Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Fun Facts Friday

On this television Christmas music channel I listen to, they post random holiday facts. They are so interesting and fun and, well, jolly, that I thought y'all might like them too. So, from now through Christmas, I thought I would post as many as I can for you. :)

Here we go! 

1. Evergreen, holly, ivy, and mistletoe are important plants in the Yule celebration, which symbolizes everlasting life.

2. The children of Poland receive presents twice during the holiday season. (might not want to tell the little ones this fun might not hear the end of it). 

3. Woolworth's five-and-dime is credited with originating the whole wonderful idea of giving a Christmas bonus to employees. (I knew I loved Woolworth's!)

4. What are the top Christmas tree producing states? Oregon, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and California!

5. The real St. Nicholas was a bishop in the town of Myra during the 4th century. He became known for his supreme generosity, his love of children, and protecting and helping those in need. He also had a reputation for secret gift-giving. Hello, Santa!

6. Gene Autry was the first to record Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

7. Early versions of candy canes were actually straight. Later, they were bent to resemble a shepherd's staff.

8. The Christmas classic White Christmas has over 500 recorded versions in many different languages.

9. In 2009, the traditional Neiman Marcus Christmas book listed a giant motorized cupcake for $25,000.

10. When Santa first delivered Mr. Potato Head toys in 1952, they were simply plastic parts that could be stuck inside real potatoes.

11. The Charlie Brown Christmas special has been televised EVERY year since 1965.

12. The Pet Rock made creator Gary Dahl millions when it became a hugely popular gift in 1975.

Have a holly jolly weekend!!! (I need to cut back on the sugar!)


  1. 13. I want the Charlie Brown trees but hubby and kids get the largest tree that can possibly fit in the living room!

  2. 1. The Charlie Brown Christmas is a classic and if they ever stop running it, I'll hunt those TV exec's down myself - considering my Granddad gave me the nickname, I'm only partial to the cartoon. lol ;o)

    2. We were discussing stupid fads over breakfast this morning and I brought up Pet Rocks! I kept telling them it was a 70's thing and K kept saying it must have been an 80's thing, and Papa D kept telling me it was when he was a kid (in the 40's!!). LMAO

    3. My family (my parents and myself) have 3 Christmas gift openings - Christmas Eve (with my dad's family), Christmas morning with just the three of us (and now Granny since she's living with my parents), and Christmas afternoon when mom's family comes over. So, I beat out those Polish kids. LOL ;o)

  3. I grew up in "Christmas tree country" in Michigan, lol! Saddens me to see the natural ones so dang expensive - $30 and up around here. We don't put one up anyway; Bazinga would think it was a new toy for her amusement ;-)

    Funny that mistletoe is considered to symbolize everlasting life as it is poisonous if consumed.

  4. That was an interesting post! I'm embarrassed to say I remember that Gene Autry recording from my childhood!

  5. Anyone who gives me a pet rock for Christmas will get my patented pet fist in return. Unfortunately, I doubt I'll get rich off the patent like Dahl did.

    Thanks for the facts! They were definitely fun. :)

  6. I watched Charlie Brown last week! LOVE it! I didn't know that about mistletoe and St. Nick -interesting info!

  7. Carole: LOL--I always tend to pick the Charlie Brown trees, too. :)

    J.Day: I'd track 'em down with you! Charlie Brown is one of my absolute favorites! You were right about the Pet Rock!!! Oh, you lucky one, you--THREE Christmas gift-days! Awesome!

    CatAndTheCoffeeCup: Aw, you did! Cool. Yeah, Christmas trees are so expensive now, along with everything else. :( Oh my gosh, I had forgotten about the mistletoe! That is so weird! lol

    Eva: Don't be embarrassed! I think that's awesome! I'm glad you liked the post. :)

    David: Oh, seriously, you made my eyes water from laughter! LOL

    Yvonne: Me too! Watch it every year. Will probably watch it again when it comes on. Confession: it always makes me get a little teary eyed. *blushes*

  8. I loved Woolworths too - but they were all closed down over here! :(

  9. I'm so old that when I was a little girl, we had the Gene Autry record of Rudolph. And I'm so old that although we didn't have Mr. Potato Head at our house, we had friends who had it and we used real potatoes. The face and other features you stuck in the potato were very sharp and quite dangerous. Yet, somehow it was more fun than plastic potato heads. I guess I'm just a fool for danger.


  10. Who knew that my state was one of the top Christmas Tree producers...well actually I did but that's irrelevant. :) I loved this list. Thanks for researching and sharing it.

  11. Huh. I always thought that candy canes were in the shape of a "J" for Jesus, and the white and red symbolizing the body and blood of christ. I guess there could be many different origins.

    So many fun facts!