfather, Laf pulls over, digs in a first aid kit, finds some V, and puts it on his wounded lips (from where they were laced). After they heal up, Laf sees Jesus sitting in the car next to him. He asks Jesus if he’s real. Jesus basically says it doesn’t matter. They hold hands and Laf drives on.

Andy, Sam, & arrested hater-moron (the one Sam tackled in the hospital last episode): Andy leaves Sam alone with the idiot, who, of course, acts all moronic and brave. Really? You’re in there, alone, with a shifter. Yep, Sam shifts into a snake and starts threatening him. Meanwhile, Andy sees Luna/Sam storm into the police station, demanding to see the hater-moron. Luna/Sam heads back to find Sam-Sam, who, at that moment, has dressed and gotten news on the hater-morons’ hideout and Jessica’s capture.

Sookie, Jason, Claude, & Fairies: Using Albert Einstein’s (and Albert was part-fairy, btw) theory, they will utilize waves to help Sookie channel her mother the night of her death. Instantly, she smells her mama’s perfume. Essentially, she feels and sees everything her mother saw/felt the night she died. She sees the vampire attack—he’s wearing a big hat and trench coat. Something happens…Sookie is no longer her mother—she’s the vampire. She feels his desire and hunger for her blood. Claudette shows up, screams to leave the girl alone, and fairy blasts him. End of channel session.

Hoyt & Jessica: Jess asks him to remove the silver. Hoyt wants to know why she doesn’t love him. She says she wanted to love him, even prayed for it to come back, but it never did. Hurt, Hoyt aims the gun at her head. We then see the living room where a hater-moron is watching t.v…and there’s a gunshot. The hater-moron rushes in the room…and gets his neck broken by Jess. Since Jess can’t leave because it’s daytime, Hoyt heads out to find help. Okay, Hoyt, I like ya a little better now.

Lafayette, Arlene, & Holly: Arlene & Holly convince Laf to conduct a fake séance to show Terry that his smoke monster is a figment of his imagination. Laf agrees to do it…for $300. lol

Sam, Jess, Andy, & Luna/Sam: The crew busts into the hater-moron shack to save Jess. Luna/Sam smells a distinctive female scent in the shack—the woman is big and has a bad diet. Luna/Sam then doubles over in pain.

Note: I’m thinking the ring leader of this hater-moron group is Hoyt’s mama.

Sookie, Jason, & Claude: Back at Sookie’s, Claude is freaking a bit—channeling a vampire is a big no-no. Sookie remembers Claudine saying the vampire’s name—Warlo or Warlow.

Tara & Pam: While bartending at Fangtasia, a former high school classmate of Tara’s shows up—she’s a rude, racist bitch. Tara calls her out, but Pam zooms over to scold her child.

Alcide, J.D. & the pack: J.D. changes the rules for the pack master competition—he offers up a young high school track star for them to hunt. Al drops out to save the boy’s life. Unfortunately, J.D. still decides to hunt the poor thing. Al tries to stop him, but J.D. put a beating on our sexy wolf. The hyped-up were takes off after the boy…and Al goes after him.

Note: I really, really don’t like J.D.

Eric & Nora: Eric finds Nora praying to the vile of Lilith’s blood at The Authority. Eric tries to tell her that Lilith doesn’t exist—that Salome chose this path for her. He tells her he saw Godric the same night she saw Lilith. He tries to talk sense into her, but she denounces her maker, saying Godric was a weak, disgusting apologist. Eric zips ahead and chokes Nora, but he doesn’t kill her. She says Lilith will show him the way and leaves Eric standing with tears in his eyes.

Sam & Luna/Sam: Same nurses Luna/Sam, who thinks she’s dying. Luna/Sam shifts back to Luna…and then suffers horrid pain…and pukes.

Pam & Tara: Pam pulls Tara aside to talk about her attitude. She brings her to the basement where the high school bitch is tied up. Tara says she thought Pam was mad. Pam: “You don’t know me that well. My mad face and my happy face are the same.” Pam then glamours the rude bitch into being Tara’s slave—her sole purpose is to feed and worship Tara, her master.

Note: The maker/child relationship between Pam and Tara just keeps getting better and better.

Alcide & J.D.: Al is able to save the boy, but J.D. beats the snot out of Al. Luckily, Martha stops him from killing Al.
Note: Um, J.D. was on V. It wasn’t a fair fight, right? Isn’t that against wolf-law or something? Why wouldn’t HE be disqualified? Ticks me off.

Lafayette, Arlene, Terry, Holly, & Patrick: In an effort to convince Terry that this whole monster thing is just a figment of his imagination, Arlene, Holly, & Lafayette hold a fake séance. There’s just one little problem…the woman Terry & Patrick killed in Iraq shows up and takes hold of Lafayette, just as Marnie did last season. She makes it known that she’ll lift the curse IF: 1. Terry kills Patrick or 2. Patrick kills Terry. Patrick rushes out at this revelation.

Note: This is a very girly observation, but I loved Arlene’s hair pulled back in a simple ponytail. Usually, her hair is so styled, but the simple look really suited her.

Hoyt: While walking along a deserted road, lost, a truck pulls up and Hoyt apparently recognizes the ‘friendly face.’ Although, he/she must not be that friendly, since he/she is holding a gun to Hoyt’s head.

Sookie: While in her bathroom, Sookie sees a spooky mirage of the vampire that murdered her parents. In a Freddy-Krueger-like voice, he says he’s coming for her.

Note: Um, maybe it’s just my frame of mind tonight (seriously happy over Dale Jr. finishing 4th and taking the points lead today), but I didn’t find this uber-vamp very scary at all. Like Sookie couldn’t fairy-blast his fanged butt? Come on.

Eric, Bill, Salome, Nora, Russell, & The Authority: Our group of Lilith followers holds a meeting to plan their next move. Russell and Steve are flirting it up, not really paying attention to Salome. Bill comes up with the idea that they should blow up True Blood factories—if they remove the ‘safe’ food source, mainstreamer vampires will turn to feeding on humans. Eric turns to Bill and asks, “What are you doing?” Bill: “Evolving.”

Note: Okay, who thinks Bill is really ‘evolving?’ Personally, I have to think he has some master plan to take down Salome and crew (at least, I hope so). Although, I was kind of hoping this would be Eric’s time to save the day. We shall see…

Some thoughts: I still think Russell is playing Salome. Just the fact that he wasn’t paying her a bit of attention at the meeting tells me he’s up to something.

