Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Howler

*Note: Thought it might be fun to recall some of my more interesting dates, quasi-dates, meetings, whatever you want to call them. Soon, I will talk about my theory on the whole Accidental Enchantment vs. Seriously Screwed Up Curse. The following may be evidence of a curse.

Sadly, I'm not talking about Ron Weasley's howler in Harry Potter, although it would be pretty cool to get one, despite the whole, you know, scolding-yelling-angry-mom thing.

And, no, I'm not referring to some sexy werewolf-man a la True Blood. 

No, instead I'm talking about the questionably normal, human guy who, out of nowhere, stops to howl at the moon.  *pause for the WTF comment

After said howl (which was a pretty impressive impression of Alcide), wolf-wannabe-guy says, "That's what I like to do during sex.  It's hot."

Wondering about his mental state, I asked, "Do you believe yourself to be a werewolf?"

Laughing, wolf-wannabe-guy says, "No, of course not."

Ah, good to know. Excellent.

"But I was one in my past life."

Crap. I'm on a date with a past-life werewolf. Terrific.

True Blood Tuesday

Well, it's the second to last episode...and we don't get one next week because of Labor Day Weekend, which means we have to wait two weeks for the season finale. How rough is that going to be, especially considering the very clever cliffhanger ending.

Lafayette & Jesus: After their strange V voyage a la Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Jesus want to go again and begs Lafayette to go again with him, to which Lafayette responds, "Just LIKE a virgin!" (Had to laugh at that one). Contemplating taking another V trip with him, Lafayette quickly changes his mind when he sees an image (hallucination?) of a demon head/evil sorcerer/monster head on Jesus' body.  When he clears his eyes, Jesus is unnerved by Lafayette's sudden freak-out. Lafayette puts it off to residual effects of the V and (nicely) kicks Jesus out for the night. Later that evening, Lafayette is summoned to the living room by the little voodoo-like dolls he keeps around, one of which had red eyes and sounded very, very devil-like.

Hoyt & Jessica: Things seem to be going well here. Hoyt feels wonderful after drinking Jessica's blood and is feeling very, um, sexy. Jessica stops him, saying he needs to know that she drained a trucker after they broke up. She explained how it was just an accident, and she didn't know then how to control herself.  Jess also informed him that she can't live on True Blood and will continue to drink human blood. Hoyt then unbuttoned his shirt, offering her his blood. Let the sexiness commence: Jessica teased him a little before digging in.

Hoyt's mother & Summer: Turns out, annoying little Summer has been working with Hoyt's mama. Summer goes crying to his mama, saying she tried, but failed.  Summer went on to say that she "...offered him her virginity." ***NOTE: Okay, Summer is annoying, a little goody-goody, whiny, and just plain dull.....THIS DOES NOT HOLD TRUE FOR ALL VIRGINS. Just sayin'.  Anyway, mama reassures her that things are far from over.  Looks like Jess and Hoyt may be in for a battle to be together.

Sam & Tara: Sam is spiraling out of control.  Drunk and angry, he basically ticks off everyone in town, kicks them out of Merlotte's, and even lays into Terry, Arlene, and Holly.  Tommy, who picks the wrong time to give attitude, finds himself on Sam's drunken bad side; Sam fires him, telling him he doesn't care where he goes or what happens to him.  Tommy tried to grovel (it was actually pretty sad), saying Sam is his brother, but this falls flat with Sam, who refuses to leave his drunken angry state.  Tara, who is grieving over learning the truth about Eggs, confronts Andy, who tearfully tells her of Eggs' wish to die.  She looked shocked, but perhaps a bit more enlightened; maybe she knows it was truly all a dreadful misunderstanding.  Sam tries to kick her out of the bar along with everyone else, but she refuses. Tara and Sam go get busy at his place, while Tommy breaks into the safe at Merlotte's.  Will Sam notice the alarm light on his nightstand? Stay tuned....

Holly, Arlene, & Terry: Arlene, desperate to be rid of Rene's baby, follows Holly into the woods, where she performed a sort-of wiccan abortion, which involved creating a safe-circle, some specially brewed tea, and a small blood sacrifice (small prick to Arlene's finger).  Holly instructs her on how often to brew the tea, and warns her that if a spirit is meant to be born, it will be born.  Cut to a few scenes later and we see Arlene covered in blood.  Terry is horrified, thinking Arlene is dying, but Arlene calmly says the baby is gone. Terry cries, and takes her to the ER.  While Terry is visibly upset, Arlene is calm, happy...until the doctor informs them that the baby is perfectly healthy and quite tough.  Hmmm--devil child, perhaps?

Crystal & Jason: After explaining to Jason that she is a were-panther, Jason decides now would be a good time to go look for Sookie, which doesn't sit too well with Crystal.  After coming up empty, Jason heads to his old high school football field where he sees the cocky young new QB out practicing. It becomes obvious pretty quickly that the cocky young QB is on V as his stamina is vastly better than his buddies, his powerful passes send his buddies flying backwards, and he can throw way beyond the field.  Jason confronts him, but the kid arrogantly says that the coach is the one giving him the V, his parents are paying for it, and the principal is well aware of the deal, since he using it to boost his sex life; he goes on to tell Jason that a scout from LSU is coming to watch him break all of Stackhouse's records. Jason said his records will always stand because they were real and he didn't need V to be great.  Jason then returns home, embraces Crystal, and seemingly agrees to help her stop the raid on Hot Shot.

Russell: Still carrying Talbot's guts in a jar, Russell meets Eric at the museum, fully prepared to kill him.  Eric, however, has very different plans, telling Russell that he has the secret to walking in the sun.  This intrigues Russell, since it goes to his whole plan-to-rule-the-world thing.  See Eric below for how this unfolds. 

Bill & Sookie: Storms through the front door of Fangtasia, looking for Sookie. He is greeted by Pam, who is armed with liquid silver and she's not afraid to use it. Bill attacks Pam and they have a short-lived battle before Pam sprays him in the face multiple times.  Sookie, still chained like a dog in the basement/dungeon, is rescued by an unlikely source: Eric's foreign stripper sex-toy bunny, Yvetta.  Grabbing a chain, Sookie rushes upstairs and wraps it around Pam's neck.  Yvetta makes sure Pam is under control, while Sookie and Bill leave. Bill loses his eyesight temporarily, but eventually regains it.  While driving along, Bill and Sookie imagine what it would be like to live a normal, married life--that was kinda cute. But their sweet daydreams were interrupted when Eric and Russell quite literally stop the car, turning it on its nose.

Russell dragged Sookie into Fangtasia, while Eric asked Bill to hit him; Bill and Eric started fighting in a clear attempt to get some alone time.  When Russell and Sookie went inside, they instantly stopped fighting and Eric told Bill, "I have a plan."

Inside Fangtasia, Bill played his role well, much to Sookie's dismay.  Bill confirmed that Sookie's blood will allow Russell to walk in the sun, but also warned that she is the last of her kind, explaining that if he drains her, he will no longer have the power to walk in the sun.  Sookie is understandably distraught, screaming that she hates Bill, Eric, everyone. 

