Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stereotype #6: Virgins Are Stuck-Up.

Snob.  Pretentious. Better-than-thou.  "Virgins are kinda stuck-up." This one has some staying power among both men and women.

It seems many people think virgins are these goody-goody types, who stick their noses up in the air at everybody else.  "Virgins think there is nothing better than their choice. Like it's the ONLY right choice in the world."

To me, this stereotype is akin to "virgins are judgmental." I've said it before, but it bears repeating: I live other people judging me, and it's an awful feeling.  I would never judge anyone else for their choices. Everyone's life is their own to live in a way that makes them happy. This path is a CHOICE, an option for men and women.

I should also add that most of these people have NEVER REALLY KNOWN A VIRGIN.

I've known a few virgins, and they are not even in the vicinity of "stuck-up," and none have ever said this path is the ONLY path to take.

Heck, I've known plenty of snobby women...ugh, they make me gag. Yeah, soooooo not like them.

I don't know what makes someone a snob, but it sure as heck isn't being a virgin.

Stereotype #6: SLAYED.


  1. I was a virgin up until I was 24, and I never tried to convince anyone that anything I thought was "the right way."

    I'm not religious, and it wasn't a moral thing. I just didn't want to have sex, because of all the messiness that comes along with it.

    So no, I wasn't stuck up. Just really practical.

  2. I hate generalizations, and stereotypes, keep slaying, I know it is not virgin related, but can you try your luck at slaying the blonds are dumb one :)

  3. This is probably out of the religious views as well as the judgmental stereotype. People that were born into certain religions are forced into this choice but some really don't like it. So then they throw the 'it's a sin' line around which got people seeing them like this.

    But then in the world today, being a virgin by choice is so rare that people stopped considering they may actually want this.