AND, who do we think this Warlo/Warlow character is? When he appeared to Sookie in that misty way, I immediately thought, “Hmm, not really a vampire thing to do.” If you’ve read the books, you know who really killed Sookie’s parents. I’m wondering if maybe Warlo/Warlow isn’t a fairy-turned-vampire, perhaps?? How did Claudine know him by name? What do you think?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Seven Deadly Sins of Reading

Well, a stress x 1 million weekend closed with two very good things:

1. McDonalds. Yep, junk food makes me happy.

and, most importantly,

2. Dale Jr. finished 4th at the Brickyard, taking the points lead in the chase!!! GO DALE!

7 Deadly Sins of Reading

A looooong overdue tag by Mr. Jay. :) Anyone who wants to take this tag, please do so and have fun! :)

1) Greed - What is your most expensive/least expensive book?

I have no idea. Maybe my Sookie Stackhouse set…or that insanely expensive cookbook I bought for my mom. lol
As for the least expensive...most likely a .99 book that I absolutely loved. :)
2) Wrath - What author do you have a love/hate relationship with?

I don’t think I have a “love/hate” relationship for any author. Wow, I’m such a Pollyanna right now…BUT I seriously mean it. Lol

3) Gluttony - What book have you devoured deliciously over and over with no shame whatsoever?

Hmm. Probably Pride & Prejudice. Two words: Mr. Darcy.

4) Sloth - What book have you neglected to read due to laziness?

I’ll go with Finnegans Wake on this one.

5) Pride - What book do you most talk about in order to sound intellectual?

Ha! I don’t think I’ve ever tried! If I’m talking books, it usually has to do with reminiscing on what we all loved growing up. Other times, book-talk might coincide with a movie adaptation or something along those lines.

6) Lust - What attributes do you find most attractive in male/female characters?

I dearly love humor and quirkiness. I also love characters who overcome their insecurities and fear to find their strength.
7) Envy - What book would you most like to receive as a gift?

I think I’ll let this one stay on my mind’s dream shelf. ;)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

True Blood Tuesday: In the Beginning

Season five, Episode seven

Eric, Bill, Russell, & Authority: One word: chaos. While Russell attacks Eric, the lights go out, the UV’s flicker, Authority soldiers blast inside, and Bill frantically tries to find his partner in crime in the crazy darkness. The Authority soldiers effectively silver-net Russell, capturing him. When the lights come back on, Eric is hanging on a marble column, alive and still maintaining his sharp wit: “The view from up here is spectacular.”

Sookie & Jason: Claude and another fairy begin checking Sookie’s fairy levels. By sending lights through her body, they can determine the strength of her levels. Once done, they determine that her fairy powers are draining. When they inquire whether or not she’s been experiencing any disturbances, Sookie admits she has. Claude and the fairy inform Sookie that because of her half-fae status, she could run out of magic and no longer be part-fairy…if she isn’t careful about how much and how often she uses her power.

Sam & Andy: Police show up to investigate the Stake Shop killing. Sam is sniffing around the place like a dog, looking for evidence. He has the deputy check out a box, which just so happens to be full of the Obama masks the killer’s wear. He then starts rolling around, picking up scents of hate, envy, & bad diets.

Note: During this scene, I kept thinking, “Sam, the cutest human puppy ever.”

Hoyt & the super-haters: Basically, this group of hater-morons is trying to recruit Hoyt…and it’s working. Hoyt says he hates Jessica, and the guys are there to hate her with them.

Note: Yeah, I’m not loving this. Hoyt really started getting on my nerves last season. Now, he’s just being plain stupid.

Eric & Bill: Bill realizes someone used them to bring Roman’s killer right to him. They’re putting two and two together. They know Russell has an accomplice.

Eric, Bill, Nora, & Salome: Eric and Bill visit Salome and Nora in her private chambers…and out comes Russell, all dressed in a suit. Russell says he didn’t kill Eric because he’s been reborn. And there we have it! Salome admits to digging Russell up. She followed Bill and Eric the night they buried Russell. Salome couldn’t kill Roman—it had to be Russell, as per their “book.” Eric, meanwhile, is pissed at Nora—doesn’t want her calling him brother. Eric refuses to join Nora, Russell, and Salome. Bill hesitates for a second before saying they need peaceful coexistence in order for both species to survive. Though they are against the Sanguinista’s, Salome, by virtue of what Lilith wants, decides to give them another chance. Bill and Eric have until tomorrow night to decide.

Alcide & girl: Have we heard wolf-gal’s name yet? I think we can figure out who she is by process of elimination, but I still haven’t heard a name, unless I missed it. Anyway, wolf-gal is training Alcide…and putting a hurting on him. She suggests Al take some V in order to compete with J.D., but Al vehemently refuses. Here come the kisses…and Martha shows up. Martha wants J.D. to be pack master, refusing to believe he’s on V.

Note: Okay. Hold on. He was in love with Sookie two seconds ago. Now, he’s rolling around with wolf-gal. I thought Sookie brought his mind back to square one after Eric glamoured him. Is he still somehow part-glamoured…the part regarding Sookie?!

Arlene & Holly: Poor thing is watching the video of her wedding to Terry. Holly joins her in Sam’s office to watch. Holly more or less convinces Arlene to not give up on Terry.

Note: I’m not sure why Arlene would doubt Terry, given that she lives in Bon Temps. At least Holly acknowledged the possibility of a smoke monster.

Sookie & Jason: Jason brings Sook some breakfast in bed. He makes sure she understands that she is in no way responsible for their parent’s deaths. Aw, I’m loving the brother-sister love here.

Andy: Andy shows up at the former Sheriff’s house. He’s having a confidence issue…and finding the former Sheriff cheating on his wife isn’t going to help matters.

Lafayette & Don Bartolo: Lafayette has gone to confront Jesus’ grandfather. The house looks like it has been empty for a while. While walking through the place, Lafayette finds Jesus’ severed head sitting in a chair. Don Bartolo sneaks up on Lafayette and holds a shotgun to his chest, saying he’s taking back what Jesus gave him…but Laf isn’t backing down. Good for him!

Luna, Sam, & Sookie: Luna wants to leave the hospital and help hunt down the baddies. Sook shows up with treats for Luna and takes Sam for a hospital coffee. She asks him if he would trade in his powers to be normal. In a way, he would, but, at the same time, you have to fight the fight. He muses that the world would be safer for those he loves if he was normal.