Eric: Russell insists that Eric prove her blood works by being the first to walk in the sun.  Eric, now poised to drink Sookie's blood, gently strokes her cheek, looking quite, well, human with her. Impatient, Russell grabs Sookie's arm and goes to town.  Eric, looking a little uncomfortable, sinks his teeth into her neck.  Poor Sookie cried, staring at Bill, whom Pam had chained to a chair directly opposite Sookie. 

The next morning, Eric heads into the sun, while Pam and Russell watch him from the security cameras.  After a few moments, Eric gestures for Russell to join him. Eric turns from the cameras, speaks in a foreign tongue and says, "Please don't let them see."  Eric is beginning to burn.  Russell, crying, says he has waited so many years for this ability.  Pam encourages him to go outside and live the dream. Meanwhile, Pam, who is tearfully watching her maker die, ignore Bill's plea to unchain him so he can feed Sookie.  Bill hopelessly watches Sookie dying on the table. 

Russell joyously joins Eric in the sun, but Eric turns to show him his burning face. Before Russell could run, Eric slaps a pair of handcuffs on him, saying they will die together.  The parting scene is of Eric and Russell, handcuffed together, falling to their knees in the sun, as Russell lets out an earsplitting scream. 

Season Finale On Deck...how will it all end. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Makeup Magic Monday: O.P.I. Nail Strengthener

I love a good topcoat, particularly one that strengthens nails. What I love even more, is a strengthener I can wear by itself and have it make my nails look naturally pretty.

O.P.I. Nail Strengthener is just the ticket. $9 at Sephora.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday's Celebrity Frisky Virgin: Dakota Fanning

At the tender age of 16, virginity should be a given, but if you watch t.v. and read the news, it's clearly anything but a given these days.

Dakota Fanning, 16,  has stated that though she does not intend to wait until marriage, she has promised her mother she will stay away from sex until she is at least 18.  Hopefully she will be patient and find a young man who is worthy of her heart.  

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Five Ways To Ruin A Date

1.  The Spit Up: Your date takes a bite of a delicious-looking pork dish, makes a retching sound, then proceeds to cough it up on the table.  Wishing to gag at the half-chewed piece of pork sitting lifeless on the table, you stare at your date...Dear God...he has his hand in the air, waving at the waiter. Are we in school?

"I have a tricky palette," he says, as if spitting his food on the table is perfectly acceptable.  

2.  Finger Snaps: I hate when people disrespect waiters and waitresses. It's just rude. Snapping fingers is a no-no. To start snapping your fingers to get your date's attention? Bad. Very bad.

Snap! Snap! "Your food isn't going anywhere. Are you hearing me? I like to know your paying attention."

Yeah, because a woman is incapable of doing two things at once. Rude.

3.  Drink Robber: It's quite a shock when your date reaches over, grabs your drink, and starts guzzling it. 

"That sauce was way too hot, and I don't like water."

4.  Bad Tipper: Kind-of goes with the snapping thing...tipping your waiter a quarter is unacceptable.  Your waiter had to deal with chewed up pork, a waving hand, snapping, serious complaining, and you want to leave him a quarter?

"Poor attitude, poor tip," he says, plopping it down.

Let's just say you would never leave your table without making sure your waiter is well-tipped. No exceptions. Tip rectified on the sly.  

5.  "Between My Teeth": Time for the goodnight kiss...and you're not really into it. He smiles, and has a massive bit of something green in between his two front teeth.

"Um, you have something between your teeth," you say gently. After everything, you feel the need to point it out.

"Yeah, you," he says arrogantly.

"Beg your pardon?"  Uh, what?

"I've got you between my teeth."

"Oh-uh, um, well that's sweet...and kinda creepy...a little cannibalistic, but..."

"No, no," he laughs, "you don't get it, isn't that cute!" Tapping your date's head as if it's empty is also a big no-no.  "I'm referring to that song...I've got you between my teeth."

"I'm pretty sure it's 'I've got you under my skin.'"  

The inability to carry a tune isn't a date-killer...getting the lyrics wrong to an absolute classic is surprising, but still not a date-killer.  Sarcastically tapping your date's head and pinching your date's cheeks, while singing the wrong lyrics in the wrong key with a giant green thing in between your teeth, after spitting up your food, snapping at your waiter and your date, and expecting your waiter to clean up your chewy-spit-up-meat, yet not leave a proper tip, is kind-of a date killer.

Result: No kiss, no second date.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blog Blonde Moment...Again: Note To Followers.

I like to follow anyone and everyone who is so kind to follow my little blog.  HOWEVER, I have the amazing "ability" to complicate the uncomplicated, and can't seem to figure out how to follow some of you, or even see your blog. 

IF I have not followed you, please don't think I'm being bitchy (it's not my style); I'm just a blog virgin (Get it? Lame, I know.) and can't seem to figure it out. 

Just wanted you to know...I'm not ignoring you or anything along those lines. I just can't seem to follow you or see your blog for one reason or another.

True Blood Tuesday--Only 2 Episodes Left!!

If you haven't read my last True Blood Tuesday, you might want to check it out before reading this one.  Last Week's True Blood Tuesday

Okay! Here we go!

Sookie: "I'm a fairy? How f*&^in' lame." This was Sookie's reaction to the news that she is, indeed, part fairy.  Bill told her everything from his meeting with Claudine, including how every supernatural being he's ever met believes fairies were wiped out of existence by vampires.  He touched on the fact that fairy blood is the most delectable blood a vampire will ever taste, which could account for why supernaturals believe vampires are to blame for the extinction of fairies. Eric shows up at Jason's house (where Bill and Sookie are essentially hiding), and says goodbye to Sookie, stating that he will not be around much longer.  He also implored Bill to tell Sookie the truth; when Sookie says he has told her what she is, Bill shares a coy, almost guilty look with Eric.  Perhaps it's the fact that Sophie-Anne ordered Bill to bring Sookie to her, so she could drink her blood and gain the ability to be in the sun. 

Bill leaves Sookie in Jason's care while he is below ground for the day. Sookie, meanwhile, has a semi-sexual dream about Eric, wherein he warns her not to trust Bill.  When she awakens from the dream, she slips Jason's not-so-watchful eye (he's a distracted one) and heads to Fangtasia. (see Eric below for what happens next).

Bill: Explains all about fairies to Sookie, including the not-so-fun fact that fairies are supposedly rapists (they would mate with unwilling humans), and vampires are blamed for their extinction. Bill assures Sookie that though her blood attracted him initially, the bond they share is based solely on love; he even promised never to taste her blood again, if that would prove to her how much he loves her. Sweet, huh...in that True Blood way? Bill gets mad at Jason for letting her out of his sight, while Jason forces Bill out of his house by revoking his invitation. 

Tara: With Jason's help, they bury and burn Franklin's remains (i.e. guts) and clothing.  Tara tells Jason she has always been able to depend on him, and Jason finds this to be the right time to tell her he shot Eggs. This did not go over very well.  Tara left, in tears.  Poor girl has had a rough couple of seasons on True Blood.

