Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Who Asked?

Next time somebody starts dishing out advice on your life, just think of the new Sara Bareilles single, King of Anything. I'm finding the song strangely therapeutic right now.

Perhaps they mean well, but when someone tells you they are "vastly better equipped to guide your love-life than you are" simply because they are married with children, I can't help but want to say, "thanks, but no thanks..." and maybe a few other things that I'll just keep to myself.

Oh! Or how about the guy who tells me, "If you just did it, you'd seriously be the perfect girlfriend."

Right. Okay. Whatever. If you liked me, really liked me, you would like me for me. Period.

Maybe now I'll just recommend they take a little listen to my new very favorite song:


  1. Love it! My daughter went to the same college as Sara B... My daughter remembers one concert Sara gave at the Uni. in the rain... Hope she has a new album coming out, its been a long time since the first.

  2. I love her music! Her lyrics are so universal.

    Her new album is called Kaleidoscope Heart, due out September 7th. Yay! :)