Friday, May 13, 2011

After School Special: After The Prom

Dude, Where's My Post?

My last post, Prom Pressure, is GONE. It's nowhere to be found. Anyone else have this problem since Blogger went into maintenance mode yesterday?

I did read where they are working to restore the ghost-posts, so that's good.

***Looks like they are trying to bring it back now*** :)

It's Friday the 13th.  Need I say more?


In light of the Prom Pressure post (whenever it decides to reappear), I thought it might be helpful to share a little post-prom story to further highlight the advice in said (ghost) post.

Written in see-spot-run fashion, I give you, Pseudo Perfect Prom.

Sporty asked Friend to the prom.

Friend was beyond excited and shared her feelings with me.  Sporty was a dream date to her--she was quite literally walking on air.

Sporty and I had a class together. *Thank goodness for this little factoid*

In the days leading up to the prom, Sporty was very attentive, caring, sweet, blah, blah, blah.  (i.e. he said everything Friend wanted to hear).


Monday after the prom:  Friend was glowing.  She had the "perfect" prom.  Friend was a good girl--she didn't do anything sexual with Sporty and was elated when he respected her choices. 

I was eager to talk with Sporty about the prom--and Friend anxiously awaited every single syllable--so I headed to our class a bit early.  While digging through my bottomless backpack for my seemingly invisible pen, I heard Sporty come in with his friend, Boink.

Boink: "What the hell?  So, you didn't get anything?"

Sporty: "Dude, I got nothing.  It was a complete waste.  I didn't even get a BJ." 

The way the room was set up--and because I was bent over, digging around in my bag--Sporty couldn't see me.  When I straightened up, he turned sickly pale. 

I immediately did what any friend would do: I told her what I heard.  I hated to see her so upset, especially after what she thought was a fairytale-like weekend.

Ultimately, she had her say, ended things with Sporty, and was grateful to know his true motives before things went any further.

Moral of the story:  Take your time to get to know someone.  Keep your eyes wide open, not wide shut. Guys (and I'm sure some girls are guilty of this as well) will lie to get what they want; they will try every angle. Friend was lucky I heard what I did, otherwise she may have continued blissfully believing in something that wasn't real. Though it seems impossible to know someone's true intentions, believe me, there are warning signs--however slight, those little red flags are there, and your gut will react.  Listen and trust your instincts--don't ignore what you feel.  Talk to someone if you feel confused.

Being alone is always better than being lied to and used. 


  1. I totally thought he was going to brag that they DID do things just to save face.

    At least he wasn't THAT MUCH of a jerk.

    Good for you!

  2. I sure hope they come back as I lost a lot of stuff I had typed and was planning to publish at a later date. So mad!

  3. I spoke too soon, they're back lol! Feel bad for stamping my foot over nothing.

  4. What the hell, they ought hire some hookers if they're that desperate to get laid on prom night. You should consider a career as a chaperone, Miss Virgin.

  5. I would have done the same for a friend of mine. I wouldn't dare let my friend a guy like that. I seriously don't get the fascination with sex on prom night. It's a regular night, just fancier clothes.

  6. Is sex on prom night a big thing in the US? It mustn't be as "popular" with horny boys up here in Canada!

  7. Chanel: You're right, he could have been worse. Ugh.

    the red headed traveler: LOL--I think a lot of people stomped their feet. My comments on the last post aren't back quite yet. I feel bad they had so much trouble--I can only imagine how stressful that must have been.

    GB: Seriously! :)

    J.Day: You said it perfectly--"...regular night, just fancier clothes."

    Carole: The two have always seemed to go hand-in-hand. :/