Jason & Crystal:  Lafayette brings Crystals dying father to his house, where he feeds him some vampire blood.  Right on cue, the blood heals him. Is he grateful? Nope. He's mad at Crystal for allowing the likes of Lafayette and Jesus to feed him V.  When her father runs off, and Crystal chases after him, Lafayette says, "Them f!*^ers is a whole new dimension of trash." Crystal's father warns that she must keep with her own kind, mate and reproduce with her own kind, and cautions that he [Jason] will never accept her for what she is. Crystal refuses to go back with her father and runs off.  After Jason loses Sookie and mind-kicks Bill out of his house, he follows a strange noise to his bedroom.  Sitting on the floor of his bedroom is a black panther with glowing eyes.  Staring at it, dumbfounded, he watches as the panther then transforms into a naked Cyrstal. Jason, completely shocked, mutters, "Mama."

Holly, Arlene, & Terry: Well, we learn that Holly is a wiccan.  Arlene confesses to Terry that the baby isn't his...that her psycho ex is the father.  Instead of acting hurt or angry, Terry insists on being this child's father and surrounding him/her with nothing but love, so there is no way the infant will turn out like Rene. Arlene, however, still wants to end the pregnancy and seeks Holly's alternative help.

Lafayette & Jesus: In what was just about the strangest part of the episode, Lafayette and Jesus take a V trip together, visiting some odd people in their pasts.  We learn a couple of interesting things about these lovebirds:  Lafayette comes from a family of conjurers (they showed how his ancestors kept their masters away by sprinkling powder around their doors); Jesus's grandfather was a voodoo sorcerer (he was described as a frightening man; Jesus and his family hid from him).

Jessica, Hoyt, Summer, & Tommy: Tommy tries to put the moves on Jessica, but is rebuffed. Hoyt FINALLY dumps Summer and professes his love to Jessica, but she is so shocked, she couldn't return his sentiments...initially.  Hoyt leaves Merlotte's, crushed, and is confronted by a cocky Tommy, who Hoyt wastes no time knocking backwards.  Angry, Tommy shifts into a pit bull and brutally attacks Hoyt.  Jessica realizes she loves Hoyt and runs outside to tell him, only to find him being attached by the shifter, Tommy.  In yet another awesome move, Jessica swiftly rushes to Hoyt, blasts the pit bull off of him, and feeds him her blood.  Oh, and she FINALLY tells Hoyt she loves him...while Tommy, back to human form, spies from the woods to which he was thrown.

Russell: After last week's insanity, Russell keeps a bit quiet this episode.  Still toting around his lover's guts, Russell picks up a Talbot look-a-like prostitute and proceeds to relive Talbot's final moments, as they should have been in his mind. He professes his love, makes his apologies, and stakes the look-a-like.  As the prostitute died, Russell hallucinates Talbot's face, and says his goodbyes.

Sam: Probably one of the most shocking sequences of the night. Sam, after he attacked Crystal's father in the previous episode, begins to dive into his memories, where we see a side of Sam we never thought existed: a cold, jewel-thieving conman, who, unbeknownst to his female accomplice, used his shifting to get in and out without anyone the wiser. However, his sexy blonde sidekick double-crosses him, and takes all of his money/jewels, leaving with a slimy man she was scheming with.  Sam tracks them down, dog-style, and kills them both...he killed her in self defense, then followed with the guy, execution format. It was quite a dark sequence. 

Eric: Defeated, Eric calls in a vampire lawyer to make his will.  He leaves everything to a defiant Pam.  For most of the episode, Eric sulked, accepting certain death at Russell's hand.  The only thing that brought our Eric out of his slump was the sudden appearance of Sookie Stackhouse.  After her perplexing dream, Sookie stormed into Eric's office, demanding why she shouldn't trust and Bill...and why Eric is acting like he's going to meet his end.  Eric says there is one thing he would regret if he died: not kissing Sookie.

Yes, he kisses her...big time.  Sookie initially resists, but falls into his arms quite quickly before Pam interrupts.  In private, Pam suggests that Eric give Sookie to Russell, but Eric--unwilling to admit his feelings for Sookie--refuses, saying he will not do that to her. Pam then begs him to at least use her as leverage.  After thinking for a bit, Eric goes into his office, grabs Sookie, drags her down to the dungeon, and chains her up.  Sookie screams, and we see Bill reacting to her call. 

Only two episodes left! How will it wrap up? Stay tuned...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Makeup Magic Monday: Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover

For literally years, Lancome has topped every beauty list with their world famous eye makeup remover, Bi-Facil. But, the brilliance comes at a price: $26 for 4.2 fl. oz.

Want the benefits of Bi-Facil without the price? Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover is equal to Bi-Facil on every level...except price.

For a 3.8 fl. oz. bottle, expect to pay a whopping $4.95.  If you shop at Target, this product is often featured as one of their sale items, so you can get it for even less.

Like Bi-Facil, you shake it up prior to each use, pour some on a cotton ball, and gently swipe over eyes. I have found that it removes even the toughest waterproof products. 

It won't dry out your eyes, either. Just a wonderful product! In fact, In Style named it as a lower cost equivalent to Bi-Facil.

Available anywhere Neutrogena Products are sold.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sad F.M. Is A Real Life Dementor

Bridget Jones just started.  This of course means a sad, lonely, drunk Bridget lip-syncing to the saddest of sad F.M. songs: All By Myself.

So, to counter the impact of said song, I offer this one by Nickelback.  In keeping with the message of the Reba song, Gotta Be Somebody brings back the hope that All By Myself, a.k.a the dementor of all sad songs, sucks out of singles. I guess that makes Gotta Be Somebody the Patronus Charm. Yeah, I watched Harry Potter this weekend, can ya tell?

Anyway, enjoy a little dose of hope.

Gotta Be Somebody by Nickelback

Saturday, August 21, 2010

NASCAR Rundown: Kyle Sweeps Bristol...Yippee

Kyle Busch wins the Sprint Cup race at Bristol, capping off the first ever three-peat in a single NASCAR racing weekend: Sprint Cup, Nationwide, and Camping World Truck Series.

Great driver. Gotta give him that...and that's about it.

Dale finished 13th.  He had been moving up really well--into about 6th or 7th.  After pitting, Lance McGrew, Dale's crew chief, made some adjustments, and the car just freed up way too much.  It seems like they're making the wrong adjustments week after week.  And please don't say it's the driver...it's not. My dad used to rebuild sports cars--he said as a CC, you need to listen to your driver; he's the one out there feeling the car, not the CC.

Anyway, NASCAR history was made tonight and all that good stuff.  Yippee. I'm gonna go watch some paint dry...bound to be more entertaining.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Nuthin' Like Friday Night At Bristol

Like my mama says, "There's nothing like baseball, apple pie, Chevrolet, and Dale Earnhardt Jr."  Add to it a night race at Bristol and a 4th place finish for Dale, and it's a pretty nice summer night.  I'm glad he shaved the beard--not that it didn't look good in a rugged sort-of-way; he just seems more himself without it, if that makes any sense, which it probably doesn't. (Sorry for the girl perspective...it's just something that crossed my mind when I saw him).

Kyle Busch won the Nationwide Race tonight...I won't expand--the crowd at Bristol is taking care of that one. If there are any Kyle fans reading this, I mean no offense--he's a great driver...I just don't particularly care for the kind of person he is on the track (no idea what he's like off the track). 

All in all, it was a great race...looking forward to tomorrow night's Sprint Cup race. Off to finish watching some preseason football...size up the competition for my 'Boys.

