Monday, July 19, 2010

Makeup Magic Monday #2: Bare Minerals

If you are like me, you want a makeup that will:

1. Cover, but isn't a mask; look natural
2. Doesn't clog pores and cause breakouts
3. Go on evenly
4. Go on quickly
5. Last a long time
6. For the fair skin folks: match our skin tone.
7. Have a natural SPF

Well, call me crazy, but after years of trying everything under the sun, moon, and stars (liquids, powder combos, cream foundations, drugstore brands to top brands), I have finally found the perfect makeup...and it's a mineral powder. Never in a zillion years did I think I would love a foundation so much. It goes on quickly and evenly (under 5 minutes for the whole face), doesn't clog pores (in fact, it's all natural, no chemicals, dyes, etc.), and their lightest shade works well with my porcelain skin. All in all, I'm in love...and have been for over five years now. Bare Minerals Makeup $25.

TIP: Practice! You will need time to get it down pat, particularly if you are switching from a liquid or cream foundation. The first time I put it on, I looked ridiculous--seriously, I used too much.  After a short time, you figure out how much you need (which likely isn't too much). 

You can use any BM brush--I'm still using the first brush I ever ordered: The Full Coverage Brush. I like how you can control the coverage. 

Though it might not be to everyone's liking, with a natural SPF 15 and great value starter sets (makeup, setting powder, cheek color, brushes, etc. all in one), maybe it's worth a try. Available at Sephora, QVC.

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  1. AMEN AMEN AMEN SISTAH! I use ONLY Bare Minerals!