Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Forgive Me, Fate

I flipped you off.  I told you where you could stick it.  I called you a bitch...and, admittedly, I am still unsure as to your true intent with us mortals...so, I still kinda think you might be a bit of a bitch. I'll work on it.  The ticker tape running across my mind's eye featured two words most of the day: one rhymes with luck.  Not one to swear, really...except during football season...I have a really tough time during football season, though I do try. Don't be offended by my swearing...it's typically so unexpected that people usually find it cute.

It took me most of the day to realize, in the end, you helped me. Had I not moved away, had certain events not taken place for this reason or that, it is very possible I would have foolishly fallen for the wrong one...and I may not be who I am now.  And you knew that, didn't you, fate? You knew. You just might have saved me, in more ways than one.

I've been trying to figure out whether or not my place in life is due to a curse or an accidental enchantment. Strangely, this recent turn of events leads me to believe in the enchantment. I'm a dreamer. I know that. Stupid? Maybe. Necessary in this world? I'm thinkin' yes. I may have my doubts. I may question.  And there are sure to be cloudy days, but I'll keep going.

P.S. The radio is playing the theme to Titanic.  Funny, very funny.  Even I can laugh at this one. 

Out with the raincoat...(if there's a commercial before the Kelly Sweet video--I am sorry, it's short).


  1. "some things, they just sting, enough to move you along" so so true..and Ms. Fate..she knows just where to hit you, and when..to get your attention.
    Chin up.
    Great song, and great singer..I'd never heard of her!

  2. We all doubt our decisions, but they make us who we are, it is like we need someone to tell us we made the right decision, but that is part of getting older. To trust yourself if not anyone else, and know that you made the right decision for yourself at that time in your life. If we are wrong, which sometimes we are, it does not take long to find out, our hearts and minds will tell us. Just don't let anyone else! Great post and great song, tomorrow is a new day with new thoughts.