Friday's Celebrity Frisky Virgin--Miley Cyrus

Oh, I know this week's celebrity frisky virgin is going to cause some uproar. Miley Cyrus, 17, hasn't exactly made the best decisions (re: suggestive photos, making videos mocking Selena Gomez, etc.), but she has stated that she intends to live her life pure, and save herself for marriage. Whether she will continue down this road or veer off onto Britney Spears Avenue is yet to be determined.

It's a tough enough road to walk in today's world, but add to it the spotlight of fame and the road becomes that much tougher.  Many best wishes to her as she continues on this journey--it's a tough one, but a fulfilling one as well.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sometimes We Need A Reminder...

Whether you like country music or not, give this song a listen...it has a pretty amazing message.

*there may be a short ad before the video.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why Wednesday #7: Why Not Have Sex With A Friend You Love?

Because it's not the same kind of love...at least not until, and unless, it becomes more. 

Granted, I would really love for my soul mate to be my best friend--someone who knows me, someone who can read me.  Honestly, I would love for a friendship to turn into happily ever after (Jeez, I'm using this phrase way too much lately--what is that about?). 

The benefits of a friendship becoming more are clear: he knows me, I know him; he knows my quirks or flaws, I know his; there's nothing to hide and no pretending.  It's just us, pure, raw, and real.

Unfortunately, I've had a co-worker tell me it won't happen; he believes any man who wants to be my best friend just wants to get in my pants. Maybe he's right, but I would really hate to think every man feels this way...surely there are some out there in this big old world wishing for the same thing I am.

I like to call it the When Harry Met Sally wish. Who wouldn't want to spend forever with their best friend?

It's Official--Brett Favre Is Back

Like this wasn't pretty much a foregone conclusion, Brett Favre will suit up and play in what he is calling his final season in the NFL. 

Read all about the press conference here: Brett Favre Officially The Vikings QB

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brett Favre To Return? Looks Like It.

So, after several Minnesota Vikings teammates traveled down to Mississippi to get an answer from Brett on whether or not he was going to return (after all, they are only a few weeks away from the season opener against the New Orleans Saints, the team that beat the Vikings in the NFC Championship game and the reigning Super Bowl champs), it seems they got a big 'ole "Let's do it!" 

The fact that Brett took THIS long to make a somewhat inevitable decision, kinda rubs me the wrong way.  Maybe it's the fact that this team has been wondering who their QB would be come the start of the season. I just don't like the idea of making teammates wait, wonder, and worry.

On the other hand, I know that Brett LOVES this game, and I truly admire and applaud his passion. As a serious football fan, I have to admit, I love watching the guy play--he's phenomenal. 

We're still awaiting an official statement...so, I guess the drama isn't over just yet. 

Check out the latest here, on ESPN: ESPN Brett Favre Back With The Vikings

True Blood Tuesday--Only 3 Episodes Left!

Can you believe it? We're closing in on the end of season 3 of True Blood, and things are most certainly heating up...in more ways than one.

Sookie: After last week's end-of-the-show sex romp, Bill and Sookie took a very revealing shower...where he licked the blood from her body, healed her bite wounds, and continued the love from last week.  The blood going down the drain was a little...eww, but in a warped-True-Blood-sexy way.  Bill helped Sookie remove a dead werewolf (human form) from her living room in what was a rather amusing scene, making it very clear to Sookie that this is never going to be a "normal" relationship.

Bill: Leaving Sookie for the day, Bill awakened under the ground to odd water droplets falling on his face. When he opened the door, he emerged in the world Sookie vistited while she was dying in the hospital.  Donning a white shirt and looking very ethereal for a vampire, Bill confronted Claudine about Sookie's origins.  When she tried to run from him, he used his vampire speed and strength to tackle her, but discovered Claudine has powers of her own.  She accused him of stealing Sookie's light, to which he adamantly denied and professed his sincere love for Sookie.  He begged Claudine to tell him what Sookie is, so she can protect herself. By the end of the show, Bill and Sookie are sitting on the couch and Bill says, "I know what you are."  I assume that will be one of the big reveals for next week.

Hadley: Hadley called Sookie to the Monroe Aquarium for a very specific and personal reason--Hadley has a son and needed to know if he has Sookie's abilities. After talking telepathically, Sookie, with a single look, relays to Hadley that, indeed, her son is telepathic. Hadley freaks, and leaves with her son in an effort to try and protect him.

Lafayette & Jesus: It's official! They are a couple, and Lafayette is quite the smitten kitten (he really was precious in this episode...shy and almost meek).  Jesus shared with him a tattoo of a jaguar he has on his chest. Hmmm, what's up with Jesus? What is he really? The scene with Lafayette, his mother, and Jesus was hilarious.

Arlene & Holly: So, Holly, the new waitress, comforts Arlene who admits that she doesn't want the baby because he/she is the offspring of a killer, and not Terry's child.  Holly tells her there are ways to handle the situation.

Hoyt & Jessica: Hoyt admits to Jessica that he hates Summer (Thank God, because she is seriously annoying!). He more or less admits he is still in love with Jess, and Jess starts to cry before running off. They really need to be together. 

Andy: Um, could it be that Andy is hooked on V?  Yep, after Jason suggested a way for them to infiltrate Hot Shot and take down the drug dealers, Andy opens his desk drawer and pulls out a baggy of bottles filled with vampire blood.

Jason: Our love-sick cutie-pie walked in to find Crystal's ex bullying her.  Crystal called Jason a rapist, among other things, to get her ex to attack Jason so she could then smash him in the head. Jason whimpered, "Did you have to make me a rapist?" When Jason suggested handcuffing the ex, Crystal insisted on rope because he can escape handcuffs; she also found V in his pockets.  They tied him to a tree in the middle of nowhere and Jason, pretending to be a female, called the police. Unfortunately, when the attending officer showed up, Crystal's ex had escaped, and the men who helped free him beat the officer to barely an inch of his life. 

Sam: Having to deal with a sex-driven younger brother isn't easy, as Sam finds out early on when Tommy and his guest are keeping Arlene, Terry, and the whole neighborhood awake with their sexual escapades. Tommy accuses Sam of essentially being a carpet (he used a very different word...think of a nasty word for cat or kitten).  By the end of the episode, Sam unleashes on Crystal's father in front of everyone, nearly beating him to death. Jesus calls in a favor and they, including Crystal, rush off to try and save him, much to Jason's dismay. Sam heads to his office, while Tommy looks at him, smiling; he relished seeing his brother go wild. 

Tara: After some more agonizing, Tara joins an abuse support group to try and deal with what she has gone through. There, we learn that Holly is a rape survivor.  While outside Merlotte's, Tara is confronted by none other than Franklin. Told ya he wouldn't be dead, er, undead...you know what I mean.  She confirmed she tried to kill him, that he doesn't know what love means, and the little fact that she loathes him.  He expresses his hurt for her lack of mourning over his death, but insists he will mourn her death.  He began to strangle her, nearly killing her, when Jason shows up with a shotgun, bless him.  He warns Franklin to back away from Tara. Franklin says he's a vampire and a million bullets won't do a thing.  Jason fires the shotgun and Franklin explodes into a bloody mess, to which Jason replies, "...unless my gun is filled with wooden bullets." Cool.

