Tuesday, July 3, 2012

True Blood Tuesday: We'll Meet Again

Season 5, Episode 4

Tara & Pam: As expected, Mommy Pam shows up and saves Tara, who is a crispy mess after trying to kill herself in a tanning bed. Tara, however, wants nothing to do with Pam and continues to crispy critter herself. Not one to let a newborn disobey her, Pam pulls the maker card and commands that Tara never try this stunt again. Tara had to obey…much to her chagrin. Aw, Pam’s a real maker mommy.

Note: Really think I’m going to love this team-up. Anybody else?

Sookie & Lafayette: As Alcide drives away, hurt and angry, Lafayette finds Sookie outside, calling after Al. He’s not thrilled to learn that she confessed all to the hot werewolf. Lafayette even called her the angel of death. (Um, Lafayette, I’m not sure you’re one to talk right now, darlin’)

Bill & Eric: Quick scene here—The Authority minions dropped them off in the middle of nowhere, but apparently provided them with a car.

Salome & Roman: Roman’s in bed watching live streaming on his laptop of Nora being tortured. He asks Salome to get Nora to open up, and if she doesn’t open up to her, they’ll execute Nora in a very public demonstration.

Sookie & Jason: An emotionally drained Sook shows up at Jason’s house and confesses everything about Debbie. She basically turns herself in, begging her brother to arrest her. Jason pretends the conversation never happened, tells her to act normal, and promises that they’ll think of something. No longer wishing to keep any secrets, Sookie tells Jason all about Tara—how she was turned, why she was turned, that Lafayette was present for everything, and that she also told Alcide about Debbie. Jason was clearly floored…along with Jessica, who heard it all.

Pam & Tara: Pam brings Tara to an empty Fangtasia. Pam, ticked to find the club closed down, marches in and finds Eric, sitting atop his “throne,” awaiting her return. Pam thinks Sookie came through—she’s elated to have her maker back, but Eric looks severe. Bill and Eric inquire about Tara. Pam tells them Tara is hers now and congratulates Eric on being a grandfather.

Bill & Tara: Tara is more like the old Tara with Bill. King Bill keeps asking her if Sookie is safe. Tara says Sook will always be safe because someone will ALWAYS take a bullet for her.

Note: Again, loving the insertion of Tara into this little vampire club. We saw here just how much Bill loves Sookie. It made me kind of wish they were back together (of course, I still say when the main actors are in love in real life, it makes their chemistry that much more powerful).

Pam & Eric: Eric is manhandling—vampire style—Pam, trying to decipher whether or not she released Russell. Crying, she tells him that she’d die for him many times over. In her anger, she questions his trust—if Eric can’t trust her more than Bill or a werewolf, why would he keep her around…why not just say those words…as your maker, I release you—if said, they’re done. NO! No, no, no!

Eric, Bill & Tara: Eric enters his office and finds Tara lounging in his chair. Slightly embarrassed and intimidated, Tara quickly exits. Eric told Bill it wasn’t Pam who released Russell. Bill said they need to go underground and tomorrow they’ll cast the net wider—there’s a leak somewhere.

Authority: Alexander (the kid), Dieter, Kibwe, and Rosalyn are sitting around the council table, tracking Eric and Bill on their laptops, wondering why they’re standing around Fangtasia. They ponder whether or not our favorite vampires merely used Russell as a get- out-of-jail-free card.

Andy & Judge: Full of crap Judge stops by to thank Andy for taking care of his son’s ticket. He invites Andy and Jason out later that night.
Sam & some shifters from last season: The shifter couple shows up at Merlotte’s because they’re a little annoyed he hasn’t been returning their calls. They persuade him to join them for a “run,” which is shifter talk for “let’s shift into some horses and go for a jog.”

Sookie & Holly: Sook “hears” Holly complaining about how she allowed Tara to become a vampire. When Sook walks into the bar, she hears everybody mentally condemning her for what happened to Tara.

Lafayette: When Lafayette sees Sook’s car outside Merlotte’s, he thinks back to Sookie’s confessing to Alcide. He grows very angry and does some spell thing, pops out the evil demon-head thing; and makes the car lift off the ground.

Note: Okay. Not sure I’m liking this story. I just don’t really get it. Maybe as the season unfolds we’ll learn more, but right now it seems a little oddly placed. What do you think?

