Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why Wednesday #2: Why Couldn't You Find One Man By Age 32?

This question comes in various forms: "You mean, you couldn't just do it with one guy?" "There wasn't one man you could see yourself with?" "Not a single man could have been the one?"

Well, seeing as I'm only going to make love when it is LOVE, my choices have been slim; I haven't met many men who actually wanted love.  However, there have been a few who either wanted love, but were gay or bisexual, or wanted love a little too much (i.e. the unhealthy kind).  Then, there are those that are just plain full of themselves, needed to marry within a specific religion, and/or had terrible traits.

*For the record, yes, there was, at one time, one man I thought might possibly be the one, but we'll save that one for another day.*

The following is a list of "candidates" (minus the two blind dates):

2 Gay Men (loved them dearly, but I think certain areas may have been problematic)
1 Bisexual Man (gave me one of the sweetest notes I've ever received)
1 Possible Bisexual Man (I really need a man who is SURE of what he wants, ya know?)
1 Angry-Obsessive Pursuer
1 Spooky-Obsessive Pursuer
1 Xanadu-Hair Guy
1 Sex Addict Adam
1 Mormon Man
1 Cologne Butt Guy (we believe he purposely sprays his derriere with cologne)
1 Monotone Mike
1 Robot Rob
1 Pissed Off Pete
1 Temper Tantrum Tom
1 Bicker Dicker (though I love to playfully spar back and forth, this is ALL he wanted to do)
And a partridge in a pear tree.

I may have forgotten one or two, but I think you get the idea.  As far as I'm concerned, the heart is the most valuable possession any human being can give to another, and I don't take giving my heart away lightly.  I'm just not thinking I want to give my heart to someone who is angry all the time, someone who sprays his a** with cologne just to bend over so every woman in the room can get a whiff, or someone who, I'm sorry to say, resides in Xanadu.


  1. I'm sending this to my 16-year-old sister. I was explaining to her earlier today about protecting her heart so when it's the right guy she can love him completely without the fears that come with having it broken a few times. Perfect timing, Frisky.

  2. While in high school, it is so tough to know and understand the difference between love and an intense crush/puppy love/infatuation.

    The truth is, most boys are just looking to get experience...true, real love in high school is so rare. The difficult part is seeing the truth from what you *want* to believe is true.

  3. Preach it sister.

    Thanks for your comments on my most recent post. I had to take it down and create a "too bitchy for blog" Word file since the family members I was fussing about actually read it... And that might make the beach a little uncomfortable...

  4. Temper Tantrum Tom? You dated my husband! Ha!

    But seriously, there seem to be slim pickings out there. I hate that so many men want a woman who is like a size 0 and looks like a model.

  5. I have a Boring Brad on my list...reminds me of your Monotone Mike!

  6. Next time someone asks you that tell them that it is because you believe that all good men live under the sea and marry mermaids so if you do not find anyone in the next two years you will likely take up scuba diving...

  7. Please do not perpetuate the stereotypes that bisexual people are actually just gay or don't know what they want. There are already too many people, both homosexual and heterosexual (and even some other bisexuals, as crazy as it may seem), who refuse to date bisexuals for completely unfair reasons. Bisexuals are perfectly capable of being loyal and monogamous partners as much as anyone else.

  8. Anon--Never, ever did I mean to do so, I promise you. Perpetuating stereotypes is not me--why would it be? I've lived with unfair stereotypes all my life--many of which are hurtful.

    I do not believe bisexuals are actually gay, nor do I believe they are confused about what they want. I actually based the above on one man (a bisexual), who told me that he "didn't know what he wanted." It was his own words that I recalled in the above post.

    I don't doubt what you say is true, but when you have known someone who says he's not sure about what he really wants, it can make one a little apprehensive. That is not, in any way, a strike or knock against bisexuals. In fact, I have nothing but the utmost respect for anyone and everyone who is brave enough to be who they are in this stereotype-filled world.