Eric: Nan Flanagan, of the American Vampire League, shows up at Fangtasia to conduct an interview with Eric about the Magistrate. Cameras were set up so the Authority could view Eric's statement.  Eric recounted the truth about Russell--he covered everything from Russell killing the Magistrate to his kidnapping of the Queen of Louisiana. Before he finished, he revealed his own personal history with Russell...a history Pam had never heard. Before leaving, Nan placed Eric and Pam in a lock-down until the Authority makes its ruling. There were some emotional scenes between Eric and Pam; Pam isn't as tough as she looks and truly loves Eric as a maker. Later, Nan reveals the Authority's ruling to Eric and Pam: The Authority will not acknowledge the interview; they will basically pretend they never heard Eric's story.  Eric warned that Russell will not stop killing, but Nan blows him off, telling him to resolve his issues with the King; she gave Eric the go-ahead to take him out, just keep the Authority out of it.

Russell: Yeah, he's going loony.  He cradled Talbot's guts, placed said guts in a jar, and talked to him as if he was still undead, promising revenge on Eric. Perhaps the best scene of the night occurred when Nan was in the back of a limo, enjoying a willing human morsel. So much for true blood, eh Nan? She had the national news blaring in the back of the limo while she fed.  The camera focused on the news anchor, who was distracted by some studio background noise. Suddenly, Russell flashes into view, rips out the anchor's spine, tosses him aside, and begins talking to the American public. He calls out the hypocrisy that is the American Vampire League; after a lengthy spiel about vampires being better than humans, that there are no equal rights, Russell leans in and says, "We'll eat you after we eat you children." He then grins widely, turns, and cheerily says, "Now to [meteorologist's name] for the weather!"  Awesome. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

And We Deteriorate Even Further...

Just saw a new commercial for The Bachelor Pad on ABC.

The first tag line: "Where they'll play for love...and money."

The new tag line: "...where [they'll] lie, cheat, and deal."

Fabulous. So, now we're supposed to play for love, while competing for money, and we're going to lie, cheat, and deal to do it.  Fantastic.

I get that it's just a show, blah blah blah...but, it's not exactly sending the ideal message. Things that make me shake my head.

Son Of A Gun

Song Currently On The Radio: Nickelback—Never Gonna Be Alone.

Even though I slammed, er, closed the door on this whole The One That Never Was nonsense, it still seemed to be the topic of conversation, albeit not my conversation. I should have known that come the weekend there would be questions, comments, opinions, and just endless chatter. Mostly, it sounded like a bunch of static that I couldn't mute. I'm done. Over it. Not gonna waste any more time. I effectively tuned it all out...until one voice burst through the static like a classic trombone solo: my mom's.

“Wasn't it just last fall and winter that he cropped up again?” she asked. I nodded. “Hmm. Didn't you say he sounded really sad?” I nodded again. My mom's mouth curled into that knowing grin—the kind only a mom can get while truly conveying something without words.

I got it. It was so clear.

The Point: If you are getting ready to marry the love of your life, the one you've never gotten over, then why in heck do you call me? And if you are finally getting your happily ever after, the one you felt was stolen from you, why do you sound so dang sad?

I reckon he wanted one last phone fling, for want of a better word, yet he didn't have the guts to tell me. I don't really think he owed me anything, though some would disagree, particularly after so many years of words. It's just a matter of manners...common human decency. Seems to be a shortage of that these days.

Though I had not thought of him that way for over a year, maybe more—the wider my eyes became, the more those tides started turning—I realized this complex sideways reality with him had been nothing more than clouds in my coffee. But, in reality, maybe it's him who has been drowning in clouds of his own creation. I wish him the best, truly—he has chosen his future, and I wish him well.

As for me, well, we'll just have to wait and see, but one thing is certain: I've closed the book on this chapter of my life.

Done and dusted.

Action: Bolt added to previously closed door. Forever locked. Thank You, Mom.

Song Currently On The Radio: Mariah Carey—I Want To Know What Love Is

Makeup Magic Monday: Smashbox Camera Ready Concealer

Last Monday, well, I was a little distracted, but today I can tell you what helps with the nice little under-eye circles insomnia so predictably delivers: Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer by Smashbox.

It has all the pluses of a concealer: doesn't cake, won't smear off, isn't drying, and is in a shade light enough for the pale folks, like me. Hurray! It's a great little savior for the morning after a sleepless night, or for a cantankerous zit brought on by raging hormones. Whatever the deal, it works nicely, and a little goes a long way.

I've never used the $70 Cle de Peau concealer, which is supposed to be the best. I'm pretty happy with this little number by Smashbox at $18.

TIP: Use as a brightener! Look super-well-rested by dabbing a little in the corners of your eyes. Set with loose powder and watch your eyes pop!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday's Celebrity Frisky Virgin: The Jonas Brothers

Here's a novel idea: guys vowing to remain virgins until their wedding night! Joe (age 20, soon to be 21) and Nick (age 17) wear purity rings, signifying their promise to remain pure until married.  Kevin Jonas, 22,  married in December of 2009.

In an interview with US Magazine, Joe stated that the purity rings symbolize "a promise to ourselves and to God that we'll stay pure till marriage." Nick added that this is "...just one of our ways of kind of like being different than everybody else out there."
It's nice to see young men making the decision to wait for love for a change.

Stereotype #6: Virgins Are Stuck-Up.

Snob.  Pretentious. Better-than-thou.  "Virgins are kinda stuck-up." This one has some staying power among both men and women.

It seems many people think virgins are these goody-goody types, who stick their noses up in the air at everybody else.  "Virgins think there is nothing better than their choice. Like it's the ONLY right choice in the world."

To me, this stereotype is akin to "virgins are judgmental." I've said it before, but it bears repeating: I live other people judging me, and it's an awful feeling.  I would never judge anyone else for their choices. Everyone's life is their own to live in a way that makes them happy. This path is a CHOICE, an option for men and women.

I should also add that most of these people have NEVER REALLY KNOWN A VIRGIN.

I've known a few virgins, and they are not even in the vicinity of "stuck-up," and none have ever said this path is the ONLY path to take.

Heck, I've known plenty of snobby women...ugh, they make me gag. Yeah, soooooo not like them.

I don't know what makes someone a snob, but it sure as heck isn't being a virgin.

Stereotype #6: SLAYED.

Mind Dump, Random Thoughts, & I Don't Get It.

The shake weight for men: Have y'all seen this thing? Not to sound gross or anything, but, um, every time I see this ad, I think I'm seeing a guy, you know, having a little one-on-one time...with himself. I mean, the one guy even kinda sounds, well, very relieved, towards the end. Never mind...clearly, my mind's in the gutter.

While channel surfing, late night style, I stumbled across the film, The Last Hard Men. Instantly, my libido screamed: "Oh, heaven help me, I hope not." It was some old western film...nothing dirty.

I don't get why complete strangers feel the need to be snarky.  Imagine a random conversation with a total stranger, wherein you kindly compliment them on something, and end up get doused in a storm of verbal vomit that goes something like this: "Awww, well, my life is so perfect. I love being able to buy whatever I want, whenever I want. My husband pays for it all. I have the complete freedom to do whatever I want. And he's so wonderful." Ummmm, did I ask? No. Mental. Seriously mental.