Tara & Pam: Um, well Tara is now pole dancing. Pam seems quite pleased with her protégé’s technique. This is not the best time for Tara’s mom to show up. Her mama came to Fangtasia to say goodbye—from this day forward, Tara is dead to her. Tara seems unfazed, tells her to go, and climbs right back on the pole.

Bill, Eric, Salome, Nora, Russell, & Authority: Salome retrieves the vile containing Lilith’s blood. Tonight, everyone in the room will drink from Lilith. Dieter says this is blasphemy. Turning to Nora, Salome, and Russell, he questions just who they are to offer the blood of Lilith…that’s as far as he got, since Russell ripped off his head in a mere millisecond. And so, they each pour a drop on their hand and lick. Bill turns to Eric, asking if they are really going to do this. Eric doesn’t think the blood will do anything…

…until they are walking about New Orleans on some vamp-blood high. Wow. Lilith’s blood has turned them violent—they see humans as theirs now.

Note: Any chance Russell could be playing Salome and Nora?
Tara & Pam: Tara, visibly upset, was sitting in Pam’s office chair when her maker walks in. Tara immediately gets up, but Pam tells her to stay. Maker Pam acknowledges that Tara was right—she’s better at dancing than bartending. Pam then comments on Tara’s mom, calling her a real bitch. Despite agreeing with what she said, Tara cries for the woman she hates. Pam makes it clear that Tara’s mother isn’t really her mother any longer. When Pam touches Tara’s arm, Tara jumps up and gives Pam a hug. For a split-second, I think Pam melted and felt motherly. Of course, this didn’t last long.  

Lafayette: Well, so much for Laf showing some strength. Gramps has him tied to a chair with his lips sewn shut exactly as Jesus’. Don then carves a shape into Laf’s forehead. His pregnant wife is on the floor, being prepared for the “rebirth” of the family monster currently residing within Lafayette. When Gramps lifts his wife’s shirt, we see her stomach move very strangely. Just as Don’s about to cut open Lafayette’s brain, the wife jumps him, stabs him repeatedly, and kills him. She then turns to Lafayette and starts undoing the ties on his lips.

J.D. and the pack: The nameless vamp friend has told J.D. that the end of days is coming. J.D. believes it’s imperative that they join this vamp. He produces a vile of the vamp’s blood—if they drink it, the vamp will trust them. OH NO! Emma! Little Emma rounds the corner and J.D. offers some blood to her! She grabs the vile, ready to drink!!! MARTHA! Thank God! She takes Emma away from J.D., now knowing Alcide was right about him using V.

Note: Anyone else freak when he gave the V to Emma?!  

Hoyt & the morons: Well, Hoyt is now sporting an Obama mask. Guess he’s officially upped his status from lame to moron.

Sam & Luna: Sam sniffs down another human moron in the hospital and starts to beat him up.

Eric, Bill, Salome, Nora, Russell, & Authority: We’re at a karaoke bar—part of some wedding party. Russell takes out the bride, while the others feed on the rest. Lilith must be one seriously rampage-happy vamp.

Terry & Patrick: They’re sitting in a field, drinking beer, waiting to die. The fire monster comes for them…and it’s laughing at them. Beastie leaves them alive…for now. Not able to take it anymore, Terry snatches Patrick’s gun and threatens to commit suicide. Patrick says his kids would want to know he died fighting, not committing suicide. Terry hands the gun over and Patrick empties it of bullets. Patrick finally admits his remorse for the order he gave.

Note: Okay, did anyone think Scooby-doo monster when the thing laughed at them?

Jessica: Jess is busy feeding on some guy when Jason shows up needing to talk. She leaves her bedmate and joins Jason on the couch downstairs. Jason tells her about how his parents really died.

Sookie: Sookie, walking home, thinks back on her life and how everyone always asks her what she is. Clearly wanting to be normal, she starts shooting beams with her hands, hoping to drain her powers to nothing.

Jess & Jason: Jess assures Jason that not all vampires think the same way. She kisses him, but he tastes the blood on her lips. Instantly, he wants to know who she fed from, but she hasn’t a clue—it’s just some guy. Jason is appalled. They fight—she gets mad at him, considering he doesn’t know the name of every cow he’s been with, etc. Poor Jason says, “I haven’t been with any cows!” lol She calls him an idiot and bites him; he pushes her back and shoots her in the head. Note: The wound didn’t faze Jessica—she healed instantly. Basically coming to the conclusion that all vampires are, indeed, the same, Jason leaves the mansion. Just as he’s about to climb into his car, Jason spots the sky illuminating in the distance—Sookie’s bursts. Jason runs off to find Sookie.

Bill, Eric, Nora, Russell, Salome, Authority: While massacring the humans, a single drop of blood falls and Lilith rises. She walks to Nora, breathes a reddish cloud on her face, and Nora, along with others, respond by ravaging the humans again. Godric!!! Godric appears to Eric, tells him this is wrong; he knows Eric realizes this isn’t right, but says his sister cannot see this reality. Godric tells him to save Nora.

Note: When Eric looked from Godric to Nora that last time, did you notice Lilith was no longer visible to Eric? I think Godric reawakened Eric from whatever spell Lilith’s blood had on him. Very cool scene.

Wow! Crazy episode! What did you think?

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Fisherman

This was a guest post I wrote for Kit-Kat a long while back. I’m not sure if she’s still blogging—I haven’t seen anything from her in quite some time. She was a sweetheart—I hope she’s doing well.

Honestly, the timing couldn’t be more appropriate for this one. It’s not the first time I’ve talked about The Fisherman type, but some topics just need expanding. I’ve been thinking about writing a certain piece for a while…and last week, I wrote it. BIG step. I’ll probably post it next week—you’ll likely know what I’m talking about when you see the post title. It’s something that is long overdue.

Anyway, as a sort of preface to that upcoming post, this is The Fisherman, exactly as I wrote it for Kit-Kat. Hope you like it.

A little about me: I am The Frisky Virgin—a character, girly-girl, all sports-loving, virgin-next-door.  Long ago, I decided to wait for love…of course when I made that decision, I didn’t think in a million years I would be in my early 30s and still waiting.  So, naturally, I’ve gotten quite frisky over the years.  This virgin makes it her mission to slay virgin stereotypes, help others, and enlighten people about exactly what it’s like to date in a sex-centered world. 

