Tuesday, August 17, 2010

True Blood Tuesday--Only 3 Episodes Left!

Can you believe it? We're closing in on the end of season 3 of True Blood, and things are most certainly heating up...in more ways than one.

Sookie: After last week's end-of-the-show sex romp, Bill and Sookie took a very revealing shower...where he licked the blood from her body, healed her bite wounds, and continued the love from last week.  The blood going down the drain was a little...eww, but in a warped-True-Blood-sexy way.  Bill helped Sookie remove a dead werewolf (human form) from her living room in what was a rather amusing scene, making it very clear to Sookie that this is never going to be a "normal" relationship.

Bill: Leaving Sookie for the day, Bill awakened under the ground to odd water droplets falling on his face. When he opened the door, he emerged in the world Sookie vistited while she was dying in the hospital.  Donning a white shirt and looking very ethereal for a vampire, Bill confronted Claudine about Sookie's origins.  When she tried to run from him, he used his vampire speed and strength to tackle her, but discovered Claudine has powers of her own.  She accused him of stealing Sookie's light, to which he adamantly denied and professed his sincere love for Sookie.  He begged Claudine to tell him what Sookie is, so she can protect herself. By the end of the show, Bill and Sookie are sitting on the couch and Bill says, "I know what you are."  I assume that will be one of the big reveals for next week.

Hadley: Hadley called Sookie to the Monroe Aquarium for a very specific and personal reason--Hadley has a son and needed to know if he has Sookie's abilities. After talking telepathically, Sookie, with a single look, relays to Hadley that, indeed, her son is telepathic. Hadley freaks, and leaves with her son in an effort to try and protect him.

Lafayette & Jesus: It's official! They are a couple, and Lafayette is quite the smitten kitten (he really was precious in this episode...shy and almost meek).  Jesus shared with him a tattoo of a jaguar he has on his chest. Hmmm, what's up with Jesus? What is he really? The scene with Lafayette, his mother, and Jesus was hilarious.

Arlene & Holly: So, Holly, the new waitress, comforts Arlene who admits that she doesn't want the baby because he/she is the offspring of a killer, and not Terry's child.  Holly tells her there are ways to handle the situation.

Hoyt & Jessica: Hoyt admits to Jessica that he hates Summer (Thank God, because she is seriously annoying!). He more or less admits he is still in love with Jess, and Jess starts to cry before running off. They really need to be together. 

Andy: Um, could it be that Andy is hooked on V?  Yep, after Jason suggested a way for them to infiltrate Hot Shot and take down the drug dealers, Andy opens his desk drawer and pulls out a baggy of bottles filled with vampire blood.

Jason: Our love-sick cutie-pie walked in to find Crystal's ex bullying her.  Crystal called Jason a rapist, among other things, to get her ex to attack Jason so she could then smash him in the head. Jason whimpered, "Did you have to make me a rapist?" When Jason suggested handcuffing the ex, Crystal insisted on rope because he can escape handcuffs; she also found V in his pockets.  They tied him to a tree in the middle of nowhere and Jason, pretending to be a female, called the police. Unfortunately, when the attending officer showed up, Crystal's ex had escaped, and the men who helped free him beat the officer to barely an inch of his life. 

Sam: Having to deal with a sex-driven younger brother isn't easy, as Sam finds out early on when Tommy and his guest are keeping Arlene, Terry, and the whole neighborhood awake with their sexual escapades. Tommy accuses Sam of essentially being a carpet (he used a very different word...think of a nasty word for cat or kitten).  By the end of the episode, Sam unleashes on Crystal's father in front of everyone, nearly beating him to death. Jesus calls in a favor and they, including Crystal, rush off to try and save him, much to Jason's dismay. Sam heads to his office, while Tommy looks at him, smiling; he relished seeing his brother go wild. 

Tara: After some more agonizing, Tara joins an abuse support group to try and deal with what she has gone through. There, we learn that Holly is a rape survivor.  While outside Merlotte's, Tara is confronted by none other than Franklin. Told ya he wouldn't be dead, er, undead...you know what I mean.  She confirmed she tried to kill him, that he doesn't know what love means, and the little fact that she loathes him.  He expresses his hurt for her lack of mourning over his death, but insists he will mourn her death.  He began to strangle her, nearly killing her, when Jason shows up with a shotgun, bless him.  He warns Franklin to back away from Tara. Franklin says he's a vampire and a million bullets won't do a thing.  Jason fires the shotgun and Franklin explodes into a bloody mess, to which Jason replies, "...unless my gun is filled with wooden bullets." Cool.

Eric: Nan Flanagan, of the American Vampire League, shows up at Fangtasia to conduct an interview with Eric about the Magistrate. Cameras were set up so the Authority could view Eric's statement.  Eric recounted the truth about Russell--he covered everything from Russell killing the Magistrate to his kidnapping of the Queen of Louisiana. Before he finished, he revealed his own personal history with Russell...a history Pam had never heard. Before leaving, Nan placed Eric and Pam in a lock-down until the Authority makes its ruling. There were some emotional scenes between Eric and Pam; Pam isn't as tough as she looks and truly loves Eric as a maker. Later, Nan reveals the Authority's ruling to Eric and Pam: The Authority will not acknowledge the interview; they will basically pretend they never heard Eric's story.  Eric warned that Russell will not stop killing, but Nan blows him off, telling him to resolve his issues with the King; she gave Eric the go-ahead to take him out, just keep the Authority out of it.

Russell: Yeah, he's going loony.  He cradled Talbot's guts, placed said guts in a jar, and talked to him as if he was still undead, promising revenge on Eric. Perhaps the best scene of the night occurred when Nan was in the back of a limo, enjoying a willing human morsel. So much for true blood, eh Nan? She had the national news blaring in the back of the limo while she fed.  The camera focused on the news anchor, who was distracted by some studio background noise. Suddenly, Russell flashes into view, rips out the anchor's spine, tosses him aside, and begins talking to the American public. He calls out the hypocrisy that is the American Vampire League; after a lengthy spiel about vampires being better than humans, that there are no equal rights, Russell leans in and says, "We'll eat you after we eat you children." He then grins widely, turns, and cheerily says, "Now to [meteorologist's name] for the weather!"  Awesome. 

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