Thursday, December 29, 2011

Truth Is Thursday!

Truth Is: I don't like when Christmas ends. It's just so depressing. I mean, what do we have to look forward to, holiday-wise?

*New Year's Eve? Eh. A digit changes. Shock. (Okay, okay, so it is kind-of a festive, hope-filled evening. Reckon if I actually had a good NYE, I'd think of it like I do Christmas...but until then, eh). 

*Vomit, er, Valentine's Day? Ooh, yeah, can't wait for the manufactured faux-holiday that tosses singles the middle finger. It's such a Christmas wannabe. Barf.

* St. Patrick's Day? Not bad. I mean, I like luck and four leaf clovers and leprechauns (the cute kind...not the creepy kind). Still, it doesn't have the same magical feeling (could change if leprechauns flew around, sprinkling gold a la the Quidditch World Cup).  ;)

* Easter? Bunnies and baskets and lots of pastel colors and Cadbury Eggs. Ooh, I quite like this one. ;)

So, in conclusion, Cadbury Eggs make all things better. 

Truth Is: One of the best things about the holidays is indulging. Eat without guilt.  Drink soda without guilt. Snack without guilt. Exercise? Nah, not the routine stuff, anyway. I stick with fun, like dancing (believe me, it works you like there's no tomorrow...but it's FUN).

Truth Is: The guilt-free indulging lasts through the Bowl games. Why, you ask? Um, because Mama said so, and you know she's always right. Who am I to question Mom? *sipping Dr. Pepper*

Truth Is: My local Christmas music station stopped playing holiday tunes immediately after Christmas. Now, I know this seems pretty par for the course.  However, in years past they played carols straight through New Year's.  People loved it. 

They didn't this year. Butts.

It's okay, though, because I have my Bing-a-ling White Christmas CD...


...I have been blasting The Zac Brown Band as well. Love them.

Truth Is: Drum roll, please--During both the Christmas Eve Cowboys' loss and the Christmas Day Mavs' loss, I did NOT swear once, not even a partial swear. So proud. Of course, I did have soda on standby and promptly turned to it whenever I felt the urge to drop a few colorful metaphors.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

No, It Doesn't Mean Love

Saddest day of the year: December 26th. I miss Christmas. What can I say? I'm a holiday person and I feel really sad when it ends. But it was a wonderful, wonderful Christmas that I wish I could rewind! I hope everyone had the best Christmas imaginable!

I have so much to share--including a truly mortifying me moment on Christmas day. *shakes head*

But, for now, I just wanted to check in and, well, basically gripe.  I'm sorry in advance.

Gripe #1: Romo injured.

I know I run hot and cold when it comes to Romo, but an injury to his hand could have been avoided.  Cowboys lost what turned out to be a meaningless Christmas Eve game. Not great, but not long as his hand is okay, which they *think* it will be. The big showdown will be this weekend in New York. Winner takes all. Puke.

Gripe #2:  Idiot people who claim to know basketball, but don't.

Mavs. Sigh. Lost. Bad. Two nights in a row. Very bad.  Here's the thing: they are not the same team as last year's championship group; they have new players now. Everyone who knows basketball understands it will take time for the team to mesh, and without any real preseason, it's going to take a while.

Still, immediately following the Christmas loss to Miami, you see a headline calling the Mavericks' championship a fluke, a claim which, according to the "sports writer," was substantiated by the way the Heat defeated the Mavs in the first game of the season.

Honestly, how asinine do you have to be? The Miami Heat have the same team they had last year, so of course they're going to be good; the Mavs are, essentially, a new team and will need time to come together as a group.

As for calling their championship a fluke: Go on, say it if it makes you feel better.  Mavs' fans will just sit back and smile...with our Championship team, trophy, and banner. 

Gripe #3: Saying Merry Christmas does not mean "I Love You."

...nor does it mean any of the following:

* I want to have your baby

* Will you marry me?

* I have a crush on you

* You are my soul mate.

Merry Christmas simply means...wait for it...MERRY CHRISTMAS, Happy Holidays, Joy to the world, and all those good holly jolly, peace on earth things.

Oh, and to the men (believe me, there are a few) who think if they say Merry Christmas the women will somehow take it to mean you love them, want to marry them, and want them to have your baby...please, get over yourselves.

Okay, done griping now.

Sorry for that.

Feel much better though.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Fun Facts Friday!

Well, here we have our last set of Christmas Fun Facts before Santa boards his sleigh to bring presents and cheer tomorrow night!

