Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nothing Like A Little Frosting

Well, so much for catching up on blogs over the weekend. Slowly, but surely, I’ll catch up. Hate when I fall behind on reading.

When Mom and I get going on a topic, we tend to resemble Lucy and Ethel (of I Love Lucy).  This weekend was no exception.

During the holidays, Mom’s kitchen most closely resembles what you would envision Mrs. Santa’s cooking domain to look like: cookies, candies, cakes, and, on this particular weekend, cupcakes.

There were only a few cupcakes left (Dad inhaled them, very bad) when Mom said to grab one while I could.

The cupcake had the cutest Frosty the Snowman ornament adorning the icing. Except it wasn’t an ornament. Oh, no.  It was a ring. Now, this might not seem like much, but with literally everyone, everywhere getting engaged, it’s a little…ironic. 

This is where Lucy and Ethel took over.

Me: “It’s a ring.”

Mom: “Fine catch.”

Me, not missing a beat: “Isn’t it beautiful,” I said, slipping it on my left ring finger. “So lucky.”

Mom: “There are many benefits to marrying a snowman.  He’ll never forget your birthday.”

Me: “Hell, he’ll think my birthday is everyday—could be beneficial in the present department—and I’ll never appear to age.”  Pause. “If he ticks me off, all I have to do is take off the hat and hide it.”

Mom: “Or stick him in a greenhouse.”

Me: “I’ll always have an ‘in’ with Santa.”

Mom: “The best part?  He goes away at least nine months out of the year. Honey, it’s a dream marriage.”

Laughter-snorts followed.

Behold my lovely ring—note the delicate blue and pink plastic. Bit narcissistic that he had to have his face on said ring, but, you know, you make concessions. ;)


  1. You and your mom share a wonderful sense of humor!

  2. Wouldn't that make you . . . a snow blower? *ba-dum dum!*

    Ahem. Sorry, got a little X-rated here. :)

    Anyway, sounds like a wonderful way to spend the weekend if you ask me. You and your mom crack me up. And, like your dad, I would be contributing mostly to the eating of said baked goods. Yum!

  3. Snowmen aren't good in relationships, before you know it he'll be giving you the cold shoulder.

    Every night you'll be treated to a frosty reception.

    Plus he doesn't have good ice-sight.

    Ok, I'm done now.

  4. I love it. Thanks for making me smile. I just re-watched Frosty the other night and it really is a great set up! I say go for it, sweetie.

  5. Eva: :) Thank you so much! We have fun, that's for sure!

    David: LOL--Oh, that made my eyes water! Good one! My parents are a hoot. Oh, it's like a race to the baked goods that my Dad ALWAYS wins. lol

    DRAKE: YOU'RE BACK!!!! YAY! Missed you!!!

    LOL--Yeah, those could be some pretty big drawbacks. LOL Great sense of humor, as always. *Hugs*

    Jewels: :) I'm so glad it made you smile. And why not, right? ;)

    J.Day: :) Thanks! You never know what you'll get when Mom and I cut loose on something. lol

  6. Great decoration on the cupcake. Loved the ring.

  7. Very cute!

    *Warning, shameless flattery incoming*

    With a hot little lady like you though, a snowman marriage wouldn't work. He'd melt too quickly.

    Sorry for that. The line was too cheezy to resist...

  8. Lucy: It is a cute decoration! :)

    Lost.in.Idaho: *blushes* Aw, I adore shameless incoming flattery! ;)

    And that melting would be exceedingly problematic given my virtuous situation. lol

  9. 1. I love everything snowmen

    2. you had me at "frosting"

    3. Drake's still alive???!! :)

  10. don't put him in the greenhouse....you'd melt his heart! :(

  11. Ahahahaha he goes away for nine months of the year. That's brilliant. Awesome conversation. The ring is adorable too!

    Your family is so cool. HA, get it? COOL? (I totally did NOT use the word 'cool' to make that pun on purpose. Nope.)

  12. Rita: 1. Me too. 2. Frosting = best word ever. 3. He is! Hurray! :)

    Carole: Aw, okay, no greenhouse. I'll just hide the hat when he ticks me off. ;)

    Anna: Oh, yeah, Mom had me laughing hysterically with that one. lol

    LOL--Cool--good one! :)

  13. I loved your mother's last line - so funny!

  14. Hazel: When she said that, I absolutely lost it! She always makes me laugh! :) I never know what she's going to say. lol

  15. I avoid all things sugary in the store. Nothing good can come of them.

    (She hides the bag of M&Ms behind her)

  16. Best wishes for a long and happy marriage. Next time, hold out for a diamond. Threaten him with a space heater.


  17. LOLA: Why, thank you! And...LOL LOL LOL--space heater! Absolute necessity!!! Great one!