Tuesday, July 24, 2012

True Blood Tuesday: In the Beginning

Season five, Episode seven

Eric, Bill, Russell, & Authority: One word: chaos. While Russell attacks Eric, the lights go out, the UV’s flicker, Authority soldiers blast inside, and Bill frantically tries to find his partner in crime in the crazy darkness. The Authority soldiers effectively silver-net Russell, capturing him. When the lights come back on, Eric is hanging on a marble column, alive and still maintaining his sharp wit: “The view from up here is spectacular.”

Sookie & Jason: Claude and another fairy begin checking Sookie’s fairy levels. By sending lights through her body, they can determine the strength of her levels. Once done, they determine that her fairy powers are draining. When they inquire whether or not she’s been experiencing any disturbances, Sookie admits she has. Claude and the fairy inform Sookie that because of her half-fae status, she could run out of magic and no longer be part-fairy…if she isn’t careful about how much and how often she uses her power.

Sam & Andy: Police show up to investigate the Stake Shop killing. Sam is sniffing around the place like a dog, looking for evidence. He has the deputy check out a box, which just so happens to be full of the Obama masks the killer’s wear. He then starts rolling around, picking up scents of hate, envy, & bad diets.

Note: During this scene, I kept thinking, “Sam, the cutest human puppy ever.”

Hoyt & the super-haters: Basically, this group of hater-morons is trying to recruit Hoyt…and it’s working. Hoyt says he hates Jessica, and the guys are there to hate her with them.

Note: Yeah, I’m not loving this. Hoyt really started getting on my nerves last season. Now, he’s just being plain stupid.

Eric & Bill: Bill realizes someone used them to bring Roman’s killer right to him. They’re putting two and two together. They know Russell has an accomplice.

Eric, Bill, Nora, & Salome: Eric and Bill visit Salome and Nora in her private chambers…and out comes Russell, all dressed in a suit. Russell says he didn’t kill Eric because he’s been reborn. And there we have it! Salome admits to digging Russell up. She followed Bill and Eric the night they buried Russell. Salome couldn’t kill Roman—it had to be Russell, as per their “book.” Eric, meanwhile, is pissed at Nora—doesn’t want her calling him brother. Eric refuses to join Nora, Russell, and Salome. Bill hesitates for a second before saying they need peaceful coexistence in order for both species to survive. Though they are against the Sanguinista’s, Salome, by virtue of what Lilith wants, decides to give them another chance. Bill and Eric have until tomorrow night to decide.

Alcide & girl: Have we heard wolf-gal’s name yet? I think we can figure out who she is by process of elimination, but I still haven’t heard a name, unless I missed it. Anyway, wolf-gal is training Alcide…and putting a hurting on him. She suggests Al take some V in order to compete with J.D., but Al vehemently refuses. Here come the kisses…and Martha shows up. Martha wants J.D. to be pack master, refusing to believe he’s on V.

Note: Okay. Hold on. He was in love with Sookie two seconds ago. Now, he’s rolling around with wolf-gal. I thought Sookie brought his mind back to square one after Eric glamoured him. Is he still somehow part-glamoured…the part regarding Sookie?!

Arlene & Holly: Poor thing is watching the video of her wedding to Terry. Holly joins her in Sam’s office to watch. Holly more or less convinces Arlene to not give up on Terry.

Note: I’m not sure why Arlene would doubt Terry, given that she lives in Bon Temps. At least Holly acknowledged the possibility of a smoke monster.

Sookie & Jason: Jason brings Sook some breakfast in bed. He makes sure she understands that she is in no way responsible for their parent’s deaths. Aw, I’m loving the brother-sister love here.

Andy: Andy shows up at the former Sheriff’s house. He’s having a confidence issue…and finding the former Sheriff cheating on his wife isn’t going to help matters.

Lafayette & Don Bartolo: Lafayette has gone to confront Jesus’ grandfather. The house looks like it has been empty for a while. While walking through the place, Lafayette finds Jesus’ severed head sitting in a chair. Don Bartolo sneaks up on Lafayette and holds a shotgun to his chest, saying he’s taking back what Jesus gave him…but Laf isn’t backing down. Good for him!

Luna, Sam, & Sookie: Luna wants to leave the hospital and help hunt down the baddies. Sook shows up with treats for Luna and takes Sam for a hospital coffee. She asks him if he would trade in his powers to be normal. In a way, he would, but, at the same time, you have to fight the fight. He muses that the world would be safer for those he loves if he was normal.

Tara & Pam: Um, well Tara is now pole dancing. Pam seems quite pleased with her protégé’s technique. This is not the best time for Tara’s mom to show up. Her mama came to Fangtasia to say goodbye—from this day forward, Tara is dead to her. Tara seems unfazed, tells her to go, and climbs right back on the pole.

Bill, Eric, Salome, Nora, Russell, & Authority: Salome retrieves the vile containing Lilith’s blood. Tonight, everyone in the room will drink from Lilith. Dieter says this is blasphemy. Turning to Nora, Salome, and Russell, he questions just who they are to offer the blood of Lilith…that’s as far as he got, since Russell ripped off his head in a mere millisecond. And so, they each pour a drop on their hand and lick. Bill turns to Eric, asking if they are really going to do this. Eric doesn’t think the blood will do anything…

…until they are walking about New Orleans on some vamp-blood high. Wow. Lilith’s blood has turned them violent—they see humans as theirs now.

