Friday, December 16, 2011

Truth Is Thursday...On Friday.

Truth Is: Stress was the main ingredient this week. It's like everything lands on your shoulders all at once.

Truth Is: Last weekend was traditional decorating time with the family! I took care of the family room, while Mom was in the kitchen setting up a wrapping station and Dad was hanging stuff around her (like fun Christmas signs and wreaths).  All was fairly quiet, apart from the occasional giggle or Mom telling Dad where to hang stuff.  Next thing I know, both Mom and Dad start singing like two holly jolly Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas. We're talking duet.  It was the most adorable thing--I only wish I could have recorded it. 

Truth Is: Fate is trying to put me on Santa's Naughty List indefinitely. You know how I can kind-of, sort-of have a potty mouth while watching sports. Lord help me I try, but when those referees cut loose, so does my mouth.

Christmas Day...the holiest day of the year...and the Dallas Mavericks will play the Miami Heat.  Really? Christmas Day? Really? Have you ANY idea how badly I'm going to have to bite my tongue? Sigh. Having said that, GO MAVS!!!! SO happy to have them back!

Truth Is: Ah, well, while helping my parents decorate I sort-of had one mishap after the other.

1. The little train set that sits by the fireplace EVERY year might be ruined because I forgot to remove the battery. Yeah. When I removed it from the box, a blue goop oozed into my hand.

Brought it to Dad to fix.

Me to Dad: "Bet you never thought you'd still be tinkering with batteries and toys..."

Dad, with a chuckle: "Not at this stage in the game."

Me, a little embarrassed: "Well, it has to be kind-of...refreshing."

Dad began belly laughing.

2. Removed a little musical ornament that plays It's A Small World, pressed the button, song.  But, I did get an incredibly loud, non-stop buzzing sound.

Brought it to Dad to fix.

Me: "Um, it won't stop buzzing."

Dad just looked at me. He was still working on trying to get the battery out of the train. Mom eventually shoved something up under the bottom of it and stopped the thing from making any sound...possibly forever.

3. While trying to vacuum the area around the tree, the hose thing detached from the suck-part in, it broke. Um, I hid it.  Dad doesn't know yet. Thank God they have two.

Well, my eyes are beginning to glaze over--I'll catch up on blog reading over the weekend. I apologize if there are any mistakes in this post, but I'm seriously zombie-like...even though I really do hate zombies.

Oh, and I'll post the Christmas fun facts tomorrow. :) 


  1. Yup, stress likes to hang out in groups. And you lost me with all your techno mumbo-jumbo about the vacuum breaking :)

  2. I'm sorry so many things went wrong for you, but I'm kinda relieved to know that such a nice lady has a potty mouth. It may take football to bring it out, but it's there. Bad grammar brings it out in me. And disappointment. And mosquitoes. And someone getting angry with me. Being a dumped first wife. Not feeling loved. Being lonely. Something breaking and I can't fix it. Hardly ever seeing my daughter. Are you feeling weepy yet? I don't want to stop until I've let you in on my good cry.


  3. LMAO Your parents are too funny.

    And now I have "It's A Small World" stuck in my head. Thanks.

    Must go find a CD so I can get this stupid song out of my head! lol

  4. Sounds like you've been busy, girl!

  5. Jay: LOl--yeah, I'm not so good with technical jargon. All I know is the hose thingy broke. I'm oh-so-technical. ;)

    LOLA: Okay, now I'm sending you the biggest *HUGS* imaginable!!! {{{HUGS}}}

    J.Day: They are a hoot! lol

    Ooh, sorry about that. :/ Um, youtube it, maybe? lol

    Eva: :) Yep, it's been a busy week for sure. I can't wait to read the next part of your story!!!

  6. You seem to be breaking a lot of things, Miss Virgin. Never mind, I'm sure they don't blame you. Swearing is necessary during sports events to release the tension - otherwise you might explode!

  7. hahaha I love that you hid the broken piece! haha. What is Christmas without a few things going haywire? That is life for you. Hope the stress at work eases up for you soon. Hope you get some time off around the holidays to enjoy with your parents.

  8. Something about becoming a father that makes you instantly know how to fix EVERYTHING.

    Kind of like being a mother and always knowing where everything is...

  9. GB: If you say it's necessary, then it's necessary. You're right--with the way I watch sports, a few colorful metaphors are needed to release the tension. :)

    Jewels: lol-*blushes* After the first two hiccups, I couldn't bring him the broken hose thingy. lol Oh, yeah, Christmas means mishaps will happen, for sure. lol Thank you--we're all looking forward to Christmas! :)

    Julianna: LOL--it always seems that way. Every guy I've ever known turns into a mega-handyman once they have children. Oh, it's amazing how Mom always knew where everything was when I was growing up...heck, she still does. lol

  10. Things are made to be broken. Like toys. And rules. The fun is in putting them back together again with everyone!