1. The feast of St. Nicholas Day is celebrated on December 6th.

2. Candles were placed on trees before electric lights were invented. Um, I'd be afraid of the fire hazard!

3. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer almost had a different name! In fact, Rollo and Reginald topped the list before Robert L. May decided on Rudolph. Hmm. Rollo/Reginald the Red-Nosed Reindeer just doesn't have the same ring to it.

4. What we know as 'Twas the Night Before Christmas has a very different title.  The original poem is titled An Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas or, simply, A Visit from St. Nicholas. 

5. When the screenplay for Elf first emerged in 1993, Jim Carrey was cast in the lead!

6. On December 24th, 1926, the first ever singing jingle premiered on the radio.  What was the commercial for? Wheaties!

7.  Thomas Edison's business assistant, Edward Johnson, is credited with inventing the first string of Christmas tree lights in 1882.

8.  It is tradition in Sweden for the oldest daughter to dress in white, wear a crown of lighted candles, and awaken her parents by singing Santa Lucia

9. Christmas tree angels were introduced in the 1850s.

10. In Italy, children place shoes by the door before Epiphany and the next morning they awaken to find presents!

11. In Greek culture, kissing under the mistletoe was interpreted as a promise to marry your mate.

And finally...

12. What sports-loving blogger will likely have to resort to one of the following to keep from swearing when her Cowboys battle the Eagles on Christmas Eve and Mavericks face-off against the Heat on Christmas Day: a.) shoving her mouth with cookies, b.) placing a strip of tape over her mouth, c.) sticking a bow on mouth, or d.) all of the above?  Yep, that would be me, The Frisky Virgin. Should be interesting.

Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah and...


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Truth Is Thursday! Christmas-style!

Truth Is: Twinkle lights hate me. I was trying to string some over the mantle last night and they kept falling off. We're talking Groundhog Day stuff here. Finally did conquer them. *no twinkle lights were harmed in the process*

Truth Is: I'm convinced there are certain people in this world who thrive on drama. Give them a peaceful, stress-free life and they'll be in hell until they can stir up some drama.

Truth Is: I have all my wrapping done...BEFORE Christmas Eve. Just kiss me under the mistletoe and call me Snowy Elf because this is quite an accomplishment for me.

Truth Is: Mom is always saying, "When you bring a hairy leg around..." Yep. Hairy Leg = her way of describing boyfriends. Please, future Man, don't be offended.  Have I mentioned we're a family of characters?

Truth Is: Um, finally told Dad about the broken hose-thing.  He had to try really hard to keep from laughing.

Dad: "Why wouldn't you tell me?"

Me: "Well, after the broken train with oozing battery gunk and the ridiculously loud buzzing broken ornament, I didn't think you'd be too thrilled at a broken vacuum-hose-thing."

Dad, unable to hide the smirk: "Where are the pieces?"

Me: "Follow me. They're just there." I picked them up and coyly held one piece in each hand.

Dad, now fully grinning: "It's fixable. Not a problem. Now, watch here, so you know how to fix it the next time you break it."

Ugh. He knows me so well.

Dad, fixing the hose thing: "It's easy. All you do is screw it in."

Ah. Well. Therein lies the problem. The last thing I would have thought to do was screw it.

I didn't say this out loud.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Wishes for an Asshat

Some men are like the abominable snowman in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer--mean, arrogant, and slightly stupid...until you play on said stupidity and yank out all of their teeth.  Only then will they finally see how far up their own anus they've been.

Consider the following my cosmic attempt at tooth extraction of a truly first class asshat.  And, since it's Christmas, this shall be done in fine holiday style, complete with iconic movie references. 

Holiday Wishes for an Asshat:

While in NYC, I wish for you to hit on a Rockette, who will see through your inflated ego and promptly high-kick your butt to 34th street, where you will ask Santa for a pair of balls.

After a good stare-down, Santa sarcastically does the "Ho-Ho-Ho," before shoving you down a nearby slide, which will deliver you to a grand, empty home in Chicago...empty apart from an eight-year-old boy.

Convinced you're a burglar, the boy will put one heck of a hurting on you, equipped with burning door handles, blow torches, and flying paint cans, one of which will knock you unconscious.

When you awaken, you find yourself under a chair in the form of a cat with a string of Christmas lights in your mouth. The ghost of Christmas future indicates a future as pitiful as this, should you continue your jackassy ways.  And just to make sure you get the point, the homeowner plugs in the lights and POUF! Your fried kitty self is dumped with the chair next to the gutter where Cousin Eddie emptied the full shi*!er. 

