Tuesday, July 13, 2010

True Blood Tuesday #2

Whoop Whoop! *sorry, couldn't resist* After a one week hiatus, we had a new episode of True Blood!

Here are some things that stood out to me:

Lorena: Seriously, I didn't think I could despise the she-thing more than I already do, but this episode just strengthened my dislike for her. When she told Bill that the love they made had "passion," I thought I was going to throw-up. It was hate, you daft bimbo! She continued to prod Bill, saying how happy she is now and he will love her again one day...blah blah blah. After more of Lorena's leech-like behavior, he punched her...and she continued to smile, happily. Sick.

Tara: This poor girl! Last season, she's sucked into Maryann's dark world, falling in love with Eggs, being possessed by Maryann, and finding her beloved Eggs dead. Now, she's having blood sucked from her against her will by a deranged vampire dude. Oh, and he has tied her up, kidnapped her, and, next week, will apparently force her to be his vampire bride. This poor girl can't catch a break.

Eric: Is there anybody who didn't like the fact that Mr. I-don't-know-love is daydreaming about Miss Sookie? Sounds like the mighty blond vampire is falling for the oh-so-darling Sookie. Can't wait to see this evolve.

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