Thursday, December 8, 2011

Truth Is Thursday!

Truth Is: The Christmas cookie monster attack has started. Wal-Mart had these cookie trays on sale…have mercy, they are so good.

Truth Is: We need a playoff system in college football. Just sayin.’ Geaux.

Truth Is: I yanked 3 hairs from my head, thinking they were gray. Turns out they were just really, really blonde.  You would think I would stop and check after the first faux gray, but no. Sometimes my brilliance astonishes me. :/

Truth Is: Why is it in less than six months, two beauty products I’ve ordered arrived damaged? I thought things never arrive annihilated twice in the same year…kinda like lightning never strikes twice in the same place. The body wash I ordered exploded in transit, so when I opened it up—SQUISH, SQUIRT, OOZE.  It’s like it had Montezuma’s revenge. Earlier this summer, I ordered pressed powder and it showed up completely crumbled. I opened the box and wondered why it was dusty--yeah, because it wasn’t dust, genius...which I found out upon opening the compact. POUF. A cloud of powder particles went everywhere.

Truth Is: So, I’ve been getting an unusually large amount of “find your soul mate, sign up today” e-mails.  Just sign up for a free trial and find your soul mate! As if it’s that easy for everybody. Suppose the increase in volume makes sense during the holidays, with New Year’s Eve and Vomit Day right around the corner.

However, I don’t appreciate the following: Are you lonely? See 50 photos of singles in your area, from Senior People Meet. 

Truth Is: There was an ad running across the top of my e-mail today. “Why Men Pull Away. 10 Ugly Mistakes Women Make that Ruin Any Chances of a Relationship.” Seriously? I know women aren’t perfect, but men aren’t either and I’m sure they also make those 10 ugly mistakes that ruin any chances of a relationship.  Just sayin’.

Truth Is: I think I used all of my creative juices on the superhero me post because my brain has been unable to produce anything remotely interesting the rest of the week. (Hmm, could be due to cookie coma, though).


  1. Suppose you got an email which said: Are you a virgin? See photos of 50 men looking for virgin brides.

    Would you look at those photos?

  2. LOL! Senior People Meet? Maybe it's confusing you with one of your parents? You guys all share the same PC, right?

    I don't know if it's me, but I actually find that there are more "Men are stupid, and here's 10 reasons why" lists out there on the Net than the reverse. But maybe each gender sees what they want to see, eh?

    Good call on the cookies! It's funny, but I'm suffering from the same . . . uh . . . syndrome. Christmas Cookie Coma. That should be the next mysterious ailment on "House," don't you think? But they are just sooooo delicious! And like they say: 'Tis the season!

  3. If it makes you feel better, I also got the "senior profile single pics". I guess 30 is the new 70?

    I think I may have used up all my creative brain power this week doing stupid life stuff. At least you have written proof of your creative genius.

    These were all great truths... I finally got my post up, with the link if you want to link up this week. :)

  4. "cookie coma"... :-D

    Even though I don't follow college football, I completely agree they need a playoff system.

  5. I know what you mean on the emails. I seem to be buried under those types as well.
    We do need a playoff in college football. We've been talking about this in the office for about a month solid now.

  6. Did someone mention COOKIES?? Must. bake. lol

    I get those same stupid ads and emails. And I will say that I tried online dating off and on for about 5 or so years. While I met a few nice guys, they weren't keepers. I did broad searches and narrow ones. Yep. Nothing helped. But unfortunately, they kick up advertising at this time of year because people sign up for that stuff as part of their resolution to find love and happiness.

  7. GB: Hmm, good question. Probably not through e-mail...I would think is was a clever spam technique or something.

    Carole: I can't! It's impossible!!! Help! lol

    David: Not always. But you see why I hate (HATE) Vomit Day? Stuff like that.

    That's funny because my friends and I always see the women-oriented lists. Must be we only see lists calling out our gender.

    OMG, I could absolutely see that on House! LOL 'Tis the season is the reason I'm cookie-ing it up! This is not a time to be stingy, after all! ;)

    Julianna: Okay, well, I'm glad to see someone else has received that Senior Singles crap. Aw, heck, 30 is still the new 20. New 70 my foot! ;)

    LOL--Thank you. :) Every time I tried to write something floating about my mind after that superhero post, it disappeared.

    Ooh, I'll head over and link up! :)

    CoffeeAndTheCoffeCup: :) Yes, they really do. Really, really do.

    George: It seems like everyday those e-mails pop up. Ugh. It's just stupid how we have playoffs in practically every other area, but not in college football. I don't like subjectivity in sports. You win, you move on; lose, you don't. Period.

    J.Day: LOL--yes, you really must!

    See, I've been contemplating the online dating crap (clearly I would have to work on my attitude regarding the subject), but I'm not sure it would really turn up a soul mate. :/

  8. Eva: LOL :) So cute!

    Yvonne: Oh, you name it--they have sugar cookies with red and green sprinkles; these pink cookies that are so yummy with a *hint* of strawberry or cherry flavor; traditional chocolate chip; these little powdered bites of heaven-not sure if it's cinnamon or what; yellow lemon-y cookies; and another kind I think I'm forgetting. All on one tray...until, you know, they're eaten...which reminds me...I need another tray. :)

  9. So... which part do you not like... the 50 photos or the Senior People meet..... LOL.... Great Post.

  10. Lucy: Aw, thank you! Well, the 'Senior People Meet' was the first thing that caught my less than pleased eye. lol

  11. Online dating obviously works for some people, and that's great for them. Maybe it didn't work so well because I didn't have a great attitude towards it. But in that time frame I tried like three different sites. And only one site did I find people I was willing to meet. If nothing else, it could make some really awesome blog posts. lol ;o)