Alcide & Debbie’s parents: Al shows up at their hotel to tell them Deb was killed, but when it came time to reveal the killer’s name, Al laid the blame on Marcus. He said Marcus got drunk, bragged about killing Deb, and Al snapped Marcus’ neck in response. Al starts crying—he said he loved Deb, even when he abjured her. Deb’s Dad goes all mad-wolf-y and attacks him. Alcide doesn’t try to stop him, but Deb’s mom does. Deb’s mom tells Al to get out—they need to grieve.

Note: Loved this scene. I feel like Alcide is really becoming a force on the show, and Joe Manganiello is absolutely bringing it! His scenes are like little gems.

Sookie & her mad car: Yeah, that thing Lafayette did…I’m pretty sure he cursed her car. When she drove, the thing was completely out of control. She had to jump out of the car before it crashed.

Terry & Patrick: While driving to find their war buddy, Terry thinks back to those days in Iraq. It’s 4th of July in Iraq, and they’re doing a little celebrating, getting drunk, etc. They’re watching the warfare in the distance, but I think in their drunken state, they envision fireworks. A local Iraqi shows up where they are partying, and one of the soldiers kills the local. Then a bunch of locals appear—lots of yelling ensues. Soon, hostiles start shooting at the troops. They take out the hostiles, but a LOT of locals were murdered in the process.

Note: How are we feeling about this story? I’m a little unsure about this one myself. I didn’t particularly care for the flashback scenes, although I understand it’s part of the story building.

Sookie: Back home, Sook gets drunk.

Andy & Jason: Andy is pissed that Deb’s parents left town after assuring him they have the information they need. Andy tells Jason he is determined to find the rat in this case, starting with a search of every house in town, including Sookie’s. Before Jason can protest, Jess flies in and glamours Andy about the Pelt case, saying for some reason it just doesn’t interest him anymore…in fact, he won’t remember the grieving parents, the car, or Deb. So loving Jess! Jason said she was a good friend to have. Duh!

Pam& Eric: Wakes up and climbs out of her coffin. She checks on Tara, who is still asleep in the next coffin. Aww, maker-ly instinct rears its ugly head. Eric comes down to the basement to talk to Pam while Bill runs an errand. He says searching for Russell is a suicide mission—either Russell or the Authority will have his head. The end may come soon, and Eric wants Pam to be safe…the only way to do it, is to release her.

Eric loves her—she’s his only legacy and needs her to live when he’s gone. Pam, teary, says if that’s his wish, she understands and accepts…do it.  Eric: “Pamela, I renounce the ties of our blood…as your maker, I release you.” She cries on his shoulder as he holds her close. Okay, very sad right now!!! “You are my child…as I was the child of Godric. You were born into greatness. You’re a maker now—our blood will thrive.”

Note: Wow. Powerful scene between Pam and Eric. I’m so sad he released her, but I have a feeling if Pam has the choice between staying away and fighting to save Eric, she’ll fight.

Andy, Judge, & Jason: Jason and Andy pop in the back of a stretch limo with the Judge and some party-type girls. The women put black hoods over the guys’ heads until they get to their destination. Um, huh?

Bill & Jess: Bill and Jess are searching his house for bugs (the listening-in kind). Jess asks Bill whether or not he’s still the king. He is…until the Authority changes their mind or he meets the true death. While digging around, Bill finds a joint on the floor. Jess gets a little shy about it, but Daddy Bill just grins and says it’s low quality *&^%.

Jess then asks if he’s been to see Sookie. She tells him Sookie’s falling apart—that Bill and Sookie are different from Sookie and anyone else. He looks at Jess, hugs her, and says he thinks he’s done well.
Salome, Roman, and Nora: Salome unlocks Nora, freeing her from the torture chair. Nora, too weak to stand, says she’s ready for the true death. Salome tells her she will not accept it, asking her who is with her, who leads the Sanguinista. Interestingly, Nora laughs in Roman’s face at one point. He threatens to kill Eric and Bill, but Nora just tells him to go ahead. So, Roman pulls out his phone and promises to tap the app which will trigger Eric and Bill’s stakes. Nora asks what it will take to keep them safe. Salome wants the name of the true infidel—they will spare the lives of Eric and Bill if she gives the name. Nora starts crying in Salome’s arms, presumably set to reveal the name.

Note: Okay, last week I wondered whether or not Salome was really Sanguinista and the one behind Russell’s escape. I’m fairly convinced she’s playing Roman. Nora’s out-of-place little laugh in Roman’s face pretty much tells us that he is completely unaware he’s sleeping with the enemy. Might be wrong, but it was an interesting scene, I thought.

