Thursday, December 29, 2011

Truth Is Thursday!

Truth Is: I don't like when Christmas ends. It's just so depressing. I mean, what do we have to look forward to, holiday-wise?

*New Year's Eve? Eh. A digit changes. Shock. (Okay, okay, so it is kind-of a festive, hope-filled evening. Reckon if I actually had a good NYE, I'd think of it like I do Christmas...but until then, eh). 

*Vomit, er, Valentine's Day? Ooh, yeah, can't wait for the manufactured faux-holiday that tosses singles the middle finger. It's such a Christmas wannabe. Barf.

* St. Patrick's Day? Not bad. I mean, I like luck and four leaf clovers and leprechauns (the cute kind...not the creepy kind). Still, it doesn't have the same magical feeling (could change if leprechauns flew around, sprinkling gold a la the Quidditch World Cup).  ;)

* Easter? Bunnies and baskets and lots of pastel colors and Cadbury Eggs. Ooh, I quite like this one. ;)

So, in conclusion, Cadbury Eggs make all things better. 

Truth Is: One of the best things about the holidays is indulging. Eat without guilt.  Drink soda without guilt. Snack without guilt. Exercise? Nah, not the routine stuff, anyway. I stick with fun, like dancing (believe me, it works you like there's no tomorrow...but it's FUN).

Truth Is: The guilt-free indulging lasts through the Bowl games. Why, you ask? Um, because Mama said so, and you know she's always right. Who am I to question Mom? *sipping Dr. Pepper*

Truth Is: My local Christmas music station stopped playing holiday tunes immediately after Christmas. Now, I know this seems pretty par for the course.  However, in years past they played carols straight through New Year's.  People loved it. 

They didn't this year. Butts.

It's okay, though, because I have my Bing-a-ling White Christmas CD...


...I have been blasting The Zac Brown Band as well. Love them.

Truth Is: Drum roll, please--During both the Christmas Eve Cowboys' loss and the Christmas Day Mavs' loss, I did NOT swear once, not even a partial swear. So proud. Of course, I did have soda on standby and promptly turned to it whenever I felt the urge to drop a few colorful metaphors.


  1. Bing-a-ling? As in Crosby, or Chandler from 'Friends?'

    Because one way is awesome, and the other way is... well, awesome in a different way.

  2. LOL--Oh, that's right! Janice called Chandler Bing-a-ling on Friends! LOL

    Well, in this instance, I meant *blushes* Bing as in Crosby. Still awesome, though, right? :/

  3. I suspect that if I substituted soda drinking for cursing, I'd be very, very bloated after the Celtics lost their first three games.

  4. I've already started the hunt for Cadbury eggs.

    Is that wrong?

  5. Leprechauns and the Quidditch World Cup in the same sentence? lol

  6. BING CROSBY! Love that guy.

    Our local Christmas station is still playing Christmas music. I don't know, it kind of loses its magic after Christmas, though. :(

    I'm always guilt-free when it comes to food and soda! Pshht, every day is Thanksgiving and Christmas! (you can probably tell I have awful eating habits, hehe).

    New Years Eve sucks. It's never as exciting as the movies or shows make it. Basically all you do is cheer for a minute, then sit around and go "now what?" I suppose it would be fun in some place like NYC with all the loved ones, but till then...blah.

  7. Eva: LOL--oh, there was bloat to be sure...hence the dancing. lol

    Julianna: Um, not at all! lol

    J.Day: Absolutely! lol

  8. Anna: Yay, another Bing fan! I adore him. He's just so endearing.

    You have a point--Christmas music without Christmas to look forward to does kind-of lose its magic.

    LOL--My eating habits aren't great, either, but I try to do everything in, after the Bowl games/holiday season. I have zero guilt during this time of year...and on Vomit Day because it just sucks...and, well, on Easter. :/

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees NYE as an "eh" or, like you said, "blah" holiday. lol

  9. I have absolutely nothing to look forward to. It's just me, the dogs, and quiet -- until we see a cat in our yard.


  10. Great to hear a woman view valentines day like that. It's exactly what I say. A made up holiday, excuse me, it's not even a holiday.

  11. LOLA: Maybe thinking you have nothing to look forward to is when fate will hand you something really magical. :)

    Barfly: It's not a holiday, but try telling that to all those who have gone out of their way to make it one. Plus, if you love someone, why do you need a day to remind you to express your feelings? Shouldn't that just come naturally? It's nonsensical.

  12. I've found for quite some time that it's best to expect the worst because then when something good happens it's such a nice surprise.


  13. I love the holidays! But it sucks how after Christmas everything just feels lame. It's like there's all this build up and after one day... nothing.

    But I also feel quite guiltless in indulging myself until immediately after NYE.