Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why Wednesday #3: Why Not One-Night Stand It?

This question is usually my fault; it always seems to follow one of my "32 year-old virgin" rants. 

A close friend or family member will say, "Just go out and have a one night stand, if you're feeling crappy about it taking so long. You can always just get it taken care of, you know." 

I'll follow with, "No, I want love."

Their response? Some version of: "I know, but maybe just get the physical part over with--it doesn't have to be perfect. Then, when you find love, you'll be past the burden of having to tell them and you can just enjoy, no nerves."

I can't honestly say their logic doesn't have some semblance of sense to it: I get the stigma off my back, I don't have to fear telling the man I'm seeing about my choice, and I would likely feel more relaxed with the one I'm in love with. Here's the catch: would I be able to look at myself in the mirror the next day? Probably not, no. Once I meet the one, would I regret not waiting for him? Yes, without question.

So, even though one night might relieve a few stresses in my life, in the long run, I'm certain it would only add more stress and regret. 

I want love. Period. End of discussion. That's just me, silly as it seems.


  1. You go!!! You should not have your first time be with some random ass person that means nothing. WHAT is the point of that???

  2. Not silly at all! You deserve love – and it shall happen!

  3. Now why would you wait all this time to give it up to some loser in a one night stand. I will admit, the first time SUCKs and is very awkward lol, but it is still special, and should be spent with someone you love. That takes the nerves away, and the stress and the fact that it sucks... sorry :)