Tuesday, August 31, 2010

True Blood Tuesday

Well, it's the second to last episode...and we don't get one next week because of Labor Day Weekend, which means we have to wait two weeks for the season finale. How rough is that going to be, especially considering the very clever cliffhanger ending.

Lafayette & Jesus: After their strange V voyage a la Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Jesus want to go again and begs Lafayette to go again with him, to which Lafayette responds, "Just LIKE a virgin!" (Had to laugh at that one). Contemplating taking another V trip with him, Lafayette quickly changes his mind when he sees an image (hallucination?) of a demon head/evil sorcerer/monster head on Jesus' body.  When he clears his eyes, Jesus is unnerved by Lafayette's sudden freak-out. Lafayette puts it off to residual effects of the V and (nicely) kicks Jesus out for the night. Later that evening, Lafayette is summoned to the living room by the little voodoo-like dolls he keeps around, one of which had red eyes and sounded very, very devil-like.

Hoyt & Jessica: Things seem to be going well here. Hoyt feels wonderful after drinking Jessica's blood and is feeling very, um, sexy. Jessica stops him, saying he needs to know that she drained a trucker after they broke up. She explained how it was just an accident, and she didn't know then how to control herself.  Jess also informed him that she can't live on True Blood and will continue to drink human blood. Hoyt then unbuttoned his shirt, offering her his blood. Let the sexiness commence: Jessica teased him a little before digging in.

Hoyt's mother & Summer: Turns out, annoying little Summer has been working with Hoyt's mama. Summer goes crying to his mama, saying she tried, but failed.  Summer went on to say that she "...offered him her virginity." ***NOTE: Okay, Summer is annoying, a little goody-goody, whiny, and just plain dull.....THIS DOES NOT HOLD TRUE FOR ALL VIRGINS. Just sayin'.  Anyway, mama reassures her that things are far from over.  Looks like Jess and Hoyt may be in for a battle to be together.

Sam & Tara: Sam is spiraling out of control.  Drunk and angry, he basically ticks off everyone in town, kicks them out of Merlotte's, and even lays into Terry, Arlene, and Holly.  Tommy, who picks the wrong time to give attitude, finds himself on Sam's drunken bad side; Sam fires him, telling him he doesn't care where he goes or what happens to him.  Tommy tried to grovel (it was actually pretty sad), saying Sam is his brother, but this falls flat with Sam, who refuses to leave his drunken angry state.  Tara, who is grieving over learning the truth about Eggs, confronts Andy, who tearfully tells her of Eggs' wish to die.  She looked shocked, but perhaps a bit more enlightened; maybe she knows it was truly all a dreadful misunderstanding.  Sam tries to kick her out of the bar along with everyone else, but she refuses. Tara and Sam go get busy at his place, while Tommy breaks into the safe at Merlotte's.  Will Sam notice the alarm light on his nightstand? Stay tuned....

Holly, Arlene, & Terry: Arlene, desperate to be rid of Rene's baby, follows Holly into the woods, where she performed a sort-of wiccan abortion, which involved creating a safe-circle, some specially brewed tea, and a small blood sacrifice (small prick to Arlene's finger).  Holly instructs her on how often to brew the tea, and warns her that if a spirit is meant to be born, it will be born.  Cut to a few scenes later and we see Arlene covered in blood.  Terry is horrified, thinking Arlene is dying, but Arlene calmly says the baby is gone. Terry cries, and takes her to the ER.  While Terry is visibly upset, Arlene is calm, happy...until the doctor informs them that the baby is perfectly healthy and quite tough.  Hmmm--devil child, perhaps?

Crystal & Jason: After explaining to Jason that she is a were-panther, Jason decides now would be a good time to go look for Sookie, which doesn't sit too well with Crystal.  After coming up empty, Jason heads to his old high school football field where he sees the cocky young new QB out practicing. It becomes obvious pretty quickly that the cocky young QB is on V as his stamina is vastly better than his buddies, his powerful passes send his buddies flying backwards, and he can throw way beyond the field.  Jason confronts him, but the kid arrogantly says that the coach is the one giving him the V, his parents are paying for it, and the principal is well aware of the deal, since he using it to boost his sex life; he goes on to tell Jason that a scout from LSU is coming to watch him break all of Stackhouse's records. Jason said his records will always stand because they were real and he didn't need V to be great.  Jason then returns home, embraces Crystal, and seemingly agrees to help her stop the raid on Hot Shot.

Russell: Still carrying Talbot's guts in a jar, Russell meets Eric at the museum, fully prepared to kill him.  Eric, however, has very different plans, telling Russell that he has the secret to walking in the sun.  This intrigues Russell, since it goes to his whole plan-to-rule-the-world thing.  See Eric below for how this unfolds. 

Bill & Sookie: Storms through the front door of Fangtasia, looking for Sookie. He is greeted by Pam, who is armed with liquid silver and she's not afraid to use it. Bill attacks Pam and they have a short-lived battle before Pam sprays him in the face multiple times.  Sookie, still chained like a dog in the basement/dungeon, is rescued by an unlikely source: Eric's foreign stripper sex-toy bunny, Yvetta.  Grabbing a chain, Sookie rushes upstairs and wraps it around Pam's neck.  Yvetta makes sure Pam is under control, while Sookie and Bill leave. Bill loses his eyesight temporarily, but eventually regains it.  While driving along, Bill and Sookie imagine what it would be like to live a normal, married life--that was kinda cute. But their sweet daydreams were interrupted when Eric and Russell quite literally stop the car, turning it on its nose.

Russell dragged Sookie into Fangtasia, while Eric asked Bill to hit him; Bill and Eric started fighting in a clear attempt to get some alone time.  When Russell and Sookie went inside, they instantly stopped fighting and Eric told Bill, "I have a plan."

Inside Fangtasia, Bill played his role well, much to Sookie's dismay.  Bill confirmed that Sookie's blood will allow Russell to walk in the sun, but also warned that she is the last of her kind, explaining that if he drains her, he will no longer have the power to walk in the sun.  Sookie is understandably distraught, screaming that she hates Bill, Eric, everyone. 

Eric: Russell insists that Eric prove her blood works by being the first to walk in the sun.  Eric, now poised to drink Sookie's blood, gently strokes her cheek, looking quite, well, human with her. Impatient, Russell grabs Sookie's arm and goes to town.  Eric, looking a little uncomfortable, sinks his teeth into her neck.  Poor Sookie cried, staring at Bill, whom Pam had chained to a chair directly opposite Sookie. 

The next morning, Eric heads into the sun, while Pam and Russell watch him from the security cameras.  After a few moments, Eric gestures for Russell to join him. Eric turns from the cameras, speaks in a foreign tongue and says, "Please don't let them see."  Eric is beginning to burn.  Russell, crying, says he has waited so many years for this ability.  Pam encourages him to go outside and live the dream. Meanwhile, Pam, who is tearfully watching her maker die, ignore Bill's plea to unchain him so he can feed Sookie.  Bill hopelessly watches Sookie dying on the table. 

Russell joyously joins Eric in the sun, but Eric turns to show him his burning face. Before Russell could run, Eric slaps a pair of handcuffs on him, saying they will die together.  The parting scene is of Eric and Russell, handcuffed together, falling to their knees in the sun, as Russell lets out an earsplitting scream. 

Season Finale On Deck...how will it all end. 


  1. I think I am going to have to get into this show because everywhere i look its TB everywhere must be this whole Twilight fad eh?

  2. Queen: You totally need to get into True Blood! It's a great escape.

    Suzanne: Seriously!!!!