Monday, July 19, 2010

Cold Shower Sunday

Firstly, no, I don't mean that kind of cold shower. No, I'm talking about the kind that happens when your practically brand new hot water heater stops working.

While doing the dishes last night, I noticed the "hot" water wasn't so hot...and it was quickly getting colder. Trundling down to the basement, I ran through all the basic checks: timer, breakers, any leaks. All looked fine...or so I thought.

Believing I had at least 30 minutes of hot water remaining, I hopped in the shower. Very.  Big.  Mistake.  The water was ice cold. Have you ever tried shaving in ice cold water? I don't recommend it.

Sore, shivering, and rather grumpy, I had unwittingly just put to test the age old philosophy of whether or not a cold shower helps to quiet one's raging hormones. Quiet my bloody well annihilates them.  I suppose that means a cold shower really does work...and it is one method I will never try again. 

UPDATE: Turns out two heater elements burned out...AT THE SAME TIME.  The very nice plumber-repair-man said, and I quote, "I don't think I've ever seen this before." Fabulous.


  1. Brand new? Good luck hun, worst case, need to shave? bath tub, boiling water... need I say more lol

  2. It's barely a year old. Luckily, it's all fixed now. Yeah, see, after a while I figured it had to be the heating elements, but usually you have enough time to grab a quick shower. Not this time. Ugh. Boiling water was my next option. lol