Tuesday, July 17, 2012

True Blood Tuesday: Hopeless

Season five, episode six

Sookie, Bill, Eric, Alcide, & Russell: So, we left off with Alcide being swept down the hall…here, we find out it was a fellow were who grabbed him by the ankles and tried dragging him away from Sookie and company. Sookie ran after him, but other were’s jumped Eric and Bill. Russell tries to bite Sookie…aw, you can’t do that to a fairy! She fairy-blasts him across the room.

Bill is keen on delivering Russell alive to the Authority, thinking it may win them their lives. Before Eric can really digest this option, Kibwe from the Authority shows up with some soldiers to capture Russell.

Tara, Jess, & Pam: Pam puts a stop to the fighting, telling Tara she’s proud of her…the way a human is proud of a well-trained dog. The Jess-Tara friend-fest is over, at least for the time being.

Terry & Patrick: Patrick finally sees the smoke monster.

Sookie, Bill, Eric, & Alcide: Upon Bill’s recommendation, Kibwe orders that Sookie and Alcide be glamoured. Though Bill has no intention of truly glamouring Sookie (also, I didn’t think that worked on her to begin with??), his words pierce her mind as if he had: he basically tells her to forget he exists and live her life as she is supposed to live it…in the sun, with humans. Eric, meanwhile, uses his blood to heal one of Al’s wounds; in doing so, he’s able to effectively glamour him. Ridding Alcide’s memory of the night’s events wasn’t limited to those involving Russell. Oh, no, Eric just had to tell him that though he is to protect Sookie with his life, he is disgusted by her and will never touch her again. BAD Eric! Lol

Note: May I just say…what nice abs you have, Alcide. Mercy me. Eric and Bill looked quite steamy as well.

Sam & Luna: Oh! Luna’s ALIVE!!! They’re being wheeled into the hospital for treatment. Little were-Emma shows up on her grandma’s doorstep. Martha knew instantly that the were-pup was Emma.

Jess & Hoyt: Oh, thank goodness Jess told Hoyt he looks ridiculous. His clothing really bothers me. After Jess fought off Tara, Hoyt is convinced Jess still loves him. He offers himself up to her in whatever way she wants. It was a bit sad. Jess tells him he’s not being himself and walks out of Fangtasia.

Alcide & Sookie: In the van driving back to her house, Sook is crying, while Al has absolutely no idea what’s going on.

Eric & Bill: Kibwe places them in a van to be taken back to the Authority. Eric is so over this Lilith crap. Bill, on the other hand, is a little more kiss-butt towards Lilith, but he’s only trying to cover his ass.

Kibwe & human hostages: Yeah, he killed them all. Gotta say, for someone who’s supposedly all for meshing with humans, I didn’t expect this.

Jason & his daddy: In a dream, Jason’s daddy tells him the only thing he has to fear is…and Jason wakes up. Hmm.

Alcide & Sookie: Al wakes up in Sook’s room. He meanders down the stairs and eventually asks if they did the deed. He has some flashbacks to making out with her, but can’t really make sense of them. When she reaches for him, he recoils. Sookie, thankfully, realizes Eric must have toyed with his mind, so she uses her fairy power to “reawaken” his memories.

Sam, Luna, Emma, and Martha: Martha brings Emma to visit Luna. In the process, Sam reveals that humans attacked the shifters. Martha offers to take care of Emma, and though Luna is reluctant at first, she accepts that this would be the only way to keep her daughter safe while they find out who’s trying to kill supes.

Terry & Patrick: Terry has a bit of a breakdown on the way back to Bon Temps. Patrick tries to talk him down, but Terry blames himself and Patrick for what happened. He recognizes that he should never have followed Patrick’s orders. They know they’re walking dead men.

Lafayette & Ruby, his mother: His mom tells him that Don Bartolo, Jesus’ grandfather, is back in the picture. Jesus is in trouble and only Lafayette can help him. You know this has to do with that monster thing!

Sookie, Holly, & Arlene: At Merlotte’s, the trio complains about men. Jason shows up and informs Sook about what Hadley told him (vampires killed their folks). He goes on to tell her about the fairy club, and Sook insists he take her there.

Sam & Andy: So, we have hate crimes against supes now. Sam tells Andy that he can help him in the investigation—after all, he has the most heightened senses on the planet.

Alcide & the pack: Al, all sexy and fierce, claims his right to pack master over J.D. Problem is, Al needs someone to second him. Problem solved: The super pretty were-girl who brought Sam to Martha at the beginning of the season offered her support as second. Do I see a new relationship brewing???

