Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dale Jr. + iRacing = FUN & Memories!

I was clicking around ESPN and came across an article about Dale Earnhardt Jr. and iRacing (to read all about it, click here Dale Jr. & iRacing.) Have you heard of this? It sounds utterly amazing, and instantly reminded me of the times I would take on my dad in an arcade dual car racing game. Oh, I loved those driving games! I became very good at it, too.

One spring day, when we all decided to go to the lake, we stopped by the local arcade. Naturally, there was a racing game. I took one seat, my dad the other. With a small crowd around us, we raced. Now, my daddy is quite the driver--he's a master at maneuvering a car, particularly a sports car.

Early in the race, my dad had the lead, but I stayed close behind. I was up on the wheel from the start, but my dad was so chill, just calmly cruising. Never one to show my hand, I waited to make my move.

The crowd grew louder as the race neared its end...and my dad and I were about to give them quite a show. Thinking I probably wouldn't be able to catch him, my dad settled in...that's when I flew around him.  Straightening up, my dad let out a little, "Aw hell," as the sweat started dripping from his forehead, my forehead, and from everyone around us.

It was neck and neck until the very end, but I edged him by a nose.  It was the first time I had ever won against my dad. He was shocked, but totally proud...especially when he heard the guys saying stuff like, "Dude, the girl won! Cool."

Anyway, check out the link to read all about iRacing (it sounds incredible--I can only imagine my dad and I racing each other on something like this...don't tell him, but he'd probably win).

iRacing With Dale Jr.

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