Note: Any chance Russell could be playing Salome and Nora?
Tara & Pam: Tara, visibly upset, was sitting in Pam’s office chair when her maker walks in. Tara immediately gets up, but Pam tells her to stay. Maker Pam acknowledges that Tara was right—she’s better at dancing than bartending. Pam then comments on Tara’s mom, calling her a real bitch. Despite agreeing with what she said, Tara cries for the woman she hates. Pam makes it clear that Tara’s mother isn’t really her mother any longer. When Pam touches Tara’s arm, Tara jumps up and gives Pam a hug. For a split-second, I think Pam melted and felt motherly. Of course, this didn’t last long.  

Lafayette: Well, so much for Laf showing some strength. Gramps has him tied to a chair with his lips sewn shut exactly as Jesus’. Don then carves a shape into Laf’s forehead. His pregnant wife is on the floor, being prepared for the “rebirth” of the family monster currently residing within Lafayette. When Gramps lifts his wife’s shirt, we see her stomach move very strangely. Just as Don’s about to cut open Lafayette’s brain, the wife jumps him, stabs him repeatedly, and kills him. She then turns to Lafayette and starts undoing the ties on his lips.

J.D. and the pack: The nameless vamp friend has told J.D. that the end of days is coming. J.D. believes it’s imperative that they join this vamp. He produces a vile of the vamp’s blood—if they drink it, the vamp will trust them. OH NO! Emma! Little Emma rounds the corner and J.D. offers some blood to her! She grabs the vile, ready to drink!!! MARTHA! Thank God! She takes Emma away from J.D., now knowing Alcide was right about him using V.

Note: Anyone else freak when he gave the V to Emma?!  

Hoyt & the morons: Well, Hoyt is now sporting an Obama mask. Guess he’s officially upped his status from lame to moron.

Sam & Luna: Sam sniffs down another human moron in the hospital and starts to beat him up.

Eric, Bill, Salome, Nora, Russell, & Authority: We’re at a karaoke bar—part of some wedding party. Russell takes out the bride, while the others feed on the rest. Lilith must be one seriously rampage-happy vamp.

Terry & Patrick: They’re sitting in a field, drinking beer, waiting to die. The fire monster comes for them…and it’s laughing at them. Beastie leaves them alive…for now. Not able to take it anymore, Terry snatches Patrick’s gun and threatens to commit suicide. Patrick says his kids would want to know he died fighting, not committing suicide. Terry hands the gun over and Patrick empties it of bullets. Patrick finally admits his remorse for the order he gave.

Note: Okay, did anyone think Scooby-doo monster when the thing laughed at them?

Jessica: Jess is busy feeding on some guy when Jason shows up needing to talk. She leaves her bedmate and joins Jason on the couch downstairs. Jason tells her about how his parents really died.

Sookie: Sookie, walking home, thinks back on her life and how everyone always asks her what she is. Clearly wanting to be normal, she starts shooting beams with her hands, hoping to drain her powers to nothing.

Jess & Jason: Jess assures Jason that not all vampires think the same way. She kisses him, but he tastes the blood on her lips. Instantly, he wants to know who she fed from, but she hasn’t a clue—it’s just some guy. Jason is appalled. They fight—she gets mad at him, considering he doesn’t know the name of every cow he’s been with, etc. Poor Jason says, “I haven’t been with any cows!” lol She calls him an idiot and bites him; he pushes her back and shoots her in the head. Note: The wound didn’t faze Jessica—she healed instantly. Basically coming to the conclusion that all vampires are, indeed, the same, Jason leaves the mansion. Just as he’s about to climb into his car, Jason spots the sky illuminating in the distance—Sookie’s bursts. Jason runs off to find Sookie.

Bill, Eric, Nora, Russell, Salome, Authority: While massacring the humans, a single drop of blood falls and Lilith rises. She walks to Nora, breathes a reddish cloud on her face, and Nora, along with others, respond by ravaging the humans again. Godric!!! Godric appears to Eric, tells him this is wrong; he knows Eric realizes this isn’t right, but says his sister cannot see this reality. Godric tells him to save Nora.

Note: When Eric looked from Godric to Nora that last time, did you notice Lilith was no longer visible to Eric? I think Godric reawakened Eric from whatever spell Lilith’s blood had on him. Very cool scene.

Wow! Crazy episode! What did you think?


  1. Not too crazy on the vampire rampage scene at the end, but Godric appearing was cool.
    Don't you think this season has a LOT of story lines going? And Sookies is just a very small part.. I mean, she is the main character right?
    I did notice Pams little proud Mumma moment. so cute. But what on earth was Tara wearing? she looked like a man, sorry to say.

    I DO think that Russell is playing the girls and they will come to a violent end soon.
    Hoyt...ggrrr.. annoying! I have a feeling they are going to go after Jess.

    1. Agree--Godric was the best part of the final scene.

      Oh my gosh, yes! It almost seems like they have tried to give every character a story, but the vampires still (and always will) be the core of the show. I'm sad that Sookie hasn't had much of a part this season--I loved the drunk/Alcide/hunting Russell bits.

      LOL--I wasn't liking Tara's outfit in this episode either.

      Okay, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Russell is playing a game on Salome and Nora.

      Me too, and I'm not going to like that at all. I'm hoping Hoyt wakes the heck up and won't go through with anything. He needs to redeem himself. lol

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