What a sad, smelly way to go.

Sweaty and panicked, you wake up and vow to hang up your asshat forever. 

The end. 

The beginning.

So, if you have a fellow asshat in your life (male or female), do them a favor by wishing them a cosmic tooth extraction. 'Tis the season, after all. 


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nothing Like A Little Frosting

Well, so much for catching up on blogs over the weekend. Slowly, but surely, I’ll catch up. Hate when I fall behind on reading.

When Mom and I get going on a topic, we tend to resemble Lucy and Ethel (of I Love Lucy).  This weekend was no exception.

During the holidays, Mom’s kitchen most closely resembles what you would envision Mrs. Santa’s cooking domain to look like: cookies, candies, cakes, and, on this particular weekend, cupcakes.

There were only a few cupcakes left (Dad inhaled them, very bad) when Mom said to grab one while I could.

The cupcake had the cutest Frosty the Snowman ornament adorning the icing. Except it wasn’t an ornament. Oh, no.  It was a ring. Now, this might not seem like much, but with literally everyone, everywhere getting engaged, it’s a little…ironic. 

This is where Lucy and Ethel took over.

Me: “It’s a ring.”

Mom: “Fine catch.”

Me, not missing a beat: “Isn’t it beautiful,” I said, slipping it on my left ring finger. “So lucky.”

Mom: “There are many benefits to marrying a snowman.  He’ll never forget your birthday.”

Me: “Hell, he’ll think my birthday is everyday—could be beneficial in the present department—and I’ll never appear to age.”  Pause. “If he ticks me off, all I have to do is take off the hat and hide it.”

Mom: “Or stick him in a greenhouse.”

Me: “I’ll always have an ‘in’ with Santa.”

Mom: “The best part?  He goes away at least nine months out of the year. Honey, it’s a dream marriage.”

Laughter-snorts followed.

Behold my lovely ring—note the delicate blue and pink plastic. Bit narcissistic that he had to have his face on said ring, but, you know, you make concessions. ;)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Fun Facts Friday...On Saturday!

Here's the next batch of Christmas Fun Facts that appear on my television holiday music station!

1. The first Hot Wheels appeared in 1968. Car Models included the Corvette, Mustang, and Firebird.

2. BMX bikes were the hottest selling gifts in 1982.

3. "Toy" comes from the old English word for "tool."

4. Who was almost cast in the role of Ralphie's potty-mouthed father in A Christmas Story? Jack Nicholson!

5. In Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, Rudolph has his antlers through the winter. In reality, only the females keep their antlers in the winter.

6.  The National Christmas Tree Association has given a tree to every president since 1966.

7.  Early Christmas trees were actually hung upside down from the ceiling! Um, can you imagine the mess?

8.  Jingle Bells a Thanksgiving song?! Apparently so! The iconic Christmas song was originally written to celebrate Thanksgiving in 1857.

9.  Italians start Christmas on December 17th.  A date they refer to as Novena.

10. Hyvaa Joulua means "Merry Christmas" in Finnish!

11.  Did you know there was a ban on Christmas in England? Many people celebrated Christmas in secret until the ban was repealed in 1660.

12. Japan once banned Hula Hoops because they thought the hip rotating was indecent. 

Hope you enjoyed this batch! More to come!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Truth Is Thursday...On Friday.

Truth Is: Stress was the main ingredient this week. It's like everything lands on your shoulders all at once.

Truth Is: Last weekend was traditional decorating time with the family! I took care of the family room, while Mom was in the kitchen setting up a wrapping station and Dad was hanging stuff around her (like fun Christmas signs and wreaths).  All was fairly quiet, apart from the occasional giggle or Mom telling Dad where to hang stuff.  Next thing I know, both Mom and Dad start singing like two holly jolly Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas. We're talking duet.  It was the most adorable thing--I only wish I could have recorded it. 

Truth Is: Fate is trying to put me on Santa's Naughty List indefinitely. You know how I can kind-of, sort-of have a potty mouth while watching sports. Lord help me I try, but when those referees cut loose, so does my mouth.

Christmas Day...the holiest day of the year...and the Dallas Mavericks will play the Miami Heat.  Really? Christmas Day? Really? Have you ANY idea how badly I'm going to have to bite my tongue? Sigh. Having said that, GO MAVS!!!! SO happy to have them back!

Truth Is: Ah, well, while helping my parents decorate I sort-of had one mishap after the other.