Do you watch Big Brother? I watch occasionally.  I don't get how, after a few weeks, Brendon can honestly say he is in love with Rachel (the one with a voice that makes you want to lob off your ears and gauge out your eyeballs--if she says "...come between me and my man," one more time...).  He went so far as to say she might be the mother of his children one day. Huh? God help us all if they reproduce.

The Bachelor Pad: I confess, I haven't bothered to watch, but the whole tagline: "...where they'll play for love AND money," really makes my hair hurt. First, you don't PLAY for love.  And I'm kinda thinkin' love and money don't really go together, unless one party has some pretty questionable intentions. 

I dunno, just needed to mind dump.  Feelin' better now.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why Wednesday #6: Why Do You Need Love To Have Sex?

Answer: I reckon, you don't...but I do.

Personal opinions vary widely when it comes to sex and love. Some see love as “that thing that might” come after sex...no pun intended. Others just see sex, no strings, and certainly no love. Giving yourself to someone is no small decision.

When I look back on the personal relationships of my friends, I instantly know, for me, it's love or bust.

Let's look at a couple of examples:

High school: Puppy Love Spell (with a splash of that desperate high school need to be popular and wanted by the boys).

Over and over I'd hear friends use those three little words: I love (insert boy's name here). In high school, the word love is used loosely. Girls mistake puppy love for real love, while boys typically say love to get sex. There are exceptions, of course, but none existed in my reality.

Neva: Her ex-boyfriend's brother, Ben, was dating a lovely girl. Said lovely girl wouldn't put out. Neva put out. Ben, after talking with big brother, knew all he needed to say was that he loved her, and he'd get from Neva what he wasn't getting from his girlfriend. He staggered to her place, poor mouthed his girlfriend, and said, “I just wish I had a girlfriend like my brother had in you. I wouldn't have screwed things up like he did.” This lead to some making out. He knew he was one step closer.

The next night, he called, begging to see her. I'm sure you can guess what he said... “I think I'm falling for you, Neva.” They had sex right there on her living room couch.

According to her, it was all so perfect. Of course, all amounted to scarcely two minutes and two thrusts.

Every night for what had to be months, he went out with his girlfriend, then later turned up at Neva's place for sex. Oh, and he said all the right things...during those two minutes of “perfect sex.” Things like: “I love you,” “I can barely breathe,” “No girl makes me feel like you do.” Blah. Blah. Blah.

I tried to tell her a million times what was really happening, but she was so in love...with a guy who was cheating on a girl he had no intention of breaking up with. Ben's girlfriend did find out...and she dumped him. Neva thought Ben would want to be with her now, but he kept crawling back to his ex, begging her to forgive him, which she did. Sadly, before she was ready, she had sex with him to keep him from wandering again, which he did. Two months later, she dumped him and was a little screwed up after giving in.

Adulthood: The Love For Money.

Dina: Dina needed men. Dina had a pension for rich men, married or single. If he had money, she latched on like gum to a Manolo. Often, she slept with men right away. She would say, “I think I love him.” Translation: “I think I love his money.”

Did I mention she had an STD? She saw sex as leverage, particularly with the married men. And oh, she was very good at getting men to believe she actually loved the person. She, herself, was used a time or two by some wealthy men, and it really hurt her...badly. Yet, she continued living her life in precisely the same manner.

Dina did listen to me when I'd try to help her break this cycle. She even went for a time without a man and without judging men solely by their bank accounts. But, ultimately, she was sucked in by the allure of money, eventually growing into one of those obnoxious girls who only talks money and pricey things, even with friends.

Before our friendship faded, she did say one thing I will never forget: she told me that if she could start it all over again, she would rather be in my shoes, still a virgin. I've never been so stunned. I imagine, in a way, she believes her decisions have created a kind of prison, where, in her mind, she has no choice but to carry on as before...to her, there is no going back, there is no changing paths.

To me, if you see what you've become and want to change, you will, otherwise you are who you want to be. Dina is who she wants to be. So, while Dina sits married to a man she thought had money, I remain alone, waiting for the real thing...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

True Blood Tuesday

Well, well, this one was eventful. 

The episode started off with Bill and Sookie going their separate ways in a very emotional scene.

Sam: Who didn't want to just give his mother a swift kick in the bum when she asked Sam for money? I'm loving the interaction between Sam and Tommy--they play the big brother/little brother dynamic beautifully.  I loved the face-off between our sweet shifters and Crystal's father and boyfriend. 

Jason: His brotherly love for Sookie was cute, but most of the episode was about Jason trying to protect Crystal, who shows up on his doorstep bruised and soaked.  When he goes to give her family what-for, he walks in on an unusual scene: a man eating an animal, raw.

Tara: Still trying to cope with the Franklin saga, Tara finally has a much-deserved cry.  Most importantly, while faced with death, she realized just how badly she wanted to live.

Lafayette & Jesus: I knew Jesus couldn't stay away! When Lafayette's mother shows up on his doorstep, it's Jesus who comes to retrieve her...and give in to his true feelings for Lafayette.

Eric: Yum. Oh, sorry. Eric continued his quest for revenge, and masterfully (i.e. naked) seduced Russell's lover, Talbot.  Talbot, ready, willing, and able, awaited the passion...instead, he got a stake through the heart.  Eric finally got his revenge, taking Russell's family from him. 

Jessica: Who else LOVED the training session between Bill and Jessica? For me, that was one of the best scenes of the season. To see Bill take the role of father-vampire was something I have been waiting to see. 

Sookie: Eric sent Hadley to warn Sookie about Russell and the wolves. So, armed and ready, Sookie fought hard with Debbie. Meanwhile, as Gran's house was destroyed further, Bill and Jessica took care of a couple wolves downstairs--loved when they showed up! Thanks to Eric's killing Talbot, Russell senses the loss and leaves before finishing off Bill. 

The show ended with Jessica chomping down on a wolf, and Sookie and Bill getting busy...very, hot, heavy, steamy, kind-of-busy. Guess they're back together. 

Highlights for me:

*Eric naked. I mean, isn't that a given?

*Eric impaling Talbot

*Lafayette's mother reiterating her son's "special power" and that's why the vampires, wolves, etc. are coming for him; she claimed she has to protect him. Hmmm. So, what is this all about, do you think? Does Lafayette have some hidden power? Or is his mother just nuts? 

* By far, the Bill and Jessica Yoda/Skywalker-like training sequence! LOVED it.


Forgive Me, Fate

I flipped you off.  I told you where you could stick it.  I called you a bitch...and, admittedly, I am still unsure as to your true intent with us mortals...so, I still kinda think you might be a bit of a bitch. I'll work on it.  The ticker tape running across my mind's eye featured two words most of the day: one rhymes with luck.  Not one to swear, really...except during football season...I have a really tough time during football season, though I do try. Don't be offended by my swearing...it's typically so unexpected that people usually find it cute.

It took me most of the day to realize, in the end, you helped me. Had I not moved away, had certain events not taken place for this reason or that, it is very possible I would have foolishly fallen for the wrong one...and I may not be who I am now.  And you knew that, didn't you, fate? You knew. You just might have saved me, in more ways than one.

