Friday, July 30, 2010

NFL News: Sam Bradford Gets $78 mill., $50 mill. guaranteed!

Seriously? Now, I love my football--actually, I'm a heart-pulsing, passionate, sweat dripping, hand wringing, voice losing, die-hard kind of fan--but this just seems absurd for a rookie who has thrown zero passes in the NFL.

The former OU quarterback reportedly agreed to an astonishing six-year, $78 million dollar contract with the St. Louis Rams.  According to reports, Bradford becomes the first player in league history to make at least $50 million in guarantees. 

For Bradford, the time has come to start living up to the hype. Good luck with that.

Read all about the insanity here: ESPN: Rams-Bradford Agree to Terms

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  1. Rent-A-Hubby agrees with you. NFL's become all about the $, less about the game. -J