Tuesday, August 24, 2010

True Blood Tuesday--Only 2 Episodes Left!!

If you haven't read my last True Blood Tuesday, you might want to check it out before reading this one.  Last Week's True Blood Tuesday

Okay! Here we go!

Sookie: "I'm a fairy? How f*&^in' lame." This was Sookie's reaction to the news that she is, indeed, part fairy.  Bill told her everything from his meeting with Claudine, including how every supernatural being he's ever met believes fairies were wiped out of existence by vampires.  He touched on the fact that fairy blood is the most delectable blood a vampire will ever taste, which could account for why supernaturals believe vampires are to blame for the extinction of fairies. Eric shows up at Jason's house (where Bill and Sookie are essentially hiding), and says goodbye to Sookie, stating that he will not be around much longer.  He also implored Bill to tell Sookie the truth; when Sookie says he has told her what she is, Bill shares a coy, almost guilty look with Eric.  Perhaps it's the fact that Sophie-Anne ordered Bill to bring Sookie to her, so she could drink her blood and gain the ability to be in the sun. 

Bill leaves Sookie in Jason's care while he is below ground for the day. Sookie, meanwhile, has a semi-sexual dream about Eric, wherein he warns her not to trust Bill.  When she awakens from the dream, she slips Jason's not-so-watchful eye (he's a distracted one) and heads to Fangtasia. (see Eric below for what happens next).

Bill: Explains all about fairies to Sookie, including the not-so-fun fact that fairies are supposedly rapists (they would mate with unwilling humans), and vampires are blamed for their extinction. Bill assures Sookie that though her blood attracted him initially, the bond they share is based solely on love; he even promised never to taste her blood again, if that would prove to her how much he loves her. Sweet, huh...in that True Blood way? Bill gets mad at Jason for letting her out of his sight, while Jason forces Bill out of his house by revoking his invitation. 

Tara: With Jason's help, they bury and burn Franklin's remains (i.e. guts) and clothing.  Tara tells Jason she has always been able to depend on him, and Jason finds this to be the right time to tell her he shot Eggs. This did not go over very well.  Tara left, in tears.  Poor girl has had a rough couple of seasons on True Blood.

Jason & Crystal:  Lafayette brings Crystals dying father to his house, where he feeds him some vampire blood.  Right on cue, the blood heals him. Is he grateful? Nope. He's mad at Crystal for allowing the likes of Lafayette and Jesus to feed him V.  When her father runs off, and Crystal chases after him, Lafayette says, "Them f!*^ers is a whole new dimension of trash." Crystal's father warns that she must keep with her own kind, mate and reproduce with her own kind, and cautions that he [Jason] will never accept her for what she is. Crystal refuses to go back with her father and runs off.  After Jason loses Sookie and mind-kicks Bill out of his house, he follows a strange noise to his bedroom.  Sitting on the floor of his bedroom is a black panther with glowing eyes.  Staring at it, dumbfounded, he watches as the panther then transforms into a naked Cyrstal. Jason, completely shocked, mutters, "Mama."

Holly, Arlene, & Terry: Well, we learn that Holly is a wiccan.  Arlene confesses to Terry that the baby isn't his...that her psycho ex is the father.  Instead of acting hurt or angry, Terry insists on being this child's father and surrounding him/her with nothing but love, so there is no way the infant will turn out like Rene. Arlene, however, still wants to end the pregnancy and seeks Holly's alternative help.

Lafayette & Jesus: In what was just about the strangest part of the episode, Lafayette and Jesus take a V trip together, visiting some odd people in their pasts.  We learn a couple of interesting things about these lovebirds:  Lafayette comes from a family of conjurers (they showed how his ancestors kept their masters away by sprinkling powder around their doors); Jesus's grandfather was a voodoo sorcerer (he was described as a frightening man; Jesus and his family hid from him).

Jessica, Hoyt, Summer, & Tommy: Tommy tries to put the moves on Jessica, but is rebuffed. Hoyt FINALLY dumps Summer and professes his love to Jessica, but she is so shocked, she couldn't return his sentiments...initially.  Hoyt leaves Merlotte's, crushed, and is confronted by a cocky Tommy, who Hoyt wastes no time knocking backwards.  Angry, Tommy shifts into a pit bull and brutally attacks Hoyt.  Jessica realizes she loves Hoyt and runs outside to tell him, only to find him being attached by the shifter, Tommy.  In yet another awesome move, Jessica swiftly rushes to Hoyt, blasts the pit bull off of him, and feeds him her blood.  Oh, and she FINALLY tells Hoyt she loves him...while Tommy, back to human form, spies from the woods to which he was thrown.

Russell: After last week's insanity, Russell keeps a bit quiet this episode.  Still toting around his lover's guts, Russell picks up a Talbot look-a-like prostitute and proceeds to relive Talbot's final moments, as they should have been in his mind. He professes his love, makes his apologies, and stakes the look-a-like.  As the prostitute died, Russell hallucinates Talbot's face, and says his goodbyes.

Sam: Probably one of the most shocking sequences of the night. Sam, after he attacked Crystal's father in the previous episode, begins to dive into his memories, where we see a side of Sam we never thought existed: a cold, jewel-thieving conman, who, unbeknownst to his female accomplice, used his shifting to get in and out without anyone the wiser. However, his sexy blonde sidekick double-crosses him, and takes all of his money/jewels, leaving with a slimy man she was scheming with.  Sam tracks them down, dog-style, and kills them both...he killed her in self defense, then followed with the guy, execution format. It was quite a dark sequence. 

Eric: Defeated, Eric calls in a vampire lawyer to make his will.  He leaves everything to a defiant Pam.  For most of the episode, Eric sulked, accepting certain death at Russell's hand.  The only thing that brought our Eric out of his slump was the sudden appearance of Sookie Stackhouse.  After her perplexing dream, Sookie stormed into Eric's office, demanding why she shouldn't trust and Bill...and why Eric is acting like he's going to meet his end.  Eric says there is one thing he would regret if he died: not kissing Sookie.

Yes, he kisses her...big time.  Sookie initially resists, but falls into his arms quite quickly before Pam interrupts.  In private, Pam suggests that Eric give Sookie to Russell, but Eric--unwilling to admit his feelings for Sookie--refuses, saying he will not do that to her. Pam then begs him to at least use her as leverage.  After thinking for a bit, Eric goes into his office, grabs Sookie, drags her down to the dungeon, and chains her up.  Sookie screams, and we see Bill reacting to her call. 

Only two episodes left! How will it wrap up? Stay tuned...


  1. Oh Queen...how can you not watch!?
    Frisky...I had missed this weeks episode and plan on watching it OnDemand soon...and as soon as I realized you were summarizing the episode wanted to stop reading so I wouldn't spoil it...but couldn't. Haha...what a great show...now i REALLY cant wait to watch the episode. Mmmm. Eric kisses! yummy!
    Thanks for the recap!
    I'd love for you to check out my blog and follow me if you are so inclined.

  2. I saw the Eric kissing clip....I can't WAIT until it hits DVD and I can watch it!
    I can't thank you enough for your awesome recaps!!!

  3. Queen--Oh, you totally need to watch this show! You would definitely rant on some of the relationships on that show!! It'd be fun!

    Jewels--Awww, I'm sorry it spoiled the episode!!! Oh, yeah, enjoy the Eric kissing scene--it was pretty hot. I've been to your blog & am now following you, too! :)

    Suzanne: I'm trying really hard to remember everything for you! The Sam sequence was pretty intense. Overall, this season is jammed packed with stories.