Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mind Dump, Random Thoughts, & I Don't Get It.

The shake weight for men: Have y'all seen this thing? Not to sound gross or anything, but, um, every time I see this ad, I think I'm seeing a guy, you know, having a little one-on-one time...with himself. I mean, the one guy even kinda sounds, well, very relieved, towards the end. Never mind...clearly, my mind's in the gutter.

While channel surfing, late night style, I stumbled across the film, The Last Hard Men. Instantly, my libido screamed: "Oh, heaven help me, I hope not." It was some old western film...nothing dirty.

I don't get why complete strangers feel the need to be snarky.  Imagine a random conversation with a total stranger, wherein you kindly compliment them on something, and end up get doused in a storm of verbal vomit that goes something like this: "Awww, well, my life is so perfect. I love being able to buy whatever I want, whenever I want. My husband pays for it all. I have the complete freedom to do whatever I want. And he's so wonderful." Ummmm, did I ask? No. Mental. Seriously mental.

Do you watch Big Brother? I watch occasionally.  I don't get how, after a few weeks, Brendon can honestly say he is in love with Rachel (the one with a voice that makes you want to lob off your ears and gauge out your eyeballs--if she says "...come between me and my man," one more time...).  He went so far as to say she might be the mother of his children one day. Huh? God help us all if they reproduce.

The Bachelor Pad: I confess, I haven't bothered to watch, but the whole tagline: "...where they'll play for love AND money," really makes my hair hurt. First, you don't PLAY for love.  And I'm kinda thinkin' love and money don't really go together, unless one party has some pretty questionable intentions. 

I dunno, just needed to mind dump.  Feelin' better now.


  1. hahahhaha shake it weight totally looks like that hahahah cute

  2. The Shake Weight is ridiculous. Plus, I bet it would make you involuntarily do that afterward, which would be horrible.