When I’m not in the middle of hell-dating, I find that men typically fall into several categories: The Good Kind (near extinction); Fickle Fiddles; The Players (far too many); The Players who think they’re The Good Kind (very dangerous); etc.

Then, there is the trickiest, stickiest, most insufferable of all male sub-species: The Fisherman.  If you haven’t met a Fisherman, consider yourself lucky.  The Fisherman casts his line, looking for the sweet, unsuspecting female fish.  Once hooked, The Fisherman looks for a different kind of fish on the sly.  

How to recognize The Fisherman’s Bait: Often disguised as The Good Kind; usually says he’s looking for his soul mate; compliments you enough to keep you around; eventually fails to keep his word, but follows up with a flurry of false hope; after you’ve been around a while, he may disappear for a chunk of time, then come back, showering you with attention; keeping you waiting is his game.

He may believe he will one day be ready to settle down and expects you to be there, hanging on the hook for when he’s ready to yank you into his boat. Why is he so dangerous? Because while he’s sampling various kinds of spicy fish, you’re stuck on a dang hook, wasting precious time, hoping The Fisherman will one day come around.

So, how do you deal with The Fisherman? It’s very simple. Take yourself off the hook…turn yourself from a tiny, unassuming fishy, into the one thing all fisherman fear the most: Jaws. Yes, my friends, the only way to handle The Fisherman is to Go Jaws. 

What does it mean to “Go Jaws?”  All you have to do is eloquently use the art of verbal communication to face The Fisherman. Politely and calmly call him out on his ways and refuse to take his bait.  Sound a little too uncomplicated?  It is, but The Fisherman isn’t accustomed to his little fishes being too smart to take the bait or too strong to remove it. 

So, next time you come across The Fisherman, just cue the theme to Jaws and consider yourself safe from the hook. After all, would Jaws fall for a measly little fishing hook? Hell no. He’d eat the boat.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

True Blood Tuesday: Hopeless

Season five, episode six

Sookie, Bill, Eric, Alcide, & Russell: So, we left off with Alcide being swept down the hall…here, we find out it was a fellow were who grabbed him by the ankles and tried dragging him away from Sookie and company. Sookie ran after him, but other were’s jumped Eric and Bill. Russell tries to bite Sookie…aw, you can’t do that to a fairy! She fairy-blasts him across the room.

Bill is keen on delivering Russell alive to the Authority, thinking it may win them their lives. Before Eric can really digest this option, Kibwe from the Authority shows up with some soldiers to capture Russell.

Tara, Jess, & Pam: Pam puts a stop to the fighting, telling Tara she’s proud of her…the way a human is proud of a well-trained dog. The Jess-Tara friend-fest is over, at least for the time being.

Terry & Patrick: Patrick finally sees the smoke monster.

Sookie, Bill, Eric, & Alcide: Upon Bill’s recommendation, Kibwe orders that Sookie and Alcide be glamoured. Though Bill has no intention of truly glamouring Sookie (also, I didn’t think that worked on her to begin with??), his words pierce her mind as if he had: he basically tells her to forget he exists and live her life as she is supposed to live it…in the sun, with humans. Eric, meanwhile, uses his blood to heal one of Al’s wounds; in doing so, he’s able to effectively glamour him. Ridding Alcide’s memory of the night’s events wasn’t limited to those involving Russell. Oh, no, Eric just had to tell him that though he is to protect Sookie with his life, he is disgusted by her and will never touch her again. BAD Eric! Lol

Note: May I just say…what nice abs you have, Alcide. Mercy me. Eric and Bill looked quite steamy as well.

Sam & Luna: Oh! Luna’s ALIVE!!! They’re being wheeled into the hospital for treatment. Little were-Emma shows up on her grandma’s doorstep. Martha knew instantly that the were-pup was Emma.

Jess & Hoyt: Oh, thank goodness Jess told Hoyt he looks ridiculous. His clothing really bothers me. After Jess fought off Tara, Hoyt is convinced Jess still loves him. He offers himself up to her in whatever way she wants. It was a bit sad. Jess tells him he’s not being himself and walks out of Fangtasia.

Alcide & Sookie: In the van driving back to her house, Sook is crying, while Al has absolutely no idea what’s going on.

Eric & Bill: Kibwe places them in a van to be taken back to the Authority. Eric is so over this Lilith crap. Bill, on the other hand, is a little more kiss-butt towards Lilith, but he’s only trying to cover his ass.

Kibwe & human hostages: Yeah, he killed them all. Gotta say, for someone who’s supposedly all for meshing with humans, I didn’t expect this.

Jason & his daddy: In a dream, Jason’s daddy tells him the only thing he has to fear is…and Jason wakes up. Hmm.

Alcide & Sookie: Al wakes up in Sook’s room. He meanders down the stairs and eventually asks if they did the deed. He has some flashbacks to making out with her, but can’t really make sense of them. When she reaches for him, he recoils. Sookie, thankfully, realizes Eric must have toyed with his mind, so she uses her fairy power to “reawaken” his memories.

Sam, Luna, Emma, and Martha: Martha brings Emma to visit Luna. In the process, Sam reveals that humans attacked the shifters. Martha offers to take care of Emma, and though Luna is reluctant at first, she accepts that this would be the only way to keep her daughter safe while they find out who’s trying to kill supes.

Terry & Patrick: Terry has a bit of a breakdown on the way back to Bon Temps. Patrick tries to talk him down, but Terry blames himself and Patrick for what happened. He recognizes that he should never have followed Patrick’s orders. They know they’re walking dead men.

Lafayette & Ruby, his mother: His mom tells him that Don Bartolo, Jesus’ grandfather, is back in the picture. Jesus is in trouble and only Lafayette can help him. You know this has to do with that monster thing!

Sookie, Holly, & Arlene: At Merlotte’s, the trio complains about men. Jason shows up and informs Sook about what Hadley told him (vampires killed their folks). He goes on to tell her about the fairy club, and Sook insists he take her there.

Sam & Andy: So, we have hate crimes against supes now. Sam tells Andy that he can help him in the investigation—after all, he has the most heightened senses on the planet.

Alcide & the pack: Al, all sexy and fierce, claims his right to pack master over J.D. Problem is, Al needs someone to second him. Problem solved: The super pretty were-girl who brought Sam to Martha at the beginning of the season offered her support as second. Do I see a new relationship brewing???