1. The little train set that sits by the fireplace EVERY year might be ruined because I forgot to remove the battery. Yeah. When I removed it from the box, a blue goop oozed into my hand.

Brought it to Dad to fix.

Me to Dad: "Bet you never thought you'd still be tinkering with batteries and toys..."

Dad, with a chuckle: "Not at this stage in the game."

Me, a little embarrassed: "Well, it has to be kind-of...refreshing."

Dad began belly laughing.

2. Removed a little musical ornament that plays It's A Small World, pressed the button, song.  But, I did get an incredibly loud, non-stop buzzing sound.

Brought it to Dad to fix.

Me: "Um, it won't stop buzzing."

Dad just looked at me. He was still working on trying to get the battery out of the train. Mom eventually shoved something up under the bottom of it and stopped the thing from making any sound...possibly forever.

3. While trying to vacuum the area around the tree, the hose thing detached from the suck-part in, it broke. Um, I hid it.  Dad doesn't know yet. Thank God they have two.

Well, my eyes are beginning to glaze over--I'll catch up on blog reading over the weekend. I apologize if there are any mistakes in this post, but I'm seriously zombie-like...even though I really do hate zombies.

Oh, and I'll post the Christmas fun facts tomorrow. :) 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happiness Survey!

Jay had this survey on his blog and his answers were so much fun to read, he said we could do the same. So, here we go!

What makes you happy?

* Christmas makes me sublimely happy. Christmas music, movies, shows, decorations, food…everything.

* My parents, who mean the world to me.

* Football, NASCAR, Basketball, Baseball, etc.

* Soda. Yeah, I know. Bad for me makes me happy.

* Dreams.

What was your childhood like? Honestly, I couldn’t ask for a better childhood. It was a childhood full of love, laughter, and so many traditions. I miss it everyday.

What was your first crush like? Mind-numbing.  It’s actually funny to think back on it now—how every little look held a hidden message or how every “and, the, huh, uh, and um” he uttered just had to mean something.

Did you ever have a celebrity crush? What was that like? Troy Aikman was my big crush in the 90s. Well, and The Right Kind of Love singer, Jeremy Jordan.  Honestly, especially with Troy, the crush filled a void…it kept me company. I guess, while others had boyfriends, I had an unrealistic crush—the best kind, really, because they can’t hurt you—which is why I’ll be hanging on to my Bing Crosby crush for eternity. ;)

Do you like sports? Um, do we remember how I was during the Mavericks’ run for the Championship? Need I say more?

Have you ever done sports? Yeah, no. I watch, not play.

What music do you like? Everything, really. From Indie and instrumental to R&B and country, I listen to it all.  I love American Standards (Big Band) as well—it’s something I grew up with and hold very close to my heart.

What instruments do you play? Yeah, none, unless you count tapping out songs with your nails on the keyboard when boredom sets in? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Did you like school?  I didn't like how cruel kids could be growing up.  As I got older, it became more about grades than anything else, especially in college and beyond. People didn’t call me Hermione for nothing. I was obsessed with getting A’s. To this day, I have dreams (nightmares?) that I’ve forgotten to study for an exam. I’m very glad to awaken from those dreams, I tell you.
What is your favorite color and why? Pink! I have no idea why, but I just love it!

Do you like where you are living? Yes, it’s a great little town.
If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be? Ooh, that’s tough. I would say Diagon Alley or maybe Santa’s village. ;)

What was your favorite book growing up and what is your favorite now? Growing up, I loved the classics like Charlotte’s Web, Anne of Greene Gables, and The Boxcar Children. I also loved the Nancy Drew books and Babysitter’s Club series. Today, I love the True Blood series.  Until I find a new book love, my present day favorite must go to the Harry Potter series. 
What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything else? Not sure there is an answer, but if I had to guess, I would say: do the best you can, be the best person you can, remember The Golden Rule, have faith, be true to yourself, love and cherish your family…oh, and count your blessings instead of sheep. ;)

Do you know where your towel is? Um, huh? I feel stupid. Am I missing something with this one? Anyone know what this means? Uh, it’s hanging in the bathroom. I feel off the charts on the stupid meter right now.  Do they mean the kind you whoosh around during a football game??? 

Monday, December 12, 2011


I wanted to share one of my new very favorite songs with you. It’s so beautiful and speaks to those who may feel left out of the reindeer games (had to work some holiday in here somehow) or who may be viewed as just a little different from the rest.

The song was also recently featured on Bones—thought it fit the love between Booth and Bones perfectly.   

