Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Don't Get It: Lindsay Lohan

So, Lindsay checked herself into jail today.  No biggie, right? I mean, she disrespected the justice system and now she has to face the consequences.  Happens everyday, all over the globe.  There were just a few *minor* differences:

1. The media awaiting her arrival seriously rivaled crowds awaiting the President wherever he goes.
2. Someone threw confetti on her as she approached the doors.
3. She will likely not serve the full sentence.
4. A certain media outlet proudly announced that they were the only ones to bring the "event," in all its glory, LIVE to America.
5.  Her father, or "ex-father," as she calls him, took the opportunity to show up and mug for the cameras.
6. My favorite of the bunch: The aforementioned media outlet referred to their LIVE segment as "Lindsay's final moments of freedom."  Cue dramatic music. Final moments of freedom....for, like, two weeks, maybe?

I don't get it.  *Let me also add--I feel badly for her, I really do. She needs people around her who truly care.  I hope she will move forward from this with a renewed outlook on life. I hope.


  1. I feel badly she was blessed w/parents who didn't know and still don't know how to parent...that is why she turned out the way she has.

  2. I know I feel badly for her too, but I agree I just don't get it, I mean you would think that the Queen died or something. Her parents are to blame, her mom is in denial and her dad is a media wh*r$.