Note: Yeah, right, J.D. Like you have a chance against Alcide. Just sayin’

Eric, Bill, & the Authority: Eric and Bill are brought in for a little blood-wine celebration with the council. The Authority removes their automatic stake packs. Eric asks to speak to Nora, but Salome precludes it. Salome, it is revealed, has been interrogating Russell. Riiiiight. Bill continues his butt-kissing: Eric: “Boy scout.” Roman sweeps in with some special blood-wine—18th century. He’s a happy boy. If I had to wager, I’ll bet he won’t be happy for long. Bill believes in coexistence, but Eric…well…he sort of dances around the topic. He says there are humans he’s had protective feelings for (Sookie). He considers himself a pacifist.
Salome wants to continue interrogating Russell, but Roman stops her, saying he’s going to execute the evil vamp this night. Yes, yes, Miss Salmome is beginning to break a little—she sounds so desperate to get to Russell. Roman orders her to give him another dose of silver and to have an automatic stake slapped on him.

Note: I’m surprised Roman was so clueless where Salome was concerned. I mean, her desperation was so obvious.

Eric, once again, pleads to Roman to visit Nora, revealing his relationship with her (vamp siblings). So long as he’s back for the execution, Eric may visit her.

Terry & Arlene: Terry confesses all to Arlene…and they break up for her safety. :(

Sookie & Jason: Jason takes Sook to the field. Instantly, Sook hears the fairies and music. She wanders into the club, but Jason can’t get in on his own (blame the lack of fairy blood). Sook yanks him inside. She eventually finds Hadley and the fairy dude Jess thought was so hot (he was also the one who got Sookie out of scary fairy world). The fairy dude is actually Claudine’s brother.

Andy, Sam, & the Stake Shop: Andy interrogates the Stake Shop guy. While he does, Sam walks in, effectively distracting Junior, the Stake Shop dude. As Andy closes in with his questions, Junior offers to show him some bullets…but Sam smells the guy going into survival mode and shoots him with a bow and arrow, saving Andy’s life. Sam calls the guy a human piece of crap.

Note: I’m seeing some serious lines being drawn here.

Hoyt: While being fed upon, the mask-wearing human hunters show up and shoot the vamp doing the feeding. One of the guys recognizes Hoyt and pulls him into the van.

Sookie & Jason: Claudine’s brother tells them they are safe; it’s not like the evil fairy world. Sookie wanted to know if her parents were really killed by vamps. While trying to listen in on his mind, you get the impression that her skills are a little weak. He finally tells her that a vampire killed her parents when he smelled blood in the car—blood on a Band-Aid that was in the back seat…Sookie’s blood. Sook doesn’t take the news well and tries to fairy-light them, but she’s weak. The other fairies hit her with several beams of light.

Eric, Bill, Nora, Salome, Russell, & the Authority: Nora is completely ignoring Eric, praying to Lilith. Meanwhile, they drag Russell through the halls of the cells. Salome stops by Nora’s cell and informs her that Roman has to execute Russell tonight. Nora is deliriously happy—she says it’s God’s plan made manifest by “her;” she then thanks “her,” she who transcends death. Eric asks if she released Russell, but she said she didn’t—that it’s a miracle—that it’s part of her plan—that she was right all along.

While Russell goes on and on, Roman says it’s about mercy instead of sadism. He wants peace. He flicks the switch to activate Russell’s stake, but to no avail. Russell flips around and stakes Roman. Salome manages to shed a tear for him. Nora kind of does this suspended back bend and says, praise (or raise) Lilith. 

What did you think of this week's explosive episode? 


  1. I liked this one a lot! Although I saw the Salome betrayal and the Russel surprise coming a mile away. Since like last episode. And I have to admit I'm sad to see Roman gone. I really liked him.

    I like the darker side Sam is edging towards. And, as usual, I'm really invested in Tara's storyline this season. Every scene with her is GOLD in my book! :)

    Great recap again. You're doing an awesome job, Frisky!

    1. Yeah, the Salome betrayal was definitely not a surprise. I keep thinking Roman should've been able to sense something. lol

      The Tara-Pam story is a favorite. And I loved the Jess-Tara girl-talk. I hope they are able to form a friendship.

      Aw, thank you so much. *Hugs*

  2. Something I can't quite put my finger on just yet with this whole Lilith thing. I mean it's pretty obvious that Salome freed Russell, but what is Nora's part..? Lilith come back through her?
    Claude is not like my impression of him in the books.
    Do you think the pretty were who stood up with Alcide is Jannalyn? I see an epic fight scene between Alcide and J.D in the future.

    The Lafayette story line is boring me but apart from that, good episode.

    1. OH! Completely agree. I keep thinking Lilith will be reincarnated...and that suspended move at the end with Nora kind of makes me think what you're saying it right. There has to be more to Nora.

      I honestly didn't recognize him at first. lol

      I'm thinking she may be Jannalyn--I can't think of anyone else she could be at this point.

      Oh, for sure! I'll quite enjoy a fight scene featuring Mr. Alcide. lol

      Great episode, but, like you, I don't really get the Lafayette story line.

  3. I'm sorry, but I'm just not interested in True Blood. I miss you, though.


    1. It's okay! :) I'll be back to regular posting next week (apart from True Blood Tuesdays). :) I miss you too!!!