Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Unfortunate Fortune Cookie

I discovered I loved Chinese food when I was 20.  For years, this little southern girl stayed with what she knew--her mama's southern cooking, her daddy's BBQ, and, of course, Tex Mex.  In order to lure me into a Chinese restaurant, my family and friends dangled the fortune cookie carrot in front of my face, knowing I fall for anything related to fate or serendipity. 

Not only did I love the food (pork-fried rice, anyone?), but I loved cracking open those little fortune cookies at the end of a meal.  I actually still have some of my favorite fortunes from years past. Yesterday's fortune cookie is not a keeper.

After my meal, I ripped into the wrapping, cracked open the cookie, and anxiously looked for my fortune.  Um, yeah, where's my dang fortune? Looking in each cookie half, I spotted a piece of paper in each. Oh! I got two fortunes?! No, idiot, you didn't get two fortunes; you got one...that is ripped in two. Pulling out each half, I pieced them together to read my quasi-fortune.

"Your true love awaits your arrival." 

Seriously? Um, okay. Would have been cool if it hadn't been torn smack dab down the middle. I've had empty fortune cookies--they suck. Never have I had one split in two. Yeah, and I've never had a fortune related to love. This can't be good. 


  1. I won't lie, I just keep tearing open fortune cookies until I find one I like! But don't worry, I have been eating Chinese food practically since birth and I have had many a fortune cookie mishap. Just laugh and open another one! :-)

  2. OR... It could be very good.

    I saw your post's title and giggled a little because my college roommate (whose baby was due yesterday - obviously we're totally grown up) and I used to eat Chinese food JUST for the fortunes -- and to add " bed."

    Your true love awaits your arrival ... in bed. YAY-UH.

    Stuff gets torn. I've ripped many a fortune trying to get to it.

  3. Holy smokes, you were 20 when you first tried Chinese food? That's shocking to me. Then again, because I live in New England, I didn't have my first taco until I was 16. There was nothing but Taco Bell up here when I was growing up, and even then, there was only two or three in the entire state.

  4. But yes, maybe a good fortune . .

  5. Little Match Girl: I wanted to just keep opening them until I found one I liked, but then I thought it would totally defeat the whole "fate" thing. Maybe I'll just open one more next time. ;)

    Rebekah: Oh, I love the fortunes...well, most of the time. I suppose it could be good...I didn't rip the dang thing--it was already ripped...kinda thought that might be a bad sign, but maybe not, who knows?

    Steve: I love my southern food, so I was perfectly content to stick with what I liked. Plus, like you with the Mexican food, we didn't really have a Chinese restaurant nearby. Finally, one opened up and I fell in love with the whole menu! :)

    Joe: Here's hoping.

  6. I'm surprised at the age thing, too. Bet you're glad you have had it now, eh?