Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday's Celebrity Frisky Virgin: Selena Gomez

Disney cutie-pie Selena Gomez, 17 (soon to be 18), has publicly stated that she intends to be a virgin on her wedding night. Way to go, sweetie!  I hope, one day, Selena finds a Disney fairy tale love...and they live happily ever after. :)


  1. I love Selena, you go girl... it shows that even celebrity and their antics still have self control!

  2. I hope that's true! I remember how Britney Spears rambled something like that when she was her age and well....

  3. Amber, we were totally on the same wavelength. I thought, "Oh that's sweet. But she's 17, soon to be 18. We'll see how long that lasts." I feel kind of bad for celebrity kids who make their virginity so public because if they go back on what they said, even if they regret it, EVERYONE knows.

    Which led me to a question... What are you going to do when you start seeing The One? Are you just going to stop posting, or are you going to have a "Mission: Accomplished" post?

  4. It's true, she is very young, and growing up in the public eye is undoubtedly tough. It's not an impossible road, but it isn't without it's bumps.

    Rebekah: :) First, a major thank-you for saying "when" I start seeing the one; you just might have more confidence in me finding the one than I do!

    Second, I'm definitely *not* going to stop posting. People have told me to speak out, help others understand this choice from the inside out; help young girls see that, yes, it can be is an option. But, I've been so afraid of how people would see me--afraid they wouldn't give me a chance--afraid they wouldn't see the real me--afraid they would just see "the virgin." So, maybe, in a way, this blog is helping me overcome my fears as well.

    Heck, *when* I find the one, I'll want to shout it from the dang rooftops! So help me, I used the word "when."