Note: Yeah, right, J.D. Like you have a chance against Alcide. Just sayin’

Eric, Bill, & the Authority: Eric and Bill are brought in for a little blood-wine celebration with the council. The Authority removes their automatic stake packs. Eric asks to speak to Nora, but Salome precludes it. Salome, it is revealed, has been interrogating Russell. Riiiiight. Bill continues his butt-kissing: Eric: “Boy scout.” Roman sweeps in with some special blood-wine—18th century. He’s a happy boy. If I had to wager, I’ll bet he won’t be happy for long. Bill believes in coexistence, but Eric…well…he sort of dances around the topic. He says there are humans he’s had protective feelings for (Sookie). He considers himself a pacifist.
Salome wants to continue interrogating Russell, but Roman stops her, saying he’s going to execute the evil vamp this night. Yes, yes, Miss Salmome is beginning to break a little—she sounds so desperate to get to Russell. Roman orders her to give him another dose of silver and to have an automatic stake slapped on him.

Note: I’m surprised Roman was so clueless where Salome was concerned. I mean, her desperation was so obvious.

Eric, once again, pleads to Roman to visit Nora, revealing his relationship with her (vamp siblings). So long as he’s back for the execution, Eric may visit her.

Terry & Arlene: Terry confesses all to Arlene…and they break up for her safety. :(

Sookie & Jason: Jason takes Sook to the field. Instantly, Sook hears the fairies and music. She wanders into the club, but Jason can’t get in on his own (blame the lack of fairy blood). Sook yanks him inside. She eventually finds Hadley and the fairy dude Jess thought was so hot (he was also the one who got Sookie out of scary fairy world). The fairy dude is actually Claudine’s brother.

Andy, Sam, & the Stake Shop: Andy interrogates the Stake Shop guy. While he does, Sam walks in, effectively distracting Junior, the Stake Shop dude. As Andy closes in with his questions, Junior offers to show him some bullets…but Sam smells the guy going into survival mode and shoots him with a bow and arrow, saving Andy’s life. Sam calls the guy a human piece of crap.

Note: I’m seeing some serious lines being drawn here.

Hoyt: While being fed upon, the mask-wearing human hunters show up and shoot the vamp doing the feeding. One of the guys recognizes Hoyt and pulls him into the van.

Sookie & Jason: Claudine’s brother tells them they are safe; it’s not like the evil fairy world. Sookie wanted to know if her parents were really killed by vamps. While trying to listen in on his mind, you get the impression that her skills are a little weak. He finally tells her that a vampire killed her parents when he smelled blood in the car—blood on a Band-Aid that was in the back seat…Sookie’s blood. Sook doesn’t take the news well and tries to fairy-light them, but she’s weak. The other fairies hit her with several beams of light.

Eric, Bill, Nora, Salome, Russell, & the Authority: Nora is completely ignoring Eric, praying to Lilith. Meanwhile, they drag Russell through the halls of the cells. Salome stops by Nora’s cell and informs her that Roman has to execute Russell tonight. Nora is deliriously happy—she says it’s God’s plan made manifest by “her;” she then thanks “her,” she who transcends death. Eric asks if she released Russell, but she said she didn’t—that it’s a miracle—that it’s part of her plan—that she was right all along.

While Russell goes on and on, Roman says it’s about mercy instead of sadism. He wants peace. He flicks the switch to activate Russell’s stake, but to no avail. Russell flips around and stakes Roman. Salome manages to shed a tear for him. Nora kind of does this suspended back bend and says, praise (or raise) Lilith. 

What did you think of this week's explosive episode? 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Update & True Blood Tuesday: Let’s Boot and Rally

Update: I’m so, so, so sorry this is a week late! Between my schedule and having the internet go all wonky to the point of finally crapping out, it’s been a heckuva week. BUT, I plan on returning to regular blogging next week, finally! I have so much to tell y’all, and I can’t wait to catch up with everyone’s blogs.

Did y’all see Dale get another top 5 finish yesterday? I’m so loving that he’s having such an amazing season.  Okay, on with the seriously delayed recap.

Season five, episode 5.

Sookie & Alcide: Oh. My. Much kissing, undressing…there goes Al’s belt. He says he’s waited so long for this…and then Sookie barfs on his shoes. LOL Bill and Eric pop into the bedroom—Eric: “Alcide, you sure know how to treat a lady.”

Note: See, this is why I cannot drink—THAT would totally happen to me at THAT moment.

Lafayette: Returning home, Lafayette tries to cleanse his essence. His reflection shows the monster dude instead of himself. He kinda freaks and breaks a lot of his religious figures because they were mocking him. He asks Jesus for a sign…he needs help.

Terry & Patrick: So, their former army buddy tied them up in the basement and asks if anything followed them there.

Jason: Um. He awakens in pajamas on Christmas morning. His father, mother, and little sister, Sookie, were there having breakfast. Jason sees his mother and father with bleeding necks…from vamp bites. We won’t talk about what his mother said. Ew. Ah, it was a dream. Now, he wakes up in present day, in his house, completely nude. His phone rings, and he asks the caller what year it is before heading off to a crime scene. And, hello, bottom. Andy gets the same call (and awakens in the nude as well).

Sookie, Bill, Eric, & Alcide: Bill wants Sook to try and break into Doug’s mind (Al’s coworker, who was there the night Russell was moved). Al doesn’t want them to involve Doug. They begin arguing, and Sook starts belly-laughing because she just hears barking dogs. Sook realizes her life isn’t going to change—this is it...werewolves, vampires, shifters, oh my. A really old vamp wants to suck her blood? “Must be Thursday.” Time to go find Russell—“Onward into jaws of death…boot and rally.”

Tara & Pam: At Fangtasia, Tara looks all sexy. Pam makes her a bartender. Tara says basically she’s Pam’s slave. Unfazed, Pam completely agrees with the slave bit. Tara goes to feed on a girl in public, but Pam swoops in, grabs her by the throat, and orders her to never do that again—there will be no spoiling of Fangtasia. Jess, meanwhile, sees it all go down.

Sookie, Bill, Eric, Alcide: They go to find Doug so Sook can look inside his mind to try and recover memories from the night Russell was released. Sookie sees that the person who released him was a WOMAN! She has a pendant—the same one Nora wears. Don’t think it’s Nora—the pendant could stand for something. Bill instantly thinks it’s Nora, but Eric won’t buy it.

