Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday's Celebrity Frisky Virgin: Julianne Hough

The former Dancing With The Stars beauty announced in 2008 that she was still a virgin and wanted to remain so until marriage.

Julianne dated her brother's best friend, and current DWTS professional, Mark Ballas, prior to her stint on DWTS.  She was also engaged to dancer Zach Wilson for a time.  As she pursued her country music career in 2008, Julianne began a very public relationship with country music singer Chuck Wicks.  The two broke up in November of 2009. 

Currently, Julianne, 22, is rumored to be dating Ryan Seacrest.  The two have avoided answering specifics about their rumored relationship, but the possible lovebirds were recently spotted canoodling while on vacation in Italy.

The latest rumor?  Julianne may be moving in with Ryan.  Interesting...could wedding bells be next?


  1. Really?!... hmm he's 35... She's pretty young for him... Makes me wonder why he would want to date someone that young, maybe he's a kid at heart..

  2. Yeah, I'm not usually one to dwell on age, but when you have a girl who is only 22, probably still a virgin, and getting herself into a very quick, yet reportedly serious, relationship with a man in his mid thirties, it is concerning.

    I really like Ryan and, like you said, maybe he's a big kid and she's more mature for her age; perhaps they just have a lot of fun together. That's half the battle--finding someone you have fun with.

  3. Yes finding someone to have fun w/ is fine for the moment... and only that... eventually she will tire of him... He has always given that air of being a 'boy' to me... I don't see him as a man. Sad, huh? BTW, the guy that does his hair works in the same place where I get mine done.. I do know Seacrest is a nice guy.. He freely gives his clothes (that he does not need) to the hair cutter.. In fact the hair cutter could pass for Ryan's double. lol

  4. I kinda have a hard time believing that she is still a virgin because at the time of that comment in 2008, she was engaged to be married in a Mormon temple, so obviously she had to be morally clean at the time... she has since taken a different life path, and after watching her newest music video (which can be seen on you tube, just search for "is that so wrong" ) I have a hard time believing she is still a virgin... I mean, to each her own, but she doesn't strike me at all that way!

  5. Interesting, Anon. That video is pretty steamy. Maybe she is showing that a virgin can be just as seductive as someone who is sexually active? I knew she was a Mormon, but, who knows, maybe she really has decided to go in a different direction. Time will tell.