Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Royal Dresses

Class, grace, elegance. These are the words I would use to describe Catherine Middleton's royal wedding gown, which was designed by Sarah Burton.  The Alexandar McQueen designer created a classically regal look with a modern neckline. 

Credit: AP Photo/Martin Meissner

Personally, I absolutely loved her gown. When jeans aren't an option, I tend towards elegance and grace over anything else, and Catherine's wedding gown absolutely screamed Grace Kelly.

Another one of my favorite gowns from the wedding was Pippa Middleton's ivory cowl front gown, also designed by Sarah Burton. This is one exquisite gown. I adore the cowl neck front, the delicate button back, and little cap sleeves. Honestly, I would own this dress in every color imaginable. 

Credit: Getty Images

Finally, Catherine's wedding reception gown: Can we say stunning? I love the cut, the way the skirt falls, the little shrug sweater, and the beading at the waist. Yet again, this gown oozes elegance.

Credit: John Stillwell/Getty Images

Women don't have to show it all to look and feel sexy. The gowns Catherine and her sister wore clearly showed their svelte figures, but they did so in a beautiful, graceful, elegant fashion.  It's what I like to call graceful sexiness. What's that old saying? Less is more? Or how about my mom and dad's favorite: "Leave a little to the imagination."

Elegance is timeless. 


  1. Don't you just love a wedding gown that accentuates the curvature of the tush, Miss Virgin? I'm sure the one you wear on your own happy day will be just as elegant as Kate's and several shades whiter.

  2. Wow! I hadn't seen the wedding reception dress yet...it really is stunning! Damn her for being so darn gorgeous!

  3. I didn't even watch the wedding.

  4. I agree. There are some brides that feel they have to hide their bodies in layers, upon layers, of taffeta and toule to hide all of their "flaws". In all the brides I've designed for, I tell them that if the dress fits "them" in personality and body, then they will inevitably be the sexiest woman in the room.

    But my favorite... the veil. I was so happy she went the silk chiffon route rather than the puff of toule. I think it would have ruined the whole look. :)

  5. I adored her wedding dress. I hadn't seen the reception dress, yet, but wow, it's gorgeous! And Pippa was stunning as well. I was happy to see she wasn't buried in her dress like Princess Diana. I thought Catherine looked stunning and elegant and classy.

  6. I watched the wedding, and I must say Kate looked gorgeous. It's nice to see a wedding dress that isn't strapless and full of "stuff". I hope this signals a return to more styles in wedding dresses than what's currently out there.

  7. Thank goodness she didn't go with that other one.

  8. The wedding dress looked absolutely Heavenly, didn't it? :) :) And I just loved, loved, loved how Pippa looked!! :D
    And thanks for showing me the reception dress.. It''s stunning! She has chosen most wisely.. Perfectly elegant, and making her look like an angel! :) :)

  9. I loved all three gowns. I also loved Pippa's gown that she wore at the reception. All were classy and elegant!

  10. I liked your review and I concur! :) I had not seen the reception dress. It's beautiful!!!

  11. i loved her wedding dress! i didn't watch the royal wedding (no way was i getting up at 4am or whatever it was!) but i saw a bunch of coverage after as it was everywhere. but the dress was soooooo beautiful.

  12. It's very pretty but not my style at all. I've never been in love with long gowns but I'm unconventional in that manner. After all, I was married in full firefighter bunker gear. ;)

  13. I have to say, I was not at all interested in the wedding, just tuned in for a second to see the dress. And I was hooked... You describe it very well, there is a Grace Kelly kind of elegance to it. The three dresses are beautiful!

  14. The whole affair was dignified and classy. William and Kate will be outstanding as king and queen one day.

    Now Harry could be a whole other ball game when it's his turn! :)

  15. GB: You're a sweetheart. :)

    Jewels: LOL--She is beautiful! I just adore the dresses!

    OT: But aren't the gowns gorgeous? ;)

    Julianna: You're absolutely right. :) And I loved her veil! That's the ideal veil!

    J.Day: :) Me too! I just love her sense of fashion. Pippa's as well.

    ms. caboo: I couldn't agree more. :)

    Drake: You're a character! ;)

    PencilGirl: You said it perfectly--she looked like an angel. :)

    Eva: Oh, yes, I loved Pippa's reception gown as well. Catherine and Pippa have flawless style.

    Yvonne: Thank you. :) I so want those gowns! lol

    Aubree: :) They really are beautiful.

    Jenner: You're just awesome! Love it!

    Beliza: The ceremony was beautiful, wasn't it? Grace Kelly will forever be a style icon in my book, no matter the year. I just loved each look from the wedding. :)

    Carole: Oh, I completely agree--they will be truly phenomenal as King and Queen.

    LOL--Harry, yes, he's a character!