Nora: The freaky vamp in the cell next to hers starts taunting her. She looks in the camera and says we will rise up; warriors of Lilith are coming for Roman. His nights are numbered. Salome watches on television in the Authority control room as they burn Nora with the UV light. Salome wants Bill and Eric informed that they have until dawn to find Russell or they will be terminated.

Note: Props to Salome for walking in those heels over the steps with rather large spaces between them.

Salome & Roman: Roman waxes philosophical about Chancellor Drew. He stares at a vile of blood behind a glass box. Some believe it is that of Lilith; he says it’s a simple symbolic ritual, nothing more. Once again, Salome wants Roman to throw the religious base a bone—control the message.

Terry & Patrick: Patrick thinks their former buddy is insane and causing the fires. The guy says he saw a monster in the flames when another war buddy and his wife died. The fire kind of grabbed them. The fire monster is a fertile being in smoke and fire. Terry thinks back—one of the Iraqi women mourning for her lost loved one remained alive, despite being critically wounded. Terry wanted to save her, but Patrick ordered him to kill her. Before Terry shot her, the woman cursed the troops: The fire monster will kill them and their loved ones.

Jason, Andy, & Sam: Jason and Andy arrive on scene where the two shifters were killed. Jason sees his parents in the faces of the couple. Jason tells Andy that the ladies and guys in the club were all fairies. Andy: “I effed a fairy.” Jason calls them Tinkerball. Lol Andy won’t let it mess things up with Holly and doesn’t want to talk about it with Jason ever again. Andy talks to Sam, who admits being a shifter—and informs him that the couple was also of the shifter variety.

Note: Seems to me that the supernatural beings are the norm on the show now, rather than the mystery.

Tara & Jess: Jess decides to befriend Tara. Tara mixes her a True Blood drink and wants to trade makers. Jess talks to her about being a vampire—the tough aspects, the good, feeling crazy in the beginning, impulses, always hungry, etc. Jess tells her to just wait until she feeds and screws. Jess tries to convince a troubled Tara that the feelings or impulses aren’t bad—they’re awesome. Tara, however, thinks they’re bad. They continue to girl-talk about feeding on a human and how awesome it is.

Note: Have to wonder if this fits with the Sanguinista—will sides have to be chosen? Live forever, young forever, world is wide open to them…hmm…could be interesting.

Sookie, Alcide, Bill, Eric driving in Al’s van: Sook asks Al if they’re ever going to talk about her puking on his shoes. Al: “Nope.” Lol

Sookie reads Doug’s mind, which leads them to an abandoned asylum.

Bill thinks Nora fed Eric and himself up to Russell—that maybe it’s all orchestrated. He calls her a traitor and liar, just like her brother. Fangs come out, and Eric tells him to take it back. Bill receives a call letting them know their auto stakes are activated to kill them by dawn.

Note: Anyone else think weak Russell looked a lot like weak Voldemort circa Goblet of Fire?

Sookie has a headache, has to pee something fierce, and wants to get it over with—her microwave fingers are the only things that seem to work against Russell, so she’s protecting them (they want her to wait outside with Al).

Jason & Andy: Jason finds a wooden/silver bullet. Andy puts it together that there may be a group of humans out to kill supernaturals. Jason, meanwhile, talks about how supes have been getting away with killing humans and making it look natural for years—focused on the vamps. Could he become part of the movement?

Sookie, Eric, Bill, & Al: Sook walks hand-in-hand with Doug through the asylum, trying to recreate the path he took with a Voldemort-esque Russell. Sookie got a little weak for a moment, and Bill asked if she was okay (the only one of the men who did). Soon, they find rats feeding on body parts…which leads to more rats feeding on whole bodies.

Tara & Hoyt: Hoyt looks absolutely ridiculous as a fang-banger. Just sayin’ Anyway, he’s all decked out in his banger finest when he runs into Tara outside of Fangtasia. He offers her his neck to feed, but she turns him down…initially, anyway, given the look she gives him.

Terry & Patrick: Terry continues thinking back. After he killed the woman, they poured gas on the bodies and set them on fire. In the flames, Terry saw the monster start to rise up. Back in present day, Terry confesses to the former war buddy that he saw the monster too. Terry tells him they have to get out of there—they are sitting ducks; it’s what it’s been waiting for. The guy cuts both Terry and Patrick loose, but Patrick just thinks Terry was bluffing, so he knocks out their buddy and ties him to the chair. Terry tried to get through to him, but it didn’t work. Terry ran out. Outside, Terry again tries to tell Patrick that the fire monster was real. Patrick still seems unsure—blame it on the drugs they took that night.

Meanwhile, bad fire creature rises up and takes war buddy as his. Gotta say—the fire monster looked dang freaky!

Lafayette: UM. OKAY. Lafayette awakens to Jesus’ severed head sitting atop his table, trying to talk to him, but his lips are sewn shut. The same head appears to Lafayette’s mama, who seems to understand every grunt and groan.

Sookie, Eric, Bill, Alcide: They’re being watched. Doug runs away and turns into a room with hanging bodies. Doug and one of the dangling bodies start screaming. Eric comes in and stops the screaming. Bill asks where they take the bodies—the hanging guy says down the hall. They turn to find Russell, and Bill asks if Sook is ready. Love how he worries about her.

Sam, Luna, & Emma: Sam checks on Luna and Emma after finding their fellow shifters dead. They’re okay—she hasn’t told him about Emma yet. It appears that Sam and Luna are going to mend their relationship. Luna, terribly upset about her friends, and clearly preoccupied with Emma’s being a were, asks Sam to leave, but he said he’ll check on her tomorrow. They hug—yay, they’re still going to be together.

Sam leaves…and someone screams, “Hey shifter!” Oh no! They shoot Sam!!!!!!!! Luna runs out…NO! She’s shot twice. OH NOOOOOOOO! Luna stares at Sam…and possibly dies. Emma runs outside and calls for her mommy. Sam tells her to run—she changes into a were and runs away, unscathed.