Hope you like it as much as I do.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Fun Facts Friday

On this television Christmas music channel I listen to, they post random holiday facts. They are so interesting and fun and, well, jolly, that I thought y'all might like them too. So, from now through Christmas, I thought I would post as many as I can for you. :)

Here we go! 

1. Evergreen, holly, ivy, and mistletoe are important plants in the Yule celebration, which symbolizes everlasting life.

2. The children of Poland receive presents twice during the holiday season. (might not want to tell the little ones this fun might not hear the end of it). 

3. Woolworth's five-and-dime is credited with originating the whole wonderful idea of giving a Christmas bonus to employees. (I knew I loved Woolworth's!)

4. What are the top Christmas tree producing states? Oregon, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and California!

5. The real St. Nicholas was a bishop in the town of Myra during the 4th century. He became known for his supreme generosity, his love of children, and protecting and helping those in need. He also had a reputation for secret gift-giving. Hello, Santa!

6. Gene Autry was the first to record Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

7. Early versions of candy canes were actually straight. Later, they were bent to resemble a shepherd's staff.

8. The Christmas classic White Christmas has over 500 recorded versions in many different languages.

9. In 2009, the traditional Neiman Marcus Christmas book listed a giant motorized cupcake for $25,000.

10. When Santa first delivered Mr. Potato Head toys in 1952, they were simply plastic parts that could be stuck inside real potatoes.

11. The Charlie Brown Christmas special has been televised EVERY year since 1965.

12. The Pet Rock made creator Gary Dahl millions when it became a hugely popular gift in 1975.

Have a holly jolly weekend!!! (I need to cut back on the sugar!)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Truth Is Thursday!

Truth Is: The Christmas cookie monster attack has started. Wal-Mart had these cookie trays on sale…have mercy, they are so good.

Truth Is: We need a playoff system in college football. Just sayin.’ Geaux.

Truth Is: I yanked 3 hairs from my head, thinking they were gray. Turns out they were just really, really blonde.  You would think I would stop and check after the first faux gray, but no. Sometimes my brilliance astonishes me. :/

Truth Is: Why is it in less than six months, two beauty products I’ve ordered arrived damaged? I thought things never arrive annihilated twice in the same year…kinda like lightning never strikes twice in the same place. The body wash I ordered exploded in transit, so when I opened it up—SQUISH, SQUIRT, OOZE.  It’s like it had Montezuma’s revenge. Earlier this summer, I ordered pressed powder and it showed up completely crumbled. I opened the box and wondered why it was dusty--yeah, because it wasn’t dust, genius...which I found out upon opening the compact. POUF. A cloud of powder particles went everywhere.

Truth Is: So, I’ve been getting an unusually large amount of “find your soul mate, sign up today” e-mails.  Just sign up for a free trial and find your soul mate! As if it’s that easy for everybody. Suppose the increase in volume makes sense during the holidays, with New Year’s Eve and Vomit Day right around the corner.

However, I don’t appreciate the following: Are you lonely? See 50 photos of singles in your area, from Senior People Meet. 

Truth Is: There was an ad running across the top of my e-mail today. “Why Men Pull Away. 10 Ugly Mistakes Women Make that Ruin Any Chances of a Relationship.” Seriously? I know women aren’t perfect, but men aren’t either and I’m sure they also make those 10 ugly mistakes that ruin any chances of a relationship.  Just sayin’.

Truth Is: I think I used all of my creative juices on the superhero me post because my brain has been unable to produce anything remotely interesting the rest of the week. (Hmm, could be due to cookie coma, though).

Monday, December 5, 2011

Superhero Me!

So, here we go! Lex has given us a challenge: to create, write, and draw a superhero version of ourselves. Using your super power suggestions, I crafted my superhero self! And, um, after the Cowboys’ unbelievable loss (our coach basically iced our own kicker…and it worked.), I had to work out the tension and got a little carried away with this superhero challenge. *blushes* 

The Frisky Virgin, superhero-style

Code Name: The Frisky Virgin

Description: From the deepest, darkest corners of night to the blindingly bright rays of day, she moves, unnoticed by human eyes, watching, listening, and waiting. Delusional dizziness is doomed! Ignorance be gone! Douche-bags beware! Liar-liar pants on fire she shall declare!

Super Powers:

  • The brutal truth she speaks will penetrate your brain and replace the stupid with common sense and accountability. (Might have been useful for the Cowboys coach yesterday…icing your own kicker…just when you think you’ve seen it all).

