Tuesday, August 3, 2010

True Blood Tuesday

Can we get a hooray!!! DING DONG THE BITCH IS GONE!!!! Lorena met her demise, thanks to Sookie Stake-house (and, yes, I know it's Stackhouse...I'm just havin' a little fun with the name...stake-vampire-Stake-house...okay, I'll stop). Soooo, whoever said we would sympathize with Lorena must have been sniffing glue or something because I was applauding and saying, "bye-bye, Lorena...sick bitch."

Sookie: While Alcide locked up his werewolf ex and shot her were-boyfriend, Tara and Sookie placed Bill in the back of a dark moving van. Sookie, in an effort to revive Bill, cut her arm and allowed him to drink her blood. Unfortunately, Bill got a little greedy--he damn near drained her dead, unwittingly of course.

The remainder of the episode centered around Sookie in the hospital, fighting for her life. A couple of interesting revelations: 1. Sookie does not have a blood type and rejected all attempts at a blood transfusion; 2. Bill, after drinking Sookie's blood, was able to tolerate the sunlight; 3. Sookie, while "dying," visits another world--her world...I hesitate to say what that world is, just in case someone on here hasn't read the books.

Eric: Far too little of him in this episode. Anyway, he saved Pam from the freaky Magistrate, who then gets beheaded by Russel. Bye-bye Magistrate...sick SOB.

Sam: Did anyone else LOVE when he infiltrated the dog-fighting ring to save his brother? LOVED when he bullied the big dog that was bullying his little brother!

Some little things that bugged me: Sookie's other world. I don't know what it is, but I'm not sure if I liked it so much. Without giving too much away, I guess I thought it would be more, somehow--more magical, more fantasy--and not so Woodstock.  And what did Claudine mean when she warned Sookie, "don't let him [Bill] steal your light." Huh? Oh, yeah, and all the floaty-folks in that other world are apparently terrified of vampires. Um. Uh?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this episode...


  1. I'm thinking you've read the books??

    I didn't like the other world, either. Too 'hippy' not enough...what it was supposed to be.

    If Sookie doesn't have a blood type, maybe she is just full of 'light'??

  2. :) I'm really glad someone else didn't like the other world. It just didn't resonate the way I hoped it would.

    I wondered about the light/blood connection when she picked up the glass and Claudine refilled it for her to drink. Maybe you're right--maybe for her, the light is her blood??

  3. Boo on the other 'world' wth? seriously. I mean ok..thanks for introducing Claudine (although she's not as tall as I thought she would be)-but ugh..there is just so much in the books that NEEDS to be in the show..I think.
    I giggled at Sam bullying the rottweiler..and he was just so cute in those overalls!
    Yay for killing off the magistrate AND Lorena!