Montage: While Roman talks about mainstreaming, we see Jason crying by his parents’ graves; Sookie, Bill, Eric, and Alcide are looking for Russell; Tara feeds on Hoyt, while Jess feeds on some girl one stall over in the bathroom of Fangtasia. Hoyt tells Tara to stop—Jess hears his plea and breaks down the door to stop Tara. They have a little vampire fight, ending with them holding each other’s neck. Sookie, Bill, Eric, and Alcide finally find Russell

He has a body now—looks more like himself, though he’s a little pale and still weak. He seems happy Sookie is present.

Alcide is standing in the doorway…Eric taunts Russell a bit—“We’ve come to finish what we’ve started…”

Russell: “Give it your best shot.”

At that moment, Alcide is taken from the doorway.

DANG! That’s how we end—ten minutes short!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

True Blood Tuesday: We'll Meet Again

Season 5, Episode 4

Tara & Pam: As expected, Mommy Pam shows up and saves Tara, who is a crispy mess after trying to kill herself in a tanning bed. Tara, however, wants nothing to do with Pam and continues to crispy critter herself. Not one to let a newborn disobey her, Pam pulls the maker card and commands that Tara never try this stunt again. Tara had to obey…much to her chagrin. Aw, Pam’s a real maker mommy.

Note: Really think I’m going to love this team-up. Anybody else?

Sookie & Lafayette: As Alcide drives away, hurt and angry, Lafayette finds Sookie outside, calling after Al. He’s not thrilled to learn that she confessed all to the hot werewolf. Lafayette even called her the angel of death. (Um, Lafayette, I’m not sure you’re one to talk right now, darlin’)

Bill & Eric: Quick scene here—The Authority minions dropped them off in the middle of nowhere, but apparently provided them with a car.

Salome & Roman: Roman’s in bed watching live streaming on his laptop of Nora being tortured. He asks Salome to get Nora to open up, and if she doesn’t open up to her, they’ll execute Nora in a very public demonstration.

Sookie & Jason: An emotionally drained Sook shows up at Jason’s house and confesses everything about Debbie. She basically turns herself in, begging her brother to arrest her. Jason pretends the conversation never happened, tells her to act normal, and promises that they’ll think of something. No longer wishing to keep any secrets, Sookie tells Jason all about Tara—how she was turned, why she was turned, that Lafayette was present for everything, and that she also told Alcide about Debbie. Jason was clearly floored…along with Jessica, who heard it all.

Pam & Tara: Pam brings Tara to an empty Fangtasia. Pam, ticked to find the club closed down, marches in and finds Eric, sitting atop his “throne,” awaiting her return. Pam thinks Sookie came through—she’s elated to have her maker back, but Eric looks severe. Bill and Eric inquire about Tara. Pam tells them Tara is hers now and congratulates Eric on being a grandfather.

Bill & Tara: Tara is more like the old Tara with Bill. King Bill keeps asking her if Sookie is safe. Tara says Sook will always be safe because someone will ALWAYS take a bullet for her.

Note: Again, loving the insertion of Tara into this little vampire club. We saw here just how much Bill loves Sookie. It made me kind of wish they were back together (of course, I still say when the main actors are in love in real life, it makes their chemistry that much more powerful).

Pam & Eric: Eric is manhandling—vampire style—Pam, trying to decipher whether or not she released Russell. Crying, she tells him that she’d die for him many times over. In her anger, she questions his trust—if Eric can’t trust her more than Bill or a werewolf, why would he keep her around…why not just say those words…as your maker, I release you—if said, they’re done. NO! No, no, no!

Eric, Bill & Tara: Eric enters his office and finds Tara lounging in his chair. Slightly embarrassed and intimidated, Tara quickly exits. Eric told Bill it wasn’t Pam who released Russell. Bill said they need to go underground and tomorrow they’ll cast the net wider—there’s a leak somewhere.

Authority: Alexander (the kid), Dieter, Kibwe, and Rosalyn are sitting around the council table, tracking Eric and Bill on their laptops, wondering why they’re standing around Fangtasia. They ponder whether or not our favorite vampires merely used Russell as a get- out-of-jail-free card.

Andy & Judge: Full of crap Judge stops by to thank Andy for taking care of his son’s ticket. He invites Andy and Jason out later that night.
Sam & some shifters from last season: The shifter couple shows up at Merlotte’s because they’re a little annoyed he hasn’t been returning their calls. They persuade him to join them for a “run,” which is shifter talk for “let’s shift into some horses and go for a jog.”

Sookie & Holly: Sook “hears” Holly complaining about how she allowed Tara to become a vampire. When Sook walks into the bar, she hears everybody mentally condemning her for what happened to Tara.

Lafayette: When Lafayette sees Sook’s car outside Merlotte’s, he thinks back to Sookie’s confessing to Alcide. He grows very angry and does some spell thing, pops out the evil demon-head thing; and makes the car lift off the ground.

Note: Okay. Not sure I’m liking this story. I just don’t really get it. Maybe as the season unfolds we’ll learn more, but right now it seems a little oddly placed. What do you think?

Alcide & Debbie’s parents: Al shows up at their hotel to tell them Deb was killed, but when it came time to reveal the killer’s name, Al laid the blame on Marcus. He said Marcus got drunk, bragged about killing Deb, and Al snapped Marcus’ neck in response. Al starts crying—he said he loved Deb, even when he abjured her. Deb’s Dad goes all mad-wolf-y and attacks him. Alcide doesn’t try to stop him, but Deb’s mom does. Deb’s mom tells Al to get out—they need to grieve.

Note: Loved this scene. I feel like Alcide is really becoming a force on the show, and Joe Manganiello is absolutely bringing it! His scenes are like little gems.

Sookie & her mad car: Yeah, that thing Lafayette did…I’m pretty sure he cursed her car. When she drove, the thing was completely out of control. She had to jump out of the car before it crashed.

Terry & Patrick: While driving to find their war buddy, Terry thinks back to those days in Iraq. It’s 4th of July in Iraq, and they’re doing a little celebrating, getting drunk, etc. They’re watching the warfare in the distance, but I think in their drunken state, they envision fireworks. A local Iraqi shows up where they are partying, and one of the soldiers kills the local. Then a bunch of locals appear—lots of yelling ensues. Soon, hostiles start shooting at the troops. They take out the hostiles, but a LOT of locals were murdered in the process.

Note: How are we feeling about this story? I’m a little unsure about this one myself. I didn’t particularly care for the flashback scenes, although I understand it’s part of the story building.

Sookie: Back home, Sook gets drunk.

