Tuesday, December 27, 2011

No, It Doesn't Mean Love

Saddest day of the year: December 26th. I miss Christmas. What can I say? I'm a holiday person and I feel really sad when it ends. But it was a wonderful, wonderful Christmas that I wish I could rewind! I hope everyone had the best Christmas imaginable!

I have so much to share--including a truly mortifying me moment on Christmas day. *shakes head*

But, for now, I just wanted to check in and, well, basically gripe.  I'm sorry in advance.

Gripe #1: Romo injured.

I know I run hot and cold when it comes to Romo, but an injury to his hand could have been avoided.  Cowboys lost what turned out to be a meaningless Christmas Eve game. Not great, but not major...so long as his hand is okay, which they *think* it will be. The big showdown will be this weekend in New York. Winner takes all. Puke.

Gripe #2:  Idiot people who claim to know basketball, but don't.

Mavs. Sigh. Lost. Bad. Two nights in a row. Very bad.  Here's the thing: they are not the same team as last year's championship group; they have new players now. Everyone who knows basketball understands it will take time for the team to mesh, and without any real preseason, it's going to take a while.

Still, immediately following the Christmas loss to Miami, you see a headline calling the Mavericks' championship a fluke, a claim which, according to the "sports writer," was substantiated by the way the Heat defeated the Mavs in the first game of the season.

Honestly, how asinine do you have to be? The Miami Heat have the same team they had last year, so of course they're going to be good; the Mavs are, essentially, a new team and will need time to come together as a group.

As for calling their championship a fluke: Go on, say it if it makes you feel better.  Mavs' fans will just sit back and smile...with our Championship team, trophy, and banner. 

Gripe #3: Saying Merry Christmas does not mean "I Love You."

...nor does it mean any of the following:

* I want to have your baby

* Will you marry me?

* I have a crush on you

* You are my soul mate.

Merry Christmas simply means...wait for it...MERRY CHRISTMAS, Happy Holidays, Joy to the world, and all those good holly jolly, peace on earth things.

Oh, and to the men (believe me, there are a few) who think if they say Merry Christmas the women will somehow take it to mean you love them, want to marry them, and want them to have your baby...please, get over yourselves.

Okay, done griping now.

Sorry for that.

Feel much better though.


  1. Dang, here I thought Merry Xmas was just a simple meaning! LOL....omg.

  2. Maybe it's HOW the men say Merry Christmas? lol

  3. Kalei's Best Friend: Yeah, same here. LOL I wish everyone a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, etc.

    J.Day: Never thought of that--and I wouldn't put it past some of these guys to put a little spin on the way they say it. Still...it's Merry Christmas! Geez! LOL

  4. HAHA! I always know when I come read what you've written, especially during the holidays that it's guaranteed to make me laugh. Thank you for doing it again.

    Merry Christmas.

    And...by merry christmas...I mean..I love you. :)

  5. I don't recall anyone wishing me a Merry Christmas except in writing so I guess I didn't pick up on the subtle nuances of the phrase.

  6. You won't believe what my word verification just was: Snape.

  7. Rita: :) lol-Aw, I love you right back!

    LOLA: :) Snape! OMGosh! That's awesome!!!

  8. Maybe it would mean more if they said

    "Merry Christmas.... how YOU doin?" (with the Joey wink and head nod)

    No? Just thought I'd ask.

    I am not a huge fan of basketball... too many squeaky sneakers on the parque floor. However, nothing, I mean NOTHING is better than a back to back game of my favorite men at our local youth center. And as an added bonus, I can't hear the squeaky sneakers when I'm screaming "DEFENSE! Get your hands up!"


    Lord help me... I've become THAT mom.

  9. Seriously? There are males that think "Merry Christmas" = "I want to fuck you"? Holy shit, I know men are conceited, but that's a new one even to me!

    I must admit that 12/26 has (in most years) been one of my least favorite days of the year. I'm glad that you enjoyed your year, dear Frisky. :-)

  10. Oh Frisky, do not even begin to apologize. I find it hysterically funny (and grotesquely pathetic) that these idiot men take a mere Christmas greeting to mean you must be ready to birth their children. The male ego is without end. So sorry. But thanks for the laughs.
    Hugs for a wonderful post-Christmas time and New Year's.

  11. My Celtics got beat by the Heat tonight. We have several new players and one of our stars is out with an injury. But boy, the Heat are going to be a tough team to beat this year! They definitely have "gelled." They struggled at the beginning of the season last year, but they are showing the advantage of that experience as a team now. I don't in any way feel the Mavs winning last year was a fluke...they earned it! With that said, I do think the Heat are going to be the team to beat this year! They are playing so much better, and Lebron seems to have gotten his head out of his butt. And that new rookie, Cole, is awesome. (I'm not rooting for them, I'm just stating what I see as facts.)

  12. Julianna: LOL--yeah, no, not even the Joey line would help. lol

    Aww, you're THAT Mom! I think that's awesome!

    Kat: Amazing isn't it? It just baffles me.


    Robyn: "I find it hysterically funny (and grotesquely pathetic)..." Perfectly said. I feel the same way. I'm hopeful this trait is limited in number.

    *Hugs right back to you* :)

    Eva: Oh, I completely agree. The Heat will be the team to beat, no question. I also think the Thunder will be a contender. The Celtics and Mavs are in a similar situation, but they also have enough veteran talent to turn things up. The Mavs absolutely earned their Championship--it's frankly foolish to suggest otherwise, but that didn't stop that guy from putting it out there. Sad, really.

    Our teams will get it going! :)