Thursday, May 24, 2012

Truth Is Thursday: The Eyes Have It

Truth Is: I *think* I see the light at the end of the tunnel where my blogging absence is concerned. I CAN'T WAIT to catch up and read blogs again. I MISS YOU ALL.

Truth Is: My printer ran out of ink at the absolute worst moment. Here's the thing: it didn't even let me know it was running low. Usually, the print will look lighter or something. Nope, nothing. It looked fabulous, then just stopped and said, "Black Ink Out." I pushed the on/off about a zillion times because I didn't trust the whole "black ink out" thing. Still, nothing. I'm convinced there's black ink still in there somewhere.

Truth Is: Wilderness Guy wanted to teach me how to pluck a chicken.  I can't emphasize the "no" enough, here.

Truth Is:  Never, ever have a cheesy nacho snack at night. Made this mistake. Won't make it again. There's a reason I'm not a snack person, apart from cereal. Must stick to cereal.

Truth Is: Mom was all excited about some diner-like mustard and ketchup bottles she found. She said they were super cute...with faces. Sadly, I didn't remember this little detail over the weekend. Had I remembered, I might have avoided a rather spastic me moment.

I walked into the kitchen, opened the fridge for some milk, and was face-to face with this:

My reaction: Funky-freaked face, yelp, stumble, and butt-slam into the dishwasher. I swear, for a second, I thought something had possessed the contents of the fridge, like some Poltergeist movie.

The next time I face the blinking duo will be Memorial Day Weekend, and though I will not be spooked again, I'm pretty sure they will take great pleasure in mocking me...don't they have a mocking kind of look? Don't get me wrong, they're cute and all, but...they are a little creepy when you're not expecting them. lol

Anyway, I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Memorial Day! God Bless all of our brave men and women, past, present, and future.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Truth Is Thursday: Life Is Quite Nosy

Truth Is: Dear Willoughby, I have so much to say to you, but I'm not going to whisper a single syllable. You simply cannot see what you do. It's okay. Humans are beautifully complex that way. But I cannot, and will not, be your Marianne. No, this Marianne needs her Colonel Brandon.

Truth Is: CSI: Miami was cancelled! Very sad. No more Horatio. :(

Truth Is: I miss my Mavs. When I think back on this time last year…the stress, nausea, pacing, heart pounding, and rocking back and forth on the edge of my seat; the highs and lows of wins and losses; the utter thrill of victory…it's a great feeling. Good luck to all you fans whose teams are still in the hunt--enjoy every single second, good, bad, and in between. There's nothing like it.

Truth Is: Mom got her Kindle for Mother's Day…with "wee-fee." She's hilarious with it. At first, she was completely clueless. Now, she's zooming around the thing like she's had it for years. Dad and I are very proud of her.

Truth Is: Life sent me a message on Mother's Day. Not joking.

Woke up Sunday to a little text jingle.

"Hmm, wonder who that is," I said, checking the number. "Don't recognize that number, but it is local. Maybe BFF got another new number."

I clicked on the text and very nearly fell out of bed.


"Screw you, Life. Screw you." Yep, that was my spontaneous reaction.

Being single doesn't suck--beats being alone in a relationship. Still, Life needs to stay the hell out of it and shut the blank-ity-blank up.

Monday, May 7, 2012

So Much For Regular Blogging...

I really thought I'd be able to return to regular blogging.  So wrong.  I'm trying, y'all, I promise. 

Updates and random things:

* My Mavs got the big bad sweep handed to them by the Thunder. :( Sigh. Kind of a tough way to end the season. On the bright side, the first two games could have easily been wins for the Mavs. Yeah, I'll look ANYWHERE for that stupid bright side.

* Dale Jr. snagged another top ten finish! Whoop! One thing I don't get: When you have a man who is completely brilliant on restrictor plate tracks, why won't drivers work with him? (his teammates, for the most part, were out of the race) I don't get it. If there's anyone I'd want pushing my butt around the track, it's him. Or vice versa. Um. I didn't mean that the way it sounded. *big time blushes*

* Explain this to me: WHY is it when life gets hectic in one area of your life, the other area of your life suddenly and inexplicably decides to get interesting...right when you have the least amount of time to, you know, be interested in the interest? Hmm. Did that make sense?

* Have you ever met Wilderness Guy? I have. Known him for years.  Didn't really realize the extent of his load-the-gun-and-bow ways.  Wilderness Guy is showing an increasing interest. Have I mentioned I'm not Wilderness Girl? Yeah. I like my food de-feathered, you know? And he likes fish. I hate fish. Fish + me = copious amounts of embarrassing badness.

* Oh, Lord, my dad pulled one on my mom. Just to mess with her, he started skip-hopping along the porch smack dab where their new neighbors could see him. LOL My mom was mortified. She said the neighbors probably think he's out of his mind. My dad's response? "That's the point." LOL The funniest part? My mom thought he looked a little like E.T. when he scurries. LOL

Okay, that's it for now. I just wanted to check in. I have tons to write up--I just need to carve out some time. And please know I love you all, and I'm not trying to go all invisible woman or anything--it's just hectic right now.