I've been trying to figure out whether or not my place in life is due to a curse or an accidental enchantment. Strangely, this recent turn of events leads me to believe in the enchantment. I'm a dreamer. I know that. Stupid? Maybe. Necessary in this world? I'm thinkin' yes. I may have my doubts. I may question.  And there are sure to be cloudy days, but I'll keep going.

P.S. The radio is playing the theme to Titanic.  Funny, very funny.  Even I can laugh at this one. 

Out with the raincoat...(if there's a commercial before the Kelly Sweet video--I am sorry, it's short).

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ahhhhhh, It's Back!!!!!

To commemorate his 500th start, Dale had a blah day at Watkins Glenn.  Normally, I'd feel bummed and work overtime to find the bright side (which, I still did--he started 40th, finished 26th at one of his least favorite tracks, so it could have been much worse. Oh, and Jimmie Johnson wrecked and finished behind him. Definite bright side).  But this is no normal NASCAR Sunday, for tonight we welcome back a familiar friend.

Football is here and I feel home again.  My daddy played football--he wears his scars proudly. My mama is about as passionate a football fan as you are ever going to find.  My papaw held football parties and ordered cakes featuring everyone's team mascots.  I was born to love the game, and I do.

I am now blissfully watching my Dallas Cowboys play in the Hall of Fame game against the Bengals (of course once the regular season starts, I'm not so blissful...I'm passion personified and in the zone...don't mess with me).  After a promising opening drive, our starters showed old signs of residing in red-zone hell.  It's only the first preseason game, so I choose not to panic.

College, NFL--I love it all.

Welcome back old friend, welcome back.

*Um, strike the bliss....I've just unleashed on the refs. And so it begins.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday's Celebrity Frisky Virgin: Jordin Sparks

American Idol winner Jordin Sparks, 20, has vowed to remain a virgin until marriage. The lovely songbird wears a purity ring given to her by her mother and father, former NFL defensive back Phillippi Sparks.  According to reports, her purity ring is inscribed with the words, "True Love Waits."

"My parents gave me a purity ring and talked to me about waiting until I'm married to have sex. It wasn't forced; it just made perfect sense. It's going to be awesome to say to my husband that I waited my whole life for him." 

It may be a long, lonely road, but I really think this girl has the inner strength and family love to help her achieve her dreams. 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stereotype #5: Virgins Are Desperate

In virtually the same breath as the "virgins are prudes" and "virgins are scared of sex" stereotypes, comes a chorus of "yeah, and virgins are desperate to get laid, too." Um, what? I had to ask these men to clarify, considering they just posited three stereotypes that have completely different meanings.

"Deep down, virgins just really want to get laid. They hate being different from everybody else. All you gotta do is tell her the right things and you're in," said Alpha Male One.

"Yeah, just throw out the 'I love you' crap a few times," offered Alpha Male Two.

"Don't forget the 'I'll wait for as long as it takes' s*&^," said Alpha Male Three, smirking, while downing a beer.

"Say that and you'll be getting it that night," croaked Alpha Male One to a roar of laughter.

While watching them laugh and clink beer bottles, I knew I had to ask the questions burning my mind.  "So, is it all about the conquest? Do you just want to nail a virgin? Are the bragging rights worth hurting an innocent girl?"

"Hell yeah, babe," said Alpha Male One. "What guy wouldn't want to tell his buddies how he took down the fortress, you know? And, yeah, the bragging rights are pretty damn massive."

The other Alpha Males concurred. 

"What about her, though?  She chose you...she put her trust in you.  What about her feelings, her heart?"

Silence. They just stared into their longnecks.

Here's what: Virgins aren't stupid. We know there are men who just want the conquest--those who will say anything to get the notch on their bedpost. Over the years, I've learned to smell B.S. from a mile away.  The key is to be very cautious and not get lost in the words.  You know what they say, actions speak louder than words.  If he's the wrong guy, there will ALWAYS be red flags and you have to pay attention to them, no matter how much you may want to ignore them.

*Virgins aren't desperate, we're hopeful.*

Listening to these guys talk did challenge that hopeful feeling...until...

"I think something would change in me if a girl had trusted me like that.  Maybe she sees more in me...sees me better than anyone has before...maybe even more than I see in myself," whispered our quiet Alpha Male Four.

The hope floats once again! Sweet Alpha Male Four...too bad he married Not Nice Woman.

Stereotype #5--SLAYED.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Who Asked?

Next time somebody starts dishing out advice on your life, just think of the new Sara Bareilles single, King of Anything. I'm finding the song strangely therapeutic right now.

Perhaps they mean well, but when someone tells you they are "vastly better equipped to guide your love-life than you are" simply because they are married with children, I can't help but want to say, "thanks, but no thanks..." and maybe a few other things that I'll just keep to myself.

Oh! Or how about the guy who tells me, "If you just did it, you'd seriously be the perfect girlfriend."

Right. Okay. Whatever. If you liked me, really liked me, you would like me for me. Period.

Maybe now I'll just recommend they take a little listen to my new very favorite song:

Why Wednesday #5: Why Love When You Can Have Passion?

My answer is to throw a question right back: Why can't you have both?

I knew a man--we'll call him Mr. Try Hard, and, boy, did he try hard--who once told me that passion is better than love.  According to him, love is messy, while passion is pure emotion, without any of the negatives.  Mr. Try Hard worked overtime to convince me, he even went so far as to say he would "love me during." Good to know. Duly noted. But, um, what about before? Heck, what about after? His response: "I feel the passion for you now, and once we have one night, we'll want more...it will carry on."

Then something clicked in my brain: Ah, okay, so it comes back to lust. Passion=lust. Lust=passion. But Passion/Lust + Love = -1.  Got it.

Lust is great, intoxicating really...but why can't you lust the one you love? Since when did love become a four letter word? I guess I don't understand why lust/passion and love have to be mutually exclusive. 

I want them both. Is there something so wrong with that? My friends laugh, saying the two are never a package deal; either you choose love and a future or you choose lust and a moment. Rubbish. From what I have witnessed, I can honestly say that people who say such things are either: A. Afraid to love; B. Settle; C. Have less than honorable intentions; or D. Not interested in love, just lust.

To each his/her own--I understand there are varying circumstances affecting everyone's decision when it comes to the big L-O-V-E.  For me, I believe both can coexist. Just imagine the possibilities when lust and love do come together...would that really be so bad? Maybe it's worth the wait after all? Just something to think about.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dale Jr. + iRacing = FUN & Memories!

I was clicking around ESPN and came across an article about Dale Earnhardt Jr. and iRacing (to read all about it, click here Dale Jr. & iRacing.) Have you heard of this? It sounds utterly amazing, and instantly reminded me of the times I would take on my dad in an arcade dual car racing game. Oh, I loved those driving games! I became very good at it, too.

One spring day, when we all decided to go to the lake, we stopped by the local arcade. Naturally, there was a racing game. I took one seat, my dad the other. With a small crowd around us, we raced. Now, my daddy is quite the driver--he's a master at maneuvering a car, particularly a sports car.

Early in the race, my dad had the lead, but I stayed close behind. I was up on the wheel from the start, but my dad was so chill, just calmly cruising. Never one to show my hand, I waited to make my move.

