Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Harry Potter or Twilight?

With every new film release in these wildly popular franchises, the big debate always fires up: Which is the better series, Harry Potter or Twilight?

I'm not even sure if it's a fair debate, but let's do it anyway just for the heck of it...and I'm bored.

I'm a Harry Potter girl myself, but I do like Twilight as well. I guess the Twilight films can feel one-dimensional. My favorite part of the story was the interaction with the Volturi at the end of New Moon. Seeing other aspects of the vampire world is interesting.

Harry's world, on the other hand, is so expansive--you see every nook of the wizarding world; you feel like you've been on a journey.

If there is anybody out there who comes across this lonely little blog, I'd love to hear your opinion because right now, I'm only hearing crickets...and one annoying fly.


  1. Harry Potter is so multidimensional and is very creative and unique, while Twilight can only appeal to those seeking cheap romance. Harry has so many more qualities and attributes than just smelling good to some vampire!