Monday, July 26, 2010

True Blood Tuesday

Okay, this was a gruesome week on True Blood--totally living up to its name: blood, blood, and more blood.

Franklin & Tara: Tara does her best to play Franklin, who gets peeved when she doesn't notice his clean-shaven face.  Seducing Franklin, Tara succeeds in getting him to untie her...of course she then had to follow through with her seduction, which included biting his neck and pulling the flesh from his bones.  Ick.  The next morning, Tara takes an antique club-thing and beats the crap outta Franklin (think brain crushing).  More ick.  Tara escapes to find Sookie, which she does.  I'm not thinking freaky Franklin is dead, though.

Eric: Much to Sookie's disgust, Eric effectively voices his disinterest in her.  He even went so far as to forcefully tell her she means nothing to him.  Sookie followed with, "I fu*&!@ hate you, Eric Northman!" Not sure Eric liked hearing that, but he is far too focused on avenging his family to worry.  Russell is clearly his target.  HIGHLIGHT: Who didn't swoon when Eric scooped the Queen into his arms after leaving her no option but to marry Russell? Yeah, I just found the whole scooping-thing sexy.

Lafayette & Jesus: Jesus and Lafayette put a beating on some thugs who were busy taking baseball bats to Lafayette's new car.  All wasn't good for the new pair, however: Jesus decided Lafayette's job as a V dealer is a deal breaker and ended things...for now. 

Jason & Crystal: Crystal has secrets she is unwilling to share with Jason. She clearly fears for the two of them, should someone find out about their attraction.  One secret? She's engaged to one of the thugs who trashed Lafayette's car.  Jason, meanwhile, looked good in his jeans.  Sorry, it's all I could focus on.

Sam:  Have I mentioned I can't stand his father? You can now add the mother to my "strongly dislike" list.  The second she slapped Tommy--revealing that if it hadn't been for his father, she would have terminated her pregnancy--then demanded that it's his duty to provide for them, I couldn't stand her.  And how does he provide for them? By illegal dog fighting. Tommy shifts into a pit bull and fights.  Sam figured everything out by the end of the show, so hopefully he can stop them before Tommy gets hurt.

Bill, Sookie, and Lorena: Russell ordered Lorena to kill Bill for withholding information about Sookie. Lorena, following Russell's orders, slices Bill's chest open, slices her finger, sticks her finger inside his chest wound, and blends their blood.  Ick. She continues to pour her heart out to Bill, blah, blah, blah.  Bill says he would have enjoyed seeing her before she turned.  He also brilliantly told her that he welcomes death because it would mean getting away from her. She then allowed two gross werewolves (Alcide's ex and her scummy fiancee, husband, whatever) to feed on Bill.  Yeah, I hate Lorena.  And we're supposed to sympathize with this character by the end of the season? Hmm.

So, Bill's dying. Tara rushes off to find a getaway car, while Sookie is desperate to find Bill.  Tara is confronted by Alcide (bare bum alert!), who assure her he is a good guy and is looking for Sookie. Meanwhile, Sookie reaches Bill and professes her love and determination to save him, before--who else?--Lorena slams her against the wall and starts sucking Sookie's neck, blaming her for everything. 

Despite the gore, there were some highlights: Eric carrying the Queen away with ease, Jason in jeans, Alcide's bare bum.  Yeah.

Next week looks intense: Sookie in the hospital (possibly bitten by Bill as well); Eric going after Russell; Tara telling someone (Franklin?) to just get it over with; very dramatic stuff for next week.


  1. I was impressed with the episode...nice change b/c so far this season I've been underwhelmed. It's not going with the books like I'd want it to.
    Why oh why did Eric have to get blood on that sweater?! Sad!

  2. I loved how Eric picked up the Queen!

    Suzanne - I think it's kind of following the books...loosely.

    And why are we supposed to sympathize with Lorena??

  3. Suzanne--I kept staring at the blood on the blue sweater, thinking, "No! Not on the sweater!"

    Becca--I'm glad I wasn't the only one to swoon over Eric's, um, arm strength. ;)

    In an interview, the actress who plays Lorena said that we will feel really sorry for her by the end of the season...some say we may actually like her!? Um, so far, not even close. Should be interesting...