Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sad F.M. Is A Real Life Dementor

Bridget Jones just started.  This of course means a sad, lonely, drunk Bridget lip-syncing to the saddest of sad F.M. songs: All By Myself.

So, to counter the impact of said song, I offer this one by Nickelback.  In keeping with the message of the Reba song, Gotta Be Somebody brings back the hope that All By Myself, a.k.a the dementor of all sad songs, sucks out of singles. I guess that makes Gotta Be Somebody the Patronus Charm. Yeah, I watched Harry Potter this weekend, can ya tell?

Anyway, enjoy a little dose of hope.

Gotta Be Somebody by Nickelback


  1. OMG....BBC channel? I dvr'd it last night and watched well, most of it! I love that movie....I can't help but laugh at the lip synching b/c I know I've done that to sooooo many songs! :)
    I can't wait for TB Tuesday. :)

  2. gotta love Bridget- i think there is a new one coming out soon!