Wednesday, July 21, 2010

True Blood Tuesday (On Wednesday)

Thanks to a combination of weather and technical difficulties, I couldn't watch True Blood until tonight. Boo-hiss!

My thoughts on Episode 5, now that all the big players are in Mississippi:

Sookie: For those of you who haven't read the books, I won't reveal Sookie's family secret.  I think we all know she is something a little more than human. I loved how she zapped that slimy werewolf-guy. 

Bill: He's sooooo in a bind. The king of Mississippi knows Bill was holding out on him regarding Sookie, thanks to freaky Franklin.  Despite giving the King an effective line of crap, Bill revealed his true intentions when he escaped Russell's thugs to find Sookie. 

Lorena: Thankfully, we were free of her for most of the episode.  When she did pop up, it was to reiterate her desire for Bill...again.  Ugh.

Eric: How happy did he look when Bill said Sookie no longer belongs to him? That little smirk spoke volumes.  Probably the most interesting part of the episode was Eric's viking background.  Upon seeing a viking crown in Russell's collection, Eric recalled the night his mother, father, and baby sister were murdered by werewolves acting under the control of a cloaked man; the crown belonged to his father.  I smell revenge. 

Sam: Yeah, I'm not liking his family. His brother, Tommy, isn't bad, but his father!!!!! HORRIBLE!

Jason: Is it just me or is Jason especially adorable this season? Looks like Jason has found the meaning of love at first sight with the mysterious, lovely Crystal.

Lafayette: Looks like our saucy cook/V-dealer is getting a love interest. His mother's nurse is so the smitten kitten with our fiery Lafayette.

Tara & Franklin: Props to Tara for playing Franklin beautifully.  Unfortunately, she may have played her role too well--Franklin now wants to turn her into a vampire. Franklin is clearly unstable.  I think he's been alone too long and is desperate for companionship.  Someone needs to tell him that tying someone up, holding them against their will, and threatening to change them, isn't exactly the way to win them over.  Still, the man can text.

Looks to be a Mississippi-Louisiana show-down next week! Can't wait!

Loving this season so far; it's perfect eye-candy: vampires and werewolf-men and shifters, oh my!


  1. I think that Eric should wear that powder blue v-neck sweater for the rest of the season...just sayin'. :)