The crowd grew louder as the race neared its end...and my dad and I were about to give them quite a show. Thinking I probably wouldn't be able to catch him, my dad settled in...that's when I flew around him.  Straightening up, my dad let out a little, "Aw hell," as the sweat started dripping from his forehead, my forehead, and from everyone around us.

It was neck and neck until the very end, but I edged him by a nose.  It was the first time I had ever won against my dad. He was shocked, but totally proud...especially when he heard the guys saying stuff like, "Dude, the girl won! Cool."

Anyway, check out the link to read all about iRacing (it sounds incredible--I can only imagine my dad and I racing each other on something like this...don't tell him, but he'd probably win).

iRacing With Dale Jr.

I Don't Get It: Charlie Sheen, Justin Bieber, & Gisele Bundchen

Some things in life just make me shake my head.

Charlie Sheen: Pleads guilty to misdemeanor assault and gets a 30 day sentence to be administered at Promises rehabilitation center in Malibu. Cozy.

Justin Bieber:  Truthfully, I had no clue who he was until about a month ago when I happened to see a clip on the news while channel surfing. Anyway, BIG news for all the Bieber fans...wait for it...he's set to star in his own 3D autobiographical movie--he's 16.  Reportedly, he has also signed a deal to write his memoirs. Did I mention he's 16? I mean, it's wonderful to have these tremendous opportunities at such a young age, but...I still kinda don't get it.

Gisele Bundchen: The supermodel/Mrs. Tom Brady made a bold statement: She believes breastfeeding should be required BY LAW.  In an interview with Harper's Bazaar UK, Gisele states, "Some people here (in the U.S.) think they don't have to breastfeed.  And I think 'Are you going to give chemical food to your child when they are so little?' I think there should be a worldwide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months."

The insensitivity factor here is off the charts. Add to it a prior comment like this from the March Vogue: “I think a lot of people get pregnant and decide they can turn into garbage disposals."


Oh, and let's not forget when Gisele responded to the Pope's virginity plea: She challenged the Pope to "show me someone who's a virgin" on their wedding night. "Today, no one is a virgin on their wedding night."

Ugh, I know it's not the most popular choice, but there are a few out there... 

Gisele, you want someone to show you a virgin? I'm right here, and I'm building up the guts to post my picture. I'm not a supermodel, but I'm real; laugh if you want, but I am who I am, no apologies. 

Please, somebody force-feed her a Big Mac. (just in case there was any confusion--I'm kidding, of course).

True Blood Tuesday

Can we get a hooray!!! DING DONG THE BITCH IS GONE!!!! Lorena met her demise, thanks to Sookie Stake-house (and, yes, I know it's Stackhouse...I'm just havin' a little fun with the name...stake-vampire-Stake-house...okay, I'll stop). Soooo, whoever said we would sympathize with Lorena must have been sniffing glue or something because I was applauding and saying, "bye-bye, Lorena...sick bitch."

Sookie: While Alcide locked up his werewolf ex and shot her were-boyfriend, Tara and Sookie placed Bill in the back of a dark moving van. Sookie, in an effort to revive Bill, cut her arm and allowed him to drink her blood. Unfortunately, Bill got a little greedy--he damn near drained her dead, unwittingly of course.

The remainder of the episode centered around Sookie in the hospital, fighting for her life. A couple of interesting revelations: 1. Sookie does not have a blood type and rejected all attempts at a blood transfusion; 2. Bill, after drinking Sookie's blood, was able to tolerate the sunlight; 3. Sookie, while "dying," visits another world--her world...I hesitate to say what that world is, just in case someone on here hasn't read the books.

Eric: Far too little of him in this episode. Anyway, he saved Pam from the freaky Magistrate, who then gets beheaded by Russel. Bye-bye Magistrate...sick SOB.

Sam: Did anyone else LOVE when he infiltrated the dog-fighting ring to save his brother? LOVED when he bullied the big dog that was bullying his little brother!

Some little things that bugged me: Sookie's other world. I don't know what it is, but I'm not sure if I liked it so much. Without giving too much away, I guess I thought it would be more, somehow--more magical, more fantasy--and not so Woodstock.  And what did Claudine mean when she warned Sookie, "don't let him [Bill] steal your light." Huh? Oh, yeah, and all the floaty-folks in that other world are apparently terrified of vampires. Um. Uh?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this episode...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Makeup Magic Monday: CQ Smartliner Lip Liner--Bargain!!

For years, I have used MAC lip liner in Spice--it goes with literally everything and matches highly pigmented lips perfectly. Still, $13 for an everyday lip liner seemed high, so I decided to track down an inexpensive lip liner.

Enter the CQ Cosmetics Smartliner in Dusty Rose #3. The color is so close to MAC's Spice, I couldn't believe it. The color stays, doesn't feather, and goes on smoothly.   

NEGATIVE: If you turn it too much, or press too hard, the tip breaks off. Still, at approximately $2.50 from my local WalMart, it's a bargain for everyday.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Evil Elevator

So, I'm not a fan of elevators. When I was little, my dad used to "bounce" the elevator as it climbed; I was convinced it would plummet. Since then, I've never been fond of the whole holding-box-attached-to-a-cable-that-could-snap-at-any-moment-and-drop-you-to-your-death thing.

As you get older, I realized there is another elevator feature every single and/or virgin must fear: elevator music. Why? Because the day you choose to ride in an elevator will be the day it chooses to play a sappy version of All By Myself while you are trapped inside its inescapable metal hell. 

Yeah.  Ain't it great?

Note to self: Avoid evil elevators; take stairs--get exercise, no horrid hate music, no snap-capable-cable.

NASCAR Rundown: Biffle Wins at Pocono; Elliott Sadler Survives Horrific Crash

Pocono is not usually one of my favorites tracks--it's often long, tiring, and just plain dull. Plus, it's not one of Dale's tracks (today was no exception, though he really gave it his all with what he had). Today, however, with about seventy laps to go, this track took on a life of its own. Add the threat of rain to Pocono and you've got a dang good race.

A mix of good driving and excellent strategy earned Greg Biffle the win for car owner Jack Roush, who is recovering from injuries sustained in a plane crash earlier this week.  This win is surely a much needed ray of sunshine for Mr. Roush.

Perhaps the scariest part of the day was the horrifying wreck involving the 19 of Elliott Sadler. I've been a NASCAR fan for a long time. Like most fans, I've witnessed it all...including one of the darkest days in NASCAR history when the sport lost Dale Earnhardt Sr. Today's wreck has to rank as one of the worst.

Elliott emerged from the car in visible pain as he collapsed to the ground.  After a visit to the infield care center, Elliott told reporters that he had the wind knocked out of him, but felt okay overall, other than being a bit sore from the pull of the seat belts. Thanks to all of the increased safety measures instituted after Dale Sr.'s accident, Elliott Sadler survived an otherwise deadly crash. Thank God.

Below, you'll see video of two wrecks: the first involves Kurt Busch, who lost control after getting bumped by Jimmie Johnson (After the wreck, Kurt said Jimmie drove right through him--think Kurt will retaliate? Stay tuned.).

The second--which happened almost simultaneously with Kurt's--is Sadler's wreck.  It happens at about the 43 second mark--watch the lower right of the screen.  WARNING: It's pretty tough to view.