Andy & Jason: Andy is pissed that Deb’s parents left town after assuring him they have the information they need. Andy tells Jason he is determined to find the rat in this case, starting with a search of every house in town, including Sookie’s. Before Jason can protest, Jess flies in and glamours Andy about the Pelt case, saying for some reason it just doesn’t interest him anymore…in fact, he won’t remember the grieving parents, the car, or Deb. So loving Jess! Jason said she was a good friend to have. Duh!

Pam& Eric: Wakes up and climbs out of her coffin. She checks on Tara, who is still asleep in the next coffin. Aww, maker-ly instinct rears its ugly head. Eric comes down to the basement to talk to Pam while Bill runs an errand. He says searching for Russell is a suicide mission—either Russell or the Authority will have his head. The end may come soon, and Eric wants Pam to be safe…the only way to do it, is to release her.

Eric loves her—she’s his only legacy and needs her to live when he’s gone. Pam, teary, says if that’s his wish, she understands and accepts…do it.  Eric: “Pamela, I renounce the ties of our blood…as your maker, I release you.” She cries on his shoulder as he holds her close. Okay, very sad right now!!! “You are my child…as I was the child of Godric. You were born into greatness. You’re a maker now—our blood will thrive.”

Note: Wow. Powerful scene between Pam and Eric. I’m so sad he released her, but I have a feeling if Pam has the choice between staying away and fighting to save Eric, she’ll fight.

Andy, Judge, & Jason: Jason and Andy pop in the back of a stretch limo with the Judge and some party-type girls. The women put black hoods over the guys’ heads until they get to their destination. Um, huh?

Bill & Jess: Bill and Jess are searching his house for bugs (the listening-in kind). Jess asks Bill whether or not he’s still the king. He is…until the Authority changes their mind or he meets the true death. While digging around, Bill finds a joint on the floor. Jess gets a little shy about it, but Daddy Bill just grins and says it’s low quality *&^%.

Jess then asks if he’s been to see Sookie. She tells him Sookie’s falling apart—that Bill and Sookie are different from Sookie and anyone else. He looks at Jess, hugs her, and says he thinks he’s done well.
Salome, Roman, and Nora: Salome unlocks Nora, freeing her from the torture chair. Nora, too weak to stand, says she’s ready for the true death. Salome tells her she will not accept it, asking her who is with her, who leads the Sanguinista. Interestingly, Nora laughs in Roman’s face at one point. He threatens to kill Eric and Bill, but Nora just tells him to go ahead. So, Roman pulls out his phone and promises to tap the app which will trigger Eric and Bill’s stakes. Nora asks what it will take to keep them safe. Salome wants the name of the true infidel—they will spare the lives of Eric and Bill if she gives the name. Nora starts crying in Salome’s arms, presumably set to reveal the name.

Note: Okay, last week I wondered whether or not Salome was really Sanguinista and the one behind Russell’s escape. I’m fairly convinced she’s playing Roman. Nora’s out-of-place little laugh in Roman’s face pretty much tells us that he is completely unaware he’s sleeping with the enemy. Might be wrong, but it was an interesting scene, I thought.

Jason, Judge, Andy and Fairies: Um, the party girls are fairies. The club is in the middle of the same field where Jess followed the cotton candy-smelling guy. Andy runs into the fairy he slept with at the end of last season and they kiss.
Note: Anyone else think the fairy club was like Cirque de Soleil meets Moulin Rouge?

Sookie: Totally drunk, singing the pina colada song, changing the words to fit vampires. Very funny. Lafayette called after finding her mangled car. She said it had a mind of its own and she bailed. Realizing what’s going on, Lafayette wants to talk, but she doesn’t feel much like talking…she’s feeling too good to talk. And that’s when Alcide shows up. Let the good times roll. Al tells her what he told Deb’s parents. This would be a great time for them to get frisky…so says I, The Frisky Virgin. Sexy song, ‘lil drunk fairy, and one seriously emotional and very hot werewolf…time for some smooches between these two! She offers him a drink…he says he needs more than one. Atta girl!

Terry & Patrick: They find the dude’s property empty, like the guy took off or something. They do find an empty man cave. Inside were sketches, drawings of fire, devilish eyes, and gas tanks. The guy pops out from behind and holds a gun to them.

Sam and the shifter couple: Sam’s late to the party…and finds them both shot dead.

Pam & Tara: Pam brings her a human to feed on. The girl wants to be fed on, but Tara’s human side won’t let her. Pam commands her to drink and teaches her to know how far to go. Pam tells her that no human can hurt her any longer…they’re hers to savor.
Note: Hmm. Pam sounded a little Sanguinista-ish, didn’t she? Interesting.

Authority: We have a council meeting. Roman takes out a very fancy stake. Looks like the mole is a chancellor…Roman has had his minions search each member’s room. Nora has obviously named someone. Roman places a laptop beside the kid and says, “Chancellor Alexander Drew, can you explain why this is in your possession.” Apparently, the kid taped himself feeding upon a human. He claims he was infiltrating the enemy, gaining trust…Roman delivered the true death. Kid goes pow.

Sookie & Alcide: Little drinking party for two. Still waiting for the kisses to start. Sook teases him, reminding him that he’s in love with her. And she kisses him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They’re making out…oh…dear…Bill sees it, along with Eric.

Bill & Eric: While watching the frisky fairy and sexy werewolf going at it on the couch, Bill says Sook can be useful; Eric doesn’t think she wants anything to do with them…Bill suggest they not give her the chance.

Jason, Andy, & Judge in Club Fairy: Fairy girl reads Jason’s mind about Jess—she’s clearly not pleased he’s thinking about a vampire. He sees Hadley—Sookie and Jason’s cousin. Jason tells her that Sook is alive, which seems like new news to Hadley. She asks Jason if he’s a refugee from the vampires. He’s a little confused, but figures Club Fairy is like a fairy safe house. Hadley begs him to bring Sookie to them, but after her last fairy encounter, Jason’s not keen on the idea. In her frantic begging, Hadley lets it slip that vampires drained his parents…they weren’t killed in a flood, as they’d always believed. Hadley runs off, but Jason gets upset and chases her through the club. As his temper escalates, two fairy bodyguards kick both Jason and Andy out of Club Fairy. Landing in the middle of an empty field, Andy and Jason look around before the two bodyguards do some flashy thing to them.

Wow. Tonight’s episode was chock full of stuff tonight!