Tuesday, August 10, 2010

True Blood Tuesday

Well, well, this one was eventful. 

The episode started off with Bill and Sookie going their separate ways in a very emotional scene.

Sam: Who didn't want to just give his mother a swift kick in the bum when she asked Sam for money? I'm loving the interaction between Sam and Tommy--they play the big brother/little brother dynamic beautifully.  I loved the face-off between our sweet shifters and Crystal's father and boyfriend. 

Jason: His brotherly love for Sookie was cute, but most of the episode was about Jason trying to protect Crystal, who shows up on his doorstep bruised and soaked.  When he goes to give her family what-for, he walks in on an unusual scene: a man eating an animal, raw.

Tara: Still trying to cope with the Franklin saga, Tara finally has a much-deserved cry.  Most importantly, while faced with death, she realized just how badly she wanted to live.

Lafayette & Jesus: I knew Jesus couldn't stay away! When Lafayette's mother shows up on his doorstep, it's Jesus who comes to retrieve her...and give in to his true feelings for Lafayette.

Eric: Yum. Oh, sorry. Eric continued his quest for revenge, and masterfully (i.e. naked) seduced Russell's lover, Talbot.  Talbot, ready, willing, and able, awaited the passion...instead, he got a stake through the heart.  Eric finally got his revenge, taking Russell's family from him. 

Jessica: Who else LOVED the training session between Bill and Jessica? For me, that was one of the best scenes of the season. To see Bill take the role of father-vampire was something I have been waiting to see. 

Sookie: Eric sent Hadley to warn Sookie about Russell and the wolves. So, armed and ready, Sookie fought hard with Debbie. Meanwhile, as Gran's house was destroyed further, Bill and Jessica took care of a couple wolves downstairs--loved when they showed up! Thanks to Eric's killing Talbot, Russell senses the loss and leaves before finishing off Bill. 

The show ended with Jessica chomping down on a wolf, and Sookie and Bill getting busy...very, hot, heavy, steamy, kind-of-busy. Guess they're back together. 

Highlights for me:

*Eric naked. I mean, isn't that a given?

*Eric impaling Talbot

*Lafayette's mother reiterating her son's "special power" and that's why the vampires, wolves, etc. are coming for him; she claimed she has to protect him. Hmmm. So, what is this all about, do you think? Does Lafayette have some hidden power? Or is his mother just nuts? 

* By far, the Bill and Jessica Yoda/Skywalker-like training sequence! LOVED it.



  1. I don't watch that show so I have no idea what any of this means. My parents watch it though.

  2. frick frick frick! Husband cancelled my HBO to save more money since I'm staying home now (quit my job last week) so I am True Blood-less...I'll be living vicariously through you!
    WHY did he have to cancel it BEFORE I got to see Eric naked again?! *sobs*

  3. Suzanne!!!!! OH NO!!!!! Do husbands not realize the importance of shows with hot, sexy vampire men?

    Okay, don't worry--I will make sure not to leave out any important details. Ooh! And if I can find any You Tube clips, I'll post them. *hugs*

  4. I love every episode : ) It's such a great show.