Friday, December 2, 2011

Lion King Cuteness, Blog Award, & Kiss It.

Kiss It: We have some randomness this Friday, mainly because my brain has declared an early weekend due to its state of pi** off.  A certain HE made a cameo and proceeded to, yet again, show just how incredibly screwed up he is about things, namely how to treat others. The funny thing is, I'm not convinced he even gets what he does or says. I'm not mad or hurt on a personal level, just ticked on a human-to-human level. There's a way of treating people, you know, and it doesn't involve impersonating the Riddler.  I know this is all cryptic, but, like I said, the brain has left its pink slip for the day. 

Lion King Cuteness: Mom told me Dad asked her if they had the DVD The Lion King.  She didn't think they had it, so Dad hopped on over to Target and came home with the DVD. 

Once home, Mom told me she had to ask him about his interest in the DVD:

Mom: "Honey, why did you get The Lion King?"

Dad, a little coy: "'Cause I like the music."

Isn't that cute? This is a man who likes war movies, action films, and comedy-type things, like Wedding Crashers and Stripes, yet here he is buying a Disney movie. Too darn cute.

Blog Award: I received a wonderful award from the super adorably kind Purple.Mist! Thank you so much, sweetie, and huge congrats on finishing your exams!!!

Now, I'm supposed to pass this pretty award to 15 bloggers, but you know I'm ridiculously bad about that.   So, with it being the holidays and all, EVERYONE snatch it up and enjoy.

Extra Random Fun: Here's what y'all have suggested so far for my superhero alter ego super powers...

With invisibility already in check...

Lost.In.Idaho: Super honesty (no sugar coating--brutal bluntness only).

J.Day: Knock sense into people (I'm thinking this could work with the super honesty--like the result of brutal bluntness is common sense.)

LOLA: Harry & Hermione powers. (So, here, I'm thinking about taking Expecto Patronum and Petrificus Totalus and combining them into one super spell).

Loving your suggestions!!!  If y'all have any others, bring 'em on!!!

So, this weekend, aside from sweating over sports, I'll be working up my superhero identity--very fun. Great idea, Lex!!!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Well, every Disney movie is filled to the brim with music. lol But the Lion King was definitely a good movie, with some particularly catchy music.

  2. Haha I love hearing stories about your dad. He seems awesome! :D

  3. The Lion King is so awesome!
    And I have no idea what my superhero power should be either for Lexi's league of blog heroes...still thinking!

  4. I love "The Lion King". And it's cool your dad likes it too! Still have my VHS copy somewhere...

    Hmmmm...superpower....the ability to repel all douchebag males within a 50 mile radius (so's you don't have a repeat of the McDonald's parking lot episode!)

  5. Eva: :)

    J.Day: Disney always has great music, so true. :)

    Anna: :) He and Mom are awesome. Never a dull moment. lol

    That 20 Something Virgin: I'm still thinking, too. It's tough, but fun! :) Can't wait to see what you come up with!

    CatAndTheCoffeeCup: It's a great movie! Oooh! Love that superpower!!! It would have come in very handy at Mickey D's. lol

  6. Good thing I followed your blog and found your writings wonderful. I like your dad, I like how he loved The Lion King :)

  7. I would like the glitter powers of the Cullens. You know the ones that make you all sparly and picture perfect, and completely irresistable to other people?

    Yeah, that power would be good.

    Especially snce my jedi powers are getting rusty. Couldn't even get Tony to make the bed tonight.

  8. Sorry to hear HE bugged you. I hope you have a calm and pleasant weekend.


  9. Awwww your dad likes the music! I like your dad.

  10. I love the Lion King! Your dad was so sweet to do that!

  11. Love The Lion King.. your Dad sounds cute lol..

  12. ophine: Aw, thank you so much! I'm so glad you did! I've happily added your blog to my list as well. :) I think that might be his favorite Disney movie.

    Julianna: Ah, super-irresistible!!! Love it! Could use a little of that power, actually. lol

    LOLA: Thanks, I will. HE's a knob.

    Carole: :) Ain't it cute?!

    Yvonne: I thought it was adorable! So different for him, really, considering his typical movies likes.

  13. Alittlesprite: It's such a great movie! I haven't seen it in ages! Mom said he was so like a big kid when he brought the movie home. lol

  14. Aww congrats on the award and for passing it along coz now it means I can take it lmao!