  • Can move about unnoticed, completely invisible to human eyes (yeah, this is so a real power of mine)

  • Her palms mysteriously soaked the power of the Patronus and Petrificus Totalus charms from the pages of Harry Potter.  Together, they bind wrongdoers in an impenetrable web of freezing light and wispy blue jays (TFV’s Patronus). (Dang, I wish!)

  • By virtue of her own virtue, TFV is able to save women from giving it up to a lying douche-bag (and vice versa—save men from falling for a vicious, ill-intentioned, sight-setting, money-grubbing witch…’cause those do exist and they always seem to win…not anymore!).  (Kinda want a theme song now).

  • Irresistible to men when she chooses to be visible. (*snort* wish this were true).

Bonus abilities: Fly, super speed, and super strength. (really, who doesn’t want these?)


*Bejeweled “V” on her belt: glows and vibrates [hey, if phones can be set to vibrate, so can my bejeweled“V”] to alert her of someone needing assistance; can also detach and be used as a smart-weapon (really, couldn’t this be some character on True Blood, minus the obvious cheesy bits?) 

Thank you, Lex! This was so much fun!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Lion King Cuteness, Blog Award, & Kiss It.

Kiss It: We have some randomness this Friday, mainly because my brain has declared an early weekend due to its state of pi** off.  A certain HE made a cameo and proceeded to, yet again, show just how incredibly screwed up he is about things, namely how to treat others. The funny thing is, I'm not convinced he even gets what he does or says. I'm not mad or hurt on a personal level, just ticked on a human-to-human level. There's a way of treating people, you know, and it doesn't involve impersonating the Riddler.  I know this is all cryptic, but, like I said, the brain has left its pink slip for the day. 

Lion King Cuteness: Mom told me Dad asked her if they had the DVD The Lion King.  She didn't think they had it, so Dad hopped on over to Target and came home with the DVD. 

Once home, Mom told me she had to ask him about his interest in the DVD:

Mom: "Honey, why did you get The Lion King?"

Dad, a little coy: "'Cause I like the music."

Isn't that cute? This is a man who likes war movies, action films, and comedy-type things, like Wedding Crashers and Stripes, yet here he is buying a Disney movie. Too darn cute.

Blog Award: I received a wonderful award from the super adorably kind Purple.Mist! Thank you so much, sweetie, and huge congrats on finishing your exams!!!

Now, I'm supposed to pass this pretty award to 15 bloggers, but you know I'm ridiculously bad about that.   So, with it being the holidays and all, EVERYONE snatch it up and enjoy.

Extra Random Fun: Here's what y'all have suggested so far for my superhero alter ego super powers...

With invisibility already in check...

Lost.In.Idaho: Super honesty (no sugar coating--brutal bluntness only).

J.Day: Knock sense into people (I'm thinking this could work with the super honesty--like the result of brutal bluntness is common sense.)

LOLA: Harry & Hermione powers. (So, here, I'm thinking about taking Expecto Patronum and Petrificus Totalus and combining them into one super spell).

Loving your suggestions!!!  If y'all have any others, bring 'em on!!!

So, this weekend, aside from sweating over sports, I'll be working up my superhero identity--very fun. Great idea, Lex!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Truth Is Thursday!

 Truth Is: Mom always says the best things, like this one: “Now I know it’s the holidays when I’m eating chocolate chip cookies and drinking soda.”

And this one came after Dad wanted to talk about sad news stuff and Mom interrupted, simply saying: “I want to curl up in my own little euphoric world and pretend.”

Truth Is: This time of year especially, I tend to think there is so much more to this world than we can see with our eyes. (A little whimsical, I know, but where’s the fun in reality all the time?)

Truth Is: The brightened, surprised looks on the faces of elderly couples when I smile at them should make me happy, but really it makes me want to cry; it’s like they don’t get those smiles very often. My dad confirmed this when he once helped an elderly veteran and the gentleman’s chin started quivering. Simple things mean the world.

Truth Is: The Dallas Cowboys sit atop the NFC East!!! BFF is practically giddy (this is saying a great deal, considering he’s a grumpy Grinch this time of year and usually cheers for the Abominable Snowman in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer).

Truth Is: I get to create a superhero alter-ego, thanks to Lex. And I get to draw me as a superhero! So excited! Not sure what powers I’ll have yet. I’m open to suggestions—what kind-of powers should I have? I like the power of invisibility, but, as otherworldly as it may seem, I’m pretty sure I already have that one…and I don’t even need a cloak. :/ I’m aiming for Monday to reveal my secret superhero identity because, you know, we all have one and Monday's usually suck.