Monday, July 5, 2010

The Day After

Did I really just publicly declare my virginity? That was my first thought when the unusually bright sun cruelly burst through my windows at an ungodly hour this morning. Have I lost my mind entirely? That was my second thought. I need to shop. That was my third thought...rather liked the third thought.

I've been fighting nerves on and off all day, while annoying questions flooded my mind. Questions like: Did I make the right decision? Can I follow through with this, regardless of what people say?

If I don't carry on, I can't possibly go shopping; shopping in my world means rewarding myself for some sort of achievement, no matter how small, so long as it's something of significance.

So, I have a choice: back out now or continue on this journey, defeat fear, find love, and, um, shop.

Think I'll go with option two...for the shopping, if for nothing else. Just kidding, I won't back out now, despite my nerves, but I'm still going shopping. Handbag or a new pair of jeans? One can never have too much of either, particularly when they are on sale.

Oh, and watching human-rum-for-the-nerves Johnny Depp all day certainly helps. Hot pirate, that one.

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