Jason, Judge, Andy and Fairies: Um, the party girls are fairies. The club is in the middle of the same field where Jess followed the cotton candy-smelling guy. Andy runs into the fairy he slept with at the end of last season and they kiss.
Note: Anyone else think the fairy club was like Cirque de Soleil meets Moulin Rouge?

Sookie: Totally drunk, singing the pina colada song, changing the words to fit vampires. Very funny. Lafayette called after finding her mangled car. She said it had a mind of its own and she bailed. Realizing what’s going on, Lafayette wants to talk, but she doesn’t feel much like talking…she’s feeling too good to talk. And that’s when Alcide shows up. Let the good times roll. Al tells her what he told Deb’s parents. This would be a great time for them to get frisky…so says I, The Frisky Virgin. Sexy song, ‘lil drunk fairy, and one seriously emotional and very hot werewolf…time for some smooches between these two! She offers him a drink…he says he needs more than one. Atta girl!

Terry & Patrick: They find the dude’s property empty, like the guy took off or something. They do find an empty man cave. Inside were sketches, drawings of fire, devilish eyes, and gas tanks. The guy pops out from behind and holds a gun to them.

Sam and the shifter couple: Sam’s late to the party…and finds them both shot dead.

Pam & Tara: Pam brings her a human to feed on. The girl wants to be fed on, but Tara’s human side won’t let her. Pam commands her to drink and teaches her to know how far to go. Pam tells her that no human can hurt her any longer…they’re hers to savor.
Note: Hmm. Pam sounded a little Sanguinista-ish, didn’t she? Interesting.

Authority: We have a council meeting. Roman takes out a very fancy stake. Looks like the mole is a chancellor…Roman has had his minions search each member’s room. Nora has obviously named someone. Roman places a laptop beside the kid and says, “Chancellor Alexander Drew, can you explain why this is in your possession.” Apparently, the kid taped himself feeding upon a human. He claims he was infiltrating the enemy, gaining trust…Roman delivered the true death. Kid goes pow.

Sookie & Alcide: Little drinking party for two. Still waiting for the kisses to start. Sook teases him, reminding him that he’s in love with her. And she kisses him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They’re making out…oh…dear…Bill sees it, along with Eric.

Bill & Eric: While watching the frisky fairy and sexy werewolf going at it on the couch, Bill says Sook can be useful; Eric doesn’t think she wants anything to do with them…Bill suggest they not give her the chance.

Jason, Andy, & Judge in Club Fairy: Fairy girl reads Jason’s mind about Jess—she’s clearly not pleased he’s thinking about a vampire. He sees Hadley—Sookie and Jason’s cousin. Jason tells her that Sook is alive, which seems like new news to Hadley. She asks Jason if he’s a refugee from the vampires. He’s a little confused, but figures Club Fairy is like a fairy safe house. Hadley begs him to bring Sookie to them, but after her last fairy encounter, Jason’s not keen on the idea. In her frantic begging, Hadley lets it slip that vampires drained his parents…they weren’t killed in a flood, as they’d always believed. Hadley runs off, but Jason gets upset and chases her through the club. As his temper escalates, two fairy bodyguards kick both Jason and Andy out of Club Fairy. Landing in the middle of an empty field, Andy and Jason look around before the two bodyguards do some flashy thing to them.

Wow. Tonight’s episode was chock full of stuff tonight!


  1. Have a great Fourth of July, girl!

    1. Thank you, Eva! I hope you, Mr. Eva, and all of your family and friends have a WONDERFUL Independence Day! *Hugs*

  2. I think I am with you on Salome playing Roman.
    Pam being all MummyVamp is sweet.
    The fact that Lafayette is still in the show (considering what happened to him in the books) has left any story lines with him in it completely unexpected.
    Wonder who took out the shifters?
    Not sure I like the club being in the middle of that field, I liked it in the city.

    1. I think Salome is sneaky and has her own agenda for sure.

      I love the character of Lafayette, so I'm glad he's still on the show, but his story is so perplexing, which I guess is how the viewer is supposed to feel. lol

      Yeah, the shifter thing is interesting...who would be out to get the shifters? Maybe something having to do with Marcus?

      I'm guessing the field location gives it a greater sense of magic?? I dunno. The club looked cool, though.