Sunday, August 1, 2010

NASCAR Rundown: Biffle Wins at Pocono; Elliott Sadler Survives Horrific Crash

Pocono is not usually one of my favorites tracks--it's often long, tiring, and just plain dull. Plus, it's not one of Dale's tracks (today was no exception, though he really gave it his all with what he had). Today, however, with about seventy laps to go, this track took on a life of its own. Add the threat of rain to Pocono and you've got a dang good race.

A mix of good driving and excellent strategy earned Greg Biffle the win for car owner Jack Roush, who is recovering from injuries sustained in a plane crash earlier this week.  This win is surely a much needed ray of sunshine for Mr. Roush.

Perhaps the scariest part of the day was the horrifying wreck involving the 19 of Elliott Sadler. I've been a NASCAR fan for a long time. Like most fans, I've witnessed it all...including one of the darkest days in NASCAR history when the sport lost Dale Earnhardt Sr. Today's wreck has to rank as one of the worst.

Elliott emerged from the car in visible pain as he collapsed to the ground.  After a visit to the infield care center, Elliott told reporters that he had the wind knocked out of him, but felt okay overall, other than being a bit sore from the pull of the seat belts. Thanks to all of the increased safety measures instituted after Dale Sr.'s accident, Elliott Sadler survived an otherwise deadly crash. Thank God.

Below, you'll see video of two wrecks: the first involves Kurt Busch, who lost control after getting bumped by Jimmie Johnson (After the wreck, Kurt said Jimmie drove right through him--think Kurt will retaliate? Stay tuned.).

The second--which happened almost simultaneously with Kurt's--is Sadler's wreck.  It happens at about the 43 second mark--watch the lower right of the screen.  WARNING: It's pretty tough to view.


  1. It totally baffles me that you like NASCAR so much. Not just because I don't like it but because you're such a romantic, and NASCAR is SO not. Talk about multidimensional.

  2. Also, please don't be offended, but I did not read this post because of the NASCAR.

  3. No worries. :)

    I ALWAYS get the same reaction--no one can believe I love NASCAR. Apparently, I don't fit the "mold," or so I'm told...whatever that means. No one ever reads me for the sports-loving type; it usually shocks people when I start in with the sports talk. I like what you